The Office

Season 2 Episode 14

The Carpet

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on NBC
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When someone soils the carpet in Michael's office, Michael sees it as a form of hatred towards him and realizes for the first time that not everyone may like him. Meanwhile, Jim realizes why Kelly sits alone in the back of the office as he plays messenger for a childish flirtation between Kelly and Ryan, and Pam tries to cope with the day without Jim to make her laugh.moreless

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  • Michael has a stain on his carpet

    Another fine episode from this series. My only complaint about this episode was that you never got to find out what the stain actually was. Maybe it's because I like having answers and this is not a show you put theories on. However then again maybe it's better you don't find out. I also thought that maybe Michael acted too childish even for him. He was still very funny in this episode. He had some good moments. When he suggested that him and Jim be desk buddies (no it's really okay) Also when he pushed Kevin into his office and shut the door. You also get to see his people skills when Dwight messed up a potential sales call (due to Michael's advice). It was not only funny but shows that Michael is actually a good worker.

    Also funny were when Michael went to his temporary desk and Kelly talked his head off. Check out the deleted scene that tells you more about this. It's pretty funny. Like many things in season 2, this was another start of something This time it's the first step to Kelly and Ryan. Another small detail I liked is when Michael and Dwight raided accounting, check out the scene between Dwight and Angela.

    The producers did a good job of fooling you that Jim and Pam had tension between them. That is until the ending. It might have been one of the sweeter endings at this point in the series.moreless
  • 214

    This episode was pretty good, I felt as though the only reason why everyone loved it so much was because of the Jim & Pam development, but other than that, this wasn't the best episode, didn't get much laughs from this episode this week, but it had a very good ending.

    Some memorable moments would definitely have to be Kelly annoying Jim, Pam leaving seven messages for Jim by the end of the day, and finally the cold opening in which Michael finds the thing in his office.

    I never liked Todd Packer, I don't think anyone did, so having him as the person who put the thing in Michael's office was quite anti-climactic. I would have enjoyed it more if it was someone in the office. Good episode overall.moreless
  • why i watch this show

    When someone deposits a malodorous substance on the carpet in Michael's office, he spends the day at Jim's desk, relegating Jim to a back room with Kelly. Michael institutes a sales contest, promising $100 to the person who racks up the most sales that day.

    At his temporary new desk, Jim suffers Kelly's constant chattering. She asks Jim to hook her up with Ryan. Jim continues to yearn for Pam, but her fiancé, Roy, is in the office replacing the carpet along with Darryl, and Jim is unable to speak with her. Interestingly, while exiled in the back of the room, Jim makes an awkward (but later revealed to be a successful) attempt to ask Brenda, who joined the office on the Booze Cruise, out on a date.

    As the day wears on, Michael becomes convinced that what happened to his office is a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Believing it to be done by someone in the office, he begins to lose his faith in his employees, who he considers his "friends". But his mood changes drastically when he finds out the object in his office was actually left there by his "Best Friend Forever", Todd Packer. Michael instantly finds the joke hilarious, and his faith in his friends is restored. It is never revealed what the substance Todd left on the carpet is, but it can be seen in one shot, and it appears to be feces of some sort.moreless
  • When someone leaves a disgusting surprise in Michael's office, he takes over Jim's desk for the day while his carpet is replaced, and Jim moves to the back with Kelly.

    This episode is a classic example of how heartbreaking "The Office" can be even at its most hilarious. First, Michael, who's been in a sense exiled from his co-workers by his position of authority, delights in the chance to re-join them on the floor for the day even as he worries that they all hate him, and one left the mess in his office. When his old boss gives him the advice to keep his friends, family, and work inferiors separate, we can see from the look on Michael's face that the people at Dunder-Mifflin are the closest he has to friends, and we know from previous episodes that he doesn't have much family. This is why it's so impossible to hate Michael Scott, no matter what stupid and insensitive stuff he does. Second, Jim was looking forward to re-uniting with Pam after her vacation, but instead found himself exiled to the back of the office and forced to watch her flirt with Roy, who she seems closer to than ever. He found himself counseling Kelly on her hopes for an office romance, even as his dreams of Pam are seeming more and more impossible.

    When both find their fears relaxed in the end, it's incredibly sweet (even though Michael learns that the closest thing he has to a friend outside the office, Todd Packer, is the one who left "the package," he's relieved that it wasn't someone out to get him).moreless
  • "You know, I'm starting to think that what happened in my office was an act of terrorism. It's the only thing that makes any sense."

    Someone puts something smelly on Michael's carpet in his office. Michael is very upset and will not let it go - he is convinced that one of his employees did it. Meanwhile, Pam is out and Jim is longing for her. Michael moves to Jim's desk for the day and Jim sits by Kelly. Kelly starts chatting with Jim and asks him to hook her up with Ryan (the temp). Michael is still angry at this point and is convinced that what happened to his carpet was an act of terrorism or a hate crime. However, after he gets a call from his "BFF" Todd Packer and finds out that HE did it, Michael's mood changes drastically. Later, Jim checks his voice mail to find messages from Pam.

    While this is not one of my favorite episodes, it is still good. What I don't like about this is that Michael is TOO obnoxious and annoying. Usually, Michael is obnoxious, selfish, annoying, sexist, etc., but he has sort of a likeable quality to him. In this episode, he is just plain annoying.

    Overall, it's a good and funny episode, but not the highlight of the season.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • A whiteboard can be seen above Kelly's desk showing the current quarter's top salesmen. Out of the four shown, Dwight Schrute is the top salesmen of the quarter.

    • After Ryan paid Jim a visit to ask him a question about his chair, Kelly told Jim about her huge crush on Ryan and begged Jim to talk to Ryan for her to see if he "likes her back." This seems to conflict with the response she gave in the episode The Fire when they were playing "Who Would You Do?" and her response was, "Definitely Jim. Definitely, definitely Jim."

    • Dwight is making several calls to a radio station to win a box set. The station is Rock 107 (hence trying to be the 107th caller). This is Scranton's classic rock station WEZX 107.3 with offices on Penn Avenue.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Pam: (A voicemail message to Jim) Hey, Jim! It's Pam. I keep looking up to say something to you and then Michael's there, and it's horrible. Anyway, I'm bored. (desperately) Come back!

    • Michael: I swore to myself that if I ever got to walk around the room as manager, people would laugh when they saw me coming and would applaud as I walked away.

    • Michael: It was like, 'Ed Truck is coming. Quit having fun, and pretend to work.'

    • Michael: If the guilty person would just come forward and take their punishment, then this would all be over. Ok then, you're all punished.
      Pam: What's our punishment?
      Michael: You're all on a time out.

    • Jim: What do you think of Kelly?
      Ryan: I don't know. Depends if you like a little junk in the... [notices camera] umm... She's really cool.

    • Pam: Somebody did something bad to Michael's carpet. Maybe that's all we need to know.

    • Todd Packer: (on the phone) I'm looking for a gay nerd named Michael Scott..
      Michael: How did you get this number?
      Todd Packer: From your mom, you gay nerd!

    • Michael: Do you know Ed Truck?
      Creed: Ed Truck? Yeah, he hired me.
      Michael: My biggest fear is turning into him.
      Creed: You should have much bigger fears than that, Michael.
      Michael: I know, I wasn't talking literally. Being buried alive would be worse. Happy?

    • Michael: Last week I would have given a kidney to anyone in this office. I would have reached right into my stomach and pulled it out for them. But now, no. I hope they ask, so they can hear me say, "No. I only give my organs to my real friends - go get yourself a monkey kidney."

    • Michael: I am the victim of a hate crime. Stanley knows what I'm talking about.
      Stanley: That is not what a hate crime is.
      Michael: Well I hated it.

    • Pam: (A voicemail message for Jim) Hey, what's that word we made up when you have a thing stuck in your shoe? Oh well, I have a thing stuck in my shoe.

    • Pam: (A voicemail message for Jim) Sudoku. Moderate. 18 minutes. Suck on that, Halpert!

    • Michael: Maybe somebody hates the cleaning lady—she doesn't do a very good job: my office still reeks. I hate her.

    • Michael: Extreme Home Makeover put together a house in an hour. If you were on that crew, you would be fired like that.

    • Michael: I'm beginning to think that what happened to the carpet was an act of terrorism. Against the office. It's the only thing that makes any sense.

    • Michael: Once, as a joke, Packer banged every girl in the office. It was priceless.

    • Kelly: Toby used to sit there, but he had to move because of an allergy.
      Jim: Allergic to the desk?

    • Michael: (While in his reeking office) I am a big Fear Factor fan. I'm a big fan of anything Joe Rogan does, actually, so this is sort of like my audition tape. [immediately gets up and leaves] I can't stand it, I can't stay in here another second.

    • Michael: Somebody vomited right in the middle of my office carpet.
      Kevin: (Taking a look) I don't think that's vomit...

    • Pam: I get ten vacation days a year, and I try to hold off from taking them as long as possible, and this year I got to the third week in January.

    • Michael: (To Pam) Spamster!
      Pam: Pam plus Spam plus...?
      Michael: Hamster.
      Pam: Right.

    • Ryan: Jim's been looking at me kind of a lot all week. I would be creeped out by it, but it's nothing compared to the way that Michael looks at me.

    • Dwight: Michael's gonna sweep the floor with us!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The French episode title is "La Moquette", and the Spanish title is "La moqueta", both exact translations. The Italian title is "Sorpresa", meaning "Surprise".

    • Deleted Scenes: before Michael called off the sales contest, Stanley was winning, and Michael was in last place; Kelly found Jim looking up information about the hotel Pam and Roy stayed in during their vacation.

    • Unbeknownst to the rest of the cast, Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott, actually placed a stinkbomb in the office previous to the filming of the scene.

    • The story is quite similar to that of episode 1.2 of the original The Office, except that there wasn't left a package but was made an insulting collage of David Brent with two other men.

    • Although Angela Kinsey, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner, and Phyllis Smith were all officially bumped up to starring roles, and were credited as such in "The Secret," in this episode they are again listed at the end of the episode as guests.


    • When Michael says to Stanley "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today," borrowing a a phrase from Wimpy from Popeye.