The Office

Season 6 Episode 18

The Delivery (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2010 on NBC
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Pam and Jim find themselves making an embarrassing blunder after the birth of their baby. Michael sets up Erin and Kevin for a breakroom lunch date, making Andy jealous.

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  • Pam has her baby

    When season 5 ended on a big surprise that Pam is pregnant. This was the episode that dealt with her birth. This episode was different then any other TV show where a character has a baby. If that bothers you, remember that this show is a documentary. However this along with other reasons (smaller) is why I rated this episode lower. I didn't like how Pam and Jim were waiting because of the HMO or how the hospital staff was treating them after Pam had the baby. Yes this probably happens (I never had kids) but I didn't want to see that. However Jim and Pam were great in this episode, especially Jim. He had great reactions. I really enjoyed the back and forth between before they went to the hospital. Michael was great in this episode as well. I loved how involved he was but at the same time it wasn't over the line nor was he too needy. Another great part was Kevin and Pam. It makes sense that they bonded togther. The realtionship of Erin and Andy took a big step when he asked her out but not before Michael tried to set up Erin with Kevin. Also the realtionship between Angela and Dwight got more complicated with the love contract. You see how they both want it but at the same time don't want it.

    This was not your usual pregancy show but remember the kind of show it is. What I liked most was that the pregancy took the normal time instead of a year like other shows do.moreless
  • So painful to watch

    This was, hands down, the most irritatingly cringe-inducing episode of The Office yet. Shame on the writers for trying to go so far overboard that it took away from the birth. The nonstop awkwardness makes Michael from Season 1 seem like Tony Robbins.



    The rest of this review is just filler because requires that they be at least 100 words long. What a stupid rule. The rest of this review is just filler because requires that they be at least 100 words long. What a stupid rule. The rest of this review is just filler because requires that they be at least 100 words long. What a stupid rule.moreless
  • Cecilia Marie Halpert!!!

    Just like every other hard core Office fan who has fallen in love with Jim and Pam, this was a grrrreat episode! Part 2 starts off with Pam just about ready to pop! I actually realized how much I dislike Michael Scott. Steve Carrell is a genius but I refuse to believe that anyone can be that stupid/unaware of his not-relation to Jim/Pam. But I guess his comedy was needed during the actual birth even if he is a total idiot. So after part 1's crazy Jim their baby girl is born!!! This wasn't The Office's greatest hilarity but for die hard fans it was just what we needed. The best tv couple ever had their baby, Andy finally asked out Erin!!!, and the average amazingness of Dwight.moreless
  • Waaaaay slower than the first part.

    Part 2 of "The Delivery" didn't have the laugh out loud moments of the first part, in fact, it was slow at times, and this episode would have worked as a supersized episode. There were some great parts, though, and they really start with the supporting characters. I've never been a huge fan of Meredith Palmer. She's odd, over the top, and weird but her abrupt talking head was one of the funniest parts of the second part. The birth also occurs in this episode, which was fine, it wasn't overdone, and at times very realistic, although I don't get why the documentary crew was there at the hospital the whole time. And the part where Pam was feeding the wrong baby, that was funny but weird and unnecessary. As for Erin and Andy, they are boring, and have been since "Murder." However, their relationship (hopefully) isn't being dragged out, probably because the writers realized Erin and Andy are no Jim and Pam, or Dwight and Angela for that matter. Dwight and Angela, well, we'll see. I doubt we'll have another baby in this series, ever, and if we do, I'll be really disappointed. We've had two already, and we don't need a third. Looking forward to some more "work-oriented" episodes in the future, but all in all, a great way to separate the Sabre/Kathy Bates plotline with the baby plotline, which was kind of boring. 8.5/10moreless
  • "Wrong baby!"

    This was a funny episode. It was well paced, and I liked how Jim and Pam were both totally freaked out and confused as to what to do with their child. It sort of reminded me of Baby Blues. (Not the TV show- the comic strip. The TV show was horrible.)

    I liked Dwight destroying Jim and Pam's kitchen. It shows that although he still hates Jim, he does care enough about them to make sure that he got rid of all the mold in their kitchen. I think that shows some valuable character development in Dwight. Although I didn't like the whole Dwight and Angela getting together to have a baby for business reasons thing.moreless

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