The Office

Season 5 Episode 21

Two Weeks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 2009 on NBC
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As his new boss becomes even more watchful, Michael's behavior becomes increasingly careless, Pam deals with a difficult copier, and Kelly has a new crush.

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  • It's been two weeks

    You have no idea how far I can fly. Those were the words that ended the previous episode. This was said by Michael. Like I mentioned before, Michael makes many decisions that are not thought through. While this is partially true, I think that this one preceded his choice to leave. However this being Michael. it's still funny how Michael thinks that a job will just come to him. Another ill fated decision by Michael leads him to start his own company. It's enjoyable how he thinks like with getting a job, it will be smooth sailing. How he tries to get everyone to come over is amusing. As you already know this leads to Michael being escorted out of the building by Charles. I thought this decision by Charles was a little harsh. It was very funny when Michael tried to come back to get some things. Surprisingly Dwight does not join Michael. This shows how far the relationship has advanced between them. Only a year ago Dwight would join without question and literally trying to join force people to join. The ending like in the last episode leads to another surprise when Pam decides to join Michael. Similar to Michael's decision to leave Pam's decision to leave wasn't made in haste. The only reason this episode was not rated higher was because what the show would be like later. Overall this is an episode to watch.moreless
  • Really not that bad.

    I have come to terms with what the "new" version of The Office is going to be, so by those standards, and not in comparison to Seasons 2-3, this was a halfway decent show.

    Sure, it jumped the shark, but you can make a case that it did such a thing in the first episode ever as well.

    I liked the ending, and Pam as a whole was enjoyable in this episode as it felt like a real storyline, a real problem that someone in her position may encounter with the copier.

    I still do not like the new boss at all, and his two headshot scenes were terrible, but Toby's one line in the episode was hilarious enough to make up for it.moreless
  • 519

    A great episode in this rather hit and miss season, finally it seems like we've been getting back to the norm with this wonderful arc that we haven't seen on this show in a while, a wonderful arc. A very eventful episode, and it got me intrigued and ready to watch the next episode.

    Pam and the copier was absolutely hilarious, from her telling Kevin it's not ready to Meredith saying she wants attention, it was hilarious. You can't help but hate the new boss, and really feel bad for Michael in this episode. The idea of a new paper company was genius and I'm interested to see where that takes us.

    Pam walking out in the end with Michael quitting her job at Dunder Miflin was definitely very unexpected but it gave Pam some redemption and I'm just really excited to see how the Michael Scott Paper Company plays out.moreless
  • Hit or miss mostly, but redeemed with a surprisingly touching finish.

    Just as I thought, Michael was gone for good (silly of me to think the show could go even one episode without Carrell), surely enough, he played it pretty straight, and put in his 2 weeks notice. That kind of defeats the purpose of a dramatic "I quit!" doesn't it? Nevertheless, Michael decided he would try to start his own paper company- much to the chagrin of basically everyone in the Office. The fact that this is a bad idea is moot. It was the way his former employees seemed to caution Michael against this ill-advised idea, a reminder that they are actually concerned about his well being.

    This episode seemed to have many undertones. Like the idea Oscar first injected of wanting or wishing you could do something, but maybe being too complacant (or cowardly) to do so. For the longest time, these workers couldn't stand Micahel, and now that he really will be gone, it seems he may be missed. Toby put it best: "He's like the in-flight movie."

    Pam is no greater an example of not being satisfied with where you are, as she, quite movingly, decided she would join Michael on this new adventure! Very Jerry Maguire. Cheers!moreless
  • Crawl with me.

    Following the astounding revelations and plot twists of last week's episode, this week we see the ramifications of such actions from the boss as he spends his last two weeks in the office being even more of a goofball than usual. That is, at least until fellow employees begin asking what exactly Scott plans to do after he leaves-at first he maintains that he's going to be fine, until the harsh, bitter reality of the economic climate's decline sends him into another panic.

    All in all, Two Weeks serves as a fine continuation of last week's outing, mixing some good gags with consistent characterisation and plotting; of course, the entire episode does feel a little underwhelming in respects to last week's larger than life elements, but I get the feeling that this was the intent of the writers and director. In the end, we get treated to yet another twist to the formula once again with Pam's resignation in order to follow Michael, and while it doesn't quite pack the punch of the previous episode's turn, it at least feels just as natural and fitting. The relationship between Pam and Michael has always been a complex, often hilarious and interesting one since the receptionist's tough art show, and Two Weeks does well to continue that subtle thread.

    Part of me hopes that the series maintains this direction for a while (perhaps a good half-season) akin to how the UK Office ended its days, which can possibly lead to Michael pursuing his lost love Holly, but there's always the possibility that this will last not much longer than Dwight's departure earlier on in the series.moreless
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David Grant Wright

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Idris Elba

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This episode reveals that the Prince Paper Company went out of business, most likely due to what Dwight and Michael did in the episode "Prince Family Paper".

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Charles: I need you to go over these client lists and indicate any wrong or false data.
      Michael: Your "I need you to" is my command.

    • Michael: Pam, what you don't understand is that at my level you just don't look in the want ads for a job. You are head-hunted.
      Jim: You called any headhunters?
      Michael: Any good headhunter knows I am available.
      Dwight: Any really good headhunter would storm your village at sunset with overwhelming force and cut off your head with a ceremonial knife.

    • Michael: This is a dream that I have had since lunch, and I'm not giving up on it now.

    • Oscar: (To the camera) I love a good quitting story. It... makes me feel like I have control over my own life, gives me hope. Maybe I'll have one of my own someday. (sighs) But I dream.

    • Toby: Michael's like a movie on a plane, you know? It's not great, but it's something to watch, and then when it's over you're, like, how much time's left on this flight? Now what?

  • NOTES (2)