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Why can't I post my real life story on message board!

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    My name is Branislav Stamencic, I live in Beograd (Belgrade),Serbia. I am 35. Serbia always were on the crossroads of the Worlds, and the no man's land used only for traffic. In Roman Empire it was empty zone between The Western and Eastern Roman Empire. In The Middle Ages It Was no man's land between Europe and Turkish Empire. Belgrade is on river Danube , on the border between Europe and Balkan.
    After 1945 Serbia as a part of Yugoslavia, was the only country
    from Eastern Block from which people could go to Western Europe. Unlike other countries behind The Iron Curtain, in Yugoslavia nobody was forced to be in The Communist party. But that seemed like an experiment, people in all other communist countries knew that after fall of communism they'll have clear situation in their countries. Only here people who were not communists had normal life, normal jobs, but that was a mirage. If somebody was talented, honest, intelligent, he could never succeed if he was no communist.
    I was born in 1972. My parents never were a communists . As a
    child I was good in arts, receiving prizes for my works. But because I had nobody to back me up that just had for a result jealousy of communist children and their parents( some of them very mighty). Time past by and in the late 80s, in my high school it was obvious that there are people who are telling people and girls bad thigs about me, behind my back. All because I always was independent and trying to live like in West.
    In that time everybody knew that communism in the World will fall, and every honest person was waiting for that. And what happened? After the fall all other countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary... became free countries, and in my country began ten years long war. In 90s 400.000 honest , openminded and hardworking people left country. Mayby 200.000 the same stayed. Me too. During my studies communists continued to speak bad of me, on my Faculty, part time jobs, even in clubs in town. So I did this: always datinghonest girls who know about this matter and trying to have the samefriends. Those who did not left waited Milosevic to fall and Serbiato became member of The European Union.
    But after Milosevic's fall little changed. Communists love to
    hustle honest people, and to try make them feel bad about themselfs.
    Two years ago they tried the same with me. On this point of the story every person who live in civilisation, The Europion Union,
    USA, Canada, Australia... must have in mind that here is like in The Third World country. The mighty want to show the honest that they can molest everybody if they want. They tried to hustle me like this: they set a story that the Police knows something bad about me and like in some village that policemen told that to all the people who work in stores all around the city, and ordered them to act hostile with me. But I was warned, and updated the town about their plan. Belgrade has 2 Million people but is in fact small community. I have many friends, some of them are even in media. And of course the whole Town stood on my side, I even became popular.
    That defeat made Police and the mighty ones mad, they started with tapping my flat and phone, stalking, legitimising me. People who love me, even my relatives, are afraid to help me, cos they will loose their jobs. Never the less they support me as much as they can. The mighty ones are feeding with fear, but they are furious because they meet laughter, not fear.
    Anyway, when I saw that no local humanitarian organisation wants to help me, I tried to approach HRW ,Helsinki Committee,...The New York Times, British The Daily Telegraph, International Herald Tribune, German Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung,German TV station ARD, but nobody helped me. I even tried to get help from some well known Profesors fighters for human rights from MIT, Oxford, Notre Dame but it was the same: I was receiving negative answers or no answers at all. Only, little, help I've received was from The Amnesty International, but when I colected and sended to them all necessary documents and proofs, they did nothing. This is just a theory, but it seems like somebody is blocking all my attempts. Does Western world just speaks that wants democracy here, but likes chaos in Serbia?! So I decided to approach the ordinary people in civilisation through internet forums, now if one person blocks me,
    one thousand will see that. Because I want the whole World to know about my story and about the defeat of evil ones, and I want justice.
    Warning:Even on this point because they're tapping my phone and constantly cracking my internet password, there was a cases when my friends warned me that they are receiving rude calls and emails in my name.
    Of course, I will send all the necessary documents and proofs, all my my letters to the Police asking them to show me my personal data and all their negative answers, all my correspodence with HR organisations and profesors, all
    the recordings on which everybody can hear policemen and their
    informers threating me, and all the recordings on which people from HR organisations are telling me that they can't help me.
    Using internet forums I've managed 10-15000 people in the World to hear my story.
    On SundayI wrote my story to The Oprah Magazine and said that I will post the similar story on their "General Support Groups/I Need Help" group, THEN MILLIONS WILL KNOW ABOUT MY STORY, but when I tried to join "The" for5 days I am receiving message that" there is an error in processing my request", so I still can't join.
    I really can't even think about it that Ms Oprah can be suggested not to help me.
    I didn't want to waste time so now I'm writing this here and in some other sites. What I need is some honest and famous person, to help my story to be published, then the Police won't be able to keep it in Serbian borders anymore, The Amnesty International will have to help me, I'll receive my personal data, the whole World will see it, and my problems will be over.
    Support me!
    Even by reading this you all are helping me I will post this letter on some other sites with a goal toshow to the people in whole World my determination for my story to be heard.

    Best Regards
    3rdof August2007
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