The Office

Season 6 Episode 25

The Chump

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • Michael the Idiot

    Not with a bang but a whimper. This is a way to describe how this episode was and how this episode the second last of the season, describes season 6 as well. When Michael finds out that Donna is married while they are together, he takes it better then everyone expects (especially Pam). How Michael didn't care (or at least seemed to) didn't come off well. He come off as a jerk. Date Mike was better by comparison. Maybe this storyline would've been better if Donna was shown more. This part of the episode got even worse when Andy decides to join Michael to check out Donna's husband. This part was something you might see in a sitcom with a laugh track. Expect in this case there would be no laughs. This storyline would've better if at least you find out what kind of guy Donna's husband is. Thankfully at the end Michael came to his senses.

    The other story lines with Jim and Pam and Dwight and Angela were better but that's not saying much. It was too bad that Jim and Pam were too tired to find out about the printers. However I do understand why they are tired. I like it when a storyline that starts small becomes bigger and in the case of the printers, this was missed. The biggest complaint of the Dwight-Angela storyline was that there was too much legal talk. Besides some good moments but like I said just too much legal talk. This is a small note but I liked how much that Pam cared for Michael's feelings. So yes this was not the best episode but it gets better somewhat.
  • The closest thing to a classic episode of The Office for a while, with some painfully funny moments and a poignant ending

    There's a lot going on in this episode, the main plot centres around Michael and his conflict at continuing to date a woman he now knows is married. There are also two decent sub-plots; Pam and Jim are having trouble staying awake at work, and Angel and Dwight hire a lawyer to sort out their prenatal contract.

    The main plot is maybe the least funny, but still good as Michael struggles to continue dating Donna. He think it's OK to keep seeing her whereas the rest of the office don't. After some not-so careful thought and visiting Donna's husband in an amusing field-trip with Andy Michael decides to call it off. In a really poignant ending Michael tries to convince himself that he did the right thing, even the though he's ended up sad and alone again. Did he do the right thing, I'm not so sure. The funniest part of the Pam and Jim sub-plot is seeing Jim try to stay awake during a meeting with the always amusing Gabe, and ultimately trying to take some rest in the warehouse.

    Dwight and Angela have their best story for a long time as they try to come to an agreement over their prenatal contract. It seems it's not going well for Dwight so he decides to sabotage his baby-making facilities by pushing his groin up to a microwave while it's cooking something. OK so its groin humour but I laughed so hard that I missed the other funny ways in which he was trying to harm his chances at fatherhood. Their story ends with an amorous encounter in the warehouse just as Pam and Jim are trying to get some sleep, cue classic Jim and Pam looks.

    Overall some very funny moments that reminded me exactly why I love this series.
  • If anything, this episode proves baseball is boring to watch.

    True to the stigma of the sport, the baseball scene slowed down the entire pace of the show, but overall it was a pretty good episode. The Dwight/Angela baby storyline is still a bit strange and it's getting painful watching Michael's relationships go up in flames just when it seems it's going well. Carell, himself, looks a bit worn out from being constantly heartbroken so many times over the past few seasons. We hope the season cliffhanger hints at a Holly return for the sake of the show (or at least have Dwight find Thor's hammer buried on his farm somewhere).
  • The Chump

    Man, I feel like "the chump" for watching this. Earlier in the evening I was watching an old Season 3 episode on my local FOX affiliate, and while the storyline was just as dumb as this one, the show was funny....something that cannot be said about The Office these days.

    If I had to pick one thing logical about this show it would be how Michael complained about the double standard for him sleeping with a married woman, but not for Dwight or Stanley. He was right on point there.

    But what was that weird Ryan proposition to Erin? And where is the snarky Jim Halpert? What happened to this show?
  • 625

    This episode started out very good with the whole office prepping to comfort Michael after his supposed breakup. We got a lot of Toby bashing here which is always sign of a good episode, from Michael's Hitler & Bin Laden remark to Pam kicking Toby out of the room since Michael was going to come in, and we also got some very hilarious one liners from the cast.

    That was all in the very beginning but as this episode played out, it became less & less interesting. Michael really wore the episode down if anyone else. All he did was pipe about Donna and then he went to meet her husband, then felt bad and broke up with her. Nothing virtually funny about that.

    The rest of the plots were okay, Pam & Jim trying to find a place to sleep in the office, I was a bit neutral on that front. And finally we have Angela getting a mediator to get Dwight to conceive a baby with her. Ridiculous? Yes. Entertaining? Also yes. So we've got one very bad plot and two okay plots, but pretty much just an okay episode of The Office. Not terrible, not great either.
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