The Office

Season 2 Episode 1

The Dundies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • The Dundies, i have two words for this episode's summary: Excellent Episode!

    It starts out as usual with Michael Scott's (Played by Steve Carell) optimistical mood, this time it's about creating the best annual office award thingie ever for the employees.

    Nothing turns out the way Michael has planned, as usual, but as Michael hits rock bottom trying to make the employees feel good about themselves, they realize that he's doing the best they can and actually gives Michael his pride back on track.

    This episode was the best one i've seen so far from the american version of "The Office", it made me grin and laugh more than any other episode has, and it was a great start for season two!
  • The Dundie for most awesome episode so far goes to.......

    In the second season opener; Michael holds his annual Dundie award ceremony at chilli's where he honours his employees as well as giving himself an ego boost. While not much happens in the way of plot; this episode is the definitive one of the American series of The Office.

    The first season, while it was good, was pretty much just a rough draft for the show as the camera work, texture and most of the dialogue was decidedly dull and the chracters were pretty much American photocopies of the originals. This episode features more talented direction as opposed to the point and shot job of last season, a vibrant picture quality that is better than the murky tint of season one and the writing whose success can be attributed to pretty much to whole guild is much funnier.

    We are re - introduced to a more easy - going and goofy Michael as opposed to the crueller and jerky boss of last season and during the hiatus Steve has clearly hit the treadmill and bought some rogaine.

    While the Dundies ceremony is solid gold; the scenes at the Office were a little weak and the clumsy bathroom wall saga probably gets the Dundie for shortest sub - plot in TV history. For those who find Michael's antics tiresome, don't worry as there is a joke in here to suit everyone's taste thanks to the different writing talents and acting styles on display and for the soap opera fans; a nice sopaie homage featuring Jim and Pam is here. The supporting characters who were previously just figures pretending to look busy in the background are given a slight expansion and just begin to break through the stereotypes and for once the spotlight is not just fixed on the key four. If there's one thing that drags the episode down it's the time factor; it's clear the episode was bursting at the seams with material that never made it and it's severe shortening leaves it feeling more like clips from another episode but the timing in Romeo and Juliet was also poor but who's going to putdown Shakespeare? The Dundies is not just a terrific episode of TV but is an early sign of the future sensation this show becomes.
  • As someone who has seen every episode and who has been a fan from the very beginning, I can tell you with good reason that this is one of their best.

    Season 2 gets off to a hilarious start when Michael hosts the annual Dundies award ceremony at Chili's. This is the first time everyone seems to be flexing their comedy muscles to the full extent on the series. We get to see a more dynamic look at the relationships between the characters. Michael employs Dwight as his DJ for the night, leaving the audience subject to their occasional bickering and unusual partnership. Then we finally get to see some real sparks fly between Jim and Pam. It really is a pivotal episode in their journey together. I thought the writing and acting was at its absolute best in The Dundies.
  • A nice change of pace.

    Although this show generally thrives on beautiful moments being dashed by horrible situations and long terrible silences. But it was a nice change of pace to see the characters actually have a fairly embarrasment free evening with each other. Of course, I hope next week we're back to full-on horrible workplace.
  • A great start to an even better season!

    I'd have to say, out of all of the office episodes, that this is one of my favorites. A lot of interesting stuff happens in this episode, and i think it was a perfect way to start off the new season.

    The thing I like about this episode, is how great of a connection there is between Jim and Pam. Although some people thinks this makes the show a lot like a soap opera, I feel that the Jim-Pam relationship is a huge part of the show and personally, I am a huge fan of that. Sounds really pathetic, but it's not just me.

    When I say that this episode has a lot of things happening in it, I mean a lot more compared to the other episodes. Not every episode do you get to see the employees out of their normal environment, which was nice for a change. Also, you don't get to see Pam drunk very often, even at all actually. Also, Dwight flaunting his Deputy skills on Pam was classic of him.

    I find this show has many ways of keeping itself very real. In most shows, when theres a plot turn, it will tell you why. A huge plot turn was when Pam showed up back at the Chili's because of a fight between Roy and herself, and we never know the reason because of this.

    Anyway, I feel that this was a great way to start off the season.
  • Michael is excited about the yearly dundees, everyone else hates them, pam gets drunk and kisses jim and falls off of a chair and dwight comes to help

    One of the funniest episodes! Michael is so excited about the dundees and being the host of the night, thinking that he is being funny telling lame jokes then blaming dwight for sucking all the fun out of the room! then pam gets drunk and we see her feelings for jim when she kisses him.
  • Season 2 Start time for a dundie

    While this show began with the pilot, this is when the season truly began. This was one of the greatest episodes of the series. It's funny how much Michael put into the Dundies. I also like how much he thinks he is actually entertaining people with his skits. Pam being drunk was a great sight to see. Jim was great in this episode from the kiss that Pam gave him to the end of the episode. This was also the introduction of more of the secondary characters from Stanley, Angela, Kevin, and Oscar. This was also the introduction of one of the big themes on the show: Michael's man crush on Ryan. Another good part of this episode was the name of the awards the employees got and the reactions they received. One of my favorite parts is when Michael was wrapping up the award show how Pam got the whole office behind Michael. It was a very sweet moment.

    An overall good episode from top to bottom that would set the stage for a wonderful season.
  • 201

    After watching the first season, it was pretty good. I watched for entertainment. But after this episode, I'm proud to say that I am now an official fan of The Office. Season 2 was this show at it's best and the premiere did not disappoint at all.

    We've still got the playful Pam & Jim friendship, possible romance, everyone is probably dying to just have it happen already. Then we got Steve Carrell, who just makes this show what it is. He's... he's... he's the American Ricky Gervais, and he's hysterical.

    This season premiere was about the dundies, an award show that the Office attends to every year. Things get interesting in this episode of The Office when Pam & Roy get in a fight before Roy abandons her at the restaurant. Pam eventually ends up getting really drunk. Jenna Fischer stole the show, which is unheard of in the later seasons of this show. So I've grown to appreciate this episode, and her character. Jim & Pam end up having their first kiss, but don't mention it afterward, definite relationship development, then we got all the interactions from the supporting characters & Michael which were hilarious. But really, Jenna Fischer was the best thing about this episode, she was great.
  • Greatness!

    i think season 2 will be just as good as season 1. This first episode of season 2 really didn't make it feel like it was part of season 2, i felt that i was contining season 1, as long as steve carell stars in this show i think it will always tend to get better. Humour is in the blood of steve. Can't wait to watch the second episode. I was just wondering, is the UK version episodes the same topics? like if i see the first episode of season 2 for the UK version would it also be about the dundies? hit me back who ever can answer my question
  • One of my episodes of the series, so far I liked how awards shows were spoofed, some of the awkard moments that take place during the show, the catergories, and the acceptance speeches given by the winners. I also like Michael's attempts at trying be fun

    One of my episodes of the series, so far I liked how awards shows were spoofed, some of the awkard moments that take place during the show, the catergories, and the acceptance speeches given by the winners. I also like Michael's attempts at trying be funny while giving the awards.
  • Michael has the 2005 Dundies Awards for the office staff members

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Office". The plot to this episode is that Michael has the 2005 Dundies Awards for the office staff members. It was very funny when Dwight didn't like the writing that the women put about Michael in the women's restroom and Dwight is saying that he is banning the women's restroom and there will be two men's restroom instead. Pam having her second thoughts about her engagement with Roy after she was looking through the past Dundie award videos was pretty good. It was very funny that the Dundies awards was held at the restaurant Chili's. Michael doing his rap was hilarious. It was hilarious when Phyllis won a Dundie for "Busiest Beaver" and then the Dundie trophy mistakenly says "Mushiest Beaver". All of the awards that Michael gave to the office staff members was very funny. It was funny when Pam won "Whitest Sneakers" award. Dwight being the DJ for the Dundies was also hilarious. It was also hilarious when Pam was drunk and then the Chili's workers said that Pam is longer welcome to Chili's. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Office". 10/10
  • It's the dundies time on The Office.

    This episode really is exactly why I watch The Office. It's the first episode that I ever saw, and it's also the episode that got me hooked on the series. The entire episode is hilarious, especially Pam's acceptance speech when she gets her Dundie. I'm very glad that this episode did a very good job of setting up who each of the characters are since this was the first episode of The Office that I ever saw. Although, I kind of knew who everyone was from reading reviews of the show when it first came out. The whole cast did an amazing job, and I have continued to enjoy this episode even after a year of first having seen it.
  • Things go terribly wrong as usual...and Steve Carell\'s \"Ping\" impression is hilarious.

    I can not name the number of times I almost crapped my pants because of this episode. My least favorite scene of this episode is when things go dead silents in the Chili\'s they are dining in. But that soon ends when Pam brightens the place up, only because she is really, really drunk. I loved how Angela just flat out said \"No\" to Michael when he awarded her the tight-ass award. And the funniest thing in this episode is probably Michael\'s impression of \"Ping\", blabbering random crap like \"Me So Horny.\" I also enjoyed when Dwight walked into the woman\'s restroom. What a perv.
  • Its time for the Dundies, the annual Dunder-Mifflin award show for all the workers... Micheal is inept as a host, Pam gets drunk, and everyone gets awards at the Dundies.

    This episode was hilarious. The bit on the phone was hysterical, with the "050505" party and the tsunami funraiser, and the song parodies were quite funny too. Steve Carrell really "brought it" for this episode and I laughed at practically all the jokes. I also liked Dwight, as the sound guy. Pam getting drunk on other people's drinks was funny too and Jim is just cool.

    So, I give this episode a 9.5 for being just ...well being funny.

    You should totally watch it. :D
  • "And I just want to tell you... please, please, do not drink and drive, because you may hit a bump, and spill the drink."

    This was a great episode and a good way to start the season!

    In this episode, it's time for the Dundies. The Dundies are Michael's own annual awards show for his Scranton employees that takes place at their local Chili's.

    This episode is a great Michael-themed episode. Everyone is always so awkward around him. Whether he is rapping, telling lame jokes, or doing imitations, he knows how to turn people off.

    Pam's fiance Roy, who is a jerk, decides that the awards are stupid and leaves early. All the employees agree but have to stay. Roy leaves Pam there and she hangs out with Jim and starts to get really drunk. Finally, she wins a lame award, "The Whitest Sneakers Award," after Jim tells Michael that they shouldn't have "The Longest Engagement Award" because it's old and obvious who is going to win. Jim and Pam kiss, although Pam is drunk and probably doesn't really know what she's doing. Jim is pleased of course.

    This episode has lots of Michael and also plenty of Jim + Pam chemistry. It's a great way to start the season, and yet, the best is yet to come after this.
  • Heart warming

    WOW!!, what a great awards dinner. Michael is by far, the best MC ever. Rapping to O.P.P while Ryan screwed up the cue cards?, I didn't expect anything less. Props to Jenna Fischer, this is a woman who has never been drunk in her life, but perfectly nailed the annoying drunk girl role. I thought my heart was going to explode when Pam kissed Jim. The end of the episode where Angela took Pam home, and Jim was standing there alone with "Tiny Dancer" playing in the background..... priceless!.
  • Gooooood one

    I have this one on my iPod. It's a great episode. Pam kisses Jim! Can you believe it? She's just slightly *drunk* but that's okay, it's still special. The "bushiest beaver line" is hilarious. Michael has some hilarious antics in this episode, and so does Dwight. Ryan the temp winning the "Sexiest in the office award" was great - and slightly unexpected.
    Personally, I thought Jim getting Michael to switch Pam's award out of concern for her was really sweet, and those two are so cute together. Michael singing, "you have won a tiny dundie" is really awesome, and it was stuck in my head for hours. Great way to start off the new season of my new favorite show
  • The Dunder-Mifflin version of the Oscars is here! With awards like "Smelliest bowl movement," "Tight ass," and "Bushiest beaver," how can you resist?

    Michael is incredibly excited because he is set to emcee the Dundies, the Dunder-Mifflin awards night. This means that for one night he gets to be center of attention and inflict everyone to his comedy and improv routines, which feature a rendition of OPP ("You down with the Dundies?") at the local Chilis. Jim again shows his kindness when he expertly convinces Michael not to give Pam her annual award of "Longest Engagement." Instead of appealing to Michael's sense of mercy, he appeals to his comedic sensibilities, letting him know that the joke is old. The Dundies preparations take a turn for the worse when Jan refuses to approve the expenses for the party and Michael sagely notes, "there's a reason why comedy clubs have a two drink minimum."

    When Roy wants to ditch the Dundies early, an upset Pam starts drinking everyone's drinks and shows a different side of her that is loud but sweet and shows that she can cut loose. Jim's expressions in these scenes are amazing, running the gamut from pleasantly surprised to mildly concerned to hopeful that maybe Roy has finally lost Pam for good. Great work by John Krasinski.
  • Has Michael poked his head out of "the closet"?

    This episode reveals a lot of history from the employees prior to the beginning of the series. We see Pam get wasted which is really hilarious becuase she snags a drink from other people which makes her go over the limit of alcoholic beverages that a resaurant can serve a person. But the biggest thing that is the most interesting of the WHOLE episode is how Ryan gets a Dundie for "The Best Looking in the Office" which raises eyebrows around the whole room. This characteristic of Michaels is shown through many other episodes afterwards where Michael favors Ryan and wants him to do things for him like: help him get back on the toilet after falling off it in the The Injury episode and have him go retrieve a video tape from his mother's house in the Take Your Daugther To Work episode. It makes you wonder if Michael is secretlly gay.
  • Out of the office experience with the Dundees awards. held at local Chiles, Michael MC's the awards dinder with very awkward jokes.

    Great change of pace to see how things are \"outside\" the office. Nice teaser with Pam and Jim. Dwight was classic as usual. It was slso a bit of a surprise to see Michael actually give Pam a nice award. Line of the night came form Dwight \"Like an aids test\"
  • O.K

    Good way to start off the season. I like how Michael was feeling way down and Jim and Pam helped him come back alive. The awards were very very funny instead of best accountant the awards were more like Biggest eater or something like that. I also thought it was how michael kept dressing up in differant cotumes and every time he looked more like an idiot. You can't help to feel sorry for michael when everyone ignores him and the young adults across the resteraunt keep making fun of him. This wasn't the funniest episode but it was a good way to start off there season.
  • The Dunder-Miffln crew is asked/forced to attend the annual "Dundee Awards" hosted by boss Michael Scott.

    The writing on this episode sums up why i love this show so much...theres a line where Michael walks out of his office with a distressed look on his face as if he has extremely urgent and important news(maybe..oh i dont know....downsizing, a big inter office problem, bad news from corporate?) and he states "Ok I know theres been some rumors about The Dundies..." Hahah. That line literally killed me. Doesnt he do any actual work? Also i love when he has his litte Naughty By Nature "O.P.P" parody song all set up to open the awards. Genius. NBC you better renew this series for multiple seasons. or ill boycott! I mean it! Ill set up teams of Office Fans to write in complaints to all of your advertisers.
  • A great start to the second season

    Only Michael would come up with an idea like the Dundies! It was hilarious when he was trying to get funding for the party, but couldn't because he already used the money for an 05-05-05 party on May 5.

    It was really sad to see Pam's reaction to the old Dundies, where she continued to receive the award for having the longest engagement. We still have to wonder why she is still with Roy!!!

    Dwight's reaction to the graffitti in the women's room was also hilarious. He gets to be more of a geek every episode!

    Michael getting laughed at by other people at the restaurant was almost painful. As annoying as he is, it was still kind of sad to see everyone put him down. He was so embarrassed! But of course drunk Pam was able to salvage his self-esteem.

    Pam kissing Jim was great! When will they ever get together?!?
  • This is a fake story but it was just something funI wanted to write for my own amusement. Read it for fun as well!

    (Dwight comes out of his office furious and yells to make an anouncement.)

    Dwight:Everybody I have an anouncement, there seems to be graffiti made by our terrible ladies. The bathroom is a privledge, and if your not going to act like ladies, then your privledge is taken away.

    (Pam comes out with her arms crossed.)

    Pam:Your going to take away our bathroom?


    Pam:But where are we ladies suppose to... you know, go?

    Dwight:Hold it for the whole day, cross those legs because we now have two men rooms.

    All Offic Men:YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pam:I have a feeling I shouldn't have had those two cokes in a row.

    (Everybody goes back to work and a couple hours past, then goes to Pam.)

    Pam:Doh, still four hours till closing time.

    (Pam crosses her legs tight holding it.)

    Jim:Hey Pam got these papers for you here to file and...OH!

    (Jim actidentally drops some of his coffee on the desk and it slowly drips and drips.)


    (Pam quickly runs to the bathroom but is immediately stopped by Dwight.)

    Dwight:Where do you think your going?

    (Pam is tapping her feet in place holding it in.)

    Pam:Dwight please, I'm begging you I really need to use the toillet right now.

    Dwight:Sorry, now get back to work.

    (Pam is spining and hopping in circles. She goes back to her desk and sits down, but her stomach growls and her legs are shaking and hopping like when you gotta go.)

    Pam:EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting to leak, can't hold peeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    (Pam crosses her legs tight and scrouches them up to her stomach so she looks like a ball. Also shaking a little as well.)


    Jim:What's wrong Pam?

    Pam:I really need to use the restroom's toilet but Dwight keeps stopping us. Oh, I'm gonna explode.



    Jim:Let Pam use the toilet.

    Dwight:Sorry no can do, I-

    (Dwight is knocked out by Pam's high heel that flings off her foot because she's losing control.)

    Jim:Now Pam, we'll talk to the boss about this later, go.

    (Pam runs right into the restroom, to a stall that has a quarter meter on it. She runs back to Jim with her legs crossed shaking.)

    Pam:Jim, I need a quarter, NOW!!!!!!!!!11

    (Jim gives Pam the quarter, she runs back to the bathroom, slots the quarter and runs in the stall shuts the door, and her feet are shown at the bottom of the door as she does her buisness.)

  • One of my favorite episodes of the series...

    This is the episode that got me hooked on this series. It's also the episode that made me love Steve Carell. While Pam's character was brought to a whole new level in this episode, Michael's character made me fall over laughing.
    Laughing hysterically through his awkward performance of rapping, dancing, impressions and singing, I fell in love with the character of Michael Scott. When he was confused about Stanley and Terry I just about died. It didn't hurt when Pam laid one on Jim either!
    It made it even better when I found out that all the waiters and waitresses were actually Chili's employees.
    A truly genius episode.
  • It's the dundies time on The Office.

    I'm a newbie to the office series only having watched the first season and now this episode. I'm officially hooked for good. The episode had me laughing out loud from beginning to end. I actually get uncomfortable every time Michael opens his mouth wondering who he'll offend this time but I actually felt bad for him when the jerks threw some food on him....he was just crushed. Dwight continues to prove how clueless he can be trying to find out what was written on the women's room wall. I really couldn't believe when Pam kissed Jim and by the look on his face neither could he.
  • Jenna Ficsher = best drunk ever

    This is my favorite Office episode ever, because it seems to shove so much funny, Jam, and drunkenness into only twenty minutes. Jenna Fischer plays the most believable drunk I’ve ever seen, and also the most hilarious. Following a fight with Roy and fueled by other people's drink, she laughs hysterically, gives a touching acceptance speech, kisses Jim, laughs some more, falls off a barstool, laughs some more, and is kicked out of a chain of restaurants for life. Jim escorts her to Angela's car, and she thanks him (though it is not a question).It's like a mini-movie, equipped with the natural "Tiny Dancer"-soundtracked walk into the sunset (or Chili's sign).
  • The Annual Dundies Awards...

    This was a really good episode. I loved every second of it. I really like that Jim and Pam kissed, even though Pam was totally drunk. I felt bad for Michael when that guy threw food at him, Jim looked like he wanted to get up and say something but he didn't. I thought the award that Michael gave Kelly was really funny, the spicy kurri award, which wasn't even a businessman but a bowler better yet. And also the award he gave Ryan, the hottest in the office award. it was great when pam fell off her chair and dwight came over and took off his shirt- funnyyy.
  • It's Dundies time for the office!

    This is one of my all-time favorite episodes, because Michael was funnier than ever, Pam and Jim had great scenes together, and this time mostly all the workers in the office were in this episode which I love. My favorite moments have to be when Michael is making jokes and singing, when Pam kissed Jim and he looked happy and pleased, and at the end when Michael said "I made Pam laugh so hard that she fell out of her chair and almost broke her neck." All in all, one of the best, classic, and funniest office episodes I have ever seen.
  • Michael Scott hosts and directs the office awards, called the Dundies.

    Jenna Fisher (who is the actress that plays Oam Beesly) does such a great job in this episode. She is able to shed light on her character in a new way that we had not seen in the first season. All of the actors do a really good job in this episode, and the comedy is simply hilarioius. Steve Carell is so funny, he really makes this episode hilarious with his singing and not funny jokes. He is also able to make the viewer feel bad for him, and start to love his character. Dwight is hilarious as always, as the DJ, he is funny as always. Overall a very good episode. Great way to start the season.
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