The Office

Season 2 Episode 13

The Secret

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on NBC
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When Michael slips some sly references about Pam in his conversations with Jim, Jim quickly tries to do damage control to make sure that no one else in the office finds about his crush on Pam, all while slamming himself with regret for ever telling Michael in the first place. Meanwhile, Dwight conducts an investigation about Oscar's mysterious absence from work.moreless

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  • Michael and secrets

    After the Injury, it was nice to see the show get back on track. Before I review this episode that last comment was not a crack on the previous episode. It was great and to see and check out my review for it.

    I am glad the producers did this episode at this time. After Jim admitted his love for Pam to Michael, it made you want to know what would happen next. That's why the Injury was so great. This episode was good too just not as good. First let me stay the bad stuff because I liked this episode. I am not sure why Jim and Michael went to Hooters, why Michael messed up his hair and tucked his shirt out.

    It was funny how much Michael enjoyed that he is the only one who knows about Jim's secret and how he tries to have a secret language with him. On a personal level, I liked the choice of restaurant, Hooters from Michael. (yes I am a guy) Michael's behavior was great as well. I enjoyed how Michael tried to cheer up Jim at Hooters by saying it was his birthday. One of the better parts of this episode was when Michael on accident told Toby with Kelly, Kevin, and Angela nearby of Jim's secret. His expression was one of the best of Michael in the season one of the best of the series. When Jim confronted Michael after the secret came out, it was funny how it became Jim cheering up Michael. The B Story also had some significance. It was interesting how at first you thought Dwight was going overboard only to find out he's right. You find out a big secret about Oscar. It's also interesting how Dwight is oblivious to it.

    Another great scene was when Jim told told about what happened, The acting between them was excellent and rivaled the boat scene. The reaction on Pam's voice was priceless. The last scene with Michael and Pam was very memorable. I think it further set up what would happen at the end of Season 2.moreless
  • This episode was kind of a snooze for me.

    Couple of mild laughs - Creed blowing off Ryan, Ryan's line aobut taking 5 seconds to clean out his desk, Dwight spying on Oscar & then not getting what Oscar was really hiding...

    Overall, I guess I'm really not a Michael fan - and this was a Michael heavy ep - I don't really get Steve Carrell, but I love the show because of the way the rest of the cast reacts to him.

    Little disappointed that Jim's secret is out, hopefully they can play the new tension level out for a while.moreless
  • 213

    So a lot of things happened in this episode, mostly eventful. I was honestly waiting for this episode to happen, some repercussions after the booze cruise, I knew there was going to be a follow up after Michael found out. Michale accidentally tells the gossip girl of The Office: Kelly, that Jim likes Pam. Once everyone starts to find out, eventually Pam finds out. Looking forward to see some sort of tension between these two. We've got a lot of funny moments in this episode such as Creed not knowing who Pam is, or Ryan cleaning out his desk in 5 seconds. But Dwight took the cake on comedy tonight.

    Dwight suspects that Oscar isn't really sick when he calls in sick and can't make it to "Spring Cleaning" (In January) Dwight investigates and the viewers find out that Oscar is gay something that Dwight could not grasp which was absolutely hilarious. A hysterical episode overall with a lot of development which got me excited to watch the next episode of The Office.moreless
  • Definitely my favourite episode out of all of the current ones. Must admit, a large part of the reason I watch this show is for the Jim-Pam relationship, and always love the interactions between them.moreless

    Once again, this show has outdone itself. Not only did I find that this show can find old jokes such as "Smells like 'up-dog' in here" and recreate them in the most hilarious fashion, but they can even create some of the best jokes of this time.

    First of all, I'm going to start this with my favorite parts of the episodes. In no specific order, Michael going to "Hooters" and ordering a chicken breast, hold the chicken, and pissing off the waitress, was really funny. Also, since Michael finds out that he was the only person Jim told his secret too, he starts to think of himself as his buddy. This brings on Mike's new hairstyle which really cracked me up.

    I'd have to say another one of my favorite parts of the episode, was the most recent secret that we learned about Dwight. The fact that he even had a girlfriend to start out with was hilarious, but the fact that she cheated on him with two other guys and he busted her for it topped it off. This was not the only segment of the show that had me rolling on the floor hysterically however. Even that little tibbit at the beginning of the episode that starts as a result of Jim's joke he plays on Michael left me gagging for air.

    I have to say that during this episode I got a little down when Jim explained to Pam that he "had" a crush on her, and eliminated conversation that he still does have a thing for her. I didn't like that because as I said before, I'm a big Jim-Pam fan, and this totally crushed me. If it weren't for Michael and his little comment to Pam near the end of the episode that informed Pam of the truth with Jim, then this definitely wouldn't have been a milestone episode for me. Turned out to be the best episode yet.

    I have to say, this is the greatest series I have ever seen in my life. Yes, even better than Seinfeld, which I still a huge fan of.moreless
  • The secret is finally out

    After Micheal found out about Jim's secret crush he strugles to keep the secret through out the show. Jim knows that Micheal can't keep a secret so he tells him to keep quiet. The thing I found the most funny about this episode is how Micheal thinks Jim is his best friend because of that secret. Needless to say the feeling isn't mutual. When Micheal comes back from dinner at Hooters with Jim, he is confronted by one of the office workers and the secret slips out. It's not long before all of the office knows and also the receptionist. Lots of laughs. Dwight also investigates on one of the workers who was supposed to be sick.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Jim states he had a crush on Pam when she first started (implying Jim was there first). Pam later tells Michael that Jim had a crush on her when he first started (implying she was there first).

    • Michael explains that the office is doing spring cleaning in January, though the large white board calendar in the office could not possibly be showing the month of January for 2005 or 2006. The calendar either shows September or December (the last day of the month cannot be seen) though there is a note on the 4th about an "every first Monday meeting." The only months in 2005 with a Monday the 4th are April and July.

    • When Dwight stakes out Oscar's house it is still daytime. When we see him bust Oscar it is nighttime, yet we cut back to the office and it is still daytime. It is uncommon for the story to be show out of sequence except for the 'to-the-camera' interviews.

    • Michael takes Jim out to lunch at Hooters Restaurant. However, there is no Hooters Restaurant in Scranton, and the nearest one is 50 miles away in Binghamton, NY.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Dwight: Quick Oscar update—I have conducted interviews with everyone in the office.
      Michael: Just go to his house and see if he's sick. I could have done this investigation in, like, 20 minutes.
      Dwight: Including prep time?
      Michael: Just do it.

    • Dwight: As a volunteer Sheriff's Deputy I have been doing surveillance for years. One time I suspected an ex-girlfriend of mine of cheating on me. So I tailed her for six straight nights. Turns out she was, with a couple of guys actually so... mystery solved.

    • Jim: Umm, is it me or does it smell like up-dog in here?
      Michael: What's up-dog?
      Jim: Nothing much, what's up with you?
      Michael: Oh, oh, wow! I walked right into that. Oh, that's brilliant!

    • Dwight: Guess what I found out about Oscar tonight? He was lying about being sick!

    • Pam: What did you guys talk about?
      Jim: Oh, just you know, politics, literature... (holds up Hooter's T-shirt)
      Pam: I hate you.

    • Ryan: Creed? Did you organize the menu book?
      Creed: Oh, I thought that was more on a volunteer basis.
      Ryan: No, it was mandatory.
      Creed: Oh I thought it was a volunteer thing.

    • Ryan: If I had to, I could clean out my desk in five seconds, and nobody would ever know that I'd ever been here. And I'd forget, too.

    • Dwight: So how did Oscar sound when he called in?
      Pam: Sick. Like lots of sniffling, I don't know.
      Dwight: Sniffling how?
      Pam: Umm, how many ways are there to sniffle?
      Dwight: Three.
      Pam: Ok, it was the second one.
      Dwight: Ok. Good. Thank you, that wasn't so hard now was it.

    • Kevin: Jim has got it bad for Pam.
      Creed: Oh...which one is Pam?

    • Dwight: There are several different ways to tell if a perp is lying. The liar will avoid direct eye contact. The liar will cover part of his or her face with his hands, especially the mouth. The liar will perspire. Unfortunately, I spoke to Oscar on the phone so none of this is useful.

    • Michael: (ordering at Hooters) I will have a chicken breast, hold the chicken.
      Hooter's Girl:(looking annoyed) Is that what you really want?
      Michael:I'll have the gourmet hotdog.

    • (Dwight pulls into Oscar's driveway, where Oscar and his boyfriend are removing shopping bags from the trunk.)
      Dwight: Oh, man! You're so busted. Ice skates? Shopping bags? I think I know what's going on here. You weren't sick at all!
      Gil: Who's this?
      Dwight: This is Dwight Schrute! Who is this?
      Gil: Gil.
      Oscar: Are you going to tell Michael?
      Dwight: How about this? I don't tell Michael, and in exchange you owe me one great big giant favor redeemable by me at a time and place of my choosing.

    • Dwight: Listen, Temp. I am conducting a little investigation, so I am no longer going to be able to head up Spring Cleaning. Do you think you can handle it?
      Ryan: Yeah, I think I can handle it.
      Dwight: Do you think or do you know?
      Ryan: I think.
      Dwight: Oh god...

    • Michael: They say a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Well, I say an empty desk means an...
      Dwight: ...empty mind.

    • (To Jim as he's getting pop from the machine)
      Michael: What'chya getting there?
      Jim: Uh, grape!
      Michael: Good stuff, good stuff. So! Did you watch the game last night?
      Jim: What game?
      Michael: Any..of them?
      (Stanley walks in)
      Michael: So what's the down-low on the P. situation?
      Jim: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Michael: P. A.? P. A. M.?
      Jim: Ah.. uh..
      Michael: It's ok, we're talking in code.
      Jim: I'm going to leave now.
      Michael: Still choosing your drink, Stanley?
      (Michael pushes a button) Michael: Peach Iced Tea. You'll hate it!

    • (Talking to Jim in Hooters)
      Michael: You should order milk. Get it? Milk.

    • Michael: Jim and I are great friends. We hang out a ton..... mostly at work.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The French episode title is "Le Secret", and the Spanish title is "El secreto". The Italian title is "Segreto d'ufficio", meaning "Office Secret".

    • Beginning with this episode, Leslie David Baker, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, and Brian Baumgartner are bumped up to star status.

    • Music: Squeeze's "Tempted"

    • Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam Beesly, was so upset after filming the scene where Jim tells Pam that he no longer has a crush on her that Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela Martin, had to comfort her on the advice of John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert.

    • Greg Daniels, the executive producer of The Office, did not inform Oscar Nunez, who plays Oscar Martinez, of the fact that his character would be a homosexual. When Greg Daniels asked if the character development point was okay, Oscar agreed, since he did not want the writers to have to rewrite the entire script.

    • John Krasinski was not informed of the point in the script where the Hooters waitresses sing "Happy Birthday to You". The reaction Jim exhibits is actually a genuine reaction.

    • The show is filmed now in Southern California but Scranton has snowy winters. Oscar's house is covered in snow but when the camera pans around, you can notice the rest of the neighborhood is snow free.


    • Michael's statement, "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" to the Hooters girl, is a reference to one of the catch phrases from the 1992 movie Wayne's World.