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Episode Guide

  • Friday 19th December 2008
    Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer join Adrian and Christine on the final show before Christmas. Dom Littlewood gives some energy savings tips. Jon Culshaw looks in on the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special. Clare Balding is at The London International Horse Show, Olympia, and she meets Katie Price. Street barber Michael Douglas flies to Germany to treat some army wives to a Christmas haircut before their husbands return from Iraq. The Redbridge Brass Band play at the end of the show.moreless
  • Thursday 18th December 2008
    Sir Ian McKellen joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Eighteen months on from the floods of 2007, many people are facing a second Christmas in a caravan or temporary housing. Justin Rowlatt visits a few of them. Carol Thatcher fulfils a life-long dream by appearing as the back end of a pantomime cow in Stevenage. Michael Mosley tells us more about super-tasters. Hardeep Singh-Koli guides the men on the subject of the Christmas lingerie purchase.moreless
  • Wednesday 17th December 2008
    Sir Michael Parkinson joins Christine and Adrian. Dom Littlewood reports on Britain's most expensive credit card ever. Justin Kerswell looks at a vegetarian Christmas. Carol Kirkwood is dreaming of a white Christmas. Phil Tufnell travels to Bethlehem in Wales to discover the origin of its name.
  • Tuesday 16th December 2008
    Nick Park, the Wallace and Gromit creator and Sally Lindsey, the voice of Wallace's new love interest, join Adrian and Christine. Clare Balding looks back and remembers Sunday afternoons in front of the TV in a tribute to the late Oliver Postgate, whose animations helped revolutionise children's television in the 60s and 70s. Lucy Siegle investigates the strain put on the NHS as women experience complications from having cosmetic surgery abroad. Christine Walkden looks at the story behind poinsettias. Neil Oliver looks at the events that led to an ordinary looking stone going on an extraordinary journey to coincide with the release of the Stone of Destiny.moreless
  • Monday 15th December 2008
    Michael Palin is with Christine and Adrian on the sofa while Bette Midler joins the show from New York. Anita Rani goes to see police officers armed with stun guns. Carol Thatcher investigates the traditional festive poem, 'Twas the night before Christmas'. Mike Dilger visits the Orkney Islands, to take part in a survey counting snow white seal pups.moreless
  • Friday 12th December 2008
    Adam Sandler joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Rav Wilding investigates the use of illegal mini cabs. Iain Lee meets 'linesman' who repair overhead electricity power-lines. Christine Walkden visits an annual competition which shows the best Christmas trees grown in Britain. Angelica Bell takes part in a Christmas variety show held in a converted barn in Thursford, Norfolk.moreless
  • Thursday 11th December 2008
    Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo join Adrian and Christine. Anita Rani asks whether our current attitude to childhood is in crisis. Dan Snow reports on one of the most famous hoaxes of all times, The Cottingley fairies mystery. Dom Littlewood investigates online tickets touts. Phil Tuffnel discovers the history of the Christmas card.moreless
  • Wednesday 10th December 2008
    Kate Winslett joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Justin Rowlatt reports on a response to public dissatisfaction with the police. Andrew Collins argues that a film can be better than the book. Mike Dilger meets reindeer. Lucy Siegle investigates Stargazy Pie, a Cornish Christmas dish.
  • Tuesday 9th December 2008
    Nigella Lawson, the TV chef, joins Adrian and Christine. Lucy Siegle gives us advice on making savings when it comes to Christmas food shopping. Marty Jopson celebrates the 50th anniversary of the laser. Anita Rani asks why, despite continual protests from campaigners, sales of fur have risen. Gyles Brandreth looks back at the past 50 years of Christmas toys.moreless
  • Monday 8th December 2008
    Sandi Toksvig and Tony Blackburn join Christine and Adrian. Tony takes us back to the house where he grew up. He also proclaims Hit or Miss on the Christmas themed songs vying to be top of the festive pops. Justin Rowlatt joins West Yorkshire police to find out why car crime is big business at Christmas. Dan Snow looks into the history of the mutiny on the Bounty in 1789.moreless
  • Friday 5th December 2008
    Stephen Merchant joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Stephen Hawking grants Justin Rowlatt an audience to mark the 20th Anniversary of 'A Brief History of Time'. The families of Andy Murray and Bradley Wiggins are interviewed prior to Sports Personality of the Year. Lucy Siegle investigates the claims that tinned tomatoes are a new super-food. In the final part in the Christmas Number One series, Des Coleman looks at how a hit song is recorded. The product of Des' research into creating a classic Christmas pop song was released tonight. 'Let's Not Fight This Christmas' by Chris Difford and the Decorations was given its world premiere on the show.moreless
  • Thursday 4th December 2008
    Jeremy Clarkson joins Christine and Adrian tonight. Lewis Hamilton and cyclist Rebecca Romero are the Sports Personality of the Year nominees profiled. Gyles Brandreth investigates bigamy. Des Coleman continues his quest to find the formula for a Christmas classic pop song. Mike Dilger visits Exmoor National Park.
  • Wednesday 3rd December 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined in the studio by Sir Roger Moore. Anita heads back to Leicester Royal Infirmary. The show continues to profile the ten BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Tonight the spotlight falls on Chris Hoy and Christine Ohuruogu. Dom Littlewood looks at sale and rent back firms. Des Coleman continues on his quest to find the formula for the perfect Christmas Number One.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd December 2008
    Actress Alison Steadman joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. In the first part of her report on A&Es, Anita Rani begins her investigation into the pressure created by alcohol related admissions. The show continues to profile the ten BBCSports Personality of the Year nominees. Tonight two gold medal olympic heroes, yachtsman Ben Ainslie and cyclist Nicole Cooke are in the spotlight. Des Coleman gets to grips with what the music industry calls 'the hook' - a crucial ingredient in any festive hit. Mike Dilger the intrepid wildlife investigator, is on the sofa to chat with Adrian and Christine after he took to the trees to find Britain's rarest bird, the Scottish Crossbill.moreless
  • Monday 1st December 2008
    Paul Bettany joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani spends a night with Leicester's emergency service workers in a hospital A&E department and with police on the streets. Her findings showed just how eventful a typical Friday night can be. The sporting heroes up for this year's Sports Personality of the Year are revealed. All week the 10 nominees are profiled. Today it is Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Addlington and the Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe. Clare Balding meets Aaron, a smarter than average German Shephard, who works for the Lancashire Police Tactical Firearms Unit, searching for and apprehending fugitives. In the start of a week-long strand Des Coleman starts his task of finding out what makes a great Christmas Number 1. Today, he asks whatever happened to the classic Christmas hit.moreless
  • Friday 28th November 2008
    Des O'Connor joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Justin Rowlatt looks at how the British far right might be affected by the worsening economic situation. In the latest of his films honouring British traditions under threat of extinction, Gyles Brandreth remembers when most of the country sat down for a family Sunday lunch. The novelist Fay Weldon tells us what advice she would give to her younger self. Anita Rani spends the night on the front-line with staff at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Michael Mosley presents the final film of Stress Week.moreless
  • Thursday 27th November 2008
    Brenda Blethyn, award winning actress of stage and screen joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Dom Littlewood examines the small claims court process and the myths surrounding it. Kirsten O'Brien looks at annoying phrases. On December 1st it will be the 70th anniversary of 'Kindertransport', a humanitarian mission that evacuated 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi occupied territories to Britain. Lucy Worsley meets Bertha Leverton who was 15 at the time she was separated from her family. It's Stress Week and today Michael Mosley tries to convert self confessed grump Tony into a paragon of positivity.moreless
  • Wednesday 26th November 2008
    Strictly Come Dancing champion and cricketing legend Darren Gough joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. The show highlights the 210,000 people who go missing in the UK every year and the pain felt by the families that they leave behind. Pirates are back in the news after a Saudi supertanker, the Sirius Star, was hijacked by Somali pirates and so Paddy O' Connell looks at the history of piracy and how it has changed in recent times. In the third film in the Stress week series, Michael Mosley goes to meet Jenny, a recent retiree who's found the change in her circumstances extremely stressful. David Lindo travels to East Anglia to get up close and personal with one of our rarest birds, the corncrake. In honour of Darren Gough, Adrian and Christine don silver lycra to take part in a special One Show version of Hole in The Wall.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th November 2008
    Stand up comedian Dara O'Briain joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Justin Rowlatt explores 'Right To Buy', which gives people the opportunity to buy their council owned home. Iain Lee meets Malcolm Gladwell, author of a new bestseller. He claims that 10,000 hours of practice is needed if you are to become really good at anything. It's Stress Week and Michael Mosley meets busy working mum Jo Oxtoby. Lucy Siegle meets with John and Anne Mckie from Poplar in London who have hired our their home to Spooks to use as a film location.moreless
  • Monday 24th November 2008
    Actor, reality TV judge and West End star John Barrowman is the guest sharing the sofa with Adrian and Christine. Justin Rowlatt looks at the impact the credit crunch is having on charities and gives advice on how to still 'give' this Christmas. It's been reported that George Osborne has had elocution lessons to sound "less posh" and so Gyles Brandreth goes in search of ways to tone down his received pronunciation (RP) accent. It's Stress Week and Michael Mosley presents the first in a series of films all looking at the various causes of stress. Today he looks at stress in the workplace and follows event organiser, Justin Clarke, through a busy day. Miranda Krestovnikof goes in search of the lesser spotted dogfish on the coast of Pembrokeshire. She is accompanied by Dean Burman, a painter decorator who has a passion for diving and filming the creatures he finds.moreless
  • Friday 21st November 2008
    Comedian Michael McIntyre joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. It is 90 years since the flu pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide. With winter drawing on, the show asks whether vulnerable people in the UK are still not taking flu seriously enough. Lucy Siegle looks at what happened to suet - a once common British ingredient. George's insect of choice tonight is the mosquito. Gyles Brandreth takes a nostalgic trip back to Abbey road to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' "The White Album".moreless
  • Thursday 20th November 2008
    Actor, park life defender and one time ball room dancer Phil Daniels joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Heating costs are rising and there are grants available to make energy saving improvements to your home. Dom Littlewood finds out about a scheme that is getting some people a bit hot under the collar. With everyone still reeling from yesterday's shock departure of John Sergeant from Strictly Come Dancing, Iain Lee looks at what it is that we Brits love about the underdog. Phil Tuffnell continues his series on Mass Market Masterpieces. He looks at the iconic image of Che Guevara and told us the story behind the original photo. All week George McGavin is looking at bugs and tonight it is the turn of the wasp.moreless
  • Wednesday 19th November 2008
    Canada's biggest musical export, Bryan Adams joins Adrian and Christine on tonight's show. John Sergeant has decided to pull out of Strictly Come Dancing and he is in the studio to talk about his decision. History man, Neil Oliver chooses steam engines as the thing he believes is the greatest British gift to the world. Bug Week continues and insect expert George McGavin looks at nits.moreless
  • Tuesday 18th November 2008
    Christine and Adrian are joined by music star Jools Holland. Justin Rowlatt meets the cancer sufferers happy to take the risk for themselves, and for the good of medical science. Jo Caulfield visits the Charles Darwin exhibition at the Natural History Museum to see what this great thinker thought were the pros and cons of marriage. George McGavin went in search of ticks. Gyles Brandreth visits Glasgow Necropolis, considered to be one of the most architecturally important cemeteries in Britain.moreless
  • Monday 17th November 2008
    Comedian, Sanjeev Bhaskar joins Adrian and Christine. Bug Week kicks off with George McGavin looking at leeches. It's called the gas that guzzles less and with more drivers cottoning onto the cleaner and greener alternative of LPG, Lucy Siegle meets one lady who's truly been converted. Dan Snow visits the excavation of what could be the final resting place of the King Richard III. In her series on smart dogs, Clare Balding discovers why furry friend Whizz is perfect for rescuing people struggling at sea.moreless
  • Thursday 13th November 2008
    James Blunt joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa and Whoopi Goldberg is live from New York. Michael Mosley follows viewer Mike Hughes as he tried to overcome his phobia of visiting the dentist. Lucy Siegle finds out how to trace your ancestry, but without having to sell off your family heirlooms to pay for it. It was a big day for video gaming fans, with the launch of the latest World of Warcraft game. With over 11 million players globally, it's one of the biggest games around. Gyles Brandreth goes to see what all the fuss was about. The show takes a trip behind the scenes of Little Dorrit with actress Ruth Jones, who plays Flora.moreless
  • Wednesday 12th November 2008
    Mick Hucknall joins Adrian and Christine, as he celebrates 25 years of Simply Red. Anita Rani reports a form of domestic violence that you might not have heard of - parents being bullied by their own children. In her latest 'Control Room' film, Carol Kirkwood heads down to Southampton Docks to see how they steer clear of trouble 365 days a year. With kids playing indoors more and more, Gyles Brandreth looks at playgrounds. Iain Lee looks at being 60 and groovy.moreless
  • Tuesday 11th November 2008
    Rob Brydon, top comedian and star of the very successful series Gavin and Stacy, joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani reports that the police will reopen unsolved murder enquiries using the latest DNA technology. Mike Dilger looks at the rare and beautiful creature the sea horse and the work that is being done to increase their numbers. Today is Remembrance Day. Dan Snow looks at Wilfred Owen's poem "Dulce Et Decorum Est". Dan brings with him a WW1 'Day Book' a visitor's book in which families recorded their thoughts and experiences.moreless
  • Monday 10th November 2008
    Queen of daytime TV, Fern Britton, joins Christine and Adrian tonight. Justin Rowlatt looks at the problem of dangerous dogs. He meets one mum who thinks that current laws aren't working. David Lindo shows us how to keep hungry squirrels away from the bird feed. Ahead of Armistice Day, Dan Snow tells us the inspiring story of Walter Tull - the first black officer in the British Army. Mike Dilger went in search of the UK's rarest bird, the albatross.moreless
  • Friday 7th November 2008
    Amanda Burton joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Rav Wilding investigates the safety of foreign lorries on the country's roads. Many women's magazines have changed from bibles of baking to bibles of buff bodies. Angelica Bell reports on a new exhibition about how ladies' magazines have evolved. For the final Worst Time To Be British, Phil Tufnell takes us back to 1533, when Henry VIII destroyed Catholic churches and monastries. In his series on problem pets, Des Colman meets a tabby cat called Lola, who became aggressive after her owner got another cat.moreless
  • Thursday 6th November 2008
    Sporting legend Sir Ian Botham joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. With Remembrance Day coming up, Lucy Siegle looks at the power of symbols such as the poppy. Resident scientist Marty Jopson returns and this time he asks: Can an opera singer really break a glass with just her voice? The Eyam Plague was the focus of the penultimate Worst Time To Be British. Michael Mosley tells us how the deadly disease hit the Derbyshire village of Eyam in 1665 - and the famous story of the villagers' self sacrifice. Dom Littlewood and his sidekick 'Dim' travel to Liverpool's famous Penny Lane to collect pennies for Pudsey - except one of them doesn't quite make it there.moreless
  • Wednesday 5th November 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough. It might be Guy Fawkes Night for us, but there are fireworks on both sides of Atlantic. Hardeep Singh Kohli reports on Barack Obama's victory from one of the many US election parties going on over here. Justin Rowlatt looks into poaching in our countryside. David Attenborough has been voted the nation's favourite fantasy dinner guest. So he is thrown a special three-course meal... The poetry series continues with Phil Tufnell looking at the history behind "Remember, Remember". Hardeep returns to tell us his Worst Time To Be British - the Highland Clearances.moreless
  • Tuesday 4th November 2008
    Zoe Ball joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Dom Littlewood tells us about identity fraud and the ways we can protect ourselves from someone stealing our personal details. In the first of a new series, Carol Kirkwood goes behind the scenes of a water company. Harry Allen was one of the UK's last hangmen and Gyles Brandreth finds out what made men like Harry Allen commit to such an unusual career. Continuing the Worst Time To Be British series, John Sergeant takes us back to a period in the not too distant past, the Blitz. John meets Jean Trickett, who recalls hiding under the stairs during a raid and waking up under rubble.moreless
  • Monday 3rd November 2008
    Comedian and actor Bill Bailey join Christine and Adrian on tonight's show. Rav Wilding talks about the dangers of fireworks to 17-year-old Jake, who had been maimed by a firework. He investigates how shopkeepers are regularly going against trading standards and breaking the law by selling fireworks to under 18s. As Lewis Hamilton became the youngest person ever to win the World Championship this weekend, famous F1 commentator, Murray Walker takes a moment to tell the story of Mike Hawthorn, Britain's first F1 champion. Wildlife man, Mike Dilger takes at look at the incredible journey salmon make and found out exactly how high they can really jump. Justin Rowlatt looks at the Industrial Revolution and the effects of child labour in the 1840s in the series Worst Time To Be British.moreless
  • Friday 31st October 2008
    In a special Halloween edition of the show, Adrian and Christine are joined on the sofa by Frank 'Scary' Skinner. With the American elections looming, Andrew Neil sheds some light on what it means for us. Dominic Littlewood offers his advice to tackle Internet phishing, one of the biggest online banking scams. Angelica Bell investigates the story of Helen Duncan, who was a medium and mother of six and the last woman to be imprisoned under the 1735 Witchcraft Act. Christine Walkden and a massive pumpkin join the show.moreless
  • Thursday 30th October 2008
    Setting Adrian's pulse racing, much to Christine's amusement is Holby City's Amanda Mealing. Anita Rani examines why people are being tempted by loan sharks and the dangers involved. Hardeep Singh Kohli looks at Bond film 'baddies'. With Halloween approaching, Lucy Worsley tells us of the Pendle Witches who were executed in 1612. Gyles Brandreth heads to Brompton Cemetery to tell us about the stories buried within.moreless
  • Wednesday 29th October 2008
    Ricky Gervais star of The Office, Extras and now his new film Ghost Town joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Hardeep Singh Kohli looks at political correctness. Lucy Siegle goes behind the scenes to learn about the role of the production designer on the period drama Little Dorrit. Phil Tuffnell visits the Greatwood centre in Wiltshire. It brings together retired racehorses and children with special needs. Gyles Brandreth goes in search of the lost tradition of the Gang Show.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th October 2008
    Alastair Campbell joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Dr Sarah Jarvis opens up the discussion on mental health problems. Current affairs reporter Anita Rani, explores the recent controversy surrounding the canonisation of theologian Cardinal Newman. Wildlife man, Mike Dilger travels to Loch Garten in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 'Operation Osprey'. Michael Mosley has been answering some of the most pondered questions in modern science; Why does hair go grey? Why do cats purr? Where is the nearest black hole?moreless
  • Monday 27th October 2008
    Dawn French joins Adrian and Christine on tonight's show. Should corporal punishment be re-introduced? Anita Rani goes back to school to find out why one in five teachers believe the cane should be brought back. Iain Lee is on hand as the 'Senior Comedy Double Act Break Up Correspondent' to offer some cautionary advice to Dawn in a bid to encourage French and Saunders to stay together. Aubery Manning visits the Moray Firth, a coastline shored up by red sandstone. Miranda K talks about tortoises.moreless
  • Friday 24th October 2008
    Pop sensation and last year's Strictly Come Dancing winner Alesha Dixon is the guest on tonight's show. Anita Rani investigates near death encounters. It is the final day of Garden Watch. Mike and Miranda have been using modern technology to monitor the gardens of a Bristol cul-de-sac. Italian chef Aldo Zilli is on a mission to find truffles. Boffin Marty Jopson investigates astraphobia (it's the fear of thunder and lightning).moreless
  • Thursday 23rd October 2008
    The legendary Burt Bacharach, who has just opened the BBC's Electric Proms joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Dom Littlewood lets us in on the secret of the police force's Bumblebee Auctions website. It is an auction site where all our lost property, seized items and even shoplifted goods end up. Gyles Brandreth goes, once again in search of the things we have loved and lost in his series, You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone. This time he reports on the decline in the trusty milkman. A statue dedicated to one of Britain's best loved comics, Les Dawson, is unveiled in Lytham St Annes and The One Show is there to witness this fitting tribute. The fourth episode in Garden Watch with Mike Dilger and Miranda Krestovinikoff focuses on the common garden moth.moreless
  • Wednesday 22nd October 2008
    Fashion aficionados Trinny and Susannah join Adrian and Christine. They cast their expert eyes over Phil Tuffnel. Justin Rowlatt looks at the replacement for the Child Support Agency - the newly formed CMEC - The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission. Justin asks 'Will it make a difference?' Kirsten O'Brien looks into how much we spend on cosmetics. Phil heads to Bedford to ask Stella Good, 'What's on your wall?' With the help of Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic he draws up a psychological profile of Stella based on the paintings she owns. Mike and Miranda continue their mission to seek out the most exciting wildlife in the gardens of one street in Bristol.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st October 2008
    Singing sensation Daniel O'Donnell is Adrian and Christine's guest. Justin Rowlatt visits the village of Shotley in Suffolk where they've been running a good neighbour scheme. Mike and Miranda are back with the second instalment of Garden Watch. They are using modern technology to track down the animals in a typical suburban street. Gyles Brandreth sets out to discover whether there's any truth in the mother-in-law stereotype. Lucy Siegle visits a factory in Worcester to find out what inspired owner Ed Douglas Miller to recycle plastic cups and turn them into pencils.moreless
  • Monday 20th October 2008
    Christine and Adrian's guest is crime writer Ian Rankin - creator of Detective Inspector John Rebus. Ian visited Edinburgh, his adopted city. Garden Watch begins tonight. Every night this week Mike Dilger and Miranda Krestovnikoff are hunting out exciting wildlife in three Bristol gardens. St Paul's Cathedral celebrates its tri-centenary this week. Dan Snow looks back at Christopher Wren, its designer. Pennies for Pudsey launched today, too. As part of the Children in Need campaign, Carol Thatcher visits the Royal Mint to see just how it all adds up.moreless
  • Friday 17th October 2008
    Rick Stein joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Andrew Neil asks, "Will capitalism die?" He gathers opinions from three experts George Galloway, Claire Fox and Duncan Bannatyne. Marty Jopson is at The British Invention show at Alexandra Palace. He meets Bill Currie an avid inventor who demonstrated his latest project. Angelica Bell explores the history behind the poem and popular hymn, "Jerusalem". Many have suggested that this could be a possible national anthem.moreless
  • Thursday 16th October 2008
    Adrian Edmonson is Christine and Adrian's guest. He talks about his band "The Bad Shepherds". Rising unemployment is currently in the headlines. Anita Rani explores whether history will repeat itself in the wake of the economic climate. Top darts player Phil 'The Power' Taylor had his One Minute on The One Show. He gets in touch about his personal gripe; queue jumping, rudeness and general bad manners. The stag beetle makes an appearance on the show and kind-hearted Miranda Krestovnikoff takes it upon herself to explain why we should learn to love the tiny creature. Resident boffin Marty Jopson looks at the stories around fizz in drinks.moreless
  • Wednesday 15th October 2008
    Author Jackie Collins joins Adrian and Christine on the couch. She has sold more books than Charles Dickens. Anita Rani reports from Llanidloes in North Wales, where in these economically difficult times, the local council have decided to switch-off streetlights in the evenings. In the pursuit of yesteryear sensibilities Gyles Brandreth kicks off the new series 'You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone'. He reminisces about the original manual telephone exchanges and the sadly, often lacking, etiquette of telephone politeness. Letchworth in Hertfordshire's claim to fame is that it was the world's first garden city. Angellica Bell visits to see whether it really is the utopia it was intended to be.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th October 2008
    To mark the 50th anniversary of Blue Peter three presenters join Adrian and Christine on the show: Anthea Turner, Valerie Singleton and new presenter Helen Skelton. As the digital switchover draws closer to your area, Dom Littlewood reveals that some of us could soon be staring at a blank screen. Hardeep Singh Kohli introduces us to the five viewers who made up The One Show's book group as they read through the shortlist of The Man Booker Prize and select their own winner ahead of the real announcement later. Continuing with a series of Geology films Aubrey Manning heads to Hathersage in the Peak District.moreless
  • Monday 13th October 2008
    Richard Madeley is Adrian and Christine's guest. Justin Rowlatt reports on how advances in modern technology can make it easier to harass people. Royal Mail have launched a commemorative stamp for Marie Stopes and so Gyles Brandreth looks at the work of this pioneering woman who changed the face of family planning in this country. With some help from a new especially designed camera, intrepid wildlife reporter, Mike Dilger finds out what it is like to soar like an eagle. Neil Oliver uncovers the story behind one of the most familiar and useful books in the world, the Oxford English Dictionary.moreless
  • Friday 10th October 2008
    Adrian and Christine are visited by the quick tongued comedy genius that is Paul Merton. Dom Littlewood reports on 0% balance transfer offers on credit cards and some of their hidden pitfalls. In the final film on the Best Time to be British, Lucy Siegle time travels back to 1894, when the first holiday camp for men on the Isle of Man was created. Des Coleman meets a stubborn little pony called Posey who refuses to go into her box. Christine Walkden reports from a RHS plant bereavement centre, which supports owners who grieve for their dead plants.moreless
  • Thursday 9th October 2008
    Joining Adrian and Christine is Jonny Wilkinson. Rav Wilding, explores the concern that shoplifting is on the increase in parts if the country. To celebrate National Poetry Day, Roger McGough joins the show to talk about the poems he found in The One Show Poetry Corner on the blogs. Myleene Klass looks at the story behind one of our most popular songs, "Streets of London". History man, Dan Snow goes back in time to 1759 to look at the period he thinks it was the 'Best time to be British'.moreless
  • Wednesday 8th October 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by music legends Mick Fleetwood and Art Garfunkel. The global economy is in crisis. But have we seen it all before, or are we really heading for financial meltdown? Justin Rowlatt asks The One Show's very own three wise men for their opinions and advice. When was The Best Time To Be British? Tonight sees Gyles Brandreth visiting the 1100's and the birth of musical harmonies. Lucy Siegle looks into interesting ways of recycling in our Flash Trash film. She discovers how to get a tune out of a guitar made from plastic detergent bottles! Not only that but she challenges veteran guitarist Joe Brown to have a go.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th October 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Dame Helen Mirren. Dom Littlewood looks at fixed rate mortgages and told us how, even if your deal isn't due to end for six months, you can actually book ahead and fix your rate. Viewer, Sue Upton from Bexleyheath, has her One Minute On The One Show and shared her frustration with the public toilet cubicles she think are too small. In the second instalment of The Best Time To Be British, Christine Walkden transports us back to the early 1600's to learn about Britain's first celebrity gardener.moreless
  • Monday 6th October 2008
    Jamie Oliver joins Adrian and Christine to tell them why he's turned his attention to getting the whole nation to cook. Phil Tufnell found just how easy, or not, it is to cook. Accredited Persons are public service workers, who have been given the powers to stop, search and fine you in the street. Justin Rowlatt witnesses how it is working on the streets of Colchester. To mark the Best Time To Be British series, the show gets a time machine to travel back in time. Mike Dilger takes us to Darwin and The Victorian Age of Exploration. Marty Jopson gets on the case to find out why toast always lands butter-side down when you drop it?moreless
  • Friday 3rd October 2008
    Julie Walters joins Adrian and Christine. Lucy Siegle lives the frugal life with the help of pensioner Innes who has lived through the days of rationing so has a thing or two to teach Lucy. Neil Oliver goes to Birmingham 's legendary jewellery quarter to tell its fascinating story. The show speaks to a group that is campaigning for the first ever Granny's Charter. Christine Walkden looks at the humble tomato and how technology is ensuring we get this popular salad ingredient, on our plates, all year round. As John Sergeant prepares for his second dance in Strictly Come Dancing, Justin Rowlatt does some tough talking before John strutts his stuff.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd October 2008
    The King of Bloopers, Denis Norden joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Eleven year-old Anna Schofield sets out on a mission to show adults how to use apostrophes. Phil Tufnell continues his series on images that have captured the public's imagination and money. This time he speaks to the photographer, Martin Elliot, who took the cheeky 1977 Tennis Girl photograph. Dom Littlewood looks at innovative ways of cutting down the cost of running a car, converting used cooking oil in to biodiesel. Des Coleman heads to Leicester to meet Macaws Marvin and Molly, who are driving their owners mad with attacks and incessant screaming.moreless
  • Wednesday 1st October 2008
    Stephen Fry joins Adrian and Christine to tell them why he loves America. On the day that the National Minimum Wage rose to £5.73, Anita Rani looks at its history and asks despite the rise is it really enough to live on nowadays? As celebrations for Eid, one of the biggest festivals in the Islamic calendar, are underway Neil Oliver visits one of Britain's first mosques in Liverpool. Science man, Marty Jopson gets to the heart of those age-old scientific myths that we often believe. This time he looks at the rumours about mobile phones.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th September 2008
    Ian Hislop joins Adrian and Christine. Gyles Brandreth looks at the power of political wives and whether they can they make or break their men's careers. With the news of people living longer, Anita Rani travels to Liverpool and looks at the gap in life expectancy between two parts of the city. Last week it was Cumbernauld and this week Lucy Siegle puts the spotlight on Birmingham Central library. With autumn nearly upon us Miranda Krestovinikoff gives us tips on what wildlife to look out for. And she travels to Norfolk and sees how bird-watchers are exploding the myths that Waders leave the UK for sunnier climes.moreless
  • Monday 29th September 2008
    Comedienne Meera Syal joins Adrian and Christine on the show. Dom Littlewood meets viewer Christine Bryers who wrote in to tell us about her struggle to clear a small debt with a credit company which would not accept her husband had died. Dr Sarah Jarvis opens her Curious Complaints surgery to look at hiccups - Chris Sands has not stopped for over a year. Mike Dilger spots some Dragonflies that would ordinarily be in sunnier climes.moreless
  • Friday 26th September 2008
    Jon Culshaw joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. With the credit crunch well and truly biting, Dom Littlewood looks into the paydays loans, short term solutions designed to help finances stretch to the end of the month. Christine Walkden gets behind the beetroot. In the final film of the Sleep Watch series Michael Mosley explores the concept that the older you get the less sleep you seem to need. Former cricketer-turned-art fanatic Phil Tuffnel looks at Sunflowers, in his series on pieces of art that have influenced popular culture. After giving John a good send-off The One Show has to do the same for Christine. Dance partner Matt is also on hand with the 'family' to wish Christine good luck, as she trips the light fantastic with her Strictly Come Dancing first dance.moreless
  • Thursday 25th September 2008
    Liam Neeson graces the sofa in the studio with Adrian and Christine. Man on a mission to help the nation sleep better, Michael Mosley, returns to investigate sleep apnoea. He meets Delia, a lady who while sleeping stops breathing roughly once per minute. Rav Wilding reports on the serious issue of Caravan Crime. Aubrey Manning takes us to Bath and discovers why most of the city's buildings are built out of a honey coloured limestone called Bath stone.moreless
  • Wednesday 24th September 2008
    Tonight Christopher Biggins, King of the Jungle and everyone's favourite pantomime dame joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. We hear from Lucy Siegle who has visited the town dubbed 'the ugliest town in Britain' - Cumbernauld in Scotland. Dom Littlewood is once again investigating energy grants. He reveals a new government scheme that more people than you might think might benefit from. On the dawn of a new exhibition marking the 90th anniversary of the WW1 armistice, Gyles Brandreth goes to meet a 112-year old veteran, a former RNAS flyer. Michael Mosley's sleep watch continues and in the third film we find out about the hundreds of dust mites that can live in your bed.moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd September 2008
    Gethin Jones is the guest on the sofa with Christine and Adrian. In a TV first, The One Show interviews a serving MI6 officer on camera. Justin Rowlatt, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Lucy Siegle are put through their paces as if they were real MI6 candidates. Sleep Watch continues, with Michael Mosley meeting a lady whose night terrors are keeping her up all night. Did you know that Sherwood Forest was once rich with oil? Neil Oliver uncovers the story of how a group of Oklahoma oilmen drilled thousands of barrels of black gold out of the forest.moreless
  • Monday 22nd September 2008
    Bette Midler joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. The week-long look at the subject of sleep kicks off tonight. Michael Mosley follows a doctor whose night shifts are playing havoc with her sleep patterns. We start by finding out whether she is an owl or a lark. The show tracks down some newts and even got some in the studio. They are one of the rarest amphibians in Britain. Thanks to conservation groups like Froglife they are still thriving in certain areas.moreless
  • Friday 19th September 2008
    Elaine Paige joins Adrian and Christine to talk about her long-standing career. Dr Sarah Jarvis goes to the one of the noisiest streets in Britain to conduct an experiment by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People to find out the impact of people playing their personal stereos and MP3 players too loud. The Wildlife Rescue feature with Mike Dilger at Wildlife Aid in Surrey ends with us finding out whether the fox does make the recovery. Phil Tufnell looks at the mass-market masterpiece that is the "Chinese Girl" by Tretchikoff. There are more prints of it than of the Mona Lisa. The show gives John Sergeant a fine send-off as he gears up to start on Strictly Come Dancing.moreless
  • Thursday 18th September 2008
    The 60's icon Twiggy joins Adrian and Christine. Anita Rani travels to the fat hotspot Medway in Kent and finds out about a new scheme to tackle obesity called Fat Factor. The latest in Hardeep Singh Koli's series where he sleeps in the houses of the dead famous continues. This time it is Thomas Hardy's turn. Meanwhile it seems the fox with a gut infection featured on the Wildlife Rescue films made at Wildlife Aid in Surrey touched many people. In the fourth episode, Mike Dilger finds out whether the fox survived and sees how badger cubs learned to feed themselves.moreless
  • Wednesday 17th September 2008
    David Gest is in the studio. Anita Rani talks to a man who claims staying young is more than science fiction. There is an update on the injured fox in the wildlife feature.
  • Tuesday 16th September 2008
    Michelle Ryan is in the studio to promote the first series of Merlin. Paul Zenon also guests.
  • Monday 15th September 2008
    Jose Carreras visits the studio following his performance at the Proms in the Park. There is a feature on British style.
  • Friday 5th September 2008
    Alan Shearer is in the studio. Sir Patrick Moore discusses why recreating the Big Bang could reveal secrets about the universe. Lucy Siegle looks at clothes swapping parties.
  • Thursday 4th September 2008
    Bryn Terfel visits the studio to discuss music of the British Isles. Wendy Holden explains her feelings on virtual books.
  • Wednesday 3rd September 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Richard Attenborough. Phil Tufnell reports.
  • Tuesday 2nd September 2008
    Clarissa Dickson Wright visits the studio to talk about bankruptcy.
    There is also a report on what happened to Oliver Cromwell after he died.
  • Monday 1st September 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Lorraine Kelly. Reports by Gyles Brandreth, Mike Dilger and Phil Tufnell.
  • Friday 29th August 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Bill Oddie and Max Flint. Michael Douglas reports.
  • Tuesday 26th August 2008
    Sam Roddick and Michael Stipe join Adrian and Christine. Reports by Gyles Brandreth, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Phil Tufnell.
  • Monday 25th August 2008
    Rick Wakeman joins Adrian and Christine.
  • Friday 1st August 2008
    Steve Punt joins Christine and Adrian. Reports are from Gyles Brandreth, Mike Dilger, Michael Douglas, Carol Kirkwood and Miranda Krestovnikoff.
  • Thursday 31st July 2008
    Ian Lavender joins Christine and Adrian. Reports by Mike Dilger, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Dominic Littlewood, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Carol Thatcher.
  • Thursday 26th June 2008
    Bernard Cribbins joins Christine and guest presenter Matthew Wright. Carol Thatcher reports.
  • Wednesday 25th June 2008
    Lesley Garrett joins Christine and guest presenter Matthew Wright. Justin Rowlatt reports.
  • Thursday 29th May 2008
    Loyd Grossman joins Adrian and Christine and Hardeep Singh Kohli reports.
  • Tuesday 27th May 2008
    Tuesday 27th May 2008
    Episode 102
    Robert Powell joins Adrian and Christine tonight.
  • Friday 23rd May 2008
    Friday 23rd May 2008
    Episode 100
    Anthony Head joins Adrian and Christine tonight.
  • Friday 16th May 2008
    Tom Conti joins Adrian and Christine tonight. Reports are presented from Carol Kirkwood, Neil Oliver, Lucy Siegle and Phil Tufnell.
  • Thursday 15th May 2008
    Terry Pratchett joins Adrian and Christine tonight.
  • Wednesday 14th May 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Kevin Warwick.
  • Thursday 24th April 2008
    Zoe Lucker joins Adrian and Christine.
  • Monday 21st April 2008
    Jonty Stern joins Adrian and Christine.
  • Tuesday 15th April 2008
    Pam Ayres joins Adrian and Christine and Justin reports.
  • Monday 14th April 2008
    Christine and Adrian are joined by Dave Gorman. Angellica and Justin present reports.
  • Wednesday 26th March 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Arlene Phillips and William Hanson. Dominic Littlewood reports.
  • Wednesday 27th February 2008
    Christine and Adrian are joined by LoveShy and by Max Callum as a Boy Band Lookalike.
  • Thursday 14th February 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Westlife. Also as Eurovision 2008 nears, there is an interview with Ireland's entry - Dustin the Turkey.
  • Wednesday 13th February 2008
    Liza Minelli joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa.
  • Friday 1st February 2008
    Wildlife expert David Attenborough joins Christine Bleakley and guest host Nick Knowles on the One Show sofa.
  • Wednesday 30th January 2008
    Lulu chats to Adrian and Christine. Plus, there are reports on gold investing and 'Kung Fu' pensioners.
  • Tuesday 29th January 2008
    Actor and presenter Nicholas Parsons joins Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles on the sofa.
  • Friday 11th January 2008

    Ellie Harrison meets an animal lover who teaches swans to fly, the team visit the oldest record shop in the Cardiff, Lenny Henry helps to celebrate Liverpool and Justin Rowlatt looks at how we fell in love with the Millennium Dome.

  • Thursday 10th January 2008
    Countdown's Carol Vorderman talks to Adrian and Christine about how to eat yourself 'clever'. Ellie Harrison reports on a man who lives with wolves and Adam Hart-Davis tries to encourage us to get inventing.
  • Wednesday 9th January 2008

    Adrian and Christine present another edition of the magazine series.

  • Tuesday 8th January 2008
    Gyles Brandreth enlists the help of Lynda La Plante to look at the popularity of crime novels. Ellie Harrison talks to a woman who keeps bats in her kitchen. Neil Oliver looks into the true story of the girls of St Trinians.
  • Monday 7th January 2008
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Masterchef's Gregg Wallace and John Torode. Ellie Harrison looks at growing problem on abandoned dogs. Dominic Littlewood looks at how to make divorces less expensive.
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