The Office

Season 7 Episode 17

Threat Level Midnight

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Usual good episode

    wow you people need to get the sticks out of your asses this was a great spoof type episode that was great in it's cornniness and also had it's touching moments as most Office episodes do. It was also cool to see some old characters subtly placed in the movie.
  • 717

    I knew this episode would be wildly overrated the moment it aired. Was this event momentous for Michael Scott before his departure? Of course, and I thought it was suitable to tie up all loose ends before he leaves, but I just wasn't as in love with the episode I would have liked to be.

    I mean it was great to see Melora Hardin again, and Rashida Jones, and we also got some good continuity with the flashbacks to maybe season 3, when Pam's hair was still curly, and Jim's hair was different as well, but other than that, this episode was just okay. I didn't laugh as much, even though I really did want to like the episode, it didn't deliver.

    I know everyone will disagree, but that's just my honest opinion about the episode. I had high expectations for this episode, and I was just left kind of disappointed. I can definitely call this a stand out episode though, it's good that they did this.
  • Threat Level Boring

    The movie parody episode of a TV show is something that is all too common these days. Usually it seems like an easy device for generating laughs, but if you watched tonight's broadcast of The Office you would find that not only is it not a sinecure, it can be a daunting task. "Threat Level Midnight" was an abomination, it was a joke, and I say that knowing that they were going for an unintentionally bad movie with that joke.

    I stopped watching The Office earlier in the season after giving years of my time to this series. I was assured tonight that I made the right decision.
  • Threat Level Snooze

    Goodness gracious.....what the hell was that?

    This so-called "Movie" made by Michael Scott was as buffoonish as the character himself.

    I don't know for sure about this......because either Steve Carrell is really a good actor playing such an idiot on-screen, or he's just winging it and people are fooled into thinking that this is genius or something. I think sometimes he is uproariously demented by some of the hilarious lines that come out of his mouth...and then sometimes the character seems like the dumbest fool you've ever seen.

    As for this particular episode, I personally do not think that it added much to the overall arc of the show this season. There is a lot that the producers could do and explore before Steve Carrell leaves for good, and in my humble opinion, this episode did not feel like much of a contribution in that direction.

    Seriously.....was there a writer's strike I didn't hear about?
  • Oh My God, You Guys it WAS good.


    Now Ive read the other negative reviews. First off you guys obviously don't understand what a review is. The Fan of gets it right,they maybe harsh sometimes, but they're criticisms are helpful, not just to bash.

    Now, to this episode. I loved this episode. I know, I remember Michael talking about this movie before, and I'm happy we got to see it. I disagree that this did not add to the arc of the season. Michael was leaving forever and this movie was so important to the character that it would be disappointing not to see! Now, while I do agree that it wasn't the best written episode, it was interesting and with guest appearances from some of my old favorite cast members it made this episode worth the watch.

  • Let's face it, The Office is the best comedy ever. I've seen every single episode, and this one certainly makes my top 5. A movie within a tv show... great episode

    Let's face it, The Office is the best comedy ever. I've seen every single episode, and this one certainly makes my top 5. A movie within a tv show... great episode

    Threat Level Midnight starring Michael Scarn is finally made. It took years in the working but the final product is ready. Great fun to watch this episode and see Michael's emotions flip flop regarding the movie. As usual, very awkward funny scenes. Honorable mention to Andy, who's character, the bartender was convincing and done to perfection. I really hate reviewing and writing 100 words or more but I just wanted to rate this a 10 and give a little justice as to why. Probably won't get posted now!
  • Michael Scott

    I can see why some people may rate this episode super-low. Sure, it doesn't 100% stick to the documentary format and it may symbolize for some everything that's been wrong with this show for awhile.. but holy crap, this was just a hilarious offering that combines the humor of typical SNL movies or skits with the usual Office humor.. there was also plenty of cameos to go around without overwhelming everything.

    The premise is simple: Michael finishes his movie after editing and filming and writing for eleven years and he wants to show it to the office. Thing is, the first time he tried showing it to them a few years ago, they all laughed when it was supposed to be a drama. However, as a drama, it's clear the movie doesn't work. The office watches the movie and finds it much more awkward this time around, and Michael realizes that Holly doesn't like it, something that bugs him because he's spent so much time on the movie that anything negative about it reflects on him.

    For an episode that strays so far away from the show's typical format, I'm surprised at how well it gets into the heart of its lead actor, played perfectly here by Steve Carrell. Sure, Carrell is leaving at the end of the season.. actually, even before. It's going to be a large role to fill, but he's giving us some great episodes to remember him by. The last four or five weeks with him have been some of his best acting and have proven he's not quite a buffoon like one would expect.

    And talking about the movie would require twice as many paragraphs. Let's just say that some of the highlights are Creed as Cherokee Jack, Scarn's hockey coach, the ridiculous antics of Goldface (played to perfection by Jim Halpert). There was also one of the best death scenes and best quotes following the death scene (Toby, the wanted animal rapist). It was goofy and completely over the top.. yes, but it was awesome. I'm looking at my rating and I just don't know how to rate it.. do I rate it high for making me laugh so much, or rate it low for getting so far away from what The Office is and represents. Either way, it was a fun episode and I'll tell people this: don't turn away from this because it looks ridiculous. It's funny and worth seeing.