The Office

Season 2 Episode 16

Valentine's Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Valentine's day at the Office

    This was another wonderful episode. This was a great follow up from the last episode. The interaction (or lack thereof) between Pam and Jim was great. I like that there was not big fight between them or they tried to play unwanted pranks on each other. It was funny how uncomfortable Jim was around Kelly talking his ear off. Ryan of when he realized the time he hooked with Kelly. Another great scene was when Ryan got a soda and how much Jim didn't want to be there. Another great part is when Pam tried to help out Dwight with his gift. Maybe on some level Dwight knew that Pam knew or least know about something.

    The second part where Michael was at corporate was enjoyable too. I liked seeing all the different branch manages. Craig remained me of little bit of Todd Packer. Another great character is introduced, in David. Michael's presentation was pretty funny. I think it was a little bit of a callback from his sexual harassment video. After Craig said that Jan hooked up with Michael, his reaction was one of the best I have seen from him. It was nice of Michael to save Jan from her job. Just when you think that the door closed on Jan and Michael closed, she kissed him and his and Jan's reaction was priceless.
  • 216

    Wow, one of the best episodes of season two. I had not realized this until now but the writers managed to set up a perfect dynamic with different interactions and stories and perspectives from all the characters within the 22 episodes that this show has had. This episode was very eventful and will remain as one of my favorite episodes of The Office episodes ever.

    Let me start off with the video that Michael made, absolutely hysterical. Then we've got everyone at corporate finding out that Michael and Jan spent the night together. Back at the office, we've got Pam expecting something for Valentine's Day from Roy. Meanwhile Phyllis gets a whole garden of presents. Angela gets Dwight a bobble head of himself which remains a running gag for the rest of the series and Dwight gives her a key to his place, which was one of the sweetest scenes on this show to be honest. Kelly & Ryan hook up, then we've got the big ending that I'm sure shocked everyone. Jan kisses Michael, an amazing ending to an amazing episode.
  • I think the background love stories in this show really keep it going! I love it.

    I get a kick out of every episode of the office I watch... I have to admit that season 1 gave me a bad vibe but watching Jim and Pam do their little dance of love has been really incredible... I think I might be the only guy that watches this in awe of the love story going on in the background.
    I know I am lagging behind badly in watching the episodes, but I'm on an office marathon at work and loving every minute of it. Hopefully season 3 and season 4 will stay on par with season 2! Can't wait to watch the next episode.
  • another great installmant

    Michael spends Valentine's Day at "Corporate" in New York City, which he describes as "Scranton on acid." Before the meeting with the new CFO begins, Michael spills the beans to the other branch managers that he and Jan "hooked up." The CFO and Jan arrive, and the presentation of Josh Porter goes well. Michael shows a video titled "The Faces of Scranton" before reluctantly providing the financial information of the Scranton branch. Craig from the Albany branch is completely unprepared and attempts to cover for it by suggesting that "maybe I should've slept with too."Meanwhile, Angela gives Dwight a "Dwight" bobblehead doll and he gives her a key, presumably to his beet ranch home. Phyllis is inundated with gifts from her boyfriend Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, while Pam is irritated with Roy when the only thing he gives her for Valentine's Day is the promise of the "best sex of her life." Jim is forced to witness Ryan turning Kelly down for a date.In a private conversation with Michael, Jan is convinced that her career is over, but Michael assures her that he will "fix it." In an unusual moment of tact, Michael defuses the situation by explaining to the CFO that the whole thing was a bad joke and accepts responsibility for the situation. Jan plays along by accepting Michael's apology and agreeing to drop the matter. Before Michael leaves, Jan catches Michael by the elevator and kisses him, but groans when she realizes they were caught on camera.
  • "It's me! I'm the bobblehead!"

    Michael goes to New York to meet with the other branch managers. Jan also attends, and Michael makes the mistake of telling everyone that he and Jan...had a relationship. Michael then says it was a stupid joke and accepts responsibility for it. Jan ends up kissing Michael. Meanwhile, in Scranton, Angela gives Dwight a 'Dwight Bobblehead' for Valentine's Day. Dwight tries to figure out what to get her and eventually gives her a key, probably to his house.

    This episode has many hilarious moments, such as Conan O'Brien's cameo, which Michael misses because he was looking at "the fake Tina Fey," Dwight's line about the ham, and of course, Michael's video.

    This is a series classic, and is one of my favorites - probably my fifth favorite episode. It is definitely worth seeing, it has so many hilarious moments.
  • Oh oh. Michael heads out to New York city to show his branch numbers to corporate. Meanwhile it's valentine's day at the office.

    First of all, Pam looks great on this e[isode; maybe she makes a great deal out of this hollyday although Roy doens't think so. Kelly hooks up with Ryan but Kelly's intentions don't match those of Ryan's. Dwight gets a bobby-head that's just like him and in gratitude he gives her his house key. We get a hint that Jim is letting go of Pam and Oscar get's a present from his boyfriend. Phyllis gets stuffed with valentine's presents from his boyfriend and Meredith passes out for drinking in the office.

    But what really cracks me up is Michael's quick tour in NY. Man he is so naive showing of with things like his favorite pizza joint (Sbarro) or that times square is named after the great time you have when you visit. Plus Jan kisses Michael again! Not to mention Michael's video of his branch... just awesome.
  • Michael goes to NY, Pam has to deal with Phyllis receiving all of her V-day gifts, Meredith gets drunk, Angela and Dwight's give gifts to each other, and Conan makes a guest appearance.

    So funny. The guest appearance of Conan made me laugh out loud...probably because I also think Conan is hilarious. And Meredith with her Gin and Tonic (side note: in a later episode we learn she goes to AA) funny. I Tivo'd this one, and I'm keeping it for awhile.
  • Jan... you evil, evil woman!

    A nice episode but given the subject, “Valentine’s Day”, it could have been much better. They didn’t take advantage of all the material a date like that provides.
    I like the romance between Dwight and Angela. They’re not “perfect” but they’re funny and their relationship is cute. Give them more air time.

    Jim seems to be over Pam…or is he? I don’t buy it.

    And Jan! C’mon! If you don’t like the guy, don’t kiss him on Valentine’s Day. That’s just wrong.

    Overall some funny moments with Michael in New York but that’s about it. Nothing classic.
  • St. Valentine bestows different blessings on the Dunder-Mifflin crew in another great example of Office humor. Kelly, Pam, Ryan, Meredith and Jim strike out while Dwight, Angela, Phyllis, Oscar and ... Michael win big. Oy vey! Schmear!

    Valentines Day hits Dunder-Mifflin and while Phyllis gets a "garden" from Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, Kelly and Ryan deal with the aftermath of a Feb. 13 hookup, Jim spends his Valentines alone, and Pam gets the worst "gift" ever from the ever-sensitive Roy.

    The highlights of the episode are definitely the cuts of Michael in New York City, checking out his favorite pizza place and visiting the not-touristy Times Square and Rockefeller Center, where the Rangers practice. When Michael misses an encounter with Conan O'Brien in order to follow a fake Tina Fey, his range of expressions (surprise disappointment, anger, sadness) is a sight to behold.

    What did we learn this time around? Gin and tonics at work can numb the pain of Valentines Day alone, it's a dumb idea to send a 70-pound teddy bear to someone's workplace, Angela might actually have a sense of humor buried somewhere, and when Michael loses the bravado that stems from his insecurity, he can actually be a pretty nice guy.
  • I am not easily amused by TV, but The Office amuses me like nothing else. Especially, this episode.

    This episode of The Office is by far one of the best I've ever watched, this show just keeps on and on climbing to the top and past it!

    This episode started out with a really great plot, Valentine's Day. I knew we'd see Dwight and Angela, but I was expecting a little bit more out of Jim and Pam, however they are both having this awkward moment since the whole office now knows about Jim's "old" crush on Pam.

    There are a lot of moments in this episode that I won't forget, the hillarious moment when Dwight gives an interview about Wolves and how they need their good loving too, the moment shared between Michael and Jan by the elevator in the end, and ofcourse the "Great Scott Productions!".

    Nothing really much did happen in this one though, Michael will once again be completely head over heels for Jan of course, but other than that nothing much. I can't deny that it had me laughing more than any other office episode I have seen though, maybe it's just that time flies when you're having fun.

    I'm hooked to this TV show now, there is no doubt about that.

    I love it!
  • Change In Characters Appearance?

    Change In Characters Appearance? More apparent was the change in looks of some of the ladies in the office, they seems glamed up. All in all, excellent episode... hope it get entered in some film festivals. (Great Scott!) One question... what was Dwight's key gift for? Jim and Kelly doing alot of talking, going to poker game?
  • Great but a little dissapointed with the ending.

    Ok I thought this episode was really good, better than the last few that I've seen. My favorite character is Phyllis so I loved seeing her happy for once in an episode getting gift after gift. The thing that I was kinda dissapointed with was I was thinking that Pam would have gotten at least something small from Jim. Just something small cute and creative that would have showed he cared.
  • This show continues to go from strength to strength

    The american office just seems to get better and better and this was a fine example, not just a hilarious episode but quite a serious one aswell! Poor Pam not getting anything off Roy for Valentines day and didn't Jim just seem so downbeat, since Pam got engaged to Roy he has been a miserable sod!

    This show is awesome and Dwight who I hated at first is really growing on me, I am acually starting to like him, he's expression when he got the bobbing Dwight head was genius!

    Lets hope they keep up the run of superb episodes because what started off a poor uk office rip off is becoming one of my favourite comedys of all time alongside, you guessed it, The Office (uk)!

    Kevin: Man, that things bigger then I am!
    Delivery Man: No Its not
    Kevin: Oh, Zip It
  • The US version is getting better and better.

    The UK show The Office was brilliant.
    Even though the US version isnt as brilliant it is very funny and really good.
    At first it seemed as if the US show had some problems finding itself, or maybe it was me that compared it to the UK show all the time.
    But at time has gone by the US show has gotten better and better, all the characters has gotten some more depth, inter office relations has evolved.
    And this episode was a really fine example of how I think the show has developded from being a ripoff to a very own unique show.
  • Must See TV is back!

    Thursdays are my nights--when the Office is on!

    This Valentine's episode was not a sappy episode like you would find on a very special "Family Matters." This is hilarious.

    Michael alone in New York, we learn more of his idiot ways--Sbarro being a New York Pizza place, that a pedestrian is SNL's Tina Fey (and Conan O'Brian passes by without Michael knowing it). But the real meat of his storyline is when he arrives at corporate and reveals that he slept with Jan. When it comes out in front of the CFO, Jan is likely to get fired. Michael does the manly thing and admits he made a joke and tells the CFO that she's a wonderful boss and that he would risk the punishment for making a sexual joke. Jan tells the CFO that it's okay, it's forgiven. Then Jan goes to thank Michael, giving him a kiss. I think in the heat of it all and it being Valentines and that Michael was being responsible, she saw in him what she saw in him the night they "slept" together. This was probably the biggest heart-line of the episode.

    Then there was Jan getting jealous of Phyllis getting unindated by flowers and a big teddy bear from her boyfriend. This just showed that Roy wasn't willing to step out and do anything for her for Valentines. Which we learn of his plans later.

    Jim however spent more time with Kelly who was smitten with Ryan trying to give her advice. So he wasn't around Pam that much. I guess because the wedding is getting near and doesn't know how to "be her friend" anymore.

    Their relationship is getting strained and I wait for the blow-up in the season finale!
  • Amazing Eppy. Loved it.

    Oh My God last night's episode was incredible. That bobblehead of Dwight was perfect. I love how candidly Dwight and Angela talk to each other. And Dwight asking Pam for advice, SO funny. I feel so sorry for Pam, though. And what's up with Kelly? She never had much of a personality before and now she's the world's biggest chatter box. Sure it's funny, but still. What's up with all the gifts Phyllis got from "Bob Vance: Vance Refrigeration (sp?)" I loved the shot of her dragging out that humongous bear at the end.
    Michaels video presentation was classic. I had no idea he cared so much (sarcasm). I was completely surprized by how he handled the Jan thing. And then her kissing him, do we really need another office romance on this show? Just Kidding.
    All in all, amazing eppy.
  • Well well well. Michael gets a kiss from a special someone in this episode! Michael travels to New York to visit the Dunder Mifflin headquarters. Meanwhile back in Scranton everyone exchanges gifts. Dwight? He gets a bobblehead...of himsel

    Is it just me or is Jan's character getting more invovled in the series? I kinda like it. She even has her own interview thing with the camera on what she thinks about the current situation.

    So Dwight gets a bobblehead doll...of himself. How awesome is that! The grin he had on his face, priceless.

    When Ryan explained how he hooked up with Kelly...the look he had when he says, "Yeah I hooked up with her on February 13th" haha

    Pam and Roy? Looks like things are headin south. Seems like Pam's a little pissed that Jim didn't give her a Valentine's Day Card or anything.

    The meeting in NY goes from "oh oh" to disaster when Michael gave his presentation on the financial report. First he had to show his "employee" video with the "A Michael Scott Joint" tagged at the end of it. If that wasn't bad, when the next manager forgets to bring his financial report, he points the finger to Michael and asks why he wasn't punished and further explained that it must have been b/c he had relations with Jan. Michael ultimately went to the CFO and cleared everything up.

    I'm kinda happy Jan gave Michael that kiss at the end. Afterall, Michael sorta took the blame for the other idiot manager blurting out Michael and Jan's relationship. Then again it was Michael's fault telling the other managers about it. The awkwardness the camerman gave them after Jan kissed Michael is pure Office greatness. Can't wait for next weeks episode!
  • Hilarious, as usual. What's up with Jan?!!

    Michael goes to NY. "Lucky" Pam gets promised the best sex ever for Valentine's Day. Not sure what to expect from Jan's storyline--the ending was not unexpected, but I don't see where it's going, either. Kelly was also pretty funny. And yes, Dwight's VD present from Angela was awesome! "A Michael Scott Joint" :)