The Old Guys

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 07, 2009 on BBC
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Roy decides to visit Katia, a Belorussian prostitute in Soho and then Tom starts seeing Katia as well. Roy finds out that Tom is also seeing Katia. Amber goes to a church group as she has fancies the local vicar.

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      • Phil: Good, good. Can anyone else think of a time when they've had a message from God?
        Amber: Um ... when I was eight, I thought I saw an angel.
        Phil: Well, sometimes children are better at seeing with their hearts. Where were you when this happened?
        Tom: In "The Granary" cafe at Cheddington Services.
        Amber: Dad!
        Tom: You were just getting over chickenpox and you thought the car was singing. We only stopped for more Calpol.

      • Roy: With my leg? You sly bastard, Tom! I'm sorry, you'll have to pack your things and go. I can't bear to look at you.
        Tom: Woah. You don't mean that. You said the same thing when I taped Holby City over The Shawshank Redemption, but we got over it, didn't we?
        Roy: No we didn't. That tape was clearly labelled.

      • Tom: Ah, this is the life, eh Roy? A prawn vol-au-vent will never toy with your emotions and then dash them on the rocks.
        Roy: Prawns may have proximity to the rocks, but it would have to be spectacularly sexy prawn to do any emotional dashing. Too sexy, one suspects, to end its days inside the average vol-au-vent casing. Here, there's not going to be any of that body of Christ stuff in here, is there?

      • Tom: Of all people, you'd think you could trust a lady of the night not to find God on you all of a sudden. What with Amber's conversion ... it's like God is stalking me. You'd think he would be satisfied with being omnipotent, but no. He has to get involved too. Thousands of years of war, famine, earthquakes, blocked drains and appalling bus service, not a twitter from the man upstairs. Then suddenly I get a fantastic girlfriend and he gets all interventionist.

      • Tom: You won't be laughing when I walk back out of this door the victor. I know what a woman wants. Oh, yes. There's no need for me to ponder where I'll be hanging my underpants on a Thursday afternoon from now on.
        Roy: You're an authority on women's needs now are you? I remember you went out with that retired lecturer who told you she enjoyed looking at illuminated manuscripts. And you bought her one of those little lights that clamps onto your book.

      • Vicar: If you pay a woman for sex is that going to make you closer to God or further away?
        Tom: Closer? It's not closer... is it?

      • Amber: (to the vicar) You know the Bible has totally become my bible now.

      • Tom: I'm a man of the world, I carry a gun.
        Roy: No you don't!
        Tom: Not an actual gun, my gun is my mind.

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