The Office

Season 2 Episode 4

The Fire

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on NBC

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  • A fire happens in the office

    Like with the previous episode, Jim and Pam help organize some games among the employees. This time the games were not for prizes, just for fun. As with the Olympics, it shows how good Jim and Pam are as a couple even they are not at this point. This episode showcased Jim's charm on people even in possible uncomfortable situations. (Yes Kevin is hard to resist too)

    In the Season 2 premiere, we find out that Michael has a man crush on Ryan. This time you find out not only Michael see himself as a father figure and best friend to him. This just makes it funnier. It was great to see how uncomfortable Ryan is around Michael. It's also good to see Dwight jealous of Ryan. I like that Dwight switched from messing with Ryan, to intimidate him and try to be his friend.

    The person who started the fire? You have to watch to find out.

    HILARIOUS episode, one of the best. The Office needs to be evacuated as a fire starts. The whole evacuation is hilarious, but it's really Dwight who makes the episode brilliant.

    His escape, his determination to get Michael's phone back.... priceless.

    The episode's ending is quite satisfying too. It turns out that Ryan started the fire, which gives Dwight a much needed satisfaction: even though Ryan is a member of a business school, he still doesn't know how to use a microwave, so they make up a song. H - i - l - a - r - i - o - u - s.
  • The Fire

    A really entertaining episode of The Office tonight, we've got laughs, romance, fires, and even singing. So sit back and relax, because this is a great Office episode. Jim & Pam going back and forth is what's really helping the show out, to be honest. It's that one thing that you tune in every week for, at least it was for most Office fans. For me, it was never like that. The Office was just something that was on, and it was entertaining and funny. Seeing Pam & Jim's relationship progress along the way was just the cherry on top.

    Amy Adams reprises her role here on The Office from season one. Katie is now Jim's girlfriend, and by the end, she is no comparison to Pam. We've also got Pam playing the jealousy game when she kisses Roy in front of Katie & Jim. All the "psychologically" revealing games were the most entertaining, and that's what made this episode what it was.

    It wasn't because of Jim & Pam, and it wasn't because Ryan went to business school. It was because of those games, and of course the amazing scene in which the fire occurred. Great ending with the song by the way. Great episode from The Office this week, recommendable.
  • Entertaining

    Ok so this was the first episode of The Office i have ever seen after my friends have told me countless times to watch it and i have to say i am impressed. they have a lot of different personalities in their characters and they were all very funny to watch. at first i thought Michael and Dwight were just plain old annoying but after awhile i began to find them more entertaining, especially when dwight sung his song about the fire at the end. i had a bit of a hard time following because i thought Jim and Pam were going out but once i got everything straight, i really enjoyed this episode
  • Ryan started the fire.

    “The Fire”, in my opinion, is one of the best episodes of “The Office”. It has humor, great Jam moments, and, of course, Dwight singing, “Ryan started the fire!” Whenever I want to get someone else as hooked on “The Office” as I am, I show them this episode. “The Fire” centers on Ryan, the young temp sent to work at Dunder Mifflin, as he is reviewed by Michael, and given the “ten steps of business”. Dwight becomes jealous of all the attention Michael is giving Ryan. Meanwhile, as a fire forces everyone outside, the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees find out more about the people the work with by playing Desert Island, Who Would You Do, and Would You Rather. Overall, this episode is extremely funny, and one of my personal favorites. The only other episode that is above “The Fire” on my list of favorites would have to be the classic episode “Casino Night”. There are plenty of memorable moments and quotes in this episode, and there are very few, if any, dull moments. I loved seeing Michael push everyone out of the way and run out of the building at the sound of the fire alarm, and then try to rationalize it by saying that they do not employ children, and that if he were to let the women out first, he would have a lawsuit on his hands. I also loved that most of the minor characters got their chance to shine by participating in Jim’s games outside. I loved the pop culture reference to Lost, with Dwight asking if his shoes came off in the crash. One of my other favorite moments is seeing Dwight sulk in his car, listening to “Everybody Hurts”, and Pam telling him that she bets Ryan wishes to himself that he were a volunteer sheriff’s deputy on the weekend. The absolute best part of the episode, though, is definitely when Dwight comes running out of the building, coughing, and holding a burnt cheese pita. “I wrote a song just for the occasion, while I was up there among the flames,” he says, and then launches into a modified version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, substituting “Ryan started” for “we didn’t start”. This is brilliant writing on the part of the writers of this show; it does not get much funnier than this. This episode had me laughing for days on end; I rewatch it all the time; and, even though I know what is going to happen, I still laugh at all of (and there are plenty) the jokes. “The Fire” was the first episode I bought for my Ipod, and the one I rewatch on it the most. I never, ever get tired of this episode. If you a looking for an absolutely hilarious, well-written and well-acted episode of “The Office”, look no further. 10/10.
  • haha. fire. great.

    haha dwight. ryan started the fire!! wow good episode. everyone should watch it. its one of my favorites on the show. ahh i love it. and then who'd you do? that was great. Michael:[trying to be like jim] well i would do ryan because hes going to own his own business. wow i love this show. ha ha ha and desert island and angela would take the bible, a purpose driven life, and the davinci code so that she could burn it. ok so even though im sure every one who is reading this has watched the show every week like me, but if there is that chance you did not, you should start. =P
  • Everyone is forced to evacuate the office when there's a fire.

    This episode is really, really great. It has so many funny moments, especially the "Ryan started the fire" song that Dwight made up. I thought that the Jim and Pam interaction and general content for their characters in this episode was just perfect. I thought that the parts where everyone was playing the various games to pass the time were hilarious. I loved Angela during the entire part of that episode, especially when Roy was saying that he would sleep with her. I loved Ryan in this episode, and I hate to admit it, but I found his misfortune in this episode to be absolutely hilarious. I also absolutely loved Michael's interaction with Ryan in this episode. Dwight was great in this episode too. All in all, this is a great episode, and it is definitely one of my all-time favorite episodes of The Office.
  • very creative

    A Fire in the Office! The fire forces all employees out to the parking lot where they form a circle and Jim suggests thy play dessert island. They all learn things about eachother. I like when Dwight gets mad and goes iin his car because ryan is getting all of michaels attention as michael explains to ryan how to be a buisness man. The funniest part is deffinatly when michael loses his phone and Dwight runs up in the building to get it and the whole time it was in Michael pocket. Never the less Dwight come out with some sort of burnt food and says it was ryans lunch and that he left it in the microwave too long and it burnt down and then michael and dwight start singing ryan started the fire.
  • "Ryan is book smart. I'm street smart... and book smart."

    In this episode, a fire forces everyone out of the office. They go outside and play various games. Michael finds out that Ryan is going to business school and tries to impress Ryan with his "wisdom," while Dwight feels jealous and left out.

    This episode shows how Michael feels about Ryan. He has sort of a 'man-crush' on him while Ryan feels awkward around him and tries to avoid him if at all possible. How they interact together is always hilarious though.

    Another great part was how Michael didn't know what he was talking about and making up rules while talking to Ryan. He probably wanted Ryan to look up to him and admire Michael the way the Michael admires Ryan. Michael didn't even go to business school and kept trying to convince Ryan that he knew how a business worked. Of course, Dwight is hilarious too, especially how he tried to get people out of the building when the fire alarm went off. His relationship with Michael is...strained. He appreciates and looks up to Michael, but Michael looks down on him and treats him like an idiot, calling him stupid and weak.

    At the end when they found out that Ryan started the fire, Michael sort of stopped looking up to Ryan, for maybe about five minutes. (He still has a man-crush on him in later episodes) This is a season and series classic...this is one of the best episodes of the first half of the season.
  • A relativly funny episode and a great line by Angela!

    There’s a fire in the office and Angela, as fire-leader-thing, acts very calm and gets everyone out but Dwight acts like a complete pratt! Very funny seeing Michael running past everyone else then seeing him on the CCTV cameras - hilarious.

    When Angela gets asked what three books she would have on a desert island she says The Bible, A Purpose Driven Life and when asked what her third book is she says ‘no’, hilarious!

    A great Dwight scene in which he runs into the building trying to get the cell phone and how he plays one of my favourite songs in his car - Everybody Hurts, REM!

    All in all a great episode!
  • The Fire is another great episode of the 2nd season of the Office.

    This episode starts out with a fire starting in the building causing everyone to evacuate outside to the parking lot. Then Jim gets his co-workers to participate in a game called Desert Island so they wouldn’t be bored. While everyone lists their all time favorite books and movies, Ryan, the new temp, and Michael wander off to discuss Ryan’s future job in business. Dwight, who notices how Michael likes Ryan so much, tries to get Michael’s attention. I love how the Office so surreal even though this might actually happen in real life with the fire and all. If this did happen though, there would be a few worried workers and the firefighters would let everyone know in like ten minutes that ‘the fire’ was actually just some smoke from a burnt cheese pita instead of Dwight.
  • Dwight Shines

    This was a great episode. We really learn to what extent that Dwight worships Michael. I think every office has an employee that worships their boss like Dwight does Michael. Ryan officially became an office lifer in this episode by earning the title "fire guy". R.E.M song "everybody hurts" was classic. Dwight was heartbroken that Michael had a new infatuation in Ryan. Even I felt the uncomfortableness with the Jim Pam situation when jim's girlfriend showed up. I even felt Jim's pain when Pam kissed Roy right in front of Jim.
  • Fantastically, uncomfortable episode--I loved it.

    I think that Ryan summed this episode up best when he was sitting in the back of his car with Michael--"I feel uncomfortable."

    Throughout the whole series and especially this episode, I was feeling so uncomfortable about everything that everyone said or did from Michael taking Ryan as his new protege to Dwight attempting to stop the smoke/fire to listening to the office staff announcing who they'd "do."

    The classic moment of the episode was when Dwight was sitting in his 1980s firebird listening to REM's "Everybody Hurts."

    In the end, what made the episode great and what tied up the loose ends, was the fact that Ryan, despite his previous desires, is now "The Guy Who Started the Fire."
  • in the first season, dwight says he owns a 280z that he fixed up, but in this episode, they zoom in on dwight when he's listening to R.E.M. in his car, it turns out to be a firebird.. (or a trans am?)

    in the first season, when ryan is being introduced to dwight, dwight is about to tell them about his car, which was a 280z that he fixed up, but in this episode, they zoom in on dwight when he's listening to R.E.M. in his car, it turns out to be a firebird.. (or a trans am?)
  • Best episode of the entire series...

    This was the greatest episode ever!!! I loved every minute of it. When that fire alarm went off and you see Michael booking it outta there. Then, it cuts to the security camera he\'s still running as fast as he can. Genius, pure genius. I was laughing so hard. Once everybody got outside, he was just standing there... women and children first? there are no children in this office and women are treated like equals. Hilarous!!! The Office has got to be the funniest show on television. I love every single episode. This episode is the reason I\'m going to buy season two on DVD the day it comes out. I can\'t wait for more episodes as funny as this...
  • An office fire has the Dinder Mifflin employees outside playing Desert Island to pass the time. As usual they find out more than they wanted to know about their co-workers.

    I have not been so addicted to a tv show since Seinfeld and before that since The Wonder Years. I think the writing on this show is impeccable. This episode strings together all of the characters weird and random personalities. I was DYING of laughter when Dwight got into his kung fu pose and punched the glass to get the fire extinguisher,when Angela got all annoyed at the Divinci Code, when Jim was cracking up while talking to Dwight and told him he should quit to stick it to Michael and Ryan. The only thing i can honestly say is off about this episode is some of the lines for the Ryan the Temp character. I understand his character but some of his lines are a little bit too matter of fact and to the point....choosing his words too carefully(which can sometimes overdo it on that awkward silence that makes the show)as if hes still not merging well(or at least faking it while at work) with his co-workers.....especially after 9 months which is how long this episode tells your Ryan has been employed. I will say that BJ Novaks as well as the other writers are genius. I have such a love for dry dark humor and I havent seen anything this fresh in ages. All i can say is i hope this show goes well into its 4th 5th 6th season..or more. Not that NBC really has a choice but...they better. Theres no show on television that I rush home for like this one. Oh and I even want Pam and Jim to get together. Ive never been so lame over a show. Haha.
  • Great comedic moments keep piling on top of each other, as the episode uses the potent story idea of the office fire to bring out vulnerability, despair, icebreakers, jealousy, and awkwardness to a hilarious level.

    A great plot idea drives this episode, but the great writing and character insights are what make it shine. The idea of the office fire was funny in the way that it gave a way for Dwight to really freak out. But, once that was aside, I liked the way the episode focused on Michael's evaluation of Ryan the temp, and the jealous triangle love thing that ensued. Dwight was already going crazy with the fire, and with Ryan moving unwillingly into the number two spot by earning Michael's respect, Dwight quickly mood swinged into despairing mode by blasting REM "Everybody Hurts" on his car radio. Love it!

    I liked the way we got to peek into Michael's insecurities about himself when he awkwardly confessed his failures to Ryan the temp. It was a vulnerable truthful moment. Also, for Dwight as he despaired after being rebuked by Michael, and when he desperately tried to earn back his favor by running into the office to get Michael's cell phone. The British version at this point would just continue on its track, but I loved how the American version twisted the episode so that Dwight and Michael bonded again over taunting Ryan the temp over causing the fire because he misused the toaster oven. It's such a trivial thing to carp on and make themselves feel better about, and its what made it funny. Dwight and Michael belong together.

    Jim on the other hand seized the opportunity to play some games like Desert Island. In a way we got to see more into these characters in the office as well. I especially loved how Phyllis responded, and the way Dwight totally confounds any attempt to play a normal game. The way that movie favorites totally tells you a lot about the person was spot on. As was Jim and Pam's snickering and bonding, "Legally Blonde" indeed. This game also set up a great way to bring out Pam and Jim's tension all over again. Also, I loved how Kevin and another person quickly responded Pam, for the Who Would you Do questions and the camera shot to Pam giving an uncomfortable look to the camera. Jim's moment was also wonderful, when he totally evaded the question by calling on Kevin. Then Michael's answer added another layer of hilarity on top of that. Levels of hilarity! Damn, I'm loving this truly funny show!

  • GREAT episode! Had me laughing the whole time. Dwight was the funniest character in this episode hands down.

    Wow, what an episode! Dwight had me laughing the whole time. He was going insane, just because of a simple fire. Then there were the games the office employees played outside of the building. Found out some interesting stuff in this episode, like, Michael might actually be gay? I sure know he made Ryan feel uncomfortable, but maybe he was just joking around. Watch the episode and find out what I mean.

    This a great show, and hope it is around for a long, long time. Good to hear that NBC is going to make this a total of a 13 episode season, instead of 6 like the first season, GO NBC!
  • Very very funny episode.

    First of all, the actors and actresses on this show are AWESOME. They all have perfect comedic timing, especially the wonderfully witty Steve Carell. This episode takes place when a fire forces the workers to evacuate the building. When they're out, Michael and Ryan talk business. BJ Novak and Jenna Fischer give stand-out performances in the episode. They both are just so... real, it's hilarious. If you don't watch this show, I would, because it's a great show.
  • Because of an office fire, everyone is forced outside.

    By far the BEST episode they've had!!! This episode showed why this is the funniest show on TV. Dwight was classic with the 80's songs and the over the top "heroism". It was great to see Jim's girl back in the mix instead of leaving us hanging from last season. As a christian, I found it hilariuos the dialog about the bible, purpose driven ,life and the da vinci code.
  • This is a fire non-drill! Keeps me laughing every time.

    Fire was another great episode of The Office. This episode deals with a small fire in the office break room. As a result everyone evacuates the building and waits in the parking lot. While there, they talk, play games, and do some funny things while waiting for the fire department to get the fire situation taken care of.
    This episode really develops Ryan the temp’s character. It also does a good job of giving insight to the other characters as well.
    The episode starts off with Michael giving Ryan a performance review. It is obvious Michael has no idea how Ryan is doing and makes stuff up. Then he decides to sort of take Ryan under his wing and teach him about business. The fire then breaks out and Dwight makes sure everyone gets out. Michael gets out first of course, “Woman and children first?” he says, “no children, this is not a sweat-shop; and men and woman are equal in the work place. I would have a lawsuit on my hands if I made the women get out first”. Very funny! While in the parking lot we learn Ryan is going to business school. Michael never did and feels a little ashamed about it. So he tries to become friends and tells Ryan that he know stuff about business even it he didn’t learn it in school. “The 10 Rules of Business” he calls it. He never did get past rule 5. Dwight gets mad that Ryan and Michael are getting chummy and decides to go back into the building to get Michael’s cell phone which he thinks got left inside. As it turns out, while inside, Dwight finds the cause of the fire and takes advantage of his findings. Meanwhile the rest of the office is passing time by playing games such as “Desert Island” and “who would you do?”
    Fire was actually written by B.J. Novak (Ryan). It was pretty funny and had some good jokes throughout. The music was great, with Dwight brooding to REM and then his made up song “Ryan started the fire”.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Entire episode had me laughing

    I found this episdoe to be the best so far.

    The parking lot scenes reminded me of college and our consistent swarm of fire drills. When we weren't complaining about the idiot who pulled the alarm we would play stupid games like deserted island and who would you.

    Jim is continually to develop as a leader and the tension between him and Pam is so great.

    Dwight becomes even more jealous of Ryan whom Michael has quite a strange fascination with. First the Dundee awards, then last weeks beginning scene and now with him declaring that Ryan is the one he'd have sex with.
  • A fire starts in the office building, forcing everyone to go into the parking lot, and Dwight feels left out after Michael becomes Ryan's mentor. A great episode in which we learn more about everyone, I also like Dwight's song about Ryan called "Ryan Star

    A fire starts in the office building, forcing everyone to go into the parking lot, and Dwight feels left out after Michael becomes Ryan's mentor. A great episode in which we learn more about everyone, I also like Dwight's song about Ryan called "Ryan Started The Fire", it was catchy!