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  • Season 3 Episode 2: The Convention

  • Michael's new ringtone is "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Casino Night

  • When Michael and Toby both go 'all-in' off their initial two cards while playing Texas Hold 'Em, they simply flip their two cards over and Toby is declared the winner based on his pair of jacks. However, the dealer never did the three card 'flop,' followed by the one card each 'turn' and 'river.' Michael still could've won the hand.

  • Dwight asks Jan if she is staying overnight at the "Hyatt in Wilkes-Barre." The only Hyatts in Pennsylvania are in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

  • Kevin's band, Scrantonicity, was first mentioned in the deleted scenes of the first episode in season one. Kevin makes reference to it throughout the deleted scenes on almost every episode.

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Conflict Resolution

  • The closeup of Pam's security badge has her name misspelled on it ("Beesley" instead of "Beesly"), both in the printed space and the handwritten signature.

  • Near the end of the episode, Dwight's ID badge seems to finally have been fixed. It is of normal size, and correctly reads Dwight K. Schrute, but you'll notice that nobody bothered to change the box reading "Security Threat" when they re-made the badge.

  • Michael awkwardly refers to the photographer's camera as a "computer camera," needing to be corrected that it's called "digital," even though in "Christmas Party" he made a big deal of using his own digital camera.

  • When Michael goes to help with the Angela/Oscar there is an award on the wall that says MarcChristie, with no spaces, when it should clearly be Marc Christie.

  • Michael comments on the difficulty of getting a good group photograph of 15 people, but the photograph only has 14 people in it.

  • Michael brags about the Adult Cut Plus he got at Fantastic Sam's, though their closet location to Scranton is over 50 miles away in Bethlehem.

  • These are Jim's pranks on Dwight listed in this episode:

    • Replaced all of Dwight's pens and pencils with crayons.

    • Paid everyone in the office $5 to call Dwight "Dwayne" all day.

    • Placed a bloody glove in Dwight's desk drawer and tried to convince him that he committed murder. (Dwight suspected that Jim was the real murderer.)

    • Told Dwight that there was an abandoned child in the women's bathroom. When Dwight went in to save the child he saw Meredith "on the can".

    • Slowly placed a bunch of nickles in Dwight's phone headset over a period of time so that Dwight would get used to increased weight. Today he took them all out so when Dwight lifted the receiver using more force the required, expecting it to be heavier, he hit himself in the head with it.

    • Placed a computer macro on Dwight's computer to type "diapers" instead whenever Dwight tried to type his name.

    • Moved Dwight's desk an inch every time he went to the bathroom, so that at the end of the day it was two feet closer to the door.

  • Oscar complained to Toby in H.R. about Angela's babies-dressed-as-jazz-musicians poster because he found it to be offensive and in bad taste. Toby gave her that poster in episode 210 (Christmas Party). Before he gave it to her, Toby stated that he thinks the poster is creepy.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Drug Testing

  • When Michael is asking Dwight for his urine, we are able to see the photograph that is taken at the end of the next episode, "Conflict Resolution," in the background.

  • Michael wouldn't have been able to use Dwight's urine. When a person is getting tested they aren't allowed to take anything in with them. So he wouldn't have been able to take the cup. Many times the nurse doing the test is in the same room to prevent cheating.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Michael's Birthday

  • It's revealed that American Pie 2 is Kevin's favorite movie, but in a deleted scene from "The Fire", he mentions his five favorite movies, none of which is American Pie 2.

  • Since Michael claims to share his birthday with Eva Longoria, then this episode takes place on Wednesday, March 15th, 2006.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Take Your Daughter to Wor...

  • Toby's daughter Sasha is blonde, but in a previous episode Michael looked at framed picture of Sasha on Toby's desk in which she was a completely different child.

  • Heinrich Hoffmann was famous for his rather gruesome cautionary tales. His children's stories would center around little children being burned to death for small errors in etiquette. It would appear, contrary to Michael's accusations, the German author Heinrich Hoffmann was not well-read in Nazi circles. In fact, Hoffman dropped out of the freemasons because of their anti-semitism. Struwwelpeter was later used by a pair of authors in WWII to mock Hitler. They published a book called Struwwelhitler. There was another Heinrich Hoffmann who was Hitler's chief photographer, but the Hoffmann children's book author died in 1894, long before the rise of the Nazis.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Dwight's Speech

  • When Michael shows us his plaque and certificate, the plaque has the word "Association" misspelled as "Assosiation."

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Valentine's Day

  • When Dwight is talking to Angela about getting the best Valentine's Day present ever, the scene was cut when the camera angle changes. At one point Dwight was looking at a paper from a folder, holding it just outside of the folder with his right hand. The shot cuts to another angle and Dwight's hand is to his side and the paper is in the folder.

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