The Office

Season 8 Episode 2

The Incentive

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on NBC

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  • Andy gives the office an incentive to improve sales, but it backfires.


    Based on the first three episodes of the season, I really do think that Andy has a chance to be a great boss for the show and that Ed Helms has the chance to carve himself his own little niche in the Office history that isseparatefrom what Michael Scott did. Although I don't think this episode does it as good as the next one does, "The Incentive" is still a good example of how Andy is different than Michael; he's nicer, he's more willing to go over the top to keep morale up and he's just more easy-going. I know not everybody will agree, but this was the first episode since Michael's been gone that I felt really good about the show.

    In this episode, Robert California gives Andy a task: raise profits by eight percent over the next month or so. Andy thinks it'll take more time than he's given them, so he gives the office an incentive: for every sale they make or increase, they get points. And if they get 5000 points combined, he'll get a tattoo on his butt. What makes the episode hilarious is how quickly everybody gets to work, doing everything five times as fast as they usually do so they can call Andy's bluff.

    In a touching moment, as the crew goes to the tattoo parlor, Jim lets Andy know that nobody is expecting him to get the tattoo, but Andy, in a move to improve morale even more, gets a tattoo... but it turns out the group went ahead and secretly had the tattoo he was going to get changed to a dog with "Nard" written on the back.. Nard Dog! Andy gets another win, but it feels completely natural and nice.

    That being said, the first half of the episode dragged a bit, and although James Spader was superb in the finale of the show, he's been a bit lackluster. He's funny in a weird dry way, but he reminds me of the rest of the bosses we've had on the show: occasionally funny, mostly dull. Let's hope the show can keep its momentum going.

  • Not as good as last week's episode "The List" but it was still great


    I thought that this was a great episode of "The Office". Even without Steve Carell, I honestly think this show can still be great. While this episode wasn't as good as last week's episode "The List", it was still a great episode and I really liked it for the most part. That new CEO dude named Robert California is a pretty good character and he seems to be kinda tough. I wonder if we will still see Jo (Kathy Bates) soon even though Robert California (James Spader) has her job. My score was a little low because some parts in this episode just seemed to get a little boring and kinda lacked. Kevin not talking right in the beginning of the episode was very funny. The beginning of the episode with Kevin saying that he would go to "Sea World" was very funny. Andy telling the workers on what he will do if they get 500 points, 1000 points, or something like that was very funny. Dwight's appearance in this episode was definitely very funny. The storyline with Robert California challenging the Dunder Mufflin workers to raise prices or something like that was pretty interesting. The "cold coffee" joke definitely made me LOL. The very ending with Andy getting a tattoo on his butt and it was a dog tattoo was definitely entertaining. Overall, a great episode of "The Office"... can't wait to see how the season will go without Steve Carell. 8.5/10

  • Office back on track!


    After the promising season premiere, the new episode delivers the laughs like few instalments last season did. So far, the revamping of the cast has proven inspired in making Andy the replacement for Michael Scott as regional manager (they were always similar in certain ways) while adding James Spader as the new CEO, who adds a fresh brand of comedy to the show - a shot in the arm very much needed in recent years.

    While Andy finally seems to become a fully-rounded, likable character as the insecure boss - rather than the buffoon he once was - in a simple, but effective story, there are good moments for characters all around.

    Fans should keep an open mind about a continuation of the show without Steve Carell. While admittedly, the last few episodes of Season 7 after his departure were mostly an unmitigated disaster, Season 8 so far has shown enormous promise. Don't abandon the show just yet!