The Office

Season 7 Episode 18

Todd Packer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on NBC
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Todd is ready to stop being a travelling salesman and wants to take a desk job in Scranton. Andy deals with a glitchy computer and Pam's hesitance to get him a new one.

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    A bit of a lackluster episode of The Office tonight, I guess it's because I never really liked Todd Packer's recurring role on this show, and the episode just didn't contribute with substantial development nor was it very funny either. At least it wasn't "crazy" like the last episode, it was just like any other day in the office, my only complaint is that every single plot as of late has turned in to some sort of problem between Michael & Holly, just tone it down.

    The Andy & Pam interactions were the best part about the episode even though Pam tends to annoy me at times, her interactions with Andy have always been great, like that season 5 episode where Pam & Andy pretended to be a couple so they can sell paper. The tag scene with Darryl & Pam was also pretty funny.

    I'm still looking forward to see how Michael's sendoff will be, and I'm anxiously waiting until April rolls around, but until then, I hope this show gives us it's all. I mean these are Steve Carrell's last episodes, for pete's sake, so far, I haven't been very impressed.moreless
  • Todd Packer returns to the office

    I might be one of the few to stand up for this episode and see it as one of the best episodes of the season. Sure, the show has lost that sense of realism it used to have, but after two seasons of being bitter, I'm slowly starting to come around to this new style of the Office, the one that's not afraid to use stunt casting or move away from the documentary format. This episode had one huge problem with it, but that problem spawned several shining moments. I'm speaking of Todd Packer.

    I read a review on AvClub where the reviewer stated he liked the fact that Todd Packer, an idiot and a jerk on all levels, ended up uniting characters together that normally are not united, for instance, Dwight and Jim. I couldn't agree more with this statement. Jim and Dwight have a rivalry, plain and simple, and it's hilarious to watch them duel one another in their own twisted ways, but it's even nicer to watch them team up to try and get Todd Packer kicked out of the office. The whole point of the episode (having Todd Packer come in from off the road and try to mesh with the office as a indoor salesman) was interesting, and although Todd is annoying as hell, it was still cool to see how he affected the office. For instance, Jim comes up with a list of pranks for Dwight, some of which are jokes, some that he pulls on Dwight and some that they use on Todd himself.

    We also have a mini plot where Pam uses her office administrator job in order to get Erin a new computer, but Andy's computer is old and he needs a new one as well, something which Pam is not willing to do for him. I thought the plot itself was dumb, but Andy was hilarious here. Lots of accents, lots of funny stuf said.

    We had some nice little cutesy Michael/Holly moments that really didn't do much for me except confirm for me that they're great for one another. I'm intruged at how the show is going to handle his exit, though I assume he'll end up moving to Nashua with her. This leaves him open for some returns to the office, but despite what people feel about Steve Carrell, his exit will leave a hole in the show... it'll certainly be strange without his presence.moreless
  • Todd Packer: So much promise, so much disappointment.

    I don't know what is up with the The Office these days, but I don't like it. I had such high hopes for this particular episode, but ultimately, I was deeply disappointed with this showing. It's clear that the writers/producers of this show are leading up to Michael Scott's departure, but they could be doing a lot better than the job they're doing now. Threat Level Midnight was OKAY, but it should have been awesome. Same with this episode. The realism that had fueled the earlier seasons is now gone, and we are left with outrageous story lines, and it's just sad to see The Office running on fumes. It's still a decent show, but definitely not the show I remember.moreless

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    • Jim: You know you can't actually poison him, right?
      Dwight: It isn't poison. It's a laxative. People take laxatives all the time. This is just a lot more of a laxative.

    • Jim: Call Froggy 101. Say that we're the tour managers for Justin Bieber, and we're giving away free tickets. We give them a number to call for tickets, and it's [Todd's] number.
      Dwight: Who is Justice Beaver?

    • Todd: It's great to be among friends, and until then, you suckers will do.
      Kevin: Nice! We got burned.

    • Michael: [Todd]'s at his funniest when you've given him, like, five shots.
      Holly: Okay.
      Michael: And it also helps if you've had five shots.

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    • During the prank call to Packer, Dwight tells him that he should visit "Harry Potter World" while he is Florida, slightly misnaming The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a section of the Islands of Adventure theme park that opened in late 2010.

    • When Pam subtly nudges Andy towards what must be done to get a new computer, he responds with "pretty sneaky, sis." This borrows from an early 80s commercial for Connect Four, where a brother loses to his sister via a diagonal row of checkers, causing him to respond with, "pretty sneaky, sis."