The Office

Season 6 Episode 24

The Cover-Up

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 06, 2010 on NBC

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  • Michael the Cheater

    With his new relationship in full bloom for Michael, he is happy and as with his past girlfriends he wants to show it off. The crazy Michael trail nearly falls off the tracks when he suspects that Donna may be cheating on him thanks to this employees when he was in a meeting. Thanks to Pam and a little from Jim it doesn't get too far off the tracks unlike in the insurance salesmen episode. However Michael is someone who bows to majority rule he enlists Dwight to spy on her. Yes similar to other times this season and beyond, this could've been a lot funnier. However it also could've been worse. I would've liked if Dwight tried to hide. The end result was something of a surprise but I enjoyed it.

    The other storyline was not as good. Normally a Darryl joke or prank is good but in this case it wasn't. He should've done more research before he did his prank on Andy. However it did set up what would happen for the season finale.
  • Hilarious as always!!

    This episode had an interesting twist with Donna! :O Classic Michael and his self-destructive nature hahaha. It's so awkward at times that it's hard to even watch. Creed's comment was hilarious! I love that guy...such a creep hahaha. Many people think the Office is slipping -- I gathered this from the less than great ratings for this season on -- but I, on the other hand, think the Office is still going strong! Although, I still wish Jan was on. or maybe even Michael's girlfriend from Season 4 (or 5 maybe..the blonde one that moved).

    I really like Donna though. She's a looker haha ;). I hope they keep her on for a while!
  • The Cover-Up

    "Do we have any almond butter?"

    Make Gabe a regular for next season. He is easily the best thing about this show these days. With remarks about seeking almond butter and giving away $5 Dunkin Donuts gift cards he is easily the funniest person on the show (since Creed doesn't get any lines) with his British style of humor.

    And yet the inaudible Darryl and uber-annoying Pam get so much screen time.

    Dwight was really funny here. I do have to compliment his work here tonight as Rainn Wilson shined during his scenes, but it was not enough to save the episode.
  • 624

    Another mediocre episode of The Office tonight, not surprising since Donna is still in this show at all. Pam was extremely annoying in this episode, and it came to a point that every time she said something, I couldn't help but role my eyes.

    Like the last episode, this episode did have some highlights regardless of it's mediocrity which would definitely have to be Dwight trying to see if Donna is cheating on Michael. It was awkward and funny, which this show was having some trouble pulling off last season ending up in just and awkward unfunny scene, but the Office pulled it off in this case.

    We are nearing the end of the season, and the final arc is a printer crisis noticed by Andy? It doesn't make much sense and I doubt any Office viewer really cares. This episode ends along the same lines the last one did. An uninteresting cliffhanger focused on Donna & Michael, turns out Donna is married.

    Like I said, very uninteresting. Bad plot with some good one liners but that's about it. The Office is good when the whole office interacts with each other, not when the show is solely focused on Michael's love life.
  • Surprisingly funny episode

    This episode was really great. This season, for me, has been.. iffy. It had some great moments but I think we're past the pinnacle point of the show which was season 2 or 3. But "The Cover-Up" had a great plot, great writing and fun moments that was standard in previous seasons. I thought the funniest scenes of the episode were with Darryl and Andy.

    I really liked the ending, I won't spoil it for you, but I'm sure there will be hilarious moments in the next few episodes with the information that was told. Overall I loved this episode, and it was a gem in a pile of so-so episodes this season.
  • A solid episode with some great Dwight moments and a funny sub-plot with Darryl and Andy

    The Office has definitely hit a period like 'The Simpsons' where it's still as funny but the stories are less memorable. This episode while not as funny as in recent weeks still has some great moments, such as the cold opening where Jim and Pam are communicating with each other in Morse code to wind up Dwight and Dwight tailing Michael's girlfriend in the Gym.

    The main plot of Michael inevitably screwing up his relationship may seem a little too familiar but is saved by a twist at the end, where he finds out his girlfriend is married, and she's cheating on her husband with him. Michael's suspicions throughout the episode lead him to take various actions such as hire Dwight as a private detective and eat mayonnaise with black olives as a substitute for ice cream, which are both hilarious and disgusting in their own way.

    The sub-plot with Darryl's improvised plan to prank Andy, which eventually backfires is pretty funny as are the appearances by new regular Gabe. There are no really classic moments like the Kevin/Cookie Monster run from 'Secretary's Day' but still worth watching.
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