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Season 22 Episode 69

James Frey and the A Million Little Pieces Controversy

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on
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James Frey and the A Million Little Pieces Controversy
After all the controversy undercovered by, Oprah finally confronts author James Frey face to face to find out the truth about his book A Million Little Pieces.

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  • Who cares.

    I think people are really overracting and Oprah needs to get over herself. I myself am a recovering addict and read the book. When I found out that a few things were fabricated it did not change my view on the book. So what if he embellished some of the things I'm sure he is not the only one who has done that before in writing there memoirs. I think Oprah is just on a power trip and has such a big ego that when he supposly fooled her (which I dont really think he did) she could not except it and had to make the man look like a fool and feel like less of a person. I also think it is ridiculos that people are trying to sue or get there money back. Just because it is not 100% true doesnt mean it still cant effect or change your life. I still believe that anyone who is suffering from the disease of addiction or has a loved one that is should defintley read this book. Also don't just think about how some of it isn't true it could still have something in there that could have a postive effect on your life. I say great job James Frey and excellent book. And one last thing in case you didnt realize in that brilliant mind of yours Oprah you just gave the book even more publizity with all your whinning and complaining.moreless
  • Oprah's mad as hell and she's not taking it anymore...

    From the moment Oprah called into Larry King Live and admitted she supported James Frey and his "memoirs" A Million Little Pieces, I knew she would come to regret it. Now grant it, I'm sure Oprah did not want to believe that Frey would actually have fabricated anything in his book, but I'm sure part of her had to believe it after looking into it more.

    So less than a week later, Oprah decided to invite James back on the show, but first she decided to do what not too many people in the business admit, which was that she was wrong. She never should have called into the Larry King Live show and said what she did without doing further investigation. I actually think that it took a look of guts for Oprah to say that and basically make a fool out of herself because she praised him so much on the air for so long.

    However, the best part was when James was actually on the show was just Oprah alone. At first, the audience seemed to care about what he was saying. That is until he flat out admitted that certain parts of his memoirs were fabricated for effect. I mean anyone who says that he was in jail for 87 days when it was more like 87 HOURS, definitely deserves to be brought down like did to him. After his admission of lying about being the ultimate cause of 2 teenage girls he went to high school with deaths, the audience did the most unbelievable turn I've seen them do on Oprah's show. They basically booed him everytime he opened his mouth. I think though if the booing had bothered Oprah she would have easily made them stop, but basically I think she felt that James deserved all he was getting from the audience, since she told them to rush out and get this book because it would change their lives.

    I think in some ways, this incident probably taught Oprah a valuable lesson that she did not think she would ever had to ask when picking a book club selection. The lesson being that one must make sure that everyone who works on the show does a thorough interview of the author, instead of just reading the book and hoping others will do the same. There is no real reason to blame Oprah for this, other than the fact that she basically made James Frey a millionaire for being a complete liar.

    This should also be a lesson to book publishers about carefully looking at an author's life and possibly interviewing others to make sure that one's "memoirs" are actually that. Meaning, they should contain real memories and facts that actually happened to the individual and not ones casually made up to fill up a novel and make money.

    Oprah, in the end, did a fantastic job of bringing James Frey back down to size and showing him that he was not going to snow her over anymore. Wonderful job, Oprah!moreless

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