The Office

Season 6 Episode 7

The Lover

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on NBC
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Jim and Pam are stunned to discover Michael is dating her mother. Dwight bugs Jim's office under the guise of a gift.

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  • Michael and Pam's mom

    It does get better then the previous episode but not by much. At the end of Jim and Pam's wedding you find out that Michael and Pam's Mom (Helene) hook up. This was a surprising end to the episode. I liked that this was one. There was no mention in the past episode and how it was handled in this one, it could've been better. Personally a better storyline would've been Michael dating Ryan's mom. But Michael dating Helene was funny but as funny it could've been. I would've liked a funnier reaction from Pam and how she treated him was bordering on a little mean. I can understand her reaction. The pregnancy, how the honeymoon went, her parents recent divorce with her dating a women much younger then him were all factors that I think lead to Pam reacting the way she did as along with her treatment of Michael. It also didn't help how Michael handled it. There were some good moments from this. I really liked Jim's reaction when Michael told him. Pam's scene with Oscar was funny plus her saying no more meetings! with Stanley getting a little bit into was funny as well.

    The other storyline was not as good it should've been. When Jim got the new promotion, Dwight was not a fan of this to say the least. He tries to take Jim down with a plan that includes at least him getting fired from his new job and maybe even from the company all together. This is a storyline that was a big part in the first half of the season. I thought this storyline could've been a lot better. Except for the mallard (or duck) Jim never knew much of Dwight's plan. A better way to do this would be that Jim finds out but Dwight doesn't know and long line of jokes and or pranks is done along the way. However with all the things going on in his way, maybe he didn't know. I did enjoy how Dwight insisted calling his gift to Jim for the new job as mallard and not a duck was amusing. The best part was Jim calling Andy into his office with the music playing loudly. However in the end the mallard proves to be distraction and Dwight can go on with his plan. This was a surprise but not a good one.

    I did like the ending because you see Michael second guesses his decision. For those that didn't like Michael dating Helene, remember what he said to her at the wedding.moreless
  • Pam and Jim's reactions alone would have made this one great.

    After the wedding when Michael was revealed to be sleeping with Pam's mom I knew that everything would be contingent on Pam's reactions. Well turns out she wasn't even the first to find out. Michael told Jim first which then prompted him to curse, yell at Tobey and then yell at Michael very loudly. Loved that scene between Michael and Jim.

    Then when Michael told Pam she really did flip her lid. There was screaming and everything which is to be expected but let's remember Pam is heading into her third trimester so she's bound to flip her lid a little. Which she did, I mean she went full on balls out with Michael. Arguing, mocking, back talking, insulting. Michael even pushed back a little, though he clearly doesn't want to be fighting with Pam. It was awesome! I mean over the years Pam has become a more confident person, not afraid to cop to her emotions and stand up for herself so I wasn't expecting a coy reaction. But wow! I mean maybe they're thinking they need to take advantage of Pam's condition, get away with some mood swings, because let's face it they don't have a great history of taking complete advantage of the things Pam & Jim go through (the engagment). So to sum up I loved this episode so much.

    Another highlight was the Dwight/Jim styff. In complete honesty I really thought Dwight's clever plan was the mallard. I never expected or even thought twice about the pen! I mean wow, this is certainly one of Dwight's better plans...then again was is thinking he'll accomplish with this? Finding out information a little sooner then the rest of the office could be useful but I don't see how it'll help destory or demote Jim which seems to be his ultimate goal.moreless
  • VERY entertaining, and gives some pretty good performances from Michael, Pam and Jim.

    After last week's somewhat surreal and disappointing episode, this one is a back to normal episode with some extremely funny lines and a great performance by Pam. Definitely one of the best episodes this season, and better than a lot of them last season.

    Pam finds out that Michael is dating her mom, which sends her into a downward spiral. Her and Michael are at each others throats, while the rest of the office tries to resolve their problems.. Meanwhile, Dwight sticks a microphone in a wooden mallard decoration and gives it to Jim to congratulate him for being promoted. Jim quickly finds out and turns the joke around on Dwight.

    Two plots that don't require much explanation, but both end up combining in the end. It's excellent how the writers were able to take Dwight's punishment and combine it with Pam's anger over Michael dating her mom. The episode had some genuinely funny moments with some good serious moments as well. Michael asking the office why they think he shouldn't be happy was one of his best moments, even if it was bookended by some ridiculous quotes. And Jim's instantaneous swear to learning Michael was dating Pam's mom was hilarious. We not only got less Meredith and less ridiculous plot lines but more Toby, a great scene with Creed and a reference to conflict resolution, which was easily one of the best episodes of the office of all time. I was almost hoping Michael would start resolving conflicts again, just for old times sake.

    Either way, this was a great episode and a great way to come back from one of the weaker episodes of The Office I've seen.moreless
  • Michael confesses to Pam that he is dating her mother which grinds Pam the wrong way. Dwight decides to install a recording device in Jim's office.

    This week sees the return of Jim and Pam to the office and it is a wecome return. They were only gone for one ep but you feel that there presence added something more to this week's ep. This one was very Michael centric but was not too cringy like last week's Mafia ep.

    This week Jim and Pam return to the office and soon Michael opens up to Jim that he is dating Pam's mom. Jim begs him not to tell Pam and break it off with her mom as soon as possible. But of coarse Michael lets it slip and is met with intense rage from Pam. The rest of the office think she is over reacting but there is no convincing her. This story leads to a great scene with Tobey and Michael where Michael pretends to be nice so that he can use Tobey to solve the problem with Pam.

    In other stories, Dwight decides to catch Jim out at being a bad boss by putting a recording device in Jim's office disguised as a wooden mallard. But it doesn't take long for Jim to disocver it but decides to play with Dwight in order to mess around with him and get him to fess up. There is a great scene at the end of the ep that makes this story arc all worth while.

    The only downer I could see for this ep is that there seems to be lack of laughs from the rest of the office. A real oportunity was missed with Ryan wearing a fedora all the way through the ep. All the same this was a great ep and well worth watching.moreless
  • loved it.

    After an episode last week that honestly sort of sucked, the office is back with fantastic episodes for season 6. This is probably my second favorite episode of the latest group of the office episode, behind Niagara of course. Every plot in this episode was hilarious. Dwights mallard, pen thing was really funny. And at the end where he explains that hes not insane was funny. Pam being angry is something that you never see on this show and it was really funny and well done. I loved how nice she was to michael when she was giving him that parrot thing and then she figured out about her mom and she started screaming at michael. Jim also slowly becoming michael is funny and unsettling at the same time. and poor toby. all he wants to do is be michaels friend. There also were great things with the rest of the cast. Oscar is awesome as usual, stanley had really funny facial expressions this whole episode, and i thought erin was really good this episode. Overall, a fantastic episode and the second best of this season.moreless

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    • Oscar: Pam, just for the record, I think you're overreacting a little bit. Your mom's old enough to make her own decisions.
      Pam: Oh, well, thanks, Oscar. I was just wondering, how would you feel if Michael was sleeping with your mom?
      Oscar: My mother's in a wheelchair.
      Pam: Well, he could still—I'm sorry about that.

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    • International Airdates: Latin America: April 26, 2010 on Canal FX

    • The conference room meeting about how Dunder Mifflin staff could serve the community was the show's contribution to iParticipate, when both broadcast and cable networks joined together to incorporate themes of public service into over 100 programs from October 19–25, 2009.