The Office

Season 6 Episode 17

The Delivery (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2010 on NBC
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With Jim and Pam hoping to delay arriving at the hospital until after midnight so they can stay two full nights, the office staff do what they can to distract Pam after she starts having her first contractions.

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  • As good as it gets

    Dwight trying to make sales by adding made up sob stories to clients was so funny to watch. Also trying to get the contract signed with Angela and making the list of demands/stipulations made me laugh out loud.

    Michael was the usual Michael in this episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This part was definitely better than the second part with Pam trying not to conceive the baby until the end of the day and coming up with distractions with the rest of the office. The suggestion from Phyllis to put on lipstick the way that Molly Ringwold did from "The Breakfast Club" had me in stitches. So funny.moreless
  • Awesome episode, and like usual better than the second part.

    The first part of the episode was a great one. Joke, after Joke, so much supporting characters and the reuniting of Dwight and Angela, and well Pam is crazy and is losing her mind, apparently. Dwight and Angela were odd in this episode, as it happened so quickly. Of course, they are odd in every episode, but it was a little too unusual but it was fine. Has yet to go really anywhere, and I doubt they'll have the planned baby. Jim was funny in this episode, too, which has not been the case in any season six episodes, really, except in the last scenes of the previous episodes. Best lines of the episodes were from Kevin and Oscar, obviously, and if you've seen the episode you know what it is. It shows that even in it's sixth season, and although not as good as the second and third seasons, this show still has some steam in it. Part 2 next...moreless
  • 617

    Another very special episode this season, I swear season 6 is eventful when it comes to Jim & Pam, first the wedding and now they're having a baby. Surprisingly Jim stole the show here, which is unheard of nowadays.

    Him freaking out about the contractions and looking through the medical books like a mad man was absolutely hilarious. Not only was this episode entertaining but it was intriguing as I was interested to see the outcome of Pam making it to midnight or not.

    A really nice pep talk from Jim when Pam is scared of have the baby, along the lines of the pep talk of when Pam was scared of getting married so it was a nice full circle there. Getting Dwight & Angela together again for business reasons was absolutely ridiculous but I got to say, I'm happy they're at least interacting.

    Good first part to this hour long special on NBC, excited to watch part two to see Pam have a baby girl which is also revealed in this episode. Great episode.moreless
  • Definitely not my favorite episode, and not as good as a Jim/Pam baby episode should have been, but it had a few saving graces. (Includes plot from The Delivery Part 2)moreless

    It's a mixed bag, these days.

    The wedding episode was pretty "good," though not especially "comedic." It was good in a different way. I enjoyed the way the writers told the story, especially the reveal about the plan A, B, C. That was sweet. But the delivery episode fell WAY short of expectations, in all aspects. Even in the later, less-than-stellar seasons.

    Michael has become an annoying character, more so than ever before. He isn't funny anymore and hasn't been for a while. He's just annoying and horribly uncomfortable to watch (e.g., the episode where he promised to pay those high school kids' tuition and couldn't...AWKward!).

    In THIS particular episode...

    The Dwight and Angela re-paring was totally out-of-the-blue and not very funny. I had been looking forward to it, too. It seemed out-of-character for Angela because of what she has said about Dwight in the past. It needed to be more gradual than this. He needed to win her back. To deserve her. He didn't. And, ipso facto, Angela is stupid. LOL.

    I kind of enjoyed watching Andy and Erin, I guess, but I didn't really like Michael's involvement; and the Kevin thing was just filler. But I hear Kevin is going to get a girlfriend soon, so maybe THAT will be fun to watch. :-)

    Most of the other characters were just background in this episode.

    And on to Jim and Pam...

    The whole thing about not wanting to go to the hospital until midnight was funny at first, but then it got annoying after the 99th time Pam said she wasn't going to the hospital. Pam's meals with Kevin would have been funny if they made any sense (i.e., if we would have seen them in previous episodes, maybe, because they've obviously been doing it for a little while). Jim had some cute moments (e.g., finding out the baby was a girl); Pam, unfortunately, had fewer.

    I did like when Pam and Jim realized they'd been nursing the wrong baby. Haha. That's a more reasonable kind of AWKward, unlike Michael's. ;-)

    It was also kind of funny and interesting that Dwight put new cabinet's in Jim and Pam's house. And kind of weird. LOL.moreless

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