The Office

Season 2 Episode 7

The Client

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • Michael and Jan try to get a client

    This was a classic Office episode. This would be the start of a complicated relationship. More on that later. The B Story was funny too. The movie that Michael wrote was so bad that it was funny. I i like that the whole office gets into the movie. Even Dwight. That is until Dwigt happened. I enjoyed the time that Jim and Pam had together. Too bad Jim had to run it with his comment and further set up tension between them.

    The main story was amazing. You get to see more insight into Michael's boss. It's funny how he folds under her. The cast of Tim Meadows as the potential client was a great choice. Normally you don't see him in a role like this. In this episode, you get to see how much good Michael is a seller and not just a bumbling boss. At the end when Michael and Jan come back there was great camera work. While I think they could've ended there with the kiss, I did think it was interesting that they continued the story and how some of the employees found out. Dwight's question was very funny.

    This was truly classic office that gets better with time.
  • 207

    Such a funny and eventful episode, I have no idea where to start, so much things happened, I thought it was over until I realized there was like seven minutes of the episode that still remained. Really great and funny.

    This marks the beginning of Michael & Jan's relationship. Melora Hardin really stole the show here, she does it many times in the future, but I think this was the defining episode for Jan. We've seen her before, but not really like this. We got to see Jan in a whole new light, and it was hilarious. Her getting drunk while Michael acts like an idiot in front of their possible client was hilarious.

    Then we've got Pam finding Michael's script back at the office, everyone takes part in Michael's script, which was obviously one of the funniest parts of this episode. Especially Dwight, really great overall. Jim takes Pam on an unofficial date afterward, and compares himself with Roy and him dating Pam, which could mean trouble for him, when Pam ignores him. Sort of the same ending as the last episode, we've got way more development in this one though. Amazing hysterical episode.
  • It was OK

    Michael and Jan take a client to a Chili's for an important meeting. Jan is disgusted with Michael's antics and general refusal to talk business but discovers at the end of the day that there is a method to his madness when the client bonds with Michael, allowing him to close the deal. Afterwards in the parking lot, Michael and recently-divorced Jan share a kiss.Meanwhile, Pam finds a screenplay written by Michael, and Jim leads the office staff in a table read of the script. An editing error in the script reveals that Michael based the incompetent sidekick on Dwight, who quickly shuts down the exercise to invite everyone to set off fireworks outside. Jim and Pam break off their respective evening plans to enjoy an impromptu dinner on the roof and watch the firework show.The following morning, Dwight and Angela independently observe Jan returning to her car (still parked at Dunder-Mifflin), and word quickly travels around the office. Michael initially tells the documentary crew that "nothing happened," that they talked for several hours before falling asleep, but his story gradually changes to imply that they did more than just talk. Jan calls, clearly regretful for what she did the previous evening, but Michael refuses to accept her change of heart.
  • Beginning of Michael/Jan relationship. "A gentleman does not kiss and tell. And neither do I."

    Michael, and his boss Jan (in corporate) take a client out to lunch at Chili's to close a business deal. While Jan just wants to close the deal, Michael prefers to entertain the client. Since the client and Michael bonded so well, they were able to close the deal. Jan thanks Michael by giving him a kiss, and they spend the night together.

    The funniest part of this episode is when Pam finds Michael's screenplay called "Threat Level: Midnight." The staff reads his script, which is hilarious. Their day was essential wasted goofing off. Dwight gets fireworks, and Jim and Pam share a dinner on the roof.

    Near the end of the episode, Jan comes to her senses and calls Michael, telling him that what happened didn't mean anything. She was just upset about her divorce and very drunk. Michael is crushed, since this is essentially his first real relationship (that we know of) and he had real feelings for Jan. However, this isn't quite the end of their "relationship," you'll have to see more episodes to find out what happens.

    This is a very hilarious episode and should not be missed.
  • Michael and Jan try to sign a client, everyone else in the office acts out Michael's screenplay.

    The Client is a really great episode, and it definitely is one of the all-time greatest episodes of The Office. This episode has so many great parts in it. The three things that stand out to me as my favorite things about this episode are when everyone is reading Michael's screenplay, the whole Dwigt thing and of course Jim and Pam's "date". I always really enjoy the Jam content of the episodes, but I especially enjoyed it in this episode. Their first fight was also very interesting and very well played by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. I absolutely loved Jan and Michael hooking up, and I loved the part where Michael hides under the desk during his phone call with Jan. That was really great. All in all, this was a really great episode, and it's sure to become an Office Clasic.
  • Could it be that Agent Michael Scarn has finally found his Catherine Zeta?

    "Could it be that Agent Michael Scarn has finally found his Catherine Zeta?" This is one of my favorite Office episodes ever, of all time. The staff acting out Michael's screenplay "Threat Level Midnight" was perfect. I laughed out loud when Dwight spoke of his role as "Mutey the Mailman" in his school's rendition of Oklahoma. Jim and Pam's "date" was so cute. "I'm not a complainer," They're so sweet together, and if they don't get together in the end, i don't know what i'll do. But back to the episode: Dwight was hilarious, Michael was surprisingly awesome, and i really liked what they did with his character in this one, Jim and Pam were sweet-even though it ended on a slightly sour note-and the rest of the cast was great as supporting.
    3 thumbs up
  • Finally we get an inkling of why they haven't fired Michael yet. He completely outshines Jan when his folksy, Scranton-lovin', ribs and Awesome Blossom approach lands a huge client. Meanwhile, the other Dunder-Mifflinites read-through Michael's screenplay

    I get all fuzzy inside when The Office shows that Michael isn't completely unredeemable. Here he proves that the just-the-facts, flowchart sales approach doesn't work all the time and proves that he is a natural salesman, despite the plethora of inappropriate moments (asking Jan if she wants to "talk about" her divorce as they're meeting a huge client springs to mind). When Michael realizes that his feelings for Jan are not reciprocated, you almost want to cry along with him...

    ...and then you remember that he wrote a screenplay starring himself as Agent Michael Scarn, his assistant Catherine Zeta-Jones, and his ethnic sidekick Samuel L. Chang (nee Dwigt). Did Jim and Pam have their first date this episode? That's up to you to decide.

    Wonderful job here by Steve Carell and guest star Tim Meadows.
  • I almost had Awesome Blossom comin' out my nose!

    What can I say? Another classic!

    Jan, for some unknown reason, finds it appropriate to take Michael along for a client meeting. Big Mistake! You would think at least!

    It turns out that Michael's obnoxious behavior and not-so-funny jokes are just what's needed to get this meeting going in the right direction! As for his reward...well let's just say that Jan is trying hard to forget it.

    The guest appearance of Tim Meadows is really good. He fit the part perfectly. A higly recommended episode.

    "Awesome Blossom! Megan, may we have an awesome blossom? Extra awesome?"

  • Michael totally owns Jan.

    Jan thinks she can convince Tim Meadows to use Dunder Mifflin for the county's paper needs with charts and graphs and preparedness. But Michael moves the meeting to Chili's, treats him to Ribs and an Awesome Blossom, jokes around, and altogether charms him into closing the deal. Meanwhile, the staff finds Michael's ridiculous secret agent screenplay, and acts it out. Unfortunately, Dwight finds out the idiotic assistant character is supposed to be him, so he lights some fireworks. Uh-oh, looks like there's some fireworks between Jan and Michael. Has Agent Michael Scarn found his Catherine Zeta? And will Pam ever realize how much of a douche Roy is?
  • Great episode, but not necessarily for the humor. Characterization and ongoing storylines drive this episode.

    I really enjoyed "The Client" but i did not find it as humorous as some of the other Office episodes. Some of the highlights for me were kevin's review of michael's movie (his facial expression is borderline maniacal) and dwights choice of sleeping attire (lets just say he could use some sun).

    The main appeal of this episode however is the story behind the jokes. We discover that given the right circumstances, michael is actually almost competent at his job. was nice to see michael stumble excruciatingly through an important business meeting, only to discover that there is some method to his madness. however, of course, michael's reward for a job well done is short-lived and he is back to bumbling and stumbling through life by the end of the episode. In this episode jim is also brought down from a high in his pursuit of pam and the sympathetic look that he and michael share at the end of the episode shows that even in his disdain for michael's ability as a manager, jim can relate to his problems as a person.

    of course like any other office episode there is a good amount of humor as well. tim meadows is great as a prospective client and his duet with michael is surprisingly good. ryan the intern is hilarious in his portrayal of samuel L. chang. word. and dwight is dwight, as always.

    bottom line is that this is a good episode but its really for the serious fan who has seen most of the previous episodes. if you've never seen the office this is not the episode to jump on.
  • A Beaut of an episode that explores different sides of Michael and Jim, respectively. Hilarious humor is an added bonus!

    The basic concept is that Michael(Steve Carrell) is accompanying Regional Manager Jan on a sales interview with a big, prospective client. Of course, Michael is Michael and tries to do what he thinks is best, repositioning the meeting to, you guessed it, Chili's his second home.

    While this is going on, Jim(Krasinzki) uncovers a manuscript, with illustrations!!, of a Michael-written screenplay. Sensing a perfect way to spend the afternoon, he enlists the rest of the office to re-enact scenes.

    Without belaboring the details, this episode definitely was great for showing perspective of the main characters. Michael, who came across as a know-it-all blowhard who tries too hard is shown to actually be a lot more normal than we thought. You see exactly why he is able to reach his current position in life, and yet at the same time, you see that he has realistically hit the ceiling.

    Jim, the ambitionless jokester, shines. Innocent flirting with Pam goes a bit too far when he jokes about the wrong thing, and you genuinely feel bad for both of them. Also, the lack of resignation when Jim utters "I could work here for years and years, years and years, years and years" just shows that he really is perfectly happy with where he is in life.

    Dwight, suckup/assistant TO the Regional manager, shows his territorial side, and his needy side even more. When offered the part of main character in Michael's screenplay, you really see his eyes light up with joy....and yet when the misspelled Dwigt sends him crashing to the floor when he realizes what his idol truly thinks of him. Another more ways than one, moment.

    All in all, this whole episode really stood out, much like the Halloween one, of exploring the 3 main characters' personalities, even with a little exploration of Pam! And yet, it was still hysterical at times, and never seemed to drag.

    Definitely good signs for the continuation of the new season!
  • Great episode. Finally get to see more of a dimension to Michael\'s boss Jan Levinson-\"Gould.\" Tim Meadows did a good job as an uptight client who loosens up after a few drinks at Chillis.

    Pretty good \"in joke\" in that MICROSOFT Word\'s find/replace only works if you spell the find-words correctly.
    When the bosses are at Chillis the entire office, even uptight Anglea, goes into a conference room to do a reading of Michael\'s secret screenplay.
    They office gets so out of hand while the bosses are away that they essentially have a free for all party. The subplot of Pam and Jim is going way beyond where the BBC took it.
    Dwight is so loyal to Michael that he sleeps overnight on the couch to see if Michael will return. Classic moment when Jan see\'s Dwight in the window, in his underwear, as she is exiting a cab from a night with Michael.
    Michael answers a call from Jan with \"hey sweetie.\"
    Predictable but classic momnent when Jan phones the morning after to accuse Michael of slipping \"something in her drink.\"