The Office

Season 5 Episode 10

The Surplus

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2008 on NBC
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With a $4,300 surplus to spend, the workers fight amongst themselves in order to get what they want. Andy and Angela go to Schrute Farms to work on wedding plans.

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  • chair or copier?

    At the start of this episode Oscar tells Michael that the company has a surplus and he needs to make a decision on what to buy. It was funny how Michael wanted the surplus to be explained. This was another fun start to the episode.

    Yet another decision needs to be made that could be made in a short time ends up taking a lot longer. As usual Michael tries to get everyone's opinion. This time Pam (a chair) and Jim (a copier) are on different sides on what the surplus should be spent on. I really liked how they fight each other on this subject. It was even better how this fight never got serious I also liked how Jim and Pam tried to change each others mind. Another good thing was how everyone at the office tried to get Michael to change his mind. It's too bad you never got to see the lunch with Michael, Oscar and Michael.

    Meanwhile Angela and Andy check out their wedding site. It's always good to get back at Schrute Farms. Moose doesn't need to say anything and he is still funny. A dramatic turn in the episode and in the realtionship of Angela and Dwight, when you find out that legally Angela and Dwight are married. How Dwight tricks Angela and Andy was clever. Any connection between Angela is frayed when quickly ends the marriage.

    This was a funny and cute episode.moreless
  • 509

    This episode was put together well in my opinion. The A Plot, was the office getting a surplus which is basically leftover money that the Office can spend. Pam and her team want chairs. Jim, goes against her because he wants a new printer, with his team. Basically the comedy of the episode, is everyone being nice to Michael so they can get what they want. My favorite scene was when Pam was laughing at everything Michael said. The secondary plot was perfect,the ongoing arc continues. Angela & Andy are getting married at Schrute farms, and Angela realizes she has feelings for Dwight when she was practicing the wedding with hi, until it turns out Dwight got married to Angela legally. Angela then to prove herself, gets a divorce and makes out with Andy in front of the whole office. Great secondary plot, great episode.

    The Chairs win in the end, but the printer still sucks, so Pam now has to make copies. A really great episode, definitely better than the usual rubbish we've been having this season.moreless
  • Very weird and funny. Like all the other episodes.

    This is a great example of why this show is so weird and funny. The Office gets a serplus of about 4,000 dollars. They have to spend the money by the end of the day or it will be deducted from the next budget. The team is arguing about getting a new copier or new chairs, that they were supposed to get last year, with the serplus money. Also, Andy and Angela are getting married and Dwight is in charge of planning where their wedding will take place. Keep in mind that Angela is cheating on Andy for Dwight. Anyway, it is a really weird episode. Funny though.moreless
  • Good episode for this series

    Unfortunatly The Office is heading south fast. On the bright side this past episode was quite funney. My favorite parts included when Andy kept steping in horse poop and when Oscar explained what a surpus was to Michael. Overal I though that this episode was above average and much better than the pervious episodes. Though I say this now if you compare this episode to other episodes from season one and even seaons two it falls short of expectations. I thought that this episode was cleaverly writen and if the writers of the Office can continue to produce episodes like Surplus this show may just turn around and become a decent show again. Until than I will go back to watching heros, family guy and south park. Best of luck to the Office you need it.moreless
  • Michael is put on the spot again.

    The Office upped the scale this week by creating hilarity in this weeks episode. Toby is still hated by Michael, but not much of him is shown here. Basically there is a great surplus gained that Michael must spend all in one day, at least that is what Oscar tells him at the same time pleading with Michael to buy a new copy machine. The funny part was when Oscar had to explain what was a surplus, like if Michael was a five year old. I often wonder how Michael manages to remain in the position he is with the little knowledge he has. The excitement of comedy. :)

    The tension between Pam and Jim was well played as they both interchanged 'Sinister Kisses'. Pam wanted new chairs - Jim wanted a new copy machine. Ever since Jim and Pam began dating saying 'Babe I want ten of these done pronto' felt a bit too weird for him, so it's understandable why he would risk going against his 'better half', he knew how much the copier sucked... as proven by Pam as well when she attempted to make copies, at the same time getting the original piece ripped in half. :)

    So everyone begins to be extra nice to Michael, because it is up to him to decide what to spend the money on, even Stanley puts on a fake smile. Michael became the 'Cool Boss' he always wanted to be. The only person that didn't give him that special attention was Toby. Toby sat down reading papers as he didn't have anything to benefit off of being nice to Michael. His really important recommendation of the air quality system was turned down... did I catch Toby issuing a threat when Michael turned him down "You'll see" hmmm? What did he expect though, Michael barely ever listens to him and always makes a stark remark "Yeah you're the silent killer". I wonder why Toby would ever return to the office, since he's always poorly treated and most or even all of his recommendations continuously turned down. Pam maybe?

    Favorite Scene(s)

    * Jim, Oscar and Michael engaged in hysterical laughter on their return from lunch together, exchanging occasional high fives. I wonder if his jokes would be as funny if the surplus wasn't involved? Maybe to the viewers.

    * Pam putting on make-up just to pamper Michael with sweet talk and persuade him into to purchasing the chairs. * Michael shaking hiss booty for Pam. Please don't do that again Michael. :)

    * Dwight tricking Angela into marrying him... and that kiss she planted on Andy. Really and truley I knew Angela giving into Dwight was too good to be true, there must have been a twist to it. Dwight should have kept his mouth shot... like if that's possible. At the end of it all, I think Toby's idea was the best. That or Michael taking the money himself, when he found out he could. :) ... and arguing between chairs and the copier... come on.

    'The Surplus' was an okay episode, I did laugh a lot. The Dwight-Angela-Andy triangle is getting a bit too boring for me though, just marry Andy already or do something that would end this on and off love affair! Besides that, I liked this installment, but I would love to laugh a bit more next time. Something like what Seasons 1 and 2 used to deliver.


    Two and a half out of Four stars


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