Oprah on tv in Holland

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    I live in Holland and I watch every day the show on tv

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    I also live in the Netherlands =)
    I do not watch the show every day because I don't always have the time, and the subject's not always interesting for me either, but I do like to watch Oprah! She's great!
    ..It does bother me that we are some shows behind though.. Doesnt it bother you?
    I mean it would be real cool to be able to watch the show when it comes out in America.. like at the same time.. I don't like feeling behind
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    That will be impossible. I live in The Netherlands too, and networks like RTL or SBS can't afford buying episodes and broadcasting them at the same time America does, it's way too expensive, though this season, more then usual, the networks have been close to the American schedule with some shows. Like Shark and Prison Break, we are like a few weeks from the American schedule, Men In Trees episodes even aired before they aired in the US! But with most shows whe aren't that far behind, except for talkshows and soap operas, lik B&B. Main reason is that those programs air every day, and networks would have to skip a bunch of episodes to get on the level where America is, well, that would be stupid. Why go throught he trouble of skipping a whole lot of episodes, leaving the viewers confused about the time stamp of the episodes, only to come close to the original American schedule. Besides, there will be a bunch of episodes that will never air, which is stupid. So, The Netherlands is pretty fortunate when it comes to coming close to America, because when shows are a huge succes in our country, when the season ends, they just start with the next season but America has to wait an entire summer of new episodes, while we have to wait a couple of weeks. Like CSI. It has been two months between the season 7 finale and the season 8 premiere, that's shorter then America had to wait! Does it really matter if you're behind? Not really, and if you want to do the illegal other option, then you're free to do it
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    Wow She Is Everywhere
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