The Office

Season 2 Episode 6

The Fight

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • Dwight and Michael have a fight

    This is a show that when there was uncomfortable moments, it made it work because of the actors. This episode had that but the work of the actors was not as good this time. Dwight has always been a unique character and this episode you find out that he's in a dojo that's for kids. This came off as funny and not at all creepy. Again we see Michael's work habits with him avoiding it. It's funny how he tries to avoid something simple that takes a very short time. Another funny part is when Michael is walking towards Dwight and Jim is playing it like West Side Story. All of the calls Michael had for Ryan were funny and classic, Michael. Another step to what happens to Jim and Pam in the season finale in the episode when they are the Dojo. I like the ending when Jim gets Pam the bag of chips and the reaction of her.

    While this was not as good as previous ones, this was still a good and funny episode.
  • 206

    A really great episode, even though not much happened, it was still wildly entertaining and funny. Dwight going against Michael is something I thought I would never see. But it was great to see Michael knocked down a few pegs. How he got embarrassed in front to f the whole Office was absolutely hilarious. Dwight getting the contacts from everyone was also pretty funny as well, especially when he got around to Toby. Michael fight Dwight in the end, and he unfairly wins but he "promotes" Dwight to Assistant Regional Manager, instead of Assistant to the Regional Manager. Definitely a running gag that's worth closing.

    As for the Jim & Pam development, Jim gets too touchy, and Pam gets annoyed, I'm loving their development though. Great episode overall, pretty memorable.
  • Overall, a very good episode.

    “The Fight” introduces us to yet another interesting aspect of Dwight’s life outside of work: karate. Dwight is a purple belt, which, as we are reminded throughout the episode, is really high. When Michael tells Dwight that he could not beat him up, they challenge each other to a fight in Dwight’s dojo during the lunch break. All the Dunder Mifflin employees are invited, and even get an extended lunch break to watch the fight; meanwhile, the Stamford branch is working through lunch, so as to avoid downsizing. This episode certainly had its high points. It was filled with clever jokes, and some especially funny moments, such as Michael claiming that he knows a bunch of fourteen year old girls, Dwight changing his emergency contact from Michael Scott to The Hospital (911), and Michael leaving ridiculous voicemails on Ryan the temp’s cell phone. We also begin to see a permanent change in Ryan, as he begins to suck up to the boss a bit less, and distance him a bit more, especially when Ryan hangs up on Michael pretending to be both Michael and Tito Jackson at “Wonderland” (“Don’t you mean Neverland?…). Another noteworthy moment occurs when Michael officially changes Dwight’s title from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager. This is truly a glorious day for Dwight, and for Office fans as well. One notable Jam moment occurs after Pam gets mad at Jim for picking her up at the dojo, and not putting her down. When the fight begins, Jim can be seen in the background, looking over at Pam, who is stationed at the opposite end of the dojo. Jim is truly a sweet guy. In the end, fortunately, the pair reconcile, by Jim buying Pam the bag of French Onion chips he promised her. All is well with Jam. My favorite line from this episode, however, would have to be from Michael Scott, when he says to the camera: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” Absolutely brilliant; the Machiavelli reference should definitely be noted as well. This episode had some good laughs, some Jam tension, and some interesting character development as well; overall, however, it is not quite as strong or as memorable as some of the other episodes of The Office. For that reason, I shall be giving it a 9.5, a very respectable score.
  • Another great episode

    Talk of Dwight's karate experience gets Michael's competitive juices flowing, leading to a lunchtime match between them at Dwight's dojo. At the dojo, Jim goes a bit too far flirting with Pam, and she abruptly shuts him down when their co-workers take notice.

    In a pathetic showing by both combatants, Michael emerges victorious over Dwight, which leads to Dwight changing his emergency contact from "Michael Scott" to "The Hospital". At the end of the day, Michael promotes Dwight from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager, most likely to ensure that Dwight will still idolize him despite the hard feelings over their lunchtime battle. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff, fed up with Michael's inability to accomplish even the simplest task, are forced to forge his signatures on the documents so they can go home.
  • "Do I want to be feared or loved? Um... easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

    This episode has some great Michael/Dwight character development.

    Dwight talks about his fighting skills, and brags that he is a purple belt in karate. Meanwhile, Michael has Ryan take down emergency contact numbers from the staff, and prank calls Ryan many times, doing impressions of Michael Jackson, Saddam Hussein, and others.

    Michael is not impressed with Dwight's skills and challenges him. Dwight and Michael have a fight at lunch. The fight is pretty pathetic, but Michael manages to beat Dwight. To show that there are no hard feelings though, Michael promotes Dwight from "assistant to the regional manager" to "assistant regional manager." Dwight continues to look up to Michael after that, of course.

    This episode has many funny moments, such as when Dwight is in karate class, and everyone else in the class is little kids. Another great part was when Michael was prank-calling Ryan...their relationship is strange, to say the least.

    This was a great episode, like all episodes of The Office. However, the best is yet to come...
  • Dwight and Michael fight each other in a dojo match.

    The Fight is my least favorite episode of The Office so far, and it gets my lowest rating that I've ever given on I don't know why, but I just didn't like this episode very much. I liked the Jim and Pam storyline for this episode, but that's about it. I absolutely loved Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in this episode. I just didn't care for the Michael fights Dwight in a dojo match storyline very much at all. This episode does feature a pivotal moment in the series for Dwight though which would be his promotion Assistant Regional Manager. All in all, this episode was only okay. It definitely wasn't the best episode of The Office.
  • Dwight takes Karate courses and takes them very seriously. Michael procrastinates doing important office work and drives Ryan nuts when he inadvertently gets his cell number. The staff attends a mandatory lunch hour Karate match between Michael & Dwight.

    This episode had me in stitches. Michael gets Ryan's cell phone and drives him absolutely crazy as he keeps calling and annoying him. I could feel Ryan's pain and I wanted to strangle Michael myself, even though I couldn't help but laugh out loud. And when poor Dwight takes Karate classes, with his ever so familiar pomp and circumstance, I laughed again as I realized how silly Dwight looked being the oldest member in a class of children and being assigned meanial tasks along with his lessons.

    You can also feel the frustration of the staff as the day goes by and Michael does everything in his power to avoid the obvious stacks of paperwork on his desk. They have to stay overtime if he does not get the forms signed on time and no one wants this. It's funny but you definitely want to strangle Michael and force him to get the work done.

    Michael and Dwight get into a match in the office and Dwight beats Michael; however, Michael calls for a mandatory staff lunch hour and they all go to the gym for an authentic bout. When Michael beats Dwight (in a hilarious scene) I found myself feeling a bit sorry for Dwight despite the fact that he's a character whom I love to hate.

    Finally the coup de grace when the staff has to forge Michael's signature to the stack of work because he still insists on stalling. You just want to choke him which is just what makes this show so great!
  • Regarding the \"Goof\" section above, the Scranton region\'s area code was 717 for a very long time, up until about 4 years ago, when it changed to 570. just thought i\'d mention that --- former Scrantonian

    Regarding the \"Goof\" section above, the Scranton region\'s area code was 717 for a very long time, up until about 4 years ago, when it changed to 570. just thought i\'d mention that --- former Scrantonian. each episode, i love how they make real Scranton references, including Crystal Soda (local beverage company), the Froggy 101 bumper sticker on Dwight\'s desk (from what i remember, country radio station), Poor Richard\'s (an actual pub, for years, in downtown Scranton), Lake Wallenpaupack (in the BoozeCruise episode), etc. great stuff...
  • this episode showed the highest and lowest point in the Dwight/Michael battle. Michael fighing dirty, and spitting in Dwight\'s mouth, awful. Dwight\'s face just lighting up when getting \"promoted\" made me feel so much sympathy for Dwight. Michael was

    I though that this epsiode truly showed so much of the complexity of the characters coming out. Micheal has come off like such and egotistical, immature bafoon. Poor temp knows he is just wasting his talent and intellect in this place. The whole pam and Jim dynamic is showing to be a bit more complicated than before, and Dwight has shown that he is an emotional person with pride, feelings and a face that just made me feel so sympathetic towards him. I would really hate workin for someone like Michael - unless there were pams jims and the odd temp in the place. I felt that this was the best episode so far of the new series - other than diversity day.
  • Sweep the leg.

    A great installment with truly funny touches and bits of homage to the whole Karate Kid series. The opening gag of Dwight's desk in the bathroom was surprising, but what made it even funnier was the step further that the writers took with it, when Dwight gets a call from Jim and acts all serious while giving him the price information.

    The whole procrastination thing which I would totally expect from Michael on the day that Pam dubs the "perfect storm" was a great plot. It was also totally like Michael to boast of his fighting skills, then get punched in the stomach hard by Dwight, go to sulk in his office, and then be incited by Pam's request. His unearned bluster is hilarious to behold. Plus, Jim manages to add the creative asides and touches to each moment with his quips or looks to the camera. Like when Jim started getting all excited and snapping his fingers, getting into the whole Jet-vibe, after Michael got all riled up and was looking for Dwight.

    A great Jim quip was where he pointed out that the Albany branch was working during lunch so as to not get downsized, while because of Michael they were taking an extra hour for lunch so they could see the fight.....and theeennnnn he goes, "Fight, fight, fight, fight!" Classic stuff.

    The show really knows how to cultivate the subtler humorous moments. Not the clutzy misunderstanding scenarios of Three's Company. Not the string of bawdy male jokes in Two and a Half Men, or the unending serial wackiness of Arrested Development, or any other sitcom comedy that routinely relies on laugh tracks and one liners. Instead we're treated to a dose of reality sans the laugh track, with touches of subtlety and creative wackiness to reveal a bit of the humor possible in our own lives.
  • The episode starts with Dwight walking in the office and he doesn't see his desk. Michael has monthly forms to sign but instead of doing that he finds everything else to occupy his time with, like calling prank calls to the temp's cell phone and fighting

    The episode's first joke is when Dwight walks in and doesn't see his desk.. he tells Jim that he is going to tell Michael when Jim starts to play hot or cold with him and Dwight ends up finding his desk in the bathroom. Then Kevin comes out of the bathroom with a scented candle in his had (which goes back to the Dundies episode where he was voted for the smelliest). The whole day Pam and Angela try to get Michael to sign some expense raports but Michael instead does everything else. He organizes a fight with Dwight (who has a purple belt in karate and is promoted to a senpai) and extends their lunch hour so that everyone can come watch. This episode shows a little more of the characteristics of the boss Michael, and his procrastination habit plus something happens with Jim and Pam too that lets us know a little bit more about their hidden (not so much) for each other. A great episode with so many funny things you wanna watch it multiple times to catch all the jokes.
  • Another top notch effort from the creators of this show.

    The office is really finding its feet on many grounds. The best line from this show was when Michael asked Ryan what his middle initial stood for, I'll let you make up your mind on that.
    I would like to see Jim get beaten up by Pam's man, he is crossing the line with Pam, but she does not help as she is always flirting with Jim. This would probably see Pam and Jim together, which I hope happens in the final ever episode of the show, and not before.
    Lastly, the absence of canned laughter is the real winner with this show. Name a 22 minute prime time comedy without it, and you are looking at just a handful. Making up your mind when to laugh gives this show its unique style, and thankfully, my viewing.
  • Michael Scott, has one relatively simple task but instead he procrastinates. This leads everyone to a karate dojo during the office lunch break, where Michael battles Dwight.

    This was another really great episode of The Office. I think that the show has really hit its stride now and is better than it was last season.

    This episode The Fight, takes place on a day when the boss, Michael has one relatively simple task — signing and initialing a large pile of forms — but instead embarks on a mind-boggling journey of procrastination. Michael is obviously a big procrastinator and this happens once a year when everything piles up for him to sign on the same day. This procrastination ultimately leads everyone to a karate dojo during the office lunch break, where Michael battles his underling Dwight before an audience of stunned coworkers.

    This episode started off great with Jim moving Dwight’s desk to the restroom. That is a great prank and was even funnier when Dwight sits down at his desk (in the restroom) and answers his phone. Another great part of this episode was with Ryan - the temp - and Michael. Michael got Ryan's cell number and starts prank calling him. It is funny how Ryan just keeps putting up with Michael. This has happened in earlier episodes too.
    We already knew Dwight was into Karate from an earlier episode. It was great to see this story line given some air time. As usual, it's the smallest of touches that bring the entire Office to hilarious life — Jim's smart quips, Dwight's explanation of the difference between a sensei and a senpai, Michael's erroneous shout out to "Al Pacino" and his "You talkin' to me?” line from a movie, and the staff finally forging Michael's signature so they could go home. Of course one of the best was when Dwight finally got his "promotion" to Assistant Regional manager.

    I thought this episode was great overall. The writing and acting where as excellent as usual, the story was very smart and interesting. It is neat to get to know these people better every week.
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