The Office

Season 4 Episode 14

The Chair Model

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC
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Michael gets fascinated by a chair model in a catalog, leading to a desire to move on from Jan. Kevin and Andy team up to gain parking spaces back for Dunder Mifflin lost during another complex tenant's construction work.

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  • Michael gets distracted

    After two great and funny episodes, this one missed the mark, There were many factors for this. This was the second episode after the writers strike. Not every can be a winner and this is an example of it. This wasn't a bad episode it's just that due to the writers strike I think this episode could've been better if it shown in a full season. Also this show had set a such high standard. Remember when I said the beginning of the end happened in the start of this season, this was another step toward that. By seasons 6-8 this was a great episode. It's not that I didn't like this episode, there were less funny moments then usual.

    After the Michael's realtionship with Jan ends he takes some off to recover at Dwight's place on his farm. I thought this was weird. Jan treated Michael like crap but she gets to stay at his place? I don't get it. You don't see it in the regular episode but you see it in the deleted scenes of the DVD. I think had season 4 would've been a full season, Michael staying at Dwight's place would be an episode that would be funny. Michael decides to get back in the game by seeing a picture of a girl in a magazine. I can forgive Michael for doing this. In relationships at least in TV, a person who starts a new realtionship that other person becomes a rebound. This time no realtionship even beans when you found out the model is dead. This leads Michael to want everyone to find him a mate. Kevin's choice of "Wendy" was pretty funny. Pam relents and sets up Michael with her land lady. Their meeting together was quite humorous. I enjoyed the part where Pam's land lady comes up to Michael and he tries to get over it. How Michael treats her was funny but not mean.

    The best part was when you found out that Jim has a ring for Pam. This saved the episode from being mediocre.moreless
  • Bought it a week after we started dating.

    Okay wow, I mean just wow. That was just wow. Wow. So after Pam sets Michael up with her land lady, I honestly don't know what Pam was thinking because she knows how inappropriate Michael is, she and Jim start doing their little joke-y banter thing as usual things are all light and funny and then...and then brace yourselves during the talking head Jim pulls out the ring, he bought it a week after they started dating! I had heart attack! I was screaming, tearing up, jumping around and screaming. I didn't hear a word Andy said after that scene but then I had to sit down because I was making myself dizzy. And yes I know I'm way to excited over a tv relationship but you know what I do not care because that was just great and I'm so glad they aren't wasting any time moving Jim and Pam along now that they are finally together. Then Jim psyched us out! It was cute but I thought he was actually proposing right then and there. I can't wait to see the actual proposal I can't even imagine how great it's going to be. And the ring is beautiful, when he took it out I couldn't help thinking it was very Pam.moreless
  • 410

    Sorry Jim/Pam fans, no matter how much development they get, it doesn't make this a good episode. After the underrated last episode, which by the way, was hysterical, The Office gives us this. Michael Scott has officially become a caricature of himself, all his qualities are exaggerated, and to tell you the truth, it's not entertaining.

    The supporting characters in The Office were lacking, the main plot was ridiculous. Chair model? Really!? That's not even funny, and Michael getting sad over her death as if she knew her, this is what I mean by exaggerated. The parking lot plot was forgettable and tedious, all Kevin & Andy did was ask for what they wanted and they got it, no interesting conflict whatsoever. The Jim/Pam development was nice but that's no reason to rate this episode a 10: Perfect? Yeah, right, in what alternate universe is this episode perfect? Especially compared to the first three seasons. Poor episode, definitely lacking in laughter.moreless
  • Kevin wins a big victory, Michael and Dwight dance on some graves, and Jim plays his cruelest prank ever.

    The Office is in an uproar over having to park and walk to work. Kevin is especially upset. Usually, I feel sorry for Toby, but Kevin is pitiful, especially in his talking head segment. I'm glad they developed his character more. Kevin's reaction to his bad day actually helps solve the problem for everybody, although Andy, true to character, tries to take credit.

    Michael is so desperate for a date after breaking up with that shrew Jan that he becomes obsessed with a model in an office supply catalog. He is really supposed to be buying a new chair so he can pass his old one on to Pam so she can pass hers on to Creed who is apparently hoarding them. (Huh?) I don't usually get upset with how Michael treats people because I know his heart is in the right place, but I did not like how he was with Pam's landlady. He was outright rude to a stranger who does not care enough about him to overlook it. I was so glad she called him out.

    Jim reveals that he wants Pam to move in, but she doesn't want to live with anyone unless she is engaged. He tells her that it is coming. (That's what she said.) Pam, of course, thinks that he is joking. He isn't. Jim even shows us the ring he brought the week they started going out. (Big sigh.) So now Pam and the audience will be anticipating the big question, and Jim, being Jim, will milk that for all it is worth.

    Overall, this is a great episode. The parking situation and Jim and Pam more than make up for Michael's idiotic behavior.moreless
  • Funny and enjoyable.

    Wow this was a really funny episode. I have to say the only weakness was the lack of a meatier sub story, and also my enjoyment was slightly soured by the fact that some scenes were direct rip offs of the UK version, something I thought they had gotten over in series one. Dispite this, 'the chair model' is one of the better office episodes from this season and I really found it funny. My favourite moment was when Michael was crying over the death of the woman he didn't know and jim says 'but you didn't even no her!' Overall a fine episode.moreless
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