The Office

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2011 on NBC

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  • Michael awaits the results of Holly's ultimatum

    To be honest, ever since Parks and Recreation hit it's ridiculously awesome streak of episodes, I've had a hard time finding the same quality in "The Office." Ever since Greg Daniels turned his sights to his spin-off show, The Office seems to have lost any heart it once had. Characters no longer make me laugh the same way they used to and it feels like the show is heading towards its final years.

    However, I did enjoy this episode, mostly because it's continued to focus on Micheal's serious side, something that's always funny to see. We also see some of the supporting characters get hilarious moments while other supporting characters continue to get very little or very un-funny lines. But for me, it was about the little moments in the episode that made it great. Michael celebrating with Erin in his office about Holly not having a ring was hilarious, and it's moments like this that make me like Erin's character.. for the most part, I haven't been a huge fan of her at all. She's too goofy, unrealistically goofy for sure, but with Michael, she's a more energetic Pam.

    The plot with Andy, Dwight and Daryl was just another one of those side plots that goes nowhere and has a few funny lines but ultimately contributes nothing. However, the main plot is strong enough to carry most of the episode. Michael and Holly have such a great and interesting relationship (them pretending to be E.T at the beginning bookends nice with the awkward moment near the end, where Mike pretending to be E.T goes unnoticed by Holly). Michael is truly a romantic at heart when it comes to Holly, and the moments in the episode with him, for the most part, come together.

    Oh, and more Creed cartwheels please. The show used Creed more than they have in a long time, and it was awesome.
  • 713

    We got a lot of funny moments from The Office tonight, and it was a great follow up to a satisfying Christmas special. Although I definitely could have done without the Dwight, Darryl, and Andy scenes, we still got some great interactions. Like Creed cussing out Erin for doing a cartwheel or Kevin thinking that Holly was flipping him off, or Erin & Michael celebrating.

    Just a lot of funny moments, and I can definitely say this was a good episode of The Office. Now that Steve Carrel is leaving early, my only prediction is that Michael & Holly will begin dating, and that will be a way to write him off the show, especially after Holly & AJ's break in the end.

    Pam's resolution poster was pretty funny, and it was funny to see how everyone reacted too it. Overall, good episode, and I can't wait for the episodes to come.
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