The Office

Season 7 Episode 8

Viewing Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on NBC
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Hoping to get Gabe and Michael to be more friendly to one another, Erin organizes a Glee viewing party for the staff at Gabe's. Meanwhile, Andy's jealousy over Erin and Gabe's relationship intensifies.

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  • 708

    Are you kidding me with this? An Emmy-award winning series focusing an entire episode on Glee? Seriously? Don't get me wrong, there were a few things here that were somewhat amusing but other than that, this was just as much of a dud as the last episode. This show has jumped every shark in the aquarium at this point, but this was just ridiculous.

    I know a lot of fans might disagree with this, but this was not a good episode, people. The cold opening that actually took place in the office was the only scene I found myself laughing at. I don't even watch The Office for comedy anymore, I just watch to see what's going on with the characters, which is a reason to like this episode. Andy liking Erin, Dwight calming Pam's baby and Jim forcing to feed him, or the strange development with Erin & Michael. The characters are the things that hold this show together, not the comedy. Also did anyone else found themselves enjoying the scenes more when Michael was absent? I know I did. Poor episode, and I just hope things pick up soon.moreless
  • very enjoyable episode

    i enjoyed this episode of the office because michael was acting so awkward and jealous to everyone at the viewing party where erin invited people from the office to watch Glee (i hate that show but w.e) in her apartment. michael was mad because everyone was talking while he wanted some quiet and worse of all, everyone was thinking that gabe was a better boss than him which made him cut out the cable for the Tv. it wasnt really that funny but over all i still really liked that episode better than the last one and i just noticed this but toby wasnt invited hahaha!moreless
  • Gabe and Erin throw a Glee viewing party for the office

    "The Office" seems to have found its niche, and from episode to episode, we see the show digging itself further and further into it. What niche am I talking about, you may ask... The show used to be clever and interesting in the way it constructed its episodes, and the writing was top-notch in the way it mixed the ridiculous with the normal. However, as the show went on, it feels as if the writers, for whatever reason, have lost sight of the realism and the show tends to tilt more towards the ridiculous now, with the normal only appearing near the end of the episode, when everything is chaotic and out of control.

    I watch The Office because it's a comfort show. I've been with it for seven years now, and even if it's quality has dipped, I know exactly what I'm expecting going into an episode. Of course, this is a good and bad thing.. this means the show has no room to surprise us anymore, but it's good enough to remind us of how good some aspects of the show still are. For me, this was a perfect example of one of those episodes. The plot itself (Gabe and Erin throw a Glee viewing party) is pretty filler and feels like a re-hash of "E-Mail Surveillance," but unlike that episode, this episode shows the supporting cast at its best, with each character getting at least a couple of great moments, while the main cast remains less interesting.

    Michael Scott will never be a smart man. I've given up on hoping he'll mature. But compared to previous seasons, I suppose he's been a little more tolerable than usual. Michael seems to be at a place this season where he's questioning his position at Dunder Mifflin, and it's leading to some subtle (very subtle, I suppose) moments where he acts more like an adult than usual. Tonight, Michael was simply upset that people considered Gabe the boss and that Gabe was throwing such a good party. As a result, he childishly cuts the power to Gabe's apartment, and in order to seem like a hero, fixes it again. Him and Erin have a funny little scene where Michael pretends to be her father, and we've seen the billionth example of Michael acting like an idiot and suddenly acting normal.

    For me, Dwight Schrute and Andy were superb tonight. Dwight has been insane and somewhat aggressive this season, but I loved his lines and his attempts to make Jim do things for him. I also liked the little call-backs to previous episodes... Pam reminding Dwight of how she helped him during his concussion was a sweet moment, but for me, it feels weird when Dwight straight-up says, "Jim is my enemy!" Either way, both Dwight and Andy were funny tonight (Andy has been on a roll this season).

    For me, it was a pretty sub-par episode of The Office, and I really hope they get back to the Office instead of doing all these episodes outside. The show has felt more sitcom-ish than ever lately, and there's an easy way to fix it: stay inside the office1moreless

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