Meeting My Adopted Daughter

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    Dear Oprah: I am writing this because I am desperate to meet my adopted daughter whom I gave up at the age of 16 years in 1967 in San Jose, Ca.

    My name is Mary Brewer and I live in Athens, TX. I am 57 years old About 4 yrs ago, the HENDERSON CO. POLICE came to my door and said a woman, claiming to be my daughter, was looking for me. I was in shock of course!! To make a long story short; She found me by gettting my address here from the Co Of Adoptions in Santa Clara, California. I was not notified of her until then. I immediately called the Post Adoptions in California, and they told me about her and a little about her adoption. I was given her phone number where she lived in Redding. Ca. Her name is Shawna and she had 7 children, in which only 2 remain with her right now. She ran away from her adopted parents home and got on drugs, prostituted, and had an alias name as well. I had found out from the Police Dept in Redding that she had a bad history and that I should stay away from her!!! I have yet to meet Shawna due to her instability and reputation with the law. I have no idea where the other children were sent because CPS took 2 of them away from her due to drugs.. The Agency said she was molested by a family member as well.

    Oprah; I am really wanting to find out if this woman, claiming to be my daughter is really mine. After she found me 4 yrs ago, the Santa Clara Co of Adoptions got into BIG TROUBLE for the way the information on this was handled, and they closed the case. From then on, they would not talk to me or answer any of my calls. I got a letter after the fact! This makes no sense at all. One time I called, and a girl answered the phone.. I asked who is this, and she said I am Kayla's sister! Kayla is Shawna's 11 y/o daugher. I said" She doesn't have a sister... ???? I am really concerned about her and this whole thing. She says she has a document stating that the Adoption was $350.00 ??? Is it possible for someone like this to steal an identity and use it?? I keep asking for some more pictures of her because the ones she sent are OLD and not current ones. She says she lived on the streets too. She never talks about her other children or where they are.. She does have a son 23 yrs old. I still am curious about this ALIAS name too.

    What happened??? I have never been able to talk to the Adoption Services about her anymore. It makes me wonder if all this is a mistake. I am on Disability and am afraid to meet her right now, even after all this time. What if she isn't mine?

    Can you help me OPRAH? I really want to get to the bottom of this. I have talked to her quite a bit, but feel it is not a good time to meet her until I can get some help from someone.

    I would appreciate a feedback from you... I love your show and I respect you so much.


    Mary Brewer


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