The Office

Season 9 Episode 17

The Farm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2013 on NBC

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  • The Farm

    The Farm sounded like a pretty bad idea as a spin-off/continuation of The Office, but after seeing this episode, all doubt is removed. Dwight works good as the odd man out at the office, but as the centerpiece to an all oddball cast? not so much. with a brand new never before mentioned extended family, (I thought the sister was supposed to be the normal one popping in to "remember" what these odd traditions mean but it just didn't work) His Aunt who we just saw living in a small house in a small neighborhood a couple episode back now has a 60+ acre farm to leave the whole family? (as long as they get back together for wacky hijinks) they're not even trying to stick with the story, just pulling ideas out of a hat and hoping something sticks.

    Dwight needs the normal atmosphere to work, he needs a foil like Jim to work, heading up a clan of brain damaged inbreeds was just sad to watch.

    The B-story of packer coming back was just as bad but thankfully a lot shorter. any episode with Packer is already dragging for me, so make him the center of the side story in this farm episode was just an anchor dragging this story all the way down. the only thing sadder than The Office wrapping it up is them wrapping it up like this. this show deserved better as it painfully crawls to the finish line.