The Office

Season 8 Episode 20

Welcome Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • Dunder Mifflin officially introduces Nellie

    I liked this episode much more than the previous episodes, mostly because after the shock of Nellie randomly and unbelievably coming in and stealing Andy's job, she starts meshing better into the rest of the cast. Whereas someone like Will Ferrell who swung into the show ended up failing because of the lack of details about him, Nellie's character is being fleshed out a little more. I'm not saying this is necessarily a good thing, because I think it's weird enough having her jump into the cast, but it made the episode itself more palatable.

    The main part of the episode was that Robert (who seems to have some weird sexual attraction towards Nellie) asked the office to throw her a welcome party to make her feel welcomed. The problem is, everyone hates her. Pam, Oscar, Angela and the rest of the office decide to throw an "ironic" party for her, which means throwing a terrible party and pretending that they think it's good. Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight are forced to go to Nellie's house and help unpack her stuff.

    The show has made the most of Jim and Dwight's relationship this season, and ever since they went to Florida, it's really flourished. Seeing them together unpacking her stuff lead to some great lines, and after they discover that Nellie is damaged from a previous relationship, they realize the "ironic party" is a bad idea. Jim ends up defending Nellie at the party and things go back to (somewhat) normal.

    Meanwhile, Andy and Erin go to Jessica's camp so Andy can break up with her and be with Erin. Of course, we get some lame cop-outs in this plot, including Andy pretending he's gay so he can leave her. Thankfully, Andy gets himself out of that situation and saves us from having to think that the writers would actually resort to something so easy.

    The show has struggled all season to right itself, and while I doubt they'll be able to do it before the end, at least this episode was funny.

    Favorite Moments:

    *Dwight offering to hit Nellie in the back of the head and the brain stem to help her forget about her ex-boyfriend

    *"I see you've found Benjamin, my shoebox of photos of Henry." (This isn't the exact quote, but Catherine Tate did a perfect reading of the line.)
  • Nellie not again

    Why don't office folks rethink about Nellie, Fans of The Office along with me don't want Nellie in The Office.
  • How long is Nellie going to be around ??

    Pleeease get rid of Nellie ! She is so annoying. I struggle to watch episodes of Office with her in it, not funny at all!