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Episode Guide

  • Tuesday 30th June 2009
    Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and guests celebrate all that is good about the country in which we live, with reports on stories from around the UK.
  • Monday 29th June 2009
    Monday 29th June 2009
    Episode 125
    Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and guests celebrate all that is good about the country in which we live, with reports on stories from around the UK.
  • Friday 26th June 2009
    Friday 26th June 2009
    Episode 124
    Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and guests celebrate all that is good about the country in which we live, with reports on stories from around the UK.
  • Thursday 25th June 2009
    Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and guests celebrate all that is good about the country in which we live, with reports on stories from around the UK.
  • Wednesday 24th June 2009
    Jo Brand guests in the studio and George McGavin looks at the infestation of booklice.
  • Tuesday 23rd June 2009
    Brian Conley guests in the studio, plus a report on the perils of ignoring the 'small print'.
  • Monday 22nd June 2009
    Monday 22nd June 2009
    Episode 120
    Des O'Connor guests in the studio. George McGavin finds out what creepy crawlies love to invade our houses.
  • Friday 19th June 2009
    Friday 19th June 2009
    Episode 119
    Graham Norton joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. With the British Grand Prix being held this weekend Jenson Button invites Christine down to Silverstone for a drive around the world famous track. Lucy Siegle looks back to the 70s to see why home brewing was so popular. Dom Littlewood goes pot-holing in South Wales – looking for pot-holes in the roads, that is. Gyles Brandreth takes a walk through the Malvern Hills, countryside that was home to Elgar, one of the greatest English composers.moreless
  • Thursday 18th June 2009
    Joining Adrian and Christine in the studio is funny man Alan Carr. Lucy Siegle investigates nostalgia and asks whether it is a thing of the past as advertisers are increasingly using times-gone-by to sell their wares. Miranda Krestovnikoff travels to Devon to meet professional falconer Jonathan Marshall. Jonathan is an extreme sports enthusiast who flies alongside Samson his golden eagle. Dom Littlewood asks Walter Merricks, Chief Financial Ombudsman for tips on how to deal with a financial dispute. Marty Jopson is on hand with the big question of the day, 'Which is better, butter or margarine?'moreless
  • Wednesday 17th June 2009
    Food fanatics Sue Perkins and Giles Coren join Adrian and Christine in the studio tonight. It has been reported that sprouts have been banned from HMS Bulwark for being the "devil's vegetable". The show investigates. Matt Allwright asks about racial divisions in Luton. Ellie Harrison completes her set of films about animal policing at Heathrow airport. Paddy O'Connell looks at the truth behind swine flu. It is Christmas in June for Michael Mosley. He tells us it is in the stars.moreless
  • Tuesday 16th June 2009
    Actor Nigel Harman joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Tracy Edwards examines the reality of life after bankruptcy and explores why its stigma is often so difficult to shake off. Ellie Harrison visits the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow Airport. Rav Wilding zooms in on CCTV cameras across the country. Dr Sarah Jarvis looks at men's attitudes towards their health. Des Coleman reveals where Phil Tufnell's artwork will hang for a month.moreless
  • Monday 15th June 2009
    Monday 15th June 2009
    Episode 115
    Adrian and Christine are joined by the Man from U.N.C.L.E himself, actor David McCallum. The meaning of respect is examined and the show asks what lengths young people will go to earn it. History man Dan Snow looks back at the decoys used in World War II that saved countless lives by misleading the German bombers. Anita Rani investigates how fraudsters are targeting the over sixties, leaving many seriously out of pocket. Ellie Harrison goes behind-the-scenes at London's Heathrow Airport with the team that inspects shipments of animals that come into the country.moreless
  • Friday 12th June 2009
    Friday 12th June 2009
    Episode 114
    Craig and Charlie Reid from The Proclaimers join Adrian and Christine in the studio. Heather Rabbatts investigates the gender pay gap. In the final British Scams film, John Sergeant introduces us to William-Henry Ireland, who tried to pass off his own work as previously undiscovered Shakespeare plays. Gyles Brandreth tells us about the demise of traditional lullabies. Marty Jopson compares dishwashing machines to washing up by hand. Adrian and Christine also go out and about asking whether it is personality or physique that women look for in men.moreless
  • Thursday 11th June 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined in the studio by singer and songwriter Neil Sedaka. Kate Silverton investigates the cost of cosmetic laser treatments. Gyles Brandreth explains that an honour is not always welcomed by those who are offered it. All this week the show is looking at the UK's biggest scams and fakes. Tonight Andrew Neil explains how a set of dodgy diaries alleged to have been written by Hitler, caused a furore. Miranda Krestovnikoff travels to the Cairngorms in search of the Scottish wildcat.moreless
  • Wednesday 10th June 2009
    Joining Adrian and Christine on the sofa is actor Peter Bowles. Lucy Siegle asked whether we should still be eating tuna fish. In our British Scams week, Dom Littlewood roots out the writer dubbed the greatest liar of all time. Anita Rani investigates how hospital chaplains are paid. Should the NHS continue to foot the bill for this service? To give us some essential advice on how much water we should be drinking, Dr Sarah Jarvis is on hand in the studio.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th June 2009
    Tuesday 9th June 2009
    Episode 111
    Adrian and Christine are joined in the studio by Lionel Blair. He is celebrating 60 years in entertainment. Dom Littlewood reports about winning an important battle against an insurance giant on behalf of viewer Mike Holmes. Phil Tufnell is at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition to see which artworks are fit to hang. Christopher Biggins investigates the curious case of the diminishing chocolate bars. Mike Dilger presents the second of our films on scams. Piltdown Man was under the spotlight.moreless
  • Monday 8th June 2009
    Monday 8th June 2009
    Episode 110
    Lionel Richie joins Adrian and Christine and also sings live at the end of the show. Anita Rani investigates on the growing numbers of men that are taking steroids. A week of 'scam' films begins with Lucy Siegle meeting John Myatt, the artist who was involved in one of the biggest art frauds of the 20th century. Des Coleman goes 'solo' with Ray Jackson, the man behind the mandolin solo in Maggie May.moreless
  • Friday 5th June 2009
    Friday 5th June 2009
    Episode 109
    Adrian and Christine are joined on the sofa by comedian Michael McIntyre. Dom Littlewood pays a visit to Downing Street, Preston, to ask the residents what they think the future holds for Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Anita Rani goes to both Newcastle and Burnley to look at how a football club's success and failure can affect the local economy. Dan Snow talks about the history of the relationship between the British and French. Angelica Bell visits Hayling Island in Hampshire, the birthplace of windsurfing. Dr. Sarah Jarvis examines the science behind embarrassment.moreless
  • Thursday 4th June 2009
    Zoe Ball joins Adrian and Christine tonight. Anita Rani reports on the rise of the middle-class shoplifter. Former Gurkhas have won the right to stay in the Britain and Gyles Brandreth looks at the struggles ahead of the veterans. Des Coleman celebrates the piccolo trumpet solo that stars in the Beatles' song "Penny Lane". Dan Snow investigates the story behind the first London blitz in World War I when German airmen used Zeppelins to drop bombs on London.moreless
  • Wednesday 3rd June 2009
    Celebrity Chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Hugh's campaign matches people who want to grow vegetables with people who own plots of land. Reality TV is debated by guests Ruby Wax, Nick Ferrari and Trisha Goddard. Christine Walkden discovers how the UK grows some of the best asparagus in the world. Lucy Siegle visits Wensleydale to see how the community has banded together to regenerate the village. Gyles Brandreth investigates why hats are having a resurgence in popularity.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd June 2009
    Tuesday 2nd June 2009
    Episode 106
    Film buff and cricket fan, Barry Norman, joins Adrian and Christine. Tim Harford explores the power of weather forecasts. Lucy Siegle visits Penderyn in South Wales, which is a village that has turned itself around by distilling whisky. Hardeep Singh Kohli investigates the rise and fall of the pressure cooker. Phil Tufnell visits the Royal Academy to submit his painting for the Summer Exhibition.moreless
  • Monday 1st June 2009
    Monday 1st June 2009
    Episode 105
    Kirsty Young joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Piers Morgan talks about Scottish singer Susan Boyle and her time on Britain's Got Talent. Kirsty reports on the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence, which is a case that is at the heart of tomorrow's Crimewatch on BBC One. Lucy Siegle visits the community village shop in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk, which has been brought back from the brink of closure. Miranda Krestovnikoff tells us about a project in East Devon that is battling to save water voles.moreless
  • Friday 29th May 2009
    Friday 29th May 2009
    Episode 104
    Lead singer and song writer for The Kinks, Ray Davies joins Christine and Adrian to talk about his new album which features new versions of old Kinks classics. Des Coleman talks to Ray to find out the inspiration behind his greatest hit, Waterloo Sunset. Sarah Jarvis presents the final episode in the Clinic of Curious Complaints where she visits Blackpool to meet Pat, a lady who suffers from belly button odour. While the high streets are suffering in the recession, pawnbrokers are having something of a resurgence, Lucy Siegle investigates why. Dom Littlewood looks into how booking holiday excursions separately can leave you less protected than you think.moreless
  • Thursday 28th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined in the studio by comedian Stephen K. Amos. Gyles Brandreth investigates whether we should adopt the American system of politics. Dominic Littlewood visits Pontypridd in Wales to see how Debt Relief Orders work. Architectural historian Jonathan Foyle looks back on the Belfast sink. On the third day of the 'Curious Complaints' week, Dr Sarah Jarvis examines some viewers for halitosis.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th May 2009
    Alesha Dixon joins Adrian and Christine. Matt Allwright talks about strokes and the importance of acting fast to get the victim the right treatment. Jon Culshaw meets two of the UK's top political cartoonists. Dandruff is tonight's 'Curious Complaint', Dr Sarah Jarvis looks at symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Phil Tufnell reminisces about the swimming pool safety poster that was famous in the 1970s.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th May 2009
    Tuesday 26th May 2009
    Episode 101
    Jerry Springer joins Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley in the studio. Anita Rani reports on the military veterans facing up to life after Iraq. In the first of this week's 'Curious Complaints films', Dr Sarah Jarvis meets a female viewer with excess facial hair. Ellie Harrison travels to Scotland to tell us about Bamse, the St Bernard dog who became a World War II hero. Adrian Chiles asks palaeontologist Jørn Hurum about 'Ida', the beautifully preserved 47-million-year-old primate fossil.moreless
  • Friday 22nd May 2009
    Friday 22nd May 2009
    Episode 100
    Alistair McGowan joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Quadriplegic sailor Hilary Lister is attempting to sail around Britain and the show catches up with her progress. Novelist and former actress Reina James talks about growing up with her father, Sid James. Matt Allwright travels to Dudley to meet homeowners on a private housing estate where some of the properties have become social housing. Dom Littlewood celebrates motorcycle racing's 100th birthday.moreless
  • Thursday 21st May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined on the sofa by veteran actor Tony Curtis. Matt Allwright and Gloria Hunniford tell us about the grandparents who are calling for more legal rights to see their grandchildren. Dom Littlewood investigates reduced credit card limits. Celebrating 100 years of the Cinematograph Act, Gyles Brandreth looks at how films moved from the fairground to the cinema. Mike Dilger talks about arctic terns.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined on the sofa by science supremo Johnny Ball and actress Denise Welch. Studio guest Jenny Bashford leads the discussion on older mothers. Continuing the '100 years of...' reports, Lucy Siegle visits the Science Museum in London which is celebrating its birthday in June. Dom Littlewood tells us about building your own home. Phil Tufnell is in Nuneaton to meet local hero Linda O'Raw who has raised millions of pounds for her local hospital.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Madness singer, Suggs. Ex-policeman Rav Wilding talks about the devastating consequences of hit and run incidents. Matt Allwright reports on the pollution that is blighting many of our lives, noise pollution. Michael Mosley finds out if listening to classical music while we work, really does increase our productivity. Phil Tufnell marks 100 years of the toaster.moreless
  • Monday 18th May 2009
    Robert Webb joins Adrian and Christine. Historian Piers Brendon asks the people of Nottingham for their views on MPs' expenses. As the BBC's Poetry Season kicks off, former poetry slam champion Elvis McGonagall is in the studio to recite a verse or two. Matt Allwright visits Shepton Mallet in Somerset to discover why so many of its high street stores are closing down. Hardeep Singh Kohli examines the pros and cons of the British jury system. As part of the '100 years' series, Des Colman visits Swindon, home of what could be the most dramatic roundabout in Britain - the "Magic Roundabout".moreless
  • Friday 15th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Henry Winkler, best known as the Fonz. Gyles Brandreth looks at the long-running row over MPs' expenses. Anita Rani reports on alleged paternity fraud. Hardeep Singh Kohli finds out what handwriting says about our personalities. Des Coleman tells us about "earworms", the tunes that stick in your head.moreless
  • Thursday 14th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Dervla Kirwan. With Joanna Lumley's recent success as a political campaigner, Matt Allwright sees just how successful celebrities can be in politics. Lucy Siegle investigates dangerous hair dye. Hardeep Singh Kohli presented the first of two films on handwriting. George McGavin went to Bristol to introduce us to some special slow worms.moreless
  • Wednesday 13th May 2009
    Sir David Attenborough joins Adrian and Christine. Adrian, Christine and Mike Dilger attempt to break World Records. Matt Alwright looks at overpopulation. Wildlife expert Mike Dilger meets scientists studying the properties of spiders' super-strong silkand looks at the crisis in the amphibian world, a killer fungus that is infecting the world's newts, frogs and toads. Gyles Brandreth looks at the history of British record breaking. Trisha Goddard takes us on a tour of the house where she grew up in Surrey. Lucy Siegle investigates critical illness insurance. Phil Tufnell meets one of the show's 'local heroes'. John Buist is a 73 year old boxer from Grangemouth in Scotland and as head coach of the local boxing club he gets young people off the streets and into sport.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th May 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by pop star Lily Allen. John Sergeant looks at how to be gracious in defeat. Dom Littlewood investigated the legal aid system. Billy Bragg looks back to the launch of Two Tone Records. Carol Kirkwood investigates 60 years of weather reporting.
  • Monday 11th May 2009
    Julie Goodyear, Coronation Street's favourite barmaid, joins Adrian and Christine. Dom Littlewood looks at pension annuities. Christine Walkden travels to Portsmouth Football Club to meet England and Portsmouth goalkeeper David James to chat about the new allotment that has been set up next to the stadium. Dan Snow visits the Jersey war tunnels, a reminder of the occupation of the island during World War II. George McGavin travels to Slough to meet a family that has been plagued by a mouldy bathroom for seven years.moreless
  • Friday 8th May 2009
    Friday 8th May 2009
    Episode 90
    Clive James joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Paddy O'Connell goes to Mensa HQ to find out about IQ. Matt Allwright travels to Coldharbour village near Dorking and investigates on-shore oil exploration. Michael Mosley finds out if having a cold shower really help strengthen our immune systems. Mike Dilger goes to the North Pennines to get a closer look at one of Britain's rarest and weirdest birds; the black grouse.moreless
  • Thursday 7th May 2009
    Geri Haliwell joins Adrian and Christine. Mariella Frostrup investigates Cornish writer Daphne Du Maurier. Paddy O'Connell meets parents in Corby who believe their children were born with deformities due to the Council's negligence in clearing toxic waste. Miranda Krestovnikoff is in Plymouth investigating the importance of ocean plankton. Michael Mosley looks to see if toxins really are got rid of by sweating.moreless
  • Wednesday 6th May 2009
    Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley are joined by Rory Bremner in the studio. Also Gary Morecambe tells us what it was like growing up with his famous father, Eric Morecambe and Adrian and Christine attempt the classic Morecombe and Wise breakfast sketch. The recovery of a rare turtle called Willy is followed on the show by Mike Dilger. Lucy Siegle examines hospital car park charges. Gyles Brandreth investigates the story of the photo that was used by Dr Barnardo in the 1870s to make his charity known to the public.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th May 2009
    Arthur Smith joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Dom Littlewood meets homeowners faced with the problem of negative equity. Angellica Bell learns about the latest hair replacement techniques. Mike Dilger looks for the well-camouflaged cuttlefish. Phil Tufnell looks back at one of the greatest days in the history of sport on 6th May 1954, the day Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile.moreless
  • Monday 4th May 2009
    Monday 4th May 2009
    Episode 86
    Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, and UK Eurovision Song Contest contender, Jade Ewan join Adrian and Christine in the studio. Matt Allwright looks at how property repossessions are not only a problem for homeowners, but for tenants too. Michael Mosley goes to Gortin Glen, Northern Ireland, to look at the mysterious world of magic hills, or magnetic hills as they're known to scientists. Marty Jopson continues his series on eureka buildings, this time he travels to Leeds where the father of motion pictures, Louis Le Prince, had his eureka moment with cinema cameras. Gyles Brandreth looks at twin towns and asks who really benefits from them.moreless
  • Friday 1st May 2009
    Friday 1st May 2009
    Episode 85
    Former Men Behaving Badly star, Neil Morrissey joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Sarah Jarvis presents a film about typhoid. Christine Walkden looks at mushroom cultivation. Christine demonstrates how to plant chillies. Matt Allwright looks at the influence the Mods have had on today's Britain. Mike and Miranda travel to Surrey to create a pond and then they went head-to-head in the studio in the DIY bird box challenge.moreless
  • Thursday 30th April 2009
    Juliet Stevenson joins Adrian and Christine in today's show. Gerald Ratner takes a look at reputations, and how to turn them around. Sandi Toksvig talked about the competition for Poet Laureate. Miranda Krestovnikoff travelled to Cornwall to look at coastal wildlife. Germaine Greer looked at the history of laundry.
  • Wednesday 29th April 2009
    Christine and Adrian are joined by Gary Lineker and his partner Danielle Bux. Adrian and Christine perform their version of the classic Morecombe and Wise comedy breakfast sketch. Dan Snow looks back at the 65th anniversary of a World War II tragedy, the deaths of soldiers rehearsing for the D-Day landings, on Slapton Sands on the Devon coast. Dom Littlewood asks whether people are being fully informed of the risks of laser eye surgery. Anita Rani looks into the history of violence towards children by other children. Hardeep Singh Kohli asks whether celebrity chefs have revolutionised our kitchens. Janet Street Porter goes back to her old school to see what memories come back. John Sergeant meets up with bus-spotters Adam Smith and Paul Godding.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th April 2009
    Martin Shaw joins Adrian and Christine today. Austin Mitchell and Michael Portillo present opposing views on Margaret Thatcher's' legacy on the 30th anniversary of her being elected as Prime Minister. Hardeep Singh Kohli and Rav Wilding talk about citizen's arrests. Dom Littlewood looks into the changes to the state pension system that came into effect in April 2009. Angelica Bell looks to prove the theory of 'six degrees of separation'.moreless
  • Monday 27th April 2009
    Actress and author Brenda Blethyn joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Matt Allwright looks into some of the health risks associated with working nightshifts. James Patterson encourages more fathers to read to their children. Miranda Krestovnikoff has a go at 'electro-fishing' for pike. Phil Tufnell asks are men really better drivers than women?moreless
  • Friday 24th April 2009
    Clarke Peters, star of The Wire, joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Marty Jopson looks at pinhole cameras. Dom Littlewood investigates credit card charges. For the finale of Memory Week, Michael Mosley examines the links between memory and smell. Sally Gunnell talks about how the modern marathon came to be as it is the London Marathon on Sunday.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd April 2009
    Ricky Tomlinson joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Arthur Smith asks whether the English are too embarrassed to celebrate being English as today is St George's Day? Angellica Bell travels to Hastings, where Robert Tressell wrote 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'. Mike Dilger investigates the squirrel hair traps being used to monitor the populations of red and grey squirrels. Michael Mosley explores the condition of face blindness.moreless
  • Wednesday 22nd April 2009
    Sir Michael Caine, child actor Bill Milner and musician Midge Ure join Adrian and Christine today. Christine and Adrian vie with each other to see who will sing at the end of the programme. Matt Allwright looks at the growing number of Britons resorting to gang masters and the minimum wage work they provide to pay the bills. Memory Week continues and Michael Mosley looks at the effects of flashbulb memories. Des Coleman talked to Midge Ure about the story behind 'Vienna', one of Ultravox's most famous songs. Lucy Siegle meet a couple in Cambridgeshire who opted for equity release, but found that they worse off than when they started. Miranda Krestovnikoff went to Chester to meet scientists inspired by shark skin, to make suits that will help us swim faster.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st April 2009
    Jason Isaacs join Adrian and Christine today. Gyles Brandreth looks at the artwork of Adolf Hitler and wonders who would collect these pieces. Dom Littlewood visits Wychbold, Worcestershire, a town hit by a credit card fraud scam. Michael Mosley meets Claire who has amnesia and he discovers how she copes. Mike Dilger talks about lampreys.moreless
  • Monday 20th April 2009
    Elvis Costello, award winning singer-songwriter of 'Oliver's Army' and 'Alison' joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Toby Young looks into the come-back of the posh politician. Gyles Brandreth goes to Aldeburgh, Suffolk, to see what inspired Sir Benjamin Britten to compose Peter Grimes. All week Michael Mosley is investigating human memory and today he focuses on what memory is and how we can improve it. Dom Littlewood tests an office in Cardiff to see how much money can be saved by taking a packed lunch to work.moreless
  • Friday 17th April 2009
    Sandi Toksvig joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani investigates Manchester's anti-gun crime measures. Hardeep Singh Kohli talks to David Cooke, Director of the British Board of Film Classification and film critic Jason Solomons about film classifications. Phil Tufnell looks at the distractions that make driving dangerous. Jamie Crawford trekked across Snowdonia National Park and attempted to photograph some elusive mountain goats.moreless
  • Thursday 16th April 2009
    Stephen Tompkinson joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Gyles Brandreth looks at the British bobby. Dom Littlewood investigates a timeshare scam. As it is almost the 40th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston becoming the first man to sail around the world non-stop, Sir Matthew Pinsent celebrates British sailing. Exmoor National Park deer were the subject of Jamie Crawford's photography mission.moreless
  • Wednesday 15th April 2009
    Jackie Stewart joins Adrian and Christine in studio. He takes us back to the house in Milton, Dumbarton where he grew up. Matt Allwright looks at the Human Rights Act, which is now ten years old. Hilary Kay of theAntiques Road Show goes to Derby to look at Dinky Toys. Jamie Crawford continues his wildlife photography, this time with ducks.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th April 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Martin Clunes in the studio. Leslie Ash looks at cosmetic clinic facial fillers. Jamie Crawford continues his series on how to take great wildlife photos. Tonight he is photographing red kites in the Brecon Beacons. Hardeep Singh Kohli encourages us all to start booking British holidays. John Sergeant meets chimney pot fanatic Lance Bates from Stoke on Trent.moreless
  • Monday 13th April 2009
    Chris de Burgh join Adrian and Christine on the sofa. All this week photographer Jamie Crawford will be trying to capture some of the UK's best wildlife on camera. Today he tries to get the best possible shots of squirrels. Melanie Sykes celebrated the history of the compilation album. Lucy Siegle looks into car hibernation. Scientist, Marty Jopson, visits the building and the apple tree in which Sir Isaac Newton made some of his discoveries.moreless
  • Friday 10th April 2009
    Sir Ben Kingsley joins Christine and Adrian in the studio. Dan Snow looks into the history of the radar. Phil Tuffnell investigates motorway queues. Paddy O'Connell meets the Whiteheads, a couple which have adopted two children from Guatemala. Angellica Bell asks if we have lost the traditional Easter.
  • Thursday 9th April 2009

    Singer Carole King joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Hardeep Singh Kohli looks at 'spot fines', by the police. Dom Littlewood investigates whether tumble dryers can be dangerous. Mike Dilger finds out how owl flight has inspired modern scientific design. Former Catholic Herald Editor Cristina Odone argues against the legalisation of assisted suicide.

  • Wednesday 8th April 2009
    John Simpson, the war correspondent, is Adrian and Christine's guest in the studio. Sandy Toksvig asks why some artists put their life on the line for their art. Dominic Littlewood meets the Donaldsons from Belfast who had issues with a budget airline. Marty Jopson is in Berkley, Gloucestershire visiting the home of Edward Jenner, the 18th century scientist who invented one of the earliest vaccines. John Sergeant examines 'mouth feel', which is how food feels in your mouth.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th April 2009
    Armando Iannucci, the satirist, joins Christine and Adrian in the studio. Matt Allwright visits the North West to investigate empty properties in England and families on council waiting lists. Lucy Siegle follows the story of Paul Stephenson who received an OBE from the Queen today for his work campaigning against discrimination. Gyles Brandreth traces the route of one of Britain's most loved compositions, Handel's Water Music, which was first performed on the Thames. Mike Dilger looks for pheasants to photograph in the Dorset countryside.moreless
  • Monday 6th April 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Countdown presenter Jeff Stelling. Miranda Krestovnikoff is live from the London Aquarium. The show investigates whether people are fans of wearing ties or not. Paddy O'Connoll investigates a recent report that says 10% of adults are having to bail out their parents financially. John Sergeant goes spotting wide-loads.moreless
  • Friday 3rd April 2009
    Ross Kemp joins Adrian and Christine tonight. Following the recent controversies surrounding MPs' expenses, Martin Bell argues that the rules are too flexible. Lucy Siegle explores the possibility of using a water meter in your home. Dan Snow travels to Belfast to find out more about the Titanic. On the eve of the Grand National, Clare Balding completes her series on this great horse race.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd April 2009
    Newsreader and broadcaster John Humphrys joins Adrian and Christine in the studio and takes us back to the house where he grew up, in a place called Splott. He also shares his opinions on assisted suicide. As the Grand National draws nearer, Clare Balding is live from Aintree where she takes us back to the day when the race did not happen. Dom Littlewood visits the National Debtline call centre in Birmingham to see how they are dealing with debt issues during the recession. Gyles Brandreth explores the great British art of queuing.moreless
  • Wednesday 1st April 2009
    James Nesbitt joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani goes to Belfast to meet some of those promoting the spirit of integration. Clare Balding continues her series on the Grand National, tonight is the story of Red Rum. Hardeep is out to find the fool of the year as today is April Fool's Day. Marty Jopson travels to Bristol to investigate Humphrey Davy's work on laughing gas as an early form of anaesthetic.moreless
  • Tuesday 31st March 2009
    Alan Davies joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Matt Allwright reports from the G20 protests. Dan Snow is live from Hampton Court Palace and looks back at the life of Henry VIII. Clare Balding tells the story of Bob Champion as part of Grand National week. John Sergeant is in Anglesey tasting snails.moreless
  • Monday 30th March 2009
    Comedy writer and presenter, Clive Anderson joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Lucy Siegle wonders if you still get a bargain when there always seems to be 'sale' signs in shop windows. Mike Dilger travels to Chichester looking for peregrine falcons. Matt Allwright tackles some of the issues surrounding speeding. Clare Balding guides us through the history of the Grand National.moreless
  • Friday 27th March 2009
    Piers Morgan joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Eve Pollard investigates the decline in local newspapers. All this week Michael Mosley has been looking into the science behind our food. Today he focuses on salt in our diet. Hardeep Singh Kohli asks whether the M6 Toll road could be an unlikely location for a future heritage site.moreless
  • Thursday 26th March 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Maureen Lipman, the actress and comedienne, in the studio tonight. Anita Rani visits the streets of Carlisle in Cumbria to look into the increase in the number of women becoming violent under the influence of alcohol. Lucy Siegle looks into home contents insurance and persuades us that, even in hard times, it should not be something we should cancel. Continuing Food Science week, Michael Mosley uncovers the truth about the real benefits of drinking tea and coffee. Following the success of the England women's cricket team winning the World Cup this week, and the women's rugby team winning the Six Nations, former sportswoman Sally Gunnell examines why some women's sports lack sufficient media coverage and investment.moreless
  • Wednesday 25th March 2009
    Sir Alan Sugar joins Christine and Adrian in the studio. Matt Allwright goes out on street patrol with Liverpool's Truancy Watch team. Marty Jopson finishes his 'Inventions that changed the world' series by visiting the History of Science Museum in Oxford to look into the origins of the radio. Gyles Brandreth goes to the new Mary Rose exhibition in Croydon which opens next week. Michael Mosley looks at selenium, an important chemical that he says we are not getting enough of.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th March 2009
    Bill Nighy joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Paddy O'Connell looks into the history of pirate radio stations. Anita Rani talks about the importance of early screening for breast cancer. Jonathan Foyle goes to Appledore, in North Devon that almost became the home of the Jackson Five. In the second part of the Food Science series, Michael Mosley unlocks the goodness stored up in food.moreless
  • Monday 23rd March 2009
    Michael Sheen joins Adrian and Christine tonight. Melanie Sykes asks why people use jargon when plain English will do. Lucy Siegle examines the new Gas SAFE Register. It is Food Science week on the show, so Michael Mosley is off to Ealing Hospital, where the effect of eating chocolate on his arteries is measured. George McGavin invites us to join the Open Air Laboratories Soil and Earthworm Survey and brought some in for us to look at.moreless
  • Friday 20th March 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Ricky Gervais tonight. Paddy O'Connell looks at whether alcoholics should be entitled to a liver transplant. Lucy Siegle reports on Google's mapping technology. Gyles Brandreth goes to Bradford as he continues his search for Britain's great graveyards. Hardeep Singh Kohli headed to Ascot to look at mobile phone masts as possible heritage sites of the future.moreless
  • Thursday 19th March 2009
    Michael Aspel joins Adrian and Christine today and he travels back to south London to visit the house where he grew up. Dom Littlewood investigates a 'buy now pay later' scheme that a Nottinghamshire couple fell foul of. The dangers of Lyme disease are discussed by Dr. Sarah Jarvis. Angellica Bell goes to Goldsmiths University to meet a group of students that have formed their own branch of the Women's Institute.moreless
  • Wednesday 18th March 2009
    In the 400th One Show, Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe join Adrian and Christine. Cbeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell looks into the issue of disability and the prejudices found in the UK. Graham Gouldman talks to Des Coleman about 10cc's greatest hit – 'I'm Not In Love'. Phil Tufnell starts his new 'Local Heroes' series and travels to Birmingham to meet Dot Guest, a lollipop lady that has worked on the same crossing for 30 years.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th March 2009
    Dave Gorman, the comedian, joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Dave looks at technology that was designed to make our lives easier but really just should have been left on the drawing board. Kinship carers are investigated by Anita Rani. Carol Kirkwood visits the secret location of The National Grid. Mike Dilger carries out a wildlife survey in John Lennon's childhood back garden where he finds a beetle.moreless
  • Monday 16th March 2009
    Joanna Lumley joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Dom Littlewood travels the country to meet people who have taken direct action against big companies. Hardeep Singh Kohl investigates what the Commonwealth does and whether it is still relevant today in its 60th year. Jonathan Foyle goes to Bristol to look at the history of post war prefab buildings. Neil Oliver visits Dorset to tell the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.moreless
  • Thursday 12th March 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by Christopher Biggins. Matt Allwright goes to Gedling in Nottingham where parking charges are being introduced this August. Hardeep Singh Kohli travels to Whitelee Wind Farm in Glasgow and asks if it will become a heritage site. Adrian Chiles meets Zac in Wolverhampton who helps to care for his autistic younger brother. Kirstin O'Brien discusses agony aunts in Hertfordshire.moreless
  • Wednesday 11th March 2009
    Chef Raymond Blanc joined Adrian and Christine in the studio. For BBC2, Raymond Blanc is once again looking for a couple to join him in opening and running a restaurant. Dr Sarah Jarvis examined what happens when we quit cigarettes as today is National No Smoking Day. Christine's Uganda visit continues. Anita Rani checks out teaching as a good career choice. Aggie MacKenzie investigates Windsor and Eton town centres that have been named 'Cleanest Town in Britain' in the Clean Britain Awards.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th March 2009
    Annie Lennox joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Paddy O'Connell meets people who have risked everything to speak the truth. Marian Keyes explores the 'guilty pleasure' books that we have on our reading lists. Marty Jopson looks at a favourite invention, the photograph is explored this week. In the second film from Uganda for Comic Relief, Christine meets a woman who was helped by JINJA women's association to set up her own bead making business so that she is now able to support her family.moreless
  • Monday 9th March 2009
    Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones from Gavin and Stacey join Adrian and Christine today. Christine visits the Tsambya slums of Kampala where she meets a young girl, who is bringing up her five brothers and sisters since her mother died of AIDS. Lucy Siegle looks into whether now is a good time to overpay on your mortgage. Hardeep Singh Kohli investigates the International Tattoo Show in Manchester. Des Coleman looks at the story behind the song 'I'm the Urban Spaceman'.moreless
  • Friday 6th March 2009
    John Barrowman and a dalek join Christine and Adrian for his third time. Anita Rani goes behind bars to meet prison officers. Christine Walkden visited the Garden Museum staff allotment where she answers some gardening questions. Hardeep Singh Kohli celebrates British Pie Week and takes to the streets with several different pies for people to try. Michael Morpugo talks about the poet Ted Hughes. Phil Tufnell goes to Splott to find out why it has such a strange name.moreless
  • Thursday 5th March 2009
    Julian Fellows, the Oscar winning filmmaker, joins Adrian and Christine and talks about his new film, The Young Victoria. Germaine Greer looks back at Queen Victoria's life. Dominic Littlewood looks into the rise in reported domestic violence towards men. Jonathan Foyle headed to Hampstead as part of his 'Building your Street' series. Hardeep Singh Kohli shared Robert Burns' 'Parcel of Rougues' with us, which is his favourite poem.moreless
  • Wednesday 4th March 2009
    Carol Vorderman joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Angellica Bell argues why maths is important to all of us. Lord Roy Hattersley looks back to the miner's strike of 1984. Gyles Brandreth takes a look at Sheffield General Cemetery. George McGavin talks compost heaps and Christine Walkden gives out some practical composting tips.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd March 2009
    Lee Mead, former star of Joseph, joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Lee got a surprise phone call from his fiance, Denise Van Outen who is on her way up Mount Killamanjaro for Comic Relief. Gyles Brandreth looks at the Freedom of Information Act. Lucy Siegle examines car sharing clubs. Des Coleman meets Mick Hucknall of Simply Red to discover the inspiration behind his hit, 'Holding Back The Years'. Marty Jopson names plastic as this week's Invention That Changed The World.moreless
  • Monday 2nd March 2009
    Rolf Harris joined Adrian and Christine in the studio. Dom Littlewood looks into airline failure insurance. Michael Douglas, the street barber, went hunting for silver vixens. Phil Tufnell looked at the painting 'A Welsh Victory' by William Howard Robinson at the National Sporting Club. Mike Dilger watches boxing hares in Hampshire.moreless
  • Friday 27th February 2009
    Paul Merton joins Adrian and Christine to talk about his new BBC Four series Paul Merton Looks At Alfred Hitchcock. Anita Rani joins the Metropolitan Police Diving Squad. Paddy O'Connell reports live from the British Music Experience at the O2 in London. Carol Kirkwood goes to Gloucestershire to look for a golden carpet of wild daffodils. Dan Snow discovers how signing the East India Company's charter on 31st December 1600 marked the beginning of Britain's history as a superpower.moreless
  • Thursday 26th February 2009
    Mr T (B. A. Barracus from The A Team), joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Gyles Brandreth looks at the origins of the Seven Deadly Sins. Dom Littlewood examines whether Premium Bonds are a good investment. Lucy Siegle looks at 'green' funerals. Dan Snow visits Deal in Kent to tell the story of the Roman invasion.moreless
  • Wednesday 25th February 2009
    Comedian Al Murray, a.k.a. The Pub Landlord, joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Lucy Siegle investigates the future of British manufacturing. Dom Littlewood finds out whether booking holidays through brochures is more economical than DIY tailored trips. Dan Snow explores the story of the signing of the Magna Carta. Carol Kirkwood visits the London Traffic Centre.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th February 2009
    Patrick Stewart, respected stage actor and former Star Trek captain joins Adrian and Christine to talk about starring opposite Sir Ian McKellan in a new stage version of Waiting For Godot. Anita Rani explores issues surrounding arson. Angellica Bell investigates how outlandish ideas from the world of sci-fi are finding their way into the technology of today. Dan Snow talks about the arrival of the Empire Windrush from Jamaica in 1948 and the beginning of multi-culturalism in the UK. John Sergeant goes to the Oldie of the Year Awards in London. Hardeep Singh Kholi visits an American-style gated retirement community in Lancashire to try to find places dubbed as a Heaven On Earth.moreless
  • Monday 23rd February 2009
    Chris Moyles, self-styled saviour of BBC Radio 1, is in the studio to talk with Christine and Adrian about his training to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of Comic Relief. Paddy O'Connell goes to Ipswich to see how the Community Panels Scheme is working, three months after the government set them up to help decide which projects convicted criminals should be put to work on. Sally Gunnell finds out what kind of music it takes to inspire people to great feats of physical strength and endurance. Dan Snow starts off his week exploring Five Days That Changed Britain by looking at the maiden trip of Britain's first public passenger steam train. Michael Mosley discovers whether hypnotherapy can ever be a viable alternative to anaesthetics.moreless
  • Friday 20th February 2009
    Ronan Keating joins Christine and Adrian in the studio to talk about climbing Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and his new album, 'Songs For My Mother'. Ruby Wax looks at the people behind the headlines who have been affected by depression. Angellica Bell looks at the history of the Lonely Hearts advert. Hardeep Singh Kholi visits a family of circus performers in his mission to find people who have discovered their own Heaven On Earth. Marty Jopson looks at muscle memory.moreless
  • Thursday 19th February 2009
    Christine and Adrian were joined by David Hasselhoff in tonight's show. Gyles Brandreth reveals how vulnerable our houses are to thieves. Vicki Butler Henderson examines the problems caused by trucks being sent down the wrong roads by sat-navs. Edwina Currie looks at Lady Astor, the first woman to serve as an MP in the House of Commons. Marty Jopson's latest Body Trick is levitation.moreless
  • Wednesday 18th February 2009
    Richard Wilson joins Adrian and Christine to chat about his new series, Britain's Best Drives. Germaine Greer looks at the TV coverage of Jade Goody's cancer struggle. Dom Littlewood investigates how the second hand car market affected by the recession. Hardeep Singh Kohli looks at the teasmade. Marty Jopson explores why some people can karate chop a piece of wood.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th February 2009
    Jane McDonald joins Adrian and Christine tonight. Christine Walkden investigates whether caravans can be cool again. Marty Jopson looks at the Stroop Test. Paddy O'Connell talks to the pension-age volunteers in the police force helping out with mounting paperwork. Mike Dilger goes to the World Nettle Eating Championships.
  • Monday 16th February 2009
    Morrissey joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa to talk about his new album, Years of Refusal. Anita Rani looks into white-collar job seekers. Jonathan Foyle visits a terrace in Birmingham as he continues looking at what makes the streets in the UK the way they are. To start off Body Tricks week, Marty Jopson investigates why we find it so difficult to do two things at once.moreless
  • Friday 13th February 2009
    Anthea Turner joins Christine and Adrian to talk about taking part in BBC1's Let's Dance For Comic Relief. Dom Littlewood looks at the campaign to reclaim your overdraft charges. Lucy Siegle argues about vegetables. Neil Oliver visits Blenheim Palace to read the love letters that Winston Chruchill and his wife Clemmie sent to each other as it is Valentine's Day tomorrow. Michael Mosley discovers whether the two couples who have shown the most chemistry this week were able to find love.moreless
  • Thursday 12th February 2009
    John Torode and Gregg Wallace of Masterchef join Adrian and Christine. Lucy Siegle helps customers awaiting goods from shops in administration. Hardeep Singh Kholi looks into the art of the fondue. Clare Balding goes to the unveiling of the newly renovated monument to the Great Fire of London. Michael Mosley and his volunteers explore foolproof chat-up techniques.moreless
  • Wednesday 11th February 2009
    Tina Hobley joins Christine and Adrian today. Paddy O'Connell spends a day with a Muslim football team and talks about what life is like for young Muslims in Britain today. Jonathan Foyle visits Stamford, which has featured in recent adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Middlemarch. Gyles Brandreth investigates Twitter. Michael Mosley looks at what makes the perfect first date.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th February 2009
    Jeremy Paxman joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Gyles Brandreth goes to the House of Lords to try to discover what goes on there. Lucy Siegle investigates the case for and against who should receive rewards from finding treasure. Mike Dilger goes to Dorset to spot the Night Jar bird. Michael Mosley looks at whether romantic attraction is just a simple chemical reaction.moreless
  • Monday 9th February 2009
    Lynda la Plante, novelist and crime writer joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani meets people fighting to save public libraries. Phil Tufnell visits the town of 'Dollar' in Clackmannanshire, Scotland to find the origins of this unusual place name. It is Love Lab week on show and in the build up to Valentine's Day Michael Mosley looks at the science behind love. Today, he focuses on physical attraction.moreless
  • Friday 6th February 2009
    Mel B, joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. Anita Rani meets a variety of people who have been forced to squat, some in their own homes. Lucy Siegle asks whether British men are brave enough to fade to grey. Phil Tufnell finds out the story behind Luke Fildes' painting 'The Doctor'. Hardeep Singh Kohli examines the hostess trolley from the 1970s.moreless
  • Thursday 5th February 2009
    Frank Skinner joins Christine and Adrian in the studio. Iain Lee asks if lying on your CV ever acceptable. Lucy Siegle looks into the Sim Only mobile phone package. Mike Dilger went kayaking just off the Pembrokeshire cost, near Ramsey Island, to look for grey seal pups. He also gives tips for caring for wild birds during the winter months. Marty Jopson looks at recycling rubbish to make ethanol to fuel our cars.moreless
  • Wednesday 4th February 2009
    Sir David Frost joins Adrian and Christine on the sofa. He looks back over the interviews he has conducted with his hero Muhammad Ali, who he describes as a 'friend' and an 'inspiration'. Alistair McGowan asks whether protests make a difference? Clare Balding looks at how the BAFTA awards are made. Hardeep Singh Kohli visits Tipi in West Wales to meet a group of people who have opted out of the rat race and chosen to live in teepees.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd February 2009
    Professor Robert Winston joins Adrian and Christine. Anita Rani is in Birmingham and enquires as to whether we are ashamed of God. Mike finds some rare southern wood ants in a London hospital car park. Phil Tufnell discovers how Watchet in Somerset got its strange name. Iain Lee looks for those terribly ill-equipped to deal with snow.moreless
  • Monday 2nd February 2009
    Comedian Phill Jupitus joins Adrian and Christine. Lucy Siegle reports on the government's plans for slot machines as the amount you can bet and win is about to double. Phil Tuffnell meets the clowns that paid their annual respects yesterday to Joseph Grimaldi, the founding father of modern clowns. Jonathan Foyle looks at the story behind a street in Sandwich, Kent. Marty Jopson told us about another great invention, the computer.moreless
  • Friday 30th January 2009
    Adrian and Christine are joined by comedian Lee Mack. Youth crime is on the rise, so Rav Wilding meets Chris Streeks who has been through the prison system and turned his life around. Neil Oliver looks back at the 1953 East Coast Floods, as January 31st is the anniversary of this disaster. Lucy Siegle investigates credit card cheques. Angellica Bell visits Stalybridge in the North West of England.moreless
  • Thursday 29th January 2009
    Jo Brand is in the studio with Adrian and Christine, talking about Comic Relief. Dom Littlewood gives an update on the government's Warm Front heating grant scheme. Hardeep Singh Kohli experiences life as a Benedictine Monk. Gyles Brandreth examines the rise of left-handers. Carol Thatcher visits Tregothnan in Cornwall, home to Britain's only tea plantation.moreless
  • Wednesday 28th January 2009
    Hugh Grant chats about the Great Daffodil appeal in aid of Marie Curie Nurses with Adrian and Christine. Dominic Littlewood looks at the problems facing people recovering from cancer when trying to buy travel insurance. Angellica Bell discovers the Isle of Sheppey's, claim to fame. Iain Lee finds out how 3D films look set to become a box office smash in 2009. Lucy Siegle talks tripe when she found out about the manufacture and popularity of the cow's stomach lining, once a popular ingredient on the British menu. Chef Mike Robinson shows us how to make a range of delicious dishes out of tripe, offal and the other cheaper cuts of meat that we often ignore nowadays.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th January 2009
    Ainsley Harriot joins Christine and Adrian tonight. Clare Balding looks at food allergies. Lucy Siegle investigates how mobile phone contracts can impact upon your credit rating. Hardeep Singh Kohli remembers the Soda Stream. Carol Thatcher goes to County Durham on the trail of an unlikely footballing triumph in the first World Cup.moreless
  • Monday 26th January 2009
    Lynda Bellingham chats to Adrian and Christine. Paddy O'Connell looks into the dangers of addiction to painkillers. Hardeep Singh Kohli investigates buying British. Mike Dilger goes otter spotting and Angellica Bell visits the Watford Gap. Dr. Sarah Jarvis' 'Curious Complaints' clinic is back.
  • Friday 23rd January 2009
    Andrew Lloyd Webber is tonight's guest. He chats to Christine and Adrian about his quest to find a star to represent Britain in Eurovision. Paddy O'Connell discusses criminals and crocodile tears. Des Coleman investigates the stories behind our national anthem. Mike Dilger discovers bats on the Underground. Michael Mosley tests anti-wrinkle creams.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd January 2009
    James McAvoy joins Christine and Adrian today. Paddy O'Connell reports on bailiffs. Kirsten O'Brien looks into swearing. Charles Kennedy finds out about Robert Burns. Michael Mosley goes brain training.
  • Wednesday 21st January 2009
    Adrian Lester joins Adrian and Christine in the studio. Anita Rani investigates the rise in the number of mothers who misuse alcohol. Gyles Brandreth finds out what makes a great comeback. Hardeep Singh Koli visits the Hockerton Housing Project in Nottinghamshire, which is Britain's first earth-sheltered ecological housing development. Michael Mosley finds out if detox diets really work.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th January 2009
    Erroll Brown joins Christine and Adrian on the sofa. Angellica Bell asks three leading black people for their views on how Britain's black community will react to Barack Obama's presidency. Dom Littlewood investigates 'smart meters', the next generation of gas and electricity meters. Dan Snow looks into the history of British labour camps. Michael Mosley wonders if exercise in your latter years is good for you. The show ends with a performance by the Balandis-Lilley Ballet School for the Over 50s.moreless
  • Monday 19th January 2009
    Michael Ball joins Adrian and Christine. Anita Rani reports on the millions of Britons living in Europe who have been caught by the global credit crunch. Mike Dilger visits the Great Bustards on Salisbury plain. Michael Mosley puts blueberries and their super-food status to the test. John Sergeant visits Happisburgh Lighthouse in East Anglia.moreless
  • Friday 16th January 2009
    Graham Norton joins Christine and Adrian and talks about his new role in the West End musical La Cage Aux Folles. Rav Wilding investigates whether lie detector results should be admissible as evidence in British courts. Clare Balding investigates our recent failures at the Eurovision Song Contest. Marty Jopson gives us the theories on why ice is slippery. Carol Thatcher is with Pat in Dorset who gave up her normal life to live in a caravan by a water meadow.moreless
  • Thursday 15th January 2009
    Robin Gibb is tonight's guest in the studio with Christine and Adrian. He returns to his childhood home in Manchester as part of the 'House where I grew up' series. Angelica Bell has been out on the streets with some chuggers. Lucy Siegle investigates the £860 million lying in dormant bank accounts. Carol Thatcher meets Chris and Hannah Blevins who gave up their demanding jobs to spend more time as a family with their children on a farm in Lincolnshire.moreless
  • Wednesday 14th January 2009
    Richard Hammond joins Adrian and Christine. Paddy O'Connell reports on the experiences of Polish people in Britain. Gyles Brandreth discovers the safest way to drive in difficult winter conditions. Carol Thatcher travels to the Yorkshire Moors to meet husband and wife Stewart and Rebecca who have downshifted and now work in a National Park. Marty Jopson looks into that great British invention - the toilet.moreless
  • Tuesday 13th January 2009
    Adrian returns today and joins Christine and David Cameron on the sofa. Justin Rowlatt looks at sentencing for the most serious crimes. Mike Dilger travels to Slimbridge to test out duck decoys. Carol Thatcher is in the Lake District with Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins who gave up successful careers in the police force to run a small business. The All Saints Parish Church in Ikley has launched a new cookbook that contains Gordon Brown's recipe for vegetable and mozzarella parcels and David Cameron's recipe for spicy meatball pasta. Iain Lee discovers which is more popular with the public.moreless
  • Monday 12th January 2009
    Actress and model Kelly Brook joins Christine on the sofa in the first show of 2009. Adrian is away. Anita Rani investigates diet pills and their dangers. Hardeep Singh Kohli finds out about this year's big predictions, including Adrian's chances of winning "Rear of the Year". Carol Thatcher meets people who have given it all up. Old soldier Michael Lyons appeals for a war memorial.moreless
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