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Oprah Stories

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    [1]Oct 24, 2006
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    Offense should not be taken, however I would like to see more real stories.  The esteem level on this show is very visable and to be honest sometimes looks shameful.  Oprah's show is enlightening and very interesting at times.  The problem is that is it she or the show, thats out of touch with successful African Americans and Africian American Couples and Families?  I don't get a sense of pride within the show and I don't like to wiggle my way into "white folks" life that much and in my opinion its best to say Hi and Bye, and not harm one another over senseless things.  So I tune in because its a way of finding out what they are like outside the work place. They always say "too much of anything is not good." And thats what I'm saying? Usually when the show does give us insight on Black and Colored living, its about poverty and struggling. Sure we go to Mother Africa but its usually a sad story.  Not nearly as esteeming as she and her show glamorizes on the rich life of whites.  She doesn't know how to embrace her community and could that be because of being ashamed of who we are and the struggle to get from which we came? It just seems as if she doesn't like younger good looking woman of color, maybe only Halle. But girls like Brook and Jennifer she finds them fascinating. Maybe its only me, but this type thing can lower the esteem levels of many young and growing women, and they may not work so hard to become the women that they are entitled to be on earth. Are we just not that much to talk about as normal black women going through the course of life? I am sure we have pain and sad stories.  What's wrong with embracing us as daughters and friends and working women?
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