The Office

Season 3 Episode 13

Traveling Salesmen

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC
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It's time for Michael to revisit his roots with the company as he hits the road for sales call duty. Meanwhile, Dwight attempts to cover up a crucial deadline missed by Angela while Karen is in for some surprising news.

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  • the sales team goes on a road trip

    This was an episode that with the return (the next episode) I watched together because that's the way it was on the DVD. So forgive me for missing some stuff from a episode.

    When Andy got to the branch at Scranton, he became a suck up and feuded with Dwight. This episode might been the worst you have seen in Andy. More on that later. All the teams were pretty funny. The best was Dwight and Jim. Great photo of Dwight and Jim in their younger years. It was good to see Dwight's good sales skills. Stanley and Ryan were also pretty funny. I Stanley's first choice after pass was a great line. Stanley helping or not helping Ryan was amusing. I also enjoyed the makeover that Phyllis did for herself and Karen. You get to see why she did it. Karen found out that Jim did have feelings for Pam. Her reaction was something you would expect. I liked that Jim never really tried to cover it up and admitted to it right away when Karen confronted him about it. Andy and Michael were good too. Michael gets to see Andy's true side. It was great acting by Michael in this episode. Again you get to see Michael's sales skills. Another great moment was between Pam and Angela. It's not often you see Angela smile and it's nice to see. It was funny how fast the smile go away when Pam said that she didn't want a cat. What Andy did was pretty bad. You almost feel sorry for Dwight. Just wait until the next episode.moreless
  • Traveling Salesmen

    This was not a particularly good episode of The Office, but when you compare this episode to Seasons 4-6, it's like AT&T, there's no comparison. The jokes just seem so much fresher, the characters are not dull and lifeless, and the season long story arcs do not having you smashing your head against the wall.

    Andy was so much better here and was actually somewhat tolerable, and this was before there was that insufferable Jim and Pam relationship that has made any male viewer so annoyed with how irritating the two of them are together. For some reason female viewers approve of this pairing together.moreless
  • "That's what she said." "Don't you dare!"

    This episode is a classic. We are taken out of the office, we learn unexpected things about familiar characters, and we are shocked by plot developments. What more could you ask for in half an hour?

    Michael Scott organizes an Amazing Race for his sales staff. Each team of two learns more about the other, as does the audience. Andy is diabolical. He is setting up Dwight for a fall. I really, really hate him, but I think he is a wonderful addition to the show. Phyllis seems silly when she and Karen get gawdy makeovers, but she knows exactly what she is doing. Phyllis also reveals to Karen that Jim had a thing for Pam. It's about time! Ryan, for all his bravado, is really very awkward on sales calls, much to Stanley's delight. Most shocking of all, Jim and Dwight work very nicely together. It was exciting to see.

    Angela and Dwight are growing on me. They truly do care about each other and share a lot in common (scary as that thought is). Dwight took the fall for Angela, but she seems to be onto Andy's machinations. Sic him! There is no Office without Dwight. That would really Shrute it up!moreless
  • This episode had everything I love about this show!

    This episode is just fantastic! It has humor, romance, and character devlopment. Dwight and Angela's relationship in this episode progressed and showed that they really do care for eachother. Dwight sacrificed the one thing that he loves more than almost anything, for Angela. And, Angela (in The Return, which I think as just the second part of one episode) sacrificed the one thing she prides herself for--her reputation--for Dwight when she told Michael what Dwight did for her. This episode showed us a side of Dwight we normally don't get to see-- his loving side-- and it showed us that Dwight's love/adoration for Michael and Dunder Mifflin does have a limit. We also got to seea side of Angela we don't normally see-- her happy side. When she is with Pam at the coffee shop, she is just absolutely glowing when she talks about Dwight (ahem, I mean Kurt;)). Along with development for Dwight/Angela's relationship, the episode also gave the audience another view of the Dwight/Jim friends relationship; we see that Dwight/Jim are very much like brothers b/c they are mean to eachother and play tricks on eachother, but they work well together and obviously care about eachother(even if they won't admit it out loud), as seen by Dwight's goodbye hug to Jim. This episode is also one of the funniest episodes of the show. The way Dwight and Jim interact as a sales team is just hillarious! Dwight in the car, Jim slapping him in the face. ALL the various sales teams were very funny too! Phyllis and Karen's makeover, Ryan's unsuccessful attempt at a sales pitch ("hi, hi, hi, hi...oh" :D ). Then, I loved Michael in this episode too; Andy was trying so hard to make Dwight look bad, but Michael was just so oblivious to everything, as usual. I really hated Andy in this episode, but in a good way, for lack of a better term. He was so evil and schemeing, which is why I loved the hateful glare Angela gave him at the end of the episode. That evil eye was amazing! This episode was fantastically written, and is my favorite episode of the show (along with "The Return").moreless
  • 313

    A very eventful episode of The Office this week, a lot of things revealed, and a just a lot of things happened in general, not to mention it was hilarious.

    Everyone's different sales call was absolutely genius, pairing up people who usually don't get paired up often such as Karen & Phyllis. Karen finds out that Jim had a thing for Pam the past year, which causes some definite tension especially in the end. Stanley messes with Ryan, and Jim & Dwight are the only ones that make a successful sales call.

    Andy tries to get Dwight fired by trying to find evidence that Dwight has betrayed Michael again when he has proof that Dwight went to corporate, turns out he only went to get something for Angela. Expose their secret relationship? Or get fired? Dwight quits in the end, definitely a memorable Office episode.

    So a lot of things happened, mostly funny, and definitely eventful, so a great installment to The Office.moreless
Gil Glasgow

Gil Glasgow

Jim & Dwight's Client

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Landon H. Lewis Jr


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Leon Simmons Jr.


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Rashida Jones

Karen Filippelli

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Ed Helms

Andy Bernard

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Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • There is an extra line Michael typed on the computer when using the text to speech. It seems as though this line was cut from the final edit. It says "Pam is the receptionist."

    • Angela's middle name can be inferred to be Noelle, since in her story to Pam she refers to herself as Noelle and Dwight as Kurt, which is his middle name as we learned in "The Injury".

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Jan: Dwight's name is on the security sign-in sheet, but I don't know who he met with. And where it asks to state your business, he wrote "Beeswax. Not yours, Inc."

    • Andy: I really 'Schruted' it.
      Michael: What?
      Andy: 'Schruted' it. It's just this thing that people say around your office all the time. Like, when you screw something up in a really irreversible way, you 'Schruted' it. I don't know where it comes from though. Do you think it comes from Dwight Schrute?
      Michael: I don't know. Who knows how words are formed.

    • Pam: Angela, you seem so happy. I bet you wish you were like this all the time.
      Angela: This friend of mine - let's call her Noelle - she missed this deadline turning something in to Corporate in New York. But then this gallant gentleman - we'll call him Kurt - he drove all the way to New York and handed it in for her. That's... I don't know. I guess he really just likes her a lot.

    • Michael: All right everybody, circle up. Here we go. You know what this is? This is The Amazing Race. (to Ryan and Stanley) And you guys are the retired marines. (to Phyllis and Karen) And you guys are the mother-daughter. (To Dwight and Jim) And you guys are the gay couple. And we are the firefighter heroes. Are we ready to go?

    • Andy: Five of us transferred from Stamford. There are two of us left: me and Karen. It's like we're touring Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and dropping off one by one. Well, guess what? I am not falling in a chocolate river.

    • Ryan: (referring to a sales visit) Mind if I take this one?
      Stanley: Really, you want it?
      Ryan: I might like it.
      Stanley: Nothing would make me happier. (smiles)

    • Stanley: Pass.
      Michael: You can't pass.
      Stan: Fine. I'll take the temp.
      Ryan: I'm very flattered. I was his second choice to... "pass".

    • Dwight: Although I love this company more than almost anything in the world, I have decided to step down from my post and spend more time with my family. I do not fear the unknown. I will meet my new challenges head-on, and I will succeed, and I will laugh in the faces of those who doubt me. It's been a pleasure working with some of you, and I will not forget those of you soon. But remember, while today it is me, we all shall fall. In other words, I'm quitting.

    • Dwight: One of my life goals was to die right here, in my desk chair. And today, that dream was shattered.

    • Dwight: Here's my card. It's got my cell number, my pager number, my home number, and my other pager number. I never take vacations, I never get sick, and I don't celebrate any major holidays.

    • (Confessional)
      Ryan: Dwight will be missed. Not by much...but he will be missed.

    • (Singing to the tune of the Oompa Loompa songs from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
      Andy: Oompa loompa doompity dossom, Dwight is now gone, which is totally awesome. Why was he gone, he was such a nice guy? No, he was not. He was a total douche. Doompity doomp.

    • Karen: Let me ask you a question.
      Jim: OK.
      Karen: Did you ever have a thing for Pam?
      Jim: Pam? Did I ever have a "thing" for her? No. Why, did she say something?

    • Dwight: I like Karen. She's pretty...appears intelligent.
      Jim: Well, I like pretty women...with the appearance of intelligence.

    • Michael: I want you to think about your future at this company. I want you to think about it long and hard-
      Dwight: That's what she said.
      Michael: Don't... don't you dare.

    • Angela: (happily) Hey, Pam, would you like to go with me to grab a coffee?
      Pam: (apprehensively) Really?
      Angela: Yeah, I thought you could use some fresh air and...might be fun.
      Pam: OK...sure.

    • Andy: In order to take down Dwight, I have to chip away at his ally: in this case, Michael. And here's the good news: every success I've ever had, at my job or with "the lady-folk," has come from my ability to slowly, and painfully, wear someone down.

    • Jim: How important to you is customer service?
      Manager: It's very!
      Lady: (on the phone) Please keep holding, your call is very important to us.
      Dwight: Hmmm... that's one of the big guys. But, on hold this whole time.
      Jim: And this (calls someone on his cellphone)... is Dundler Mifflin.
      Kelly: (on the cellphone's speaker) Dundler Mifflin, customer service. This is Kelly.
      Jim: Hey, Kelly. It's Jim.
      Kelly: Oh my God, Jim! How are you?! So much to tell you!

    • Jim: After you, sir.
      Dwight: No, thank you. I never let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear.
      Jim: Okay, well, that still leaves a 30% chance that I'll attack you from the front.
      Dwight: Uh, yeah, but it'll be easier to stop. I can always block the blow. Or I can counter it—
      (Jim suddenly slaps Dwight)

    • (Michael walks out of a public ladies room)
      Michael: (speaking to Andy) Let's go. The men's room was disgusting.

    • Andy: Oh, man, talk about your classic lame-dash-O. Do we even want that guy buying our paper?
      Michael: Yes.

    • Michael: Dwight betrayed me once before, so this is his strike two. You know what they say…fool me once, strike one but fool me twice……strike three.

    • Karen: Thanks, that was fun.
      Phyllis: Yeah. I really enjoy spending time with you. You're a very nice person.
      Karen: Thank You.
      Phyllis: So glad you're with Jim. He was hung up on Pam for such a long time. I didn't think he'd ever get over her.
      Karen: That's nice.
      Phyllis: You can pay me back later for the make-over.

    • Jim: Dwight and I used to go on sales calls all the time. In fact, I have a picture to remember that time. (holds up a picture of himself with Dwight) Oh, young Jim there is just so much I need to warn you about and yet, tragically, I cannot.

    • Michael: Dwight, care to join us, finally? Thank you.
      Andy: Hey, Dwight pass the tardy sauce. Get it, Michael?

    • Kevin: Angela
      Angela: What?
      Kevin: That was a voice mail that corporate left last night. They did not get our tax forms. Did you send them?
      Angela: They arrived this morning.
      Kevin: Are you sure? It is a big deal…
      Angela: Is it a big deal? Is it Kevin?
      Kevin: Do you really not know? Because it is a big deal.

  • NOTES (3)

    • On the Season 3 DVD this, and "The Return" are put together as one long episode. The cold open for this episode is not shown but rather starts with the opening theme. For "The Return" the scene that was the cold open is there, but instead of the opening credits it skips right to the next scene. The other credits for both episodes, are right after the opening credits at the very beginning.

    • The French episode title is "Le départ de Dwight", meaning "Dwight Leaves". The Spanish title is "Carrera de vendedores", meaning "Sales Race".

    • Music: Mötley Crüe's "Kickstart My Heart"


    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

      There are two references to the classic film in tonight's episode. In the first instance, Andy tells the camera that five people from Stamford came to Scranton and there are only two left. He likens it to the children who meet mishaps in Wonka's factory, even saying he is "not falling into a chocolate river." The second is after Dwight quits he sings a version of the famed "Oompa Loompa" song from the film.