The Office

Season 3 Episode 24

The Job

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Season 3 Finale

    There is lots to talk about in this episode so I apologize in advance for anything that I forgot. It's interview time for some people to interview for the same position Michael was offered and one surprise candidate. More on that later. The start of the episode was pretty funny how Michael messed up the interview time. He was "Michael being Michael with how he tries to salvage it. Jim's new hair cut is different yet funny. It's because of Karen. It's something that Karen convinces Jim to do. It is this episode you really get to see the real Karen. This is something that you see in little bits in earlier episodes and some deleted scenes. Before Michael leaves for Corporate again, Jan comes back. Yet another funny scene happens before and after Jan leaves. His expression when he comes back to his office and sees Jan's work is something to remember. His talk with Jan about getting back together was very funny. All the interviews were interesting. Michael's was the best. You later find out that the position everyone is interviewing is Jan's. Her reaction was priceless and something you expect especially after her car ride with Michael. That car ride was also funny. It was yet another funny Michael reaction. Like when Michael accidentally first came to corporate for his interview, it was funny how he tried to salvage the situation when he finds out that he was not a candidate.

    Meanwhile back at the office Pam is being vocal especially she walked on the coals. Some of the staff take some shoots at her but it was all in fun. I really liked how she went to Karen and didn't apologize for what she said. Even better than that was how she messed with Dwight. Before Michael left, Dwight was in charge. I really liked the references to past seasons with assistant to the regional Manager with Andy and Pam in secret. Dwight's interview with Andy was very entertaining. I also enjoyed Angela's smile when Dwight told her that once Michael got the job. Yet another funny part was how Kevin was ranking attractiveness between Pam and Karen after Jim told Kevin to do so. I think Jim was 90% making fun 10% when he asked Kevin to do this.

    Before the car ride that Jim and Karen took together and up until Jim's interview, you see to see how Karen is controlling Jim. This was done in such a great way that didn't make you feel uncomfortable. You really get to see the kind of person Karen is when she immediately leaves after Jim tells her she can.

    As funny as Michael's interview with David Wallace, Jim's while was maybe more memorable. When you see that yogurt cup with Pam's message was very sweet and something you appreciate more when you see the episodes prior to this. The producers did a great job with Pam talking to the camera and Jim in David's office and then him driving away. When Jim comes back and accidentally interrupts Pam's camera time to ask her out you see the pure joy in her face when he asks her out. I really liked this and if you emotional you may shed a tear or two. Not only that but you find out at the end that the new boss is Ryan. What I liked about this is that never saw this coming with only a hint or two here or there.

    This was a excellent episode to an amazing season. And Ryan's time in corporate is well you just have to wait for it. More on that later.
  • Season 3 Finale

    A beautiful wrap up to season three, it was hilarious, eventful, emotional, and managed to wrap up every on going plot that this entire series ever had. Honestly it would have been the best way to end things, sure there are some fans that want this show to go on forever. But quantity isn't important to me, quality is, and this was a perfect season in a near perfect series. Everything was resolved in the end, and this would have been the perfect end to the series.

    I mean, Jim & Pam got together, Ryan ends up getting the corporate position which was a very surprising ending, Michael stays with Jan, everything was resolved and it was beautifully executed. The only thing I didn't get was why Jim left Karen, sure he had feelings for Pam, but Karen didn't do anything to deserve getting dumped for Pam, you just can't help but feel bad for her. Everything else made sense and was just amazing in all aspects. I'm surprised this isn't the best episode of the series to be honest. An amazing end to an amazing season, a beautiful finale which I'm sure got all the fans cheering for joy.
  • Very good season finale! Maybe even my favorite episode ever.

    I'm not a big fan of season finales; they usually suck, but the Office's don't like most shows. It was hilarious!

    Also I only understood the title's second meaning (Jan's surgery) after watching it about five times, I don't know why. Just being and idiot. I loved the "Hotel Hell" conversation between Dwight and Jim. Creed thoughts I've gotta check out to see if that's a real web site. I loved when Dwight was talking about hiring Jack Baurer and fictional was the second adjective he used. When he was asking Andy to walk him though an apendictomy, I was just cracking up. I love how when Jan is leaving she just keeps dropping everything, and in the commentary Melora says that, that wasn't written in it just happened.

    The surprise factor that the ex-temp becomes the new boss, that was a good idea; I never would have expected it.

    And Jim and Pam are back! Jan getting fired! Tons of big changes happened. Tons of character advancement, it's nice too see it. Jan's breakdown, Ryan's hired to cooperate, not to mention Jim and Pam are back and there's no one left to get in the way.
  • Michael, Jim and Karen compete for a job, with shocking results, meanwhile Dwight becomes the head of the Scranton branch.

    This season finale had everything it needed, the season ended nicely with an interesting twist at the end. Michael now has to face the fact that he didn't get the job and deal with his idiotic decision of selling his condo on ebay. Michael got back together with Jan, she's still crazy but she did get plastic surgery for Michael. We find out that the job that Michael,Jim and Karen are attempting to get is actually Jan's. This caused an emtional breakdown for Jan and she decided to quit. Then in a suprise ending Ryan gets the job! This made a hilarious ending to the third season. I was very impressed, I think of all this season finales of 2006 this one was one of the best. I give it a 9.7.
  • Another great season finale

    I think this was a great episode. Michael's idiotic decisions about leaving the office were great (selling his condo for instance), and I that they used Jan's full potential in this episode. She walked a long way from his introduction as "Hillary Clinton" in the first episode to this nutcase that loves Michael for some reason, the relation works great as she can often surpass Michael's craziness (and that is a hard job).

    We get to see Dwight take charge of the office and Danny suck it up to him and also Pam teasing him, I think that was great in this episode. What I liked the most was the interviewing process, the scene with Jan, Michael and the CFO was hilarious. I kinda expected that the interview went in that direction (I mean, with Michael and Jim not leaving the office) but I wasn't so sure having in mind how this season started with the 2 branches. I was really surprised with Ryan getting the job, think that was a great ending. Now I just want to know what happens with Karen and Ryan, hope they are back next season (also Jan, since she doesn't have a job, but I guess they're going to keep them all). I also hope that once and for all Jim and Pam get serious and that it won't happen like last season. I think that they played enough with their relationship for now... it's time to see more of Dwight-Angela (that somehow they kept it secret until now) and Michael-Jan. Looking forward to season opening.
  • probably the best episode of the series

    The episode is about Michael, Jim, and Karen's interviews to get Jan Levinson's job in corporate and Dwight replacing Michael. I have watched this episode over 10 times and every time I still laugh. This, along with Scrubs's season 6 finale, was very funny and exciting. The ending of this season left many questions to be answered at the beginning of the next season, with many plot twists late in the season finale. Everyone I knew was talking about this episode the next day and speculating what will happen in the future of this show. Probably the best episode of the series.
  • Not as masterful as "Casino Night" but it's nice to see the Jim and Pam storyline go the direction it should of a year ago

    Gotta say that it's been a long time coming for the Jim and Pam relationship to finally hit the dating status, and god, it's about damn time. It's nice to know that old Jim is back and is here to stay. And in a shocking and bold move...Jan gets fired, and it's not Michael who gets the job, nor is it Karen or Jim. It's Ryan the temp, the kid who hasn't made one sell or has any experience for the position. Guess it kind of shows that corporate was desperate. Jim did deserve the job however, but it's nice that he's staying.
  • anticipating getting the job at corporate micheal gives the regional manager position to dwight who quickly takes over while micheal is gone. Karen and Jim go to New York for the interview also. (spoilers)

    This episode is pivital in that it gives everyone what they have been waiting for. For three seasons we have watched Jim and Pam tip toe around the idea of being together. Then dudrring this season he had to watch in agony as Pam had finally gotten rid of Roy only to see that Jim had gotten together with Karen. Then finally in the last few minuets of the episode our 3 season wait seems to end when we find Jim asking Pam out on an official date. I for one was happy to see them finally comming together, but I instantly felt bad for Karen. I was also happy to see that Ryan had gotten the corporate position, which now gives him power over Micheal. The next season should bring some interesting events from this season finally, and I for one can't wait
  • michael gave up his job and his condo believing he was getting the job in the turned out that the job was actually jane's position!he let it out to jane and consequently,he didn't get it.

    it was a pretty interesting episode of the office.much better than last season's finale obviously.we were left with a petite 'cliffhanger' which was hard for a show like the office.the directer was really good at keeping the audience around for the next season as we obviously wanted to see what happen to jim and pam.will they really be dating as jim mentioned ?i doubt it.where will he put karen?but still,i hope it for pam.dwight was really funny.i even thought he really would become a regional manager and michael would be working for him after failing to get the job at the corporat;it would be fun! but unfornately,i guessed wrong.but still...can't wait for the next season!
  • Can the story hold up with Jim and Pam getting together?

    Random thoughts:

    Did the episode before this one, at the beach, seem more like a "finale?"

    Nonetheless, this was another great episode. While I'm sure B.J. Novak won't allow his character to be written out, I hope that is it for Ryan. I will accept an even more limited role.

    That head honcho at corporate seemed a bit too realistic for my taste. Ugh!

    So, now that Jim and Pam are "on the road to...." has the Office lost a key storyline?

    I love how Michael sold his condo on eBay and bragged about getting 85% of what he paid for it.

    I'm satisfied with this season's finale, but I'm not sure ANY episode will ever hold a candle to Casino Night.
  • Amazing...yet not sure I am ready!!!

    The episode of the office titled "The Job" was excellent.I myself am a huge fan of the Jim and Pam love story that has been going on. But now it looks inevitable,they are going to happen. My only hope is that we get to see more of Dwight and Angela.There secret love affair is so hilarious.Now Jim and Pam both know that those two are seeing each other.That could add great stories to the new season.The episode by far never lost my attention.Micheal telling Jan she's getting fired.Her calling out the fact she implants as the reason she is getting fired.Dwight being a dictator,and Pam secret assistant to the regional manager...Priceless.The clincher was the Temp getting the job in New York. Him finally getting the guts to call it quits with Kelly.The wit and humor in this episode lived up to the comedy superbness that we see every week.I am looking forward to the next season.
  • Jan loses her job and Ryan gets her job. Jim asks Pam out to dinner.

    I had been looking forward to this episode sinces the awesome previous three episodes, which were all 40 minutes which felt just about right. This one was an hour, and as much as I love The Office, and I love it a lot, this seemed to drag a little. But some parts of the episode kicked it up a notch. I really expected Pam and Karen to get into a fight, and not like an I hate you, I hate you too, but an actual fight. I never really had a reason to hate Karen before, but I wanted to, but this episode gave me a lot of reasons. She and Jim joke around easily, but they don't seem like the perfect fit to me. When Jim saw the yogurt lid and came back to Scranton when Pam was talking to the camara and asked her out to dinner , it made the episode for me. And the end slayed me, because at first I thought they were talking to Karen or maybe Jim, but I'm glad it's Ryan. He has gotten more and more annoying to me, so if he really does leave, it will make me happy.
  • ...the last 15 seconds are awesome!

    Amazing! What a way to end the season. To have Ryan become Michael's boss is genius. Everything that leads up to the end – the interviews, Dwight's remodeling job on Michael's office, the sign-up sheet for who's #2 in command – And the quick look Ryan (upon hearing the good news) gives the camera right before the show ends is hilarious. Can't wait for next season.
  • Michael, Jim and Karen go to NY to interview for a corporate job.

    The last few minutes are an example of why I watch this show. Pam and Jim are so sweet and it was nice to see them finally making some real progress. I also like how it was an episode that included everyone from the office. That's always a lot of fun.
  • Were we watching the same finale?

    "The Office" is a comedy. Mostly standalone episodes, with small transition between them.

    This episode breaks the formula, though, and tries to make out more of that transition. 42 minutes long episode... a double feature. Was it neccessery? To be honest, I don't think so. A bit longer regular episode(28minutes) would've done the job.

    First issue, is the lack of comedy. Sure, there is some, but even that is extremely forced. Dwight's hunger for leadership is laughable, but they've done it before.

    Michael was funny, though... as always. The twist of him being a candidate for Jan's job was quite good, but then again... it was somewhat forced and way too dragged out.

    Now, these were the minor issues. The major ones are... Jim. Pam. Karen.

    So, this love triangle is just hurting the show so much, I have to say, season 3 is the worst season so far. The romantic aspect of the show was great in the first 2 seasons: didn't feel forced,just the right amount. But in this season... the writers went too far, and actually started basing episodes on this troubled relationship.

    By the end of this episode I really didn't care about Jim, or Pam... and Karen. Who, I think, shouldn't even be IN THE SHOW. She's a totally weak character, with zero development. And I doubt she'll get any...

    Overally, season 2 finale is, by far, better, in fact, even season 1 finale. Somewhat mediocre episode with a few good moments, but the direction of it almost made me forget it's a comedy...
  • And English Man - Loved the Original Series Loving the US Series

    When i started watching The Office US the First Season was a little bit of a Rip off, these are my reason's
    1 - Seen it before
    2 - all been done before
    3 - no real new material

    But now that Series 3 has ended, i would now like to confirm that this version of The Office is now the better one.

    in England we get to only have 6 episodes of a show before the season(Series) has ended, then if we are lucky we may get one or two more seasons(Series), in total we get 12 maybe 18 episodes of the show that we love.

    In the England version, we get to see the David Brent and that is what is the main story line of The Office(UK)

    But The Office(US) is as the title says, about the office...

    So glad to be able to watch this show, and i hope in 10 season's they are still at it, Great Show, Great Cast,

  • One of the top ten television shows of all time!

    This episode of the Office was awesome. I couldn't believe everything that went on with it. That was just wow. First off we have Micheal, Jim, and Karen going off to NY to interview for that job, the job we come to find out is actually going to be replacing Jan which really is a shocker to me to everyone else that didn't know about it. I mean replacing sweet Jan what is the world coming to?! I was really shocked by her actions when was leaving the building I was like O.o/ Micheal what in the heck are you thinking about dating the crazy woman again, yes she has bigger boobs but that doesn't mean her personality had changed I mean my God, how shallow is Micheal Scott! Anyway while all of this was going down, Dwight was running the Office. I thought it was really cute about what Pam said that Jim told her to follow what ever Dwight said if Dwight gave you an order. It was really funny that Pam helped Dwight when they were looking at those soil samples. I also thought it took a lot from Dwight there at the end of the episode to come to Pam and give her that saulte for being so loyal to him. One of the best parts of the entire hour was when Jim came back from NY and asked Pam much to the delight of Office fan's everywhere to go out to dinner to him, that was awesome!!!
  • Stunned. The good kind of stunned.

    JIM AND PAM!! JIM AND PAM!! They could not have done this better. I was expecting something, anything, to happen regarding Jim's current (or now not-so current) relationship with Karen, and to address the growing tension between our Golden Boy and Girl. But, heavens-to-betsy, this is just perfect. I would have never expected Jim to leave Karen in New York, forget about the job, and come straight home... My-oh-my, I can't stop smiling! And speaking of curveballs, Jan's new direction in life opens up tons of new storylines for season four which I cannot wait to see. Not to mention Ryan's abrubt move to corporate and what it means for Kelly. This episode was a fantastic end to the season. It wasn't an annoying, blood pressure-raising cliffhanger that are so overdone lately, nor did it leave any loose ends. It wasn't even an end, per say, but a new beginning for every running storyline and character. I can't wait to see how Michael and Jan get on with her new living arrangements, relationship, and (a-hem) physique. How is Kelly going to continue to be the office's sprighty sugarpie with her steady suitor stolen away to corporate? How will Karen react to Jim's change of heart, and how long will she stick around? But of course, what I'll be thinking about all summer is that date Jim promised, and the tears of joy in Pam's eyes.
  • It was Amazing

    I have to say when they produce work of this quality they have to be GODS. I watched the episode 4 times cause i couldnt get over how good it was. I have to say it changed me and the way that they didnt even need a major cliff hanger to finish on but they still have you dieing to watch the next season. It was toatlly unpredictable and that make it amazing, thisis one of the rare shows which just gets better and better as it goes on and if any of you havent watched the office go buy the other seasons and watch them through. It will change your perspective on good tv.
  • Season finale was made of excellence.

    Did I think Michael would get the new job? NO! "The Office" would not be the same if that happened. I don't think the producer's and writer's are ready to ruin a good thing yet. This episode hit the spot reminding me how good this show can get. I knew Jan would work her way back in the picture with Michael. I just wonder if she was pretending to not know that Michael was applying for her job and just setting him up not to take it by getting him first back with her. Who knows? I loved watching Dwight in action on his day of being the boss. Pam and Jim know exactly how to handle him and that cracks me up. The last scene where Jim asks Pam out was what I've waited for all season; finally. The look on Pam's face told it all. Maybe this coming season will have a moment of romance for them.
  • Really splendid! Worth waiting a month for.

    I've been having a lot of trouble determining which T.O. (The Office) episode was my favorite. And this episode is just making things worse! Unlike most T.O. episodes, this one didn't have as many funny parts. But also unlike most episodes, it had more drama which we've been waiting for all season. Also, I liked how things started going smoothly for Jim and Pam. And I can already see how intense it will be next season due to the fact that Jim and Pam are going to be together because let's not forget, Karen didn't get the job! Which also means that Ryan got the job which just makes things more exciting. I won't say it deserves be everyone's favorite, but it defintely has a place in "well awaited for". Again, great episode.
  • OH MY GOD!! The best episode(s) EVER!!

    It's Jam-filled, exactly how I like it! I can't help squeeing. I squee. A lot! God, I can cry! The look on Pam's face and the gleam in her eyes of pure satisfaction.. this is one of the best season finales I've ever seen on television!

    So Karen, Jim and Michael went to corporate to have their interview and naturally, Michael 'thought' he nailed it. Then he found out that the job he was interviewing for is his new-and-improved girlfriend; Jan's job.
    Right in the middle of Karen's interview, Jan stormed in anger and blows off which led her to being let go right then and there.

    Jim had seemingly be doing good on his interview, showing just why WE love him in the first place. Just as he was handing out his papers to the interviewer, a note fell out and it was Pam!!
    And then, the interviewer asked what he like about Scranton.. and where does he see himself in 10 years..

    After a few shots of Jim walking out of the building with Pam's voice over how she would be fine if Jim got the job.. Jim interrupted and asked if she was free for dinner!!
    Hooraaaay!!!! A Jam date!!

    Now I'm REAALLY looking forward to 4th season.. with Ryan and Michael and Jan's situations and all..
    It's going to be oh-so-gooood!
  • Great season finale!!

    haha, this was the one episode that the whole season was building up to. Micheal, Jim, and Karen head to New York to interveiw for ob that turns out to be Jan's job. Speaking of Jan's 'job' the part with th brea agumentation was really funny. That's the only reason Micheal got back togther with Jan. hahaha. I really liked how Dwight ran the office, and how Pam took charge and was acting like Jim. I liked how Dwight painted Micheals office black. That should be intersting next season. The ending of the epsiode was shocker and a cliffhanger. Instead of Micheal, Karen, or Jim, Ryan secretely got the job in corprate, and Jan gets fired, leaving Micheal without a condo. I cant wait for the next season
  • Shrute bucks, Secret Assistant Regional Managers, and general hilarity.

    I have to say, out of all the season finales of shows I've seen so far, this one was definitely the best.

    Michael gets back with Jan after she gets a "breast enhancement", and arrives at corporate only to discover that it's Jan's job he will be taking. We learn that Jan has been falling apart in all aspects of her job & she's simply not qualified anymore.

    Dwight is left in charge of the office and assumes that Michael is going to get the job, so he sets up a series of rules. It's ridiculously funny.

    Meanwhile, Jim has serious second thoughts about everything: the job, his relationship with Karen, etc. He finally does the right thing and sacrifices the job in order to return to Scranton. The final scene is so cute. Just as Pam is telling the camera that she and Jim never got the timing right, he crashes in and asks her out. When Pam turns back to the camera, she's completely out of it in the sweetest way. I'm so happy Karen's out of the picture, she's completely useless!
  • I loved it... but it was all about the word "date" for me.

    Okay, let me try to review this episode without talking about Jim/Pam the whole way through...

    Jan... whoa. Um, she is getting a bit crazy this half of the Season. Its a bit odd. I think I enjoyed her more when she was the uptight, knew what she was doing corporate boss. But then again, I mean, you do sometimes need to let yourself go, and in an odd way, maybe I think that Michael is good for her. But I think she needs to find a middle ground between her two halves.. or else she will completely self distrust (shades of C0cktails.) I also don't believe they handled letting her know she was fired in the best way... so, that is a bit off. But a boob job? I mean, comon. Who gets a BOOB JOB! Just to get a boyfriend like Michael back! Seriously, messed up in the head Jan.

    Dwight... Ah Dwight. You remind me every day that I am glad I don't work with you. From lecturing about growing trees, Schrute Bucks, it was a joy. And then everything it involved with Angela ready to jump you in the middle of the office, Pam as your Secret Assistant To The Regional Manager, and Andy as your number two. It was so wonderfully in character, but, wow... Dwight... Dwight you are one odd dude!

    Ryan...SWARMY! I don't know if there is a better way to say it. Odd that I think it is perfectly in character (but oh, BJ, you are so much better than Ryan). I have ready both good and bad points about why he is qualified/unqualified, so honestly I don't know. He doesn't really have sales experience? But why would he? He has an MBA. He doesn't like his job! He doesn't really seem like the type. So interested in seeing how that plays out.

    Now onto Jim/Pam... just like the yes heard round the world from The Return, that ending... actually, every JAM moment those two had in this episode, sheer wonderfulness. I don't even know how to express my girlish squeals and squees into thoughts that make sense. But, I am a total pathetic hopeless romantic, and the fact that the two of them have a date... whatever that may mean, its just great.

    Dunder Mifflin, is a much better name then Paper Great or Super Dooper Paper
    This episode followed suit with most of the season in that it was able to mix in several clever jokes and outbursts while continuing to allow the story line to progress.

    In this final episode the Love Triangle that is Jim, Pam, and Karen finally came to a boil. It seems that Jim, after two years is finally going to get together with Pam, which is a near perfect match. I could definitely see Karen's character being booted from the show because w/ no boyfriend, and no other real friends around the office i think she will move to corporate or leave the scranton branch for other reasons, like the fact that she wouldn't be able to work Jim and Pam after what happened. As far as the job in corporate, it was rather ambiguous/ confusing as to whether or not it was going to be Jim/ Karen/ Ryan(who doesn't have any sales), I was a little confused by this last phone call, however I think that they are going to do a litte flash back next year and show that dave was really talking to Karen and that Ryan was talking to someone else, who knows, it was a little confusing, but it will def. be sorted out next year.

    what can i say- i knew the whole time that he was going to stay in Scranton and that's the perfect place for him. I also think that they should def. find a way to keep Jan's chracter on the show because she is pretty outrageous and kooky. Part of me also thinks that Michael doesn't like being like Jan because she is so much like him. The rest of the Office clan was also funny, I also like the fact that they are giving more screen time to Creed because he is a character who is so out there that he is always worth a good laugh. Dwight also had some belly laughs last night, like when he started crying, I absolutely lost it.

    The Office as a show is in good shape going into its 4th season and I cannot wait to see what develops for next year. They definitely need to do a St. Patty's day episode next year though.
  • Who here thought the great Michael Scott was actually going to get the job?

    So Michael, Jim, and Karen head off to NYC to interview for the high corporate position. I figured Michael wouldn't get it but I liked how they didn't do it....with him and Jan driving off to the sunset of Scranton.....

    Michael's reaction to Jan's breasts to them wasn't a surprise. I was surprised that Jan actually got fired but what will happen next season with her in Scranton will be interesting.

    Dwight's short reign as District manager wasn't surprising but it showed his idiotcity in an accurate way.

    It wasn't clear what happened to Karen but I didn't care for her anyway.

    I thought maybe Jim would get the job but during the interview it seemed too much that Jim is a Scranton boy. Big cities and moving up corporate aren't for everyone. It was adorable the look on Pam's face after Jim just walked in the middle of her video journal and asked her out. I REALLY REALLY hope that if they do this relationship, they just keep low-key and fun like their friendship and not try to do a Ross/Rachel 2.0 from Friends.

    Well, I hope that the fourth season is better than this one. It does look promising.
  • Yea for Pam!!!

    Yea for Pam because she gave Jim a good luck medal and it reopened all those feelings that Jim was pushing back. Karen did kinda just abandon him before his interview, something Pam wouldn't do.
    Thank God Dwight's evil reign over Dunder Mifflin is over, because luckily Michael isn't going anywhere and now he has a snazzy new Jan to accompany him.
    So Ryan got the job. Good for him I guess. They must not know that he's never made a sale and has a prediliction of starting small office fires, but whatever. It was exactly what he needed to dump Kelly good and proper.
    Angela is like Lady MacBeth if she hadn't ever felt guilty. She and Dwight are going to have evil little Shrute babies bend on dominating the paper world. Anyway FINALLY some sort of Pam/Jim action I love it, even if he has Clark Kent hair now. WooHoo!!!
  • A great ending to season three...


    This was an amazing episode with a lot of heart in it. We get to see the real Jan as she breaks down upon notification that she is being fired. Pam has continued to grow as a person, realizing how much she really does care for Jim and how their friendship really does mean everything to her. The last 5 minutes of the episode really sums up the viewers feelings as Jim finds a memento Pam left him during his interview and decides not to accept the job and ask Pam out to dinner. Where does this leave Karen in all this? Finally, the last 30 seconds were amazing as Ryann reveals his true character upon accepting the job and promptly dumping Kelly. I don't think I've screamed in shock so loud before in my life. A wonderful episode. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD!!!
  • Exciting new developments for our favourite characters, but leaves some questions as to where the show will go next season.


    So I haven't posted a review in a while, but I've been diligently watching the Office and have been pretty happy about the shows, particularly last week's beach confession. But today's episode was so great that I had to write about it and here I am.

    The beginning of the episode sets the stage for the upcoming job fight at Dunder Miflin head office in New York. Michael is going for the job and figures himself a shoe-in. So much so that he tells Dwight that as of the next day, Dwight is now Regional Manager of DM Scranton. Also, Michael has sold his condo. On ebay. For 80% of what he paid for it. Yikes. Karen and Jim are also going for this job. In order to avoid looking like a "homeless guy" (according to Karen), he gets a haircut. He's looking pretty stylin'.

    People are ribbing Pam about her beach confession from last episode and she is sheepishly taking it. She and Jim at least seem to be a bit more friendly. Karen isn't so happy. In a talking head she calls the B-bomb on Pam (bitc*). Throwing Michael dramatically off his game is the surprise arrival of Jan, who wants to get back together. She's gone off and had some time to think and settle herself and also unleashes her secret weapon(s) to win Michael back. "A massive boob job. No, sorry, boob enhancement" Michael says. Despite the women trying to save him, he caves.

    Anyway, the interviewees are off to NYC and Dwight begins his hilarious reign of terror. Highlights include painting his new office (Michael's) black, interviewing syncophantic Andy for the Assistant Regional Manager position, and hiring Pam as the secret Assistant to the Regional Manager.
    It also includes a fascinating lecture on the 7 major soil types of Pennsylvania and the introduction of Shrute Bucks. So good.

    Meanwhile, in NYC, Michael is being himself in the interview (i.e. awkward) and finds out that they are all actually interviewing for Jan's job: she is being let go. Michael spills the beans to Jan, who confronts the CFO and they have at it during the CFO's interview with Karen (who has said off the record that Michael would be a disaster). Ultimately Jan is let go and shooed out with security and Michael is sent packing to Scranton (no promotion). Jim is up next, after Karen goes off to have lunch with friends. Interview is going great and when he reaches for some notes, finds a memo from Pam with the gold yogurt lid medal (from season 2) and "don't forget us when you're famous!". Jim sort of wanders off mentally and he makes his way out and drives back to Scranton. Pam is having a talking head where she says how happy she is for Jim when he interupts and asks her out. She says yes and really has one of the most heartwarming looks of joy on her face that has ever been seen on TV.

    Cut to the end where Dave (the CFO) is congratulating the newest corporate team member, who has an MBA. Cut to Ryan, standing by his cubicle with Kelly, who is getting off the phone with Dave (!). Here's the priceless exchange with Kelly.
    Ryan: "...thanks, bye."
    Kelly: "who was that?"
    Ryan: "Nobody. (pause) You and I are done." (michevious look at the camera).

    So ends a great episode filled with hilarious moments, shocking scenes, and really fan-satisfying developments. Jam seems like it's happening now, Ryan and Kelly are over as Ryan shows his true colours, Jan and Michael get back together after Jan seems to cool off, and we get to see an alternate reality where Dwight is in charge.

    Really, a great episode and I feel that the only thing keeping it from a higher score is only the worry I have about what they'll do with their ratings-monster, Jim and Pam, now that it seems like it's on. Kudos to the show for a great season and best of luck in season 4!
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