The Only Way Is Essex

ITV2 Premiered Oct 10, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Abysmal

    If I could give this show a zero I would. One episode I watched and it was enough. I have never watched such rubbish in my life. Give me Katie Price on a loop. Give me X Factor. Give me the Royal Wedding. Give me paint drying. It would be more interesting than this feacle matter.
    It follows the lives of a bunch of horrible, stuck up, middle class pricks from Essex. This is the type of show that is beyond sickening, as these people will act as role models to the watchers. It says alot that this represents how the youth want to be; plastered in makeup and so self obessesed that conversations between two people consist of:
    "Aww look at her. Her eyes look beautiful."
    "What about my eyes babe? My eyes? Look at me!"
    Shambolic TV and I can't believe TV stoops so low. Unbelievably appalling.
  • Just dreadful! TV has hit a new low!

    However, I did laugh my arse off throughout the first episode. Mostly because of the completely stagey set ups and rediculous dialogue. It is entertaining but for all the wrong reasons. These people are so fake and unlikeable that you just don't care what happens to then. I watched Hollyoaks prior to this and in parts couldn't tell the difference between the two excpet the location. If that isn't telling I don't know what is. I have given it 2.5 stars purely because I laughed like I haven't in a long time. For only that do I thank ITV2. Reality this is not!
  • 'The Only Way is Essex' is a show about a group of young people living in and around the local town of Brentwood and we see what they get up to in their lives.

    Ok I gave this a 6 which I feel is pretty generous and why? Because the show had funny moments (though they weren't constant) and other times it came across mostly pointless BUT something about it seemed a little interesting so I gave it a partial benefit of the doubt here for now so I am a big 50/50 at the moment so once episode two has been given a look in I am sure I will have a final verdict for this 'reality-docu-soap'.

    The characters have the potential in this first episode to be interesting (in a Big Brother kind of way) or have even bigger potential to ruin their themselves by coming across overtly fake and not pleasant. For fans of 'The Hills' out there think of this as an English version that needs another episode to work out its kinks then make your final decision if it should sink or swim. I myself have witnessed people reacting both ways to it hence why I am still in the neutral zone. For now.

    So lets see if it can be really good or really bad. Essex prove yourself because you may have ruined yourself too....