The Office

Season 2 Episode 12

The Injury

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens with Pam taking a phone call from Michael. Michael says he has been hurt. Although Pam offers to call an ambulance, Michael continues groaning and asks to be picked up instead. Jim puts Michael on speakerphone and asks him to state again "really loudly" what was going on. Michael announces that he has burned his foot on a George Foreman grill and explains exactly what happened:
"I enjoy having breakfast in bed. I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me. And since I don't have a butler, I have to do it myself. So, most nights before I go to bed, I will lay six strips of bacon out on my George Foreman grill. Then I go to sleep. When I wake up, I plug in the grill. I go back to sleep again. Then I wake up to the smell of crackling bacon. It is delicious, it's good for me; it's the perfect way to start the day."
Nobody wants to pick Michael up. Michael complains that he can't walk and Kevin asks if he can hop. He responds that he tried hopping, but then he bumped his elbow and now his elbow has a "protruberance," bringing snickers from the staff. Finally, Dwight enters and upon hearing that Michael is "sick," dashes out of the office to retrieve Michael, despite Michael's protests. Jim asks if his girlfriend can pick him up and Michael is forced to admit that he made the girlfriend up. Suddenly everyone hears a loud noise and runs to the window and see that Dwight has crashed his car into a pole. He stumbles out of the car and vomits on the rear windshield, but continues onto Michael's house, leaving his bumper behind. Michael implores again that they not send Dwight.
Michael hobbles into Dunder-Mifflin on crutches, his foot bandaged in bubble wrap, and forbids anyone to freak out. He asks to be treated normally. Jim starts popping some of the bubble wrap cast and asks where Michael is shipping his foot. Back in his office, Michael guilt trips Pam for not leaving her work station to pick him up. When Pam reminds him that he wanted to be treated normally, he defines normally as the way you would treat a family member with a serious illness. Dwight says that as Assistant Regional Manager part of his duties are to… but he stops without explanation. Michael asks what he was going to say, but Dwight denies having said anything odd.
Back at his desk, Dwight is typing his name in CAPS over and over while Michael has made himself a makeshift bedroom in the conference room. Ryan comes in with lunch, three whole rotisserie chickens worth of dark meat and some creamed spinach. Michael, however, is upset that there are no yams.
At her desk, Pam is fiddling with her new Prism Durosport that she got from Roy for Christmas. Dwight approves of the mp3 player and directs her to a Russian website where she can get songs for two cents apiece but tells her that the songs are only in Russian. Pam is annoyed, but then Dwight reveals he was joking. He leaves with the farewell of, "See you later, Pan." Michael calls Pam at her desk and asks her to rub Country Crock on his foot. She hangs up on him and he bangs the window with his crutch, calling for Ryan. Later, Dwight is still being helpful; he gives Pam a covering for her Durosport and tells her that it will be indestructible and to throw it. She does and he says it's broken, but again, he's joking! In an interview, Pam is surprised to admit that she and Dwight are kind of friends.
Meanwhile, Michael is on the phone with his mom, complaining that none of the staff is helping him and that he doesn't want to call Jan because she'd just make a fuss, but his mom heard from Pam that Michael and Jan are not going out. By the candy machines, Dwight flirts openly with Angela, proclaiming her to be "sweeter than candy."
Michael has some trouble getting into the bathroom and Toby and Ryan reluctantly open the doors for him. They hear a crash and Michael announces that he has fallen off the toilet and needs help and someone to clean him up. He asks for Pam, but Toby tells him she won't want to go into the men's room; then he asks for Ryan, but Toby tells Michael he's dead. Toby finally asks Michael if he can just get up himself. There's another crash and more screaming.
Jim asks Pam if Dwight was acting strange to her and she responds that he's actually being nice and helpful, but Jim points out that is pretty weird. Michael barges into the office and asks the crew if they know what it's like to be disabled. Phyllis says she had scoliosis as a girl, but Michael dismisses it as a woman's trouble. Creed pipes in that he was in an iron lung, but Michael's still not buying. Michael tells everyone that he is the only one with a legitimate disability, but concedes that Stanley may have had his share of obstacles. When Stanley tells Michael that neither of them are disabled, Michael tosses his crutch and asks Stanley what his foot looks like. Stanley replies, "Mailboxes Etc." Michael calls everyone jerks and asks what would have happened if Stevie Wonder had fallen off the toilet, but Phyllis notes that would never happen because they love Stevie Wonder. Everyone is ordered into the conference room in 20 minutes. Dwight looks at Creed and asks, "Dad?"
In the conference room, Michael has posted photos on the whiteboard of several "disabled" people who have contributed to society including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Larry Flynt. Jim asks why Tom Hanks is up there ("Twice?" Ryan asks) and Michael replies that "Forrest Gump" featured a mentally challenged man, and in "Philadelphia" he had AIDS. Kevin tells Michael that it isn't "Philadelphia," but "BIG" and Kelly remarks that Tom Hanks is dancing on the big keyboard with Robert Loggia. "He grew into a man overnight. Rare disability, it still works," Michael replies.
Billy Merchant, the property manager, rolls into the conference room in a wheelchair and apologizes for being late, but that someone parked in the handicapped parking space. Michael calls him brave and asks him how long it takes him to brush his teeth. Billy answers 30 seconds and Michael says that is three times longer than it takes him. Michael asks how he gets into his wheelchair and Billy says he just climbed in. When the staff laughs nervously, Michael tells them that it's not funny, but Billy says they're just joking around. Michael commends him for retaining his sense of humor, but Billy responds that he's been in a chair since age 4 and that he doesn't notice it anymore. Michael tells Billy that it's the first thing that they notice.
In an interview, Jim says he wants to "clamp Michael's face into a George Foreman grill." Billy tells everyone not to block the freight entrance with their cars and asks if there are any questions. Dwight raises his hand and Billy acknowledges him several times, but he doesn't realize he is raising his hand. Michael begins to talk about how he and Billy are not that different, but Billy stops him and leaves. In an interview, Michael remarks that he thought that Billy would be more like the guy from "Born on the Fourth of July."
At the elevator, Billy asks Jim what was wrong with that guy, but when Jim tells him that Michael stepped on a grill, Billy says that he's talking about the "moon-faced kid that hit the pole" and that he might have a concussion.
Ryan comes into Michael's office with a pudding cup he got from a gas station and Michael is thankful, but asks Ryan if he got the yams. Ryan answers that the gas station did not have fresh yams. Michael interviews that Ryan's kindness healed his foot.
Michael tells everyone that he is feeling better and that's amazing what the human body can do when one has a powerful brain. Ryan reveals in an interview that he ground up four aspirin and put them in Michael's pudding just like he does with his dog to get him to take his heartworm medication. At that point, Dwight collapses onto his desk and Jim says they have to take him to the hospital, but Michael is indignant that everyone is concerned about Dwight. Dwight wants Michael to take him but Michael doesn't have his car and Dwight's is "all vomity." Meredith gives Jim her keys and Michael, Jim and Dwight head to the hospital.
Dwight falls onto the couch and Jim sprays him with a plant waterer in order to wake him up and Pam helps Dwight to the elevator. Dwight comments that it smells like chicken soup and Pam says she wants to say goodbye. When Dwight says he'll be back, Pam says it won't be the same. Dwight calls her adorable and they hug.
In the parking lot, Michael calls shotgun. When Jim suggests he sit in the back with Dwight, they cut to an interview where Michael says that there are no exceptions to the shotgun rule for people with concussions. Michael comments that Meredith is never going to find a man driving a minivan and Dwight asks where they're going. When Jim replies that they're going to Chuck E. Cheese, Michael says he's so sick of Chuck E. Cheese. Aghast, Jim says they're going to the hospital and Michael remarks that he was "just saying."
En route to the hospital, Dwight has found a bottle of liquor under the car seat. Jim squirts him with the bottle and tells him to give it to Michael but Dwight says he's thirsty. Michael threatens to fire him, but Dwight responds that he doesn't work in this van. They struggle over the bottle, and Jim is forced to squirt them both to subdue them.
Hospital. Michael is filling out the admissions forms and asks Dwight his middle name. Dwight says "Danger," but Jim tells Michael that it's Kurt and sighs that it's sad he knows that. Michael asks what he should write under "Reason for Visit," and when Jim tells him "Concussion," Michael scratches it out and says he wrote "Bringing someone to the hospital." Jim comments that Michael thought the form was about him, but Michael says he made a miraculous recovery, which is more than he can say for Dwight.
In the examination room, Michael asks the doctor which is worse – a head injury or a foot injury. When the doctor immediately responds with a head injury, Michael wants to give more information, noting that the foot is pretty severely burned but that it healed suspiciously quickly. The doctor orders a CAT scan and Michael asks if he can stick his foot in too, but the doctor says with a burn, you just look at the skin and see whether it's red and swollen. "That's what she said," quips Dwight. The doctor laughs and Michael is pissed that Dwight stole his joke.
When Dwight is about to go in for the CAT scan, Michael wishes him good luck, but Dwight says he didn't want to do this but Michael says that he should have thought of that before he crashed his head on the way to pick him up. Dwight is disappointed and finally Michael agrees to come in with them.
Meanwhile, Jim calls Pam from the waiting room and tells her that Dwight is going to be OK and that Michael went in with him. Pam is surprised and sees Angela staring into her cubicle, but Angela immediately sits down when Pam sees her. Pam goes into the accounting section and tells Oscar that Dwight is going to be fine and would probably be back at work tomorrow. Angela looks concerned, but relieved.
And Dwight's ready to go into the machine. Michael sticks his foot in and the technician tells him to stop it. Several times.