The Office

Season 8 Episode 1

The List

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on NBC

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  • Excellent Season 8 Premiere of "The Office"


    Season 8 of "The Office" is finally here. Even though Steve Carell is no longer in this show which is disappointing. I really think this show can still be funny without him and this Season 8 Premiere just proved it. That guy named Robert California being the new manager of "The Office" but goes all the way to Florida to convince Jo to have her job as CEO was very funny. Oh my gosh, the beginning didn't make any sense with the whole "planking" thing but I was laughing so hard at the "planking" especially when Dwight stops the office "planking" and then Dwight says "Don't ever plank kids, it's dangerous especially with me around". Kevin definitely delivered a whole bunch of laughs in this Season 8 Premiere. Andy being the new manager of Dunder Mufflin office was funny and awesome. The employees being suspicious about the list that the CEO agent named Robert made was funny. I kinda didn't like how Robert called the other half of the employees "losers" though. I really loved the ending when Andy was talking to Robert about what makes the "losers" so special and told him that they are not losers. Andy sticking up to the employees who were called "losers" by Robert was very nice and very good. Andy truly was a very good manager in this Season 8 Premiere and I'm already convinced that he will an awesome new manager of Dunder Mufflin. Overall, an awesome and very funny Season 8 Premiere of "The Office". 10/10