The Omega Factor

Season 1 Episode 5

Powers of Darkness

Aired Wednesday 8:10 PM Jul 11, 1979 on BBC

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  • Perhaps the best episode of this brief series, very spooky

    TOF is an intrigueing BBC series from 1979 that unfortunately only got to run 10 episodes thanks to Mary Whitehouse (I'd like to see her watch what's on now-she's die of a heart attack on the spot!!!). Some call this an X-Files precursor which is true but I doubt Chris Carter saw this one in the States. This show is more on the ESP/telepathic/clairvoyant side of things, taking them quite seriously as science was on the verge of accepting them as facts at the time. Also, we have government conspiracies linked to the paranormal which is way ahead of its time. An adult show unlike Dr. Who or other Brit sci-fi shows of the 70s.

    TOF is a bit dated by today's standards. The production is on a small budget but it isn't trying to exceed it's ambitions. Very atmospheric and suggests frights rather than showing the viewer. The two leads paralel Mulder & Scully and have a potential romance brewing. Many of the episodes end with little in the way of explainations or answers to what is going on. The mysterious Omega group seems to be behind things but what is their goal? I felt unsatisfied by some endings as they end without resolution to even the events of that episode. What happened to the haunted house in Visitations? Or the boy in Child's Play? Power of Darkness had a climax & somewhat of a resolution to the conflict. Tom got to confront some form of evil & triumph over it at least for a moment. His relationship with Anne got more openly intimate than we had previously seen but his obseesion with these strange occurances ruins it again. The guest cast was excellent, nice touches throughout. The fire scene came out of left field, I was shocked to see something like that. Very scary even today inspite of the obvious stuntman in a safety suit. One would have liked to know more of Jenny's previous life as a witch & how it might tie into Omega but they do like to leave things vague. Or maybe it means nothing at all.
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