The Office

Season 7 Episode 5

The Sting

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on NBC

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  • the sting

    I popped for Raylan Givens showing up on The Office, and I would love to see Timothy Olyphant recur on the show, but this was just a terrible episode. Meredith getting screen time? Ugh.

    This just reminded me of that terrible episode where Jim, Dwight and Michael went up to the other branch to spy on Karen, and were wearing mustaches and whatnot. It was a train wreck of that level.

    And the cold openings are not even funny anymore. It just seems like they are so content mocking Oscar's sexual orientation, or Kevin's weight and thinking that translates to laughs.

    Sorry my review is so brief, but that is all this show deserves.
  • 705

    Lots of genuine laughs on tonight's episode of The Office, I don't think I've laughed this hard since the season premiere. What I really liked about this episode is that it had to do with work situations in an Office, sure not a lot of people set up a sting in an office, but it was very funny all the way throughout.

    Even though I didn't really care for Andy's plot considering all he did was "jam" with Darryl & Kevin the whole time, the main plot made up for it, and we even got a new character, someone new in the office. Foreshadowing the replacement of Michael Scott? Maybe, considering we've been getting a lot of new characters lately (Gabe, Erin, Danny)

    Just a lot of funny one liners, from Meredith seducing Danny to Kelly's reaction to Danny working there. But the most hilarious part was definitely the end when Dwight defended Pam, just classic Office moment. Great episode of The Office, and I'm excited for episodes to come, something I didn't think I'd say when I saw the description of the episode beforehand.
  • A string of good episodes continues with The Sting. The Office crew tries to pull a Sting operation to find out why a rival salesman keeps stealing their sales. Jim is not too happy to learn that he also once dated Pam.

    The Sting brings a new character onto the show: a pretty boy salesman named Danny who has dated Pam and keeps stealing Dunder & Mifflin clients. They try to trick him into revealing his sales technique by having him pitch to a fake company, with the red head Meredith Palmer impersonating an executive. Danny looks like he is willing to do anything for a sale, and Meredith is anxious to let him. Michael interupts prematurely, before he can close the deal, and Danny is angry about being tricked. Michael Scott tries to fix things by making Danny an offer, which he accepts. Meet the new Dunder Mifflin salesman. Meanwhile, Andy is upset to learn that one of his college friends from Cornell has recorded with the guitarist of Phish, and this spurs him to hire Darryl to record with him. They form a band with Kevin on drums, and Andy acts like a tyrant before coming down to earth and realizing that a band is not a dictatorship.

    Dwight tries to defend Pam's honor, much to Jim's chagrin, but when 5 O'Clock rolls around, he gives up, not wanting to take it home with him, and welcomes Danny to Dunder Mifflin. One other minor subplot was that Oscar gets a bike just like Lance Armstrong's, and Michael Scott tries to ride it, revealing that he never learned how to ride a bike.

    Michael Scott is going to leave the show, and a rumor is that Tim Allen will replace him as the boss. Tim "The Tool Guy" Taylor could be all right, but Steve Carell has some big clown shoes to fill.
  • A great main plot and a semi-lackluster B-plot.

    The Office may not be the same as it used to be, but nobody can deny the comfort zone it's found. Sure, some people may complain, but I must say, Season 7 has shown that the show has found its niche and despite Steve Carrell's leaving at the end of the season, it seems that the writers and cast and directors are trying their darndest to keep Dunder Mifflin hilarious as usual and keep the laughs coming. This week's episode was hilarious at times, extremely awkward at others and another example of how Michael, in his immaturity, can be extremely mature.

    The episode revolves around Jim and Dwight losing one of their sales to a charming young salesman named Danny (played perfectly by Timothy Olyphant, who proves to be adept at comedy). Danny somehow lands all the sales Dunder Mifflin can't and steals many of their clients. Michael attempts to out-duel Danny at his own game and fails. As a result, Michael wonders whether or not he's still a good salesman and ends up pulling off the sale of the year by getting Danny to join Dunder Mifflin.

    But the journey of how Danny goes from being a rival to being an employee is hilarious. We learn a little detail, such as the fact that Danny used to date Pam before she dumped him. As a result, with Danny stealing all their clients, Michael, Jim and Dwight decide to set up a sting to figure out how Danny does it. They use Meredith as the manager to a fake company and watch Danny work his magic via one of Dwight's absurd camera set-ups. Yes, it's highly unrealistic and weird, but it works in the context of the episode. Any time the employees do something related to their jobs, I'm willing to overlook any weirdness.

    There were some great lines in the episode, such as Michael's Michael Phelps quote, as well as the cold open, where Dwight claims that horses are bikes that pedal themselves. Dwight may be completely insane 100% of the time now, but he's undeniably funny. As for the B-plot, it was funny, as we saw Andy, Darryl and Kevin form a crappy band and get berated by the office. It had it's moments, but it felt weird and squished into the episode. But it did allow characters that don't normally get a chance to shine a chance to shine.

    Overall, this was another great episode of The Office. Keep them coming!