The Office

Season 2 Episode 13

The Secret

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • Michael and secrets

    After the Injury, it was nice to see the show get back on track. Before I review this episode that last comment was not a crack on the previous episode. It was great and to see and check out my review for it.

    I am glad the producers did this episode at this time. After Jim admitted his love for Pam to Michael, it made you want to know what would happen next. That's why the Injury was so great. This episode was good too just not as good. First let me stay the bad stuff because I liked this episode. I am not sure why Jim and Michael went to Hooters, why Michael messed up his hair and tucked his shirt out.

    It was funny how much Michael enjoyed that he is the only one who knows about Jim's secret and how he tries to have a secret language with him. On a personal level, I liked the choice of restaurant, Hooters from Michael. (yes I am a guy) Michael's behavior was great as well. I enjoyed how Michael tried to cheer up Jim at Hooters by saying it was his birthday. One of the better parts of this episode was when Michael on accident told Toby with Kelly, Kevin, and Angela nearby of Jim's secret. His expression was one of the best of Michael in the season one of the best of the series. When Jim confronted Michael after the secret came out, it was funny how it became Jim cheering up Michael. The B Story also had some significance. It was interesting how at first you thought Dwight was going overboard only to find out he's right. You find out a big secret about Oscar. It's also interesting how Dwight is oblivious to it.

    Another great scene was when Jim told told about what happened, The acting between them was excellent and rivaled the boat scene. The reaction on Pam's voice was priceless. The last scene with Michael and Pam was very memorable. I think it further set up what would happen at the end of Season 2.
  • This episode was kind of a snooze for me.

    Couple of mild laughs - Creed blowing off Ryan, Ryan's line aobut taking 5 seconds to clean out his desk, Dwight spying on Oscar & then not getting what Oscar was really hiding...

    Overall, I guess I'm really not a Michael fan - and this was a Michael heavy ep - I don't really get Steve Carrell, but I love the show because of the way the rest of the cast reacts to him.

    Little disappointed that Jim's secret is out, hopefully they can play the new tension level out for a while.
  • 213

    So a lot of things happened in this episode, mostly eventful. I was honestly waiting for this episode to happen, some repercussions after the booze cruise, I knew there was going to be a follow up after Michael found out. Michale accidentally tells the gossip girl of The Office: Kelly, that Jim likes Pam. Once everyone starts to find out, eventually Pam finds out. Looking forward to see some sort of tension between these two. We've got a lot of funny moments in this episode such as Creed not knowing who Pam is, or Ryan cleaning out his desk in 5 seconds. But Dwight took the cake on comedy tonight.

    Dwight suspects that Oscar isn't really sick when he calls in sick and can't make it to "Spring Cleaning" (In January) Dwight investigates and the viewers find out that Oscar is gay something that Dwight could not grasp which was absolutely hilarious. A hysterical episode overall with a lot of development which got me excited to watch the next episode of The Office.
  • Definitely my favourite episode out of all of the current ones. Must admit, a large part of the reason I watch this show is for the Jim-Pam relationship, and always love the interactions between them.

    Once again, this show has outdone itself. Not only did I find that this show can find old jokes such as "Smells like 'up-dog' in here" and recreate them in the most hilarious fashion, but they can even create some of the best jokes of this time.

    First of all, I'm going to start this with my favorite parts of the episodes. In no specific order, Michael going to "Hooters" and ordering a chicken breast, hold the chicken, and pissing off the waitress, was really funny. Also, since Michael finds out that he was the only person Jim told his secret too, he starts to think of himself as his buddy. This brings on Mike's new hairstyle which really cracked me up.

    I'd have to say another one of my favorite parts of the episode, was the most recent secret that we learned about Dwight. The fact that he even had a girlfriend to start out with was hilarious, but the fact that she cheated on him with two other guys and he busted her for it topped it off. This was not the only segment of the show that had me rolling on the floor hysterically however. Even that little tibbit at the beginning of the episode that starts as a result of Jim's joke he plays on Michael left me gagging for air.

    I have to say that during this episode I got a little down when Jim explained to Pam that he "had" a crush on her, and eliminated conversation that he still does have a thing for her. I didn't like that because as I said before, I'm a big Jim-Pam fan, and this totally crushed me. If it weren't for Michael and his little comment to Pam near the end of the episode that informed Pam of the truth with Jim, then this definitely wouldn't have been a milestone episode for me. Turned out to be the best episode yet.

    I have to say, this is the greatest series I have ever seen in my life. Yes, even better than Seinfeld, which I still a huge fan of.
  • The secret is finally out

    After Micheal found out about Jim's secret crush he strugles to keep the secret through out the show. Jim knows that Micheal can't keep a secret so he tells him to keep quiet. The thing I found the most funny about this episode is how Micheal thinks Jim is his best friend because of that secret. Needless to say the feeling isn't mutual. When Micheal comes back from dinner at Hooters with Jim, he is confronted by one of the office workers and the secret slips out. It's not long before all of the office knows and also the receptionist. Lots of laughs. Dwight also investigates on one of the workers who was supposed to be sick.
  • Oscars G*Y

    Because Jim fears Michael will tell the others he likes Pam, he pretends to be Michael's best friend, which leads to an awkward lunch at Hooters. Michael soon reveals Jim's secret to everyone, forcing Jim to confess his crush to Pam herself; but he says it was finished three years ago. Michael, meanwhile, rearranges his hair to look more like Jim's in the apparent hope it will make Pam interested in him. Something Michael tells Pam leads her to doubt that the crush actually is over. Meanwhile, Dwight "investigates" Oscar's absence from work, and is completely oblivious to Oscar's homosexuality.
  • "Guess what I found out about Oscar tonight? He was lying about being sick!"

    Jim fears that Michael will tell everyone about his crush on Pam, so he pretends to be his friend. This leads to a lunch at Hooters and Michael spilling the secret by accident. Jim confesses to Pam, but tells her that he doesn't have a crush on her anymore. Meanwhile, Dwight investigates Oscar's absence. Oscar is revealed to be gay, but Dwight doesn't know this.

    This was a very funny episode. It was a little slow at first, but the humor was still there. I think the funniest part of the episode was when Dwight saw Oscar with his boyfriend, but was totally clueless about Oscar being gay. Michael and Jim at Hooters was also hilarious.

    All in all, this is a good episode, but I wouldn't consider it a classic. It's definitely worth watching though.
  • Jim\'s secret is out

    This is the first episode of the Office I\'ve written a review on. When I buy the second season on DVD I may go back and review earlier episodes, but this is the first time I\'ve reviewed an episode.

    When the show came out, I jumped on the bandwagon and was completely against it. At the time I\'d seen a few episodes of the UK version and loved it, and I thought the American version was a bland clone without the intelligence or humour that Ricky Gervais brought to the show. As an Australian, the show lost out due to bad ratings, and was taken off the air, and I didn\'t really care. I bought the entire UK version and loved it.

    Months later we had a tute at university and we talked about how bad the American version is compared to the UK. I agreed! I didn\'t think it was any good at all.

    Months after that, the Office began to play at 11 o\'clock at night, and as I was always up at that time, I decided to watch it. After admitting the season 2 episodes were quite good, I slowly got hooked, and realised that alot of other people up at that time were getting hooked as well.

    I know have season one on DVD, and can\'t wait to get season two. The show is great, it\'s broken free from the UK version, and even though the premise is the same, the way it has been handled is different and it still works. Michael is hillarious, some of his accidental racist remarks have laugh-out-loud moments, while the tension between Pam and Jim is just as great as it was between Tim and Dawn in the UK version. Dwight is almost as annoying, but not as dispicable, and the temp character (I forget his name for the moment) has some great moments, (although obviously not that memorable as i can\'t remember his name).

    This episode scared me though, as I don\'t want the tension between Pam and Jim to end. Like the British version I don\'t want them to get together until the very end. It\'s what makes this show so great. I haven\'t seen the season finale yet... I hope they don\'t get together yet, they have to enevtually of course, just not yet.

    Lukily Jim managed to save himself in this episode, although it\'s obvious Pam has a clue theres something going there, but the less revealed about Jim\'s feelings the more fun there will be. Then again Tim did ask out Dawn early in the first season and it didn\'t ruin their chemistry, so maybe even if the cat is out of the bag it won\'t change things too much.

    I feel sorry for Michael. I know he tries to do the right thing, he\'s just an idiot. The way he blurted it out was great, he was never going to be able to keep it a secret.

    The end of the Dwight/ Oscar story was hilarious. A great reveal for Oscar\'s character and a funny look at how naieve Dwight is.

    I wasted a lot of time putting down this series. It really is a great show if you give it a chance. I still like the UK version better, but this gets very close! A great show.
  • Well done but the humour is a bit more strained.

    This episode reveals Jim's crush to everyone including Pam, but Jim doesn't know am knows the truth.This may derail the series, unless we see Pam's emotions begin to overwhelm her as she keeps the secret in. The sublot, Dwight investigating an employee calling in sick, was very subtle and well done.
  • Is it just me...

    ...or did the subplot in this episode absolutely blow away the main storyline?

    First of all, Dwight is easily the funniest character on the show, so his "investigation" of Oscar's absence was absolutely brilliant and very well written. Dwight always has the best interviews, notably the one in this episode where he talks about his ex-girlfriend. But the best part is that he actually succeeded in getting the perpetrator (Oscar)! I wish they had focused more on that than the Jim/Pam thing.

    As for the main plot, I have always enjoyed the Jim pining for Pam thing, and I rather don't like the fact that it's getting pushed out in the open now. It's kind of like on "Frasier" when Niles and Daphne finally got together.. it kind of ruined the show to me because Niles inability to obtain the girl was one of the best parts of the show. Back to the Office. I read the next week's episode synopsis, and it says that Jim moves his desk away from Pam, so the secret coming out in the open is only taking away the whole Jim/Pam dynamic that's added humor to many an episode. Who honestly doesn't like when they pull pranks on Dwight and have inside jokes? I'm eager to see how the storyline progresses, even if I'm scared the show my jump the shark prematurely.
  • I gotta agree with Michael...

    Pam really should wear her hair down more often.


    This episode really moved the Jim/Pam story on a bit. Much more than I expected they would this whole season actually. If you're a fan of that story-line this episode was not to be missed.

    Personally I'm a huge fan of Dwight... I thought all of his punchlines were pretty predicable, but beautifully executed never the less.

    Oh and by the way...

    Considering that this was a Jim/Pam episode… I found it very interesting that "Tempted" (a song about temptation and cheating by Squeeze) was playing in the background when we first see Jim and Michael in Hooters.
  • Excruciating

    Michael mussing up his hair like Jim's was really creepy. All of his misguided attempts to be funny are becoming increasingly horrifying. Dwight busting Oscar by violently pulling into the driveway was classic Dwight. The Jim and Pam stuff is very compelling, even though it makes the show like a soap opera.
  • Enough with the gay tv characters, I think that the gay population of America is like 1%.

    Great episode. I felt Jim's pain and discomfort when 1.Pam was talking about her wedding and 2.Everyone was asking Jim about Pam. Great comedy, this year is definately taking the show to more of the sitcom route, it has a different feel from the 1st season and early 2nd season. It is interesting how they are really giving the other characters more depth. Not crazy about the gay Oscar subplot. I guess I'm a little tired of the gay agenda. They shove it in our faces, and try to get us to accept it. I will tolerate it, but never accept it. Soon every show and movie will have a gay person.

    Otherwise great episode.

  • Jim dodged a bullet & Oscar, too

    Poor Michael--has to weigh being a great boss and a great "friend" by keeping a secret. Just like Jim puts it: "I confided in the world's worst confidante." From the Booze Cruise episode previously, Jim tells Michael about his crush for Pam. Michael can't even wait one episode to start spilling the beans. I think he likes that he has a bit of gossip that no one else knows.

    Michael is totally in character when he takes Jim to Hooters and asks for a chicken breast--hold the chicken. But getting back to work, he tries to put the lunch on his expense report--he rationalizes this lunch by telling Toby that he's trying to cheer up a depressed Jim because of his crush on an unnamed employee that is engaged--the only employee that is engaged.

    Watching the chain of events was unnerving, thinking about how Jim was going to be affected. But then a sigh of relief when he squashes it by telling Pam that he told Michael about the crush he had for her when she first came to work for Dunder-Mifflin.

    The "B" storyline had an investigation of Oscar calling in sick to make sure he really was sick. Which is always scary for us underlings when we are sick--do they believe us. When Dwight gets to Oscar's house, he finds out that Oscar wasn't sick, but misses out on the fact that Oscar's gay. Dwight makes a deal with Oscar, that he will not tell Michael he was sick, but Oscar will owe him a favor that he will call on at a future time. What a surprisingly interesting 2nd storyline.
  • Michael + Hooters = comedy

    The episode was par for the course with this great show. The writing AGAIN hit the mark between hilarious and discomfort as Jim dealt with the possibility of an exposed secret (imagine one of YOUR secrets in the hands of Michael Scott) and the gut wrenching feelings that accompany how you address that secrets revelation.
    Steve Carrell continues to shine and shows why he deserved that Golden Globe. The cast and show are exceptional.
    oh yeah, and Oscar is gay.
    and Dwight is an idiot.
    ahhh....The Office.
  • Love this show!

    Can\'t wait till next week when we see the outcome of Jim\'s secret revealed to all. Jim and Pam are the everycouple in office romance. Sweet, flirtatious, irreverent, supportive in their collective vocational boredom. Darling to watch.
    That Michael has the inside scoop on these two adds to the tension in their relationship.
  • Probably the turning point of the season.

    I've always been a big fan of The Office. From the first episode of season 1 when it aired, I have been behind this show 100% and looked forward to it every week that it has been on. I became such a big fan of the show that I sought out the U.K. original, and have since loved them both equally, albeit for different reasons.
    I might have a special attachment to this show because I know a real-life Jim, a real-like Michael, and believe it or not, a real-life Dwight (no, they don't all work together). I probably like it even more because I work in an office, and I know what it feels like when your boss is a complete idiot. And that's where this show excels: in its true dedication to real life. To a REAL office. And then of course they beef it up to make it a comedy. I love it.
    ‘The Secret’ is a very pivotal episode this season, and had a huge, unexpected twist: everyone learns about Jim’s crush on Pam! I don’t know why, but it really really surprised me. I just thought that it would have been this big secret up until the season finale, when finally Jim confesses his undying love for Pam, and she calls off the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised, because that would have been way too predictable, and in the end, dumb.
    But they didn’t. And it makes me really glad, because now I don’t know what’s going to happen next. The past two episodes have really proven that this show is not a clone of its U.K. counterpart, and it excites me that I won’t be watching an ‘American-version-of-what-was-already-made-5-years-ago-in-Britian.’ It has originality, and takes liberties with the story. Ones that pay off.
    In terms of character development and acting, I thought this episode was right on par. Dwight was awesome, andtwo2 parts really stand out for me with him: One where he is chewing Pam’s jellybeans (disgusting!), and two where he is sitting in the car talking about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him with other guys. Hilarious! Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Dwight also writes weblogs every now and then, which can be read here:
    The rest of the episode paled in comparison to the Pam/Jim storyline, but there was also some nice development between Dwight and Angela. Actually, it was only one shot, but it’s amazing how much story the director can tell in that single 2-second blip. It's the shots with no dialogue that say the most.
    We also got to see Creed, whom I love. Less is more with him, but every time he has a line, I enjoy it. I love that guy.
    And who would have thought that Oscar was gay? And of course, Dwight being completely oblivious to it because he’s too busy being proud of himself. Typical Dwight.
    Seeing Michael cry was also pretty funny. And the Hooters stuff was great. Typical for Michael, but hilarious.
    There are just so many good characters in this show! I loved this episode, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • Jim's secret is out!

    This episode was hilarious... no wonder Steve Carell won the goldn globe. The scene where we find out that guy is gay and Dwight doesn't get it is hilarious and the scene at Hooters is very funny! This is a series classic and shall be remerbered as an Office great!
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