The Office

Season 2 Episode 1

The Dundies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Michael is excited about the 2005 Dundie awards, another 'morale boosting' initiative of his. Most of the staff display disdain towards the awards and Michael's emceeing of the night.

Michael forces Pam to compile a highlights reel from hours of video tape of previous dundies nights.

Dwight catches wind of some derogatory graffiti towards Michael written on a wall in the female toilets but is thwarted in his attempts to find out what it says.

Meanwhile, Michael is informed by Jan Levinson-Gould that the company will not be endorsing or paying for the Dundies awards. This stresses Michael considerably.

While watching old dundies footage, Pam reflects on her engagement with Roy, and glances over to Jim. Michael asks Jim if he thinks it would be funny to award Pam the 'longest engagement' award for the third year in a row. Jim tells him using the same jokes comes off as lazy. This stresses Michael further.

Dwight finally sneaks into the female toilets and reads the graffiti and announces to the office that the women should lose their right to have a toilet for abuse of the privilege. Michael cuts him short, in despair about the Dundies, and tells everyone that friends and relatives are now invited for the first time.

The Dundies awards night at Chilli's restaurant chain in Scranton is opened with a parody version of OPP by Naughty by Nature performed by Michael repleted in hooded sweatshirt and DJ'd by Dwight.

After the first award is given to Phyllis, Roy decides to leave causing an argument with Pam. Roy leaves and Pam stays and proceeds to drink heavily while sitting with Jim.

After awarding trophies to Ryan(hottest in the office), Angela(tight ass), Kelly(Spicy curry), Kevin (don't go in after me - "for that time I went into the toilet after you and it really smelled"), Michael is heckled by some customers at the restaurant who throw things at Michael prompting him to call off the awards.

Pam is now quite drunk and noisily encourages Michael to keep going with the ceremony. The remaining award shown is given to Stanley for fine work before Pam's award is announced. Pam now totally drunk gets a sorrowful look anticipating another longest engagement trophy and is elated when she receives the whitest sneakers award for always having the whitest tennis shoes. In her acceptance speech she thanks Michael for his work, and because of Dwight (which Dwight mistakes for 'and Dwight'), and God. When Pam walks back to her table she hugs Jim and gives him a kiss on the lips.

After the awards are over, Jim reflects to the camera that it's been a great year for the Dundies, while Pam falls off her chair from being so drunk. Dwight attempts to resuscitate her.

An apologetic Chilli's manager explains to the camera that his staff have a policy of not over serving drinks and that Pam must have been taking drinks from other people's tables. They have a copy of her license and she won't be welcome at any of their restaurants ever again.

At the end of the night, Pam and Jim say goodnight while Michael Dwight and Ryan pack up the equipment. Pam goes to ask Jim a question, glances at the camera and then backs out, thanking him for a great night. Pam then gets in the car with Angela and is driven home. Jim walks to his car.