The Office

Season 2 Episode 1

The Dundies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on NBC

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  • The Dundie for most awesome episode so far goes to.......

    In the second season opener; Michael holds his annual Dundie award ceremony at chilli's where he honours his employees as well as giving himself an ego boost. While not much happens in the way of plot; this episode is the definitive one of the American series of The Office.

    The first season, while it was good, was pretty much just a rough draft for the show as the camera work, texture and most of the dialogue was decidedly dull and the chracters were pretty much American photocopies of the originals. This episode features more talented direction as opposed to the point and shot job of last season, a vibrant picture quality that is better than the murky tint of season one and the writing whose success can be attributed to pretty much to whole guild is much funnier.

    We are re - introduced to a more easy - going and goofy Michael as opposed to the crueller and jerky boss of last season and during the hiatus Steve has clearly hit the treadmill and bought some rogaine.

    While the Dundies ceremony is solid gold; the scenes at the Office were a little weak and the clumsy bathroom wall saga probably gets the Dundie for shortest sub - plot in TV history. For those who find Michael's antics tiresome, don't worry as there is a joke in here to suit everyone's taste thanks to the different writing talents and acting styles on display and for the soap opera fans; a nice sopaie homage featuring Jim and Pam is here. The supporting characters who were previously just figures pretending to look busy in the background are given a slight expansion and just begin to break through the stereotypes and for once the spotlight is not just fixed on the key four. If there's one thing that drags the episode down it's the time factor; it's clear the episode was bursting at the seams with material that never made it and it's severe shortening leaves it feeling more like clips from another episode but the timing in Romeo and Juliet was also poor but who's going to putdown Shakespeare? The Dundies is not just a terrific episode of TV but is an early sign of the future sensation this show becomes.
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