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The Oprah Winfrey Show has featured many celebrities over the years, but that´s only one side of it. There´s also Oprah´s eternal quest to better herself, and to make the viewers change themselves. Oprah has started several organizations: Oprah´s angel network, Oprah´s book club, and O Magazine. For a couple of years now, the show frequently ends with a "Remember your spirit" segment. The show is produced by Oprah´s own company, Harpo (which spells Oprah backwards). The Oprah Winfrey show ended after its 25th year of production.

    What to Watch Tonight: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and The Mentalist

    Plus: Person of Interest, Up All Night, and Oprah's 2009 interview with Whitney Houston.


    Laurence Fishburne Is Leaving CSI

    Plus: Fox moves its summer schedule around, Oprah's final-episode numbers are in, and TLC greenlights a new show about wacky addictions.

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    • My Husband the hero

      For the first time since her rollover accident last month on Farm-to-Market 1554, Rosie Cortez and her family met with Ruben Carpentier, the good Samaritan who helped save her life, at a replacement blood drive held in her honor Monday afternoon at Horseshoe Western Wear in Alice.

      Cortez lost her left arm during the rollover accident on FM 1554 near FM 625 on Nov. 19. She said she was heading to a friend's house before taking her children to their tumbling and football practices.

      "A normal routine for us," Cortez said.

      Cortez said she over-corrected her turn while trying to avoid a reflector pole, rolling her vehicle and breaking the window on the driver's side.

      "When the glass broke, I knew that I had severed my arm," she said. "There was just blood

      Cortez said she tried to remain calm following the accident, and told her 9-year-old son Sebastian, who was in the front passenger side, to check and make sure his siblings were okay.

      "They were in their car seats in the back," she said. "I told him to make sure the kids were fine and then get help. I knew that I was bleeding profusely and needed

      Carpentier said he was not even supposed to be on the road that evening, but had been sent by his wife to pick up some milk.

      "I was on my way home when she called, so I made a u-turn," he said. "About two or three minutes later, she called back and said she didn't need the milk, so I turned back around. I went about a quarter mile and I looked to my right and saw the car flip on its

      Carpentier said he saw the accident and immediately stopped to render aid. Using Sebastian's shirt and an iPhone cord he had in his pocket, Carpentier made a tourniquet on her arm to stop the bleeding.

      "She said, 'Just do what you need to do,'" he said. "So I reached in my pocket and I had one of those iPhone cords, tied it around her arm and just squeezed the heck out of

      Carpentier said if he had been just five seconds earlier, he would have missed the accident.

      "He was out there at the right moment and the right time," Cortez said. "With it being a county road, who knows how long before I would have gotten

      Cortez was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial in Corpus Christi via HALO-Flight for medical attention. Carpentier said he left shortly after she was transported, but his emotions didn't hit him until later that night.

      "I started crying like a little baby," he said. "I was just bawling. It was so fast. The DPS officer told me that I saved her life, but it hadn't processed in my mind at that time. He said if it had been just another 30 seconds, she would have

      Carpentier said he said stayed in contact with Cortez and her family through Facebook, but wanted to give her time before meeting her again face-to-face.

      "I stayed in contact, so I knew she was doing all right," he said. "I was so happy when I saw her

      Cortez said she is still recovering, but has begun to get back to her regular routine.

      "This is actually my second outing," she said. "I haven't really been out much. The cold weather has really taken a toll on my

    • No more Oprah for me....

      I used to be a fan of Oprah's until recently. First with her behavior with her "friend" Paula Deen then her ludicrous comment about Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin then her attempt to rabblerouse about race by making a story up about her trip and the handbag. Such a comment disrespects what Mr. Till went through. Shame on her, with a friend like her you don't need enemies and she is a racialist if not an out and out racist and is obviously more interested in the color of her skin than I am. I don't need that in my life. No more Oprah in my world from now on- she's thoroughly revealed herself and I want no part of that behavior.moreless
    • hi please help me go to college !!

      Hi my name is Megan Chavis and I was diagnosed with ovarisn cancer at 14! It cause a lot of chaos with my family! Both my parents lost their jobs and we lost everything! We are still trying really hard to get back on out feet but now I'm at a holt in my life. I can't go to college!! School has always been my #1 priority. I'm hoping you can help me. I would also really like to share my story about me gaving cancer at 14 I think its something woman should be highly aware of because its so silent! Please can you help!!moreless
    • Please Oprah, help me

      Oprah, Hi, my name is Flavia, I'm 15 years old (will be 16 on March 29).

      I have a problem, I was diagnosed with OCD.

      I cut myself, but now I'm stopping thanks to Demi Lovato.

      You can help realize my dream of meeting Demi?

      Please? I am Brazilian.
    • Black Americana

      I heard you collected Black Americana stuff, I have some pieces,If you are interested.

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