The Office

Season 5 Episode 12

The Duel

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on NBC
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After Michael spills the beans about Angela's affair with Dwight, Andy and Dwight deal with the matter on their own. Michael is nervous about meeting at corporate with David Wallace.

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  • Andy vs Dwight

    At the end of the last episode Phyllis raveled to everyone but Andy that Angela was cheating on Andy with Dwight. This was a great follow up. The fact that no one told Andy was a good start of this episode. It's funny how everyone is awkward is around Andy and how he doesn't pick up on anything. I also like how Michael wants to tell Andy upfront but gets stopped. How Michael tells Andy was pretty amusing and a great reaction on Andy's part. Andy is of course upset which leads one of the best "fight" in TV history. Two funny moments before the fight were Andy and Dwight giving each other a high five on the terms and Jim walking in between them. One of my favorite moments before the fight and before Andy finds out is how Dwight tries to stay on alert. Also his weapons was a nice callback from previous episode. The fight itself served it's purpose. It was not too scary, funny but not too funny, and also another step in the complicated relationship of Dwight and Angela. One of the sadder Dwight moments when he finds out that Angela was sleeping with Andy and then threw out her gift to him from season 2. I also thought that Angela was great throughout this whole episode. The fact that Michael was not there might have made it better.

    Speaking of Michael, he was called to corporate to meet with David Wallace. And no it was not for something he did wrong but right. His branch is doing the best. I loved his reaction when David asks him why the branch is doing so good. How he explains it was something that should've taken a lot shorter ended up going a lot longer is what made it funny. The fact that this was a B story is one of the reasons why this episode was good.moreless
  • 511

    Definitely better than the last episode, but this episode came off as weak too. It was completely ridiculous from Andy hitting Dwight with his car to get Angela to the very anti-climactic end. This episode had it's moments with some clever one liners, but most of the dialogue was idiotic.

    Andy & Dwight stole the show here, but the office's reaction them battling it out for Angela didn't make much sense and I couldn't understand why Jim was being so concerned in the fight, where's the smug Jim Halpert we know & love? Definitely not here. Michael's plot was forgettable, nothing much happened. David Wallace told him he was doing a good job and Michael acted like an idiot as usual in season 5. One eventful plot that they could have been way better, they both dump Angela in the end. And everything else was regular season 5 mediocrity.moreless
  • Andy vs. Dwight in the battle over Angela!

    I could not stop laughing when Andy used the car to sneak up on Dwight while he stalled to read the sign. That was ingenius. The Andy and Dwight dialogue before the dual was also great, when they choose their weapons and Dwight decided to have to use a sword and Andy wanted to solely use his bare hands, to which Dwight responded, "I will use my sword to cut off your bare hands!" The thing is, Angela was never good enough for Andy, and it's kind of a shame that Dwight lost her too when they were perfect for each other.moreless
  • one of the best

    A phenomenal episode that redeems the office for me after a dreadful christmas special. This may be one of my favorite if my favorite episode of the entire series. The prius comment from oscar is a classic and andy and dwight being dumbasses always is a good thing when the show wants to be funny. it was also nice to see that michael did something right for once and was being acknowledged for it. i really did not see michael not failing coming. this episode takes away the bad taste in my mouth from the Moroccan christmas episode and i am thrilled to see the office back in top form.moreless
  • Stupid Angela

    at last Andy knew about Angela and Dwight, true in a stupid way by Michel !!

    but really that Michel is something haha, hes stupid, i mean he waited until he got in the car then he told Andy.

    i liked when he went to the main branch, thinking he'll be yelled at hahaha , but it turned that he did well with his branch, and he even dont know how he did it, STUPID hehe :D

    but those two Andy and Dwight, poor them fooled by Angela. I liked when Andy canceled the wedding cake showing her that he no longet want to be with her, the same for Dwight!!moreless

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