The Office

Episode 1

Webisodes: The Accountants

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • A good story centering on the three accountants.

    The Webisodes featuring the three accountants of Dunder Mifflin Scranton - Kevin, Angela, and Oscar - were quite well-written, and a good idea to keep fans entertained through the long summer hiatus. It was fun to see two of my favorite minor characters (Kevin and Angela) get episodes centering on them. The plot was actually quite clever, and seeing the accountants interview other employees was quite entertaining. I also enjoyed discovering that Angela has a bit of a crush on Roy, Pam's ex-fiancée. The conflict had a good ending, featuring Angela as the source of the problem, and some memorable quotes. Overall, watching the webisodes on the season two DVD was a fun way to spend 20-some minutes, about the length of an episode. The webisodes were also a welcome addition to the fantastic season two DVD. I heartily recommend watching them.
  • interesting to see the other characters

    I watched these on my DVDs. It really is interesting to see how the other characters really are... they only have side parts in the real show, so they really shine when the main characters aren't there. Its a good quick little episode. Interesting really. I wish each was a bit longer, but they are just short webisodes, so I guess I will forgive them
  • It was actually funny.

    Yeah, it's true. I enjoyed the webisodes; I think they were kind of brilliant, hehe. But, most importantly, they made me laugh, which is the best part.

    I could find a lot of funny quotes on it..
    And the situation gets pretty serious, but really cool, and completely appropiate for everyone.

    Kevin gets a lot of camera moments; he's actually the best part here, and has the funniest lines. And if you think he's dumb, he said he got over 100 on an IQ test when he was a child, hahaha. How clever that was.

    If you have a doubt on watching these episodes...
    I understand. I still recommend them, though. Not only because it's complete different situation, without Michael, Pam or Jim... Because you get to know a little bit more, those who have a few lines on the series.

    Well, the only problem about these... are the commercials that appear before, when watching them on the NBC website. But, still... Go watch 'em while they're hot..

    Okay... warm. heh.