The Office

Season 7 Episode 15

The Search

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on NBC

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    A great episode of The Office, this season has had it's highs and lows, but when it does have it's highs, it really goes all out, just like this episode. Holly & Michael are finally together again after 3 years of not being together. The final scene made me realize what a colossal moment it was and we just got a heartwarming ending.

    Okay, so the search itself was a bit over the top, but everyone was quite hilarious here. Also the caption contest was another funny plot. For some reason, ever since this show returned, Jim has been in the sidelines, and he hasn't really made me laugh since the Christmas episode.

    Loved the subtle humor with the picture of Creed in the restaurant. Also I'm warming up to Erin, she's been really funny as of late, and I like her weird friendship with Michael. Great eventful episode overall.
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