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  • Oprah Winfrey is depressing on this show because she does not make the whole situation cheerful like the Montel Williams Show. Now Montel when he hears the terrible story of the guest he does something good about. Oprah justs makes everything worse.

    Now this show is boring and when a guest comes on Oprah's show the guest tells the whole story and then Oprah just makes the whole situation worse just by talking about it more and when it's time for a break she says this: "Well will find out next what happened after she shot him" now thats what I despise. I like the Montel Williams Show 20 Million times better than Oprah. because like I just said when the guest tells what happened Montel does something good to lighten up everyone's experience watching this show but Oprah is just terrible at what she does. So if I were you turn towards "The Montel Williams Show".
  • ok show...

    I'm not a huge fan of Oprah and I don't see why she's so popular and her show has been on so long. She just talks. On other talk shows the host is usually a comedian and is funny which makes the show interesting. Oprah does more of the talk about the meaning of life and stuff. She's actually pretty boreing to me. However, her show is not that bad. She has some good guests sometimes and some good stories to tell. I've seen a few episodes that I found very interesting. I like Dr. Oz and I like the cute decorator guy. Anyways, overall, the show is pretty boreing but it has its moments.
  • We all love Oprah

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I'm going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don't I'll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she's made mistakes but who hasn't. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!*cough sarcasm*
  • Living legend Oprah Winfrey always delivers!:)

    Oprah Winfrey has survived over 20 years on TV, she has gone from being an underclass black woman and on to become one of the richest women in the world and she has the entire world population's respect and love. Whether she is giving out cars, reuniting families from all across the world, building schools for underprivileged children or donating millions of dollars to help build houses for the Katrina victims, she always have and always will have the entire world behind her. That is how great she is. Each show is fascinating and informative, and she always deal with relevant topics. I think that is a big part of why this show still is so popular. And because she is real.
    Unlike many other talkshows like "The Tyra Banks Show", which only focus on being as commercial as possible, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" always mangages to be touching, fun and full of life!

    It's not a talkshow, it's Oprah!
  • I'm slightly obsessed

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I'm going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don't I'll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she's made mistakes but who hasn't. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oprah is inspiration. A wonderful women that is aging quite fast and I would hate to see her go. She is a help to people all around the world. I love her admiration for the new show Planet Earth. Saving lives and loving animals. That is really fabulous!!!

    She is a great person truly. I wish sometimes I could be her in a younger type formation some how. I am not an inspiration some times. She is non stop. Even I bet when she gets home she gets online and does a huge charity fund deduction from her bank account. I hope some day I am like that but I can only hope. I am really happy for her though and she deserves all the money she has. She is no Paris Hilton or Kelly Osbourne. She has worked for and congratulations Oprah Winfrey. Have a nice time.
  • Oprah Winfrey is a positive person.She grew up not having much.So she turn that negative into a positive.Oprah Winfrey loves to help people who are trying to help them self.She donate her time in wealth with people.Thats why she so well by peopl

    Oprah Winfrey is not a fake person.She is a kind hearted person.I have the up most respect for her.She cares about people.She never put people down because they don't have.Oprah got pregnant at an young age.Her son die.That was so sad.Now she don't have any kids alive.But she have a child in heaven.Oprah lost a lot of weight.If Oprah can do it so can all big people.The message Oprah is sending out to big people its know excuse to be big.Some people just sit at home in make being fat become an handicap so they can sit at home an
  • Oprah Winfrey is such a nice person and is always helping. But she talks too much.

    I hate it when there is a guest on the show and she does more talking then she doesn listening but otherwise I really like her show. some of my favourite episodes rae with DR. Oz in them. He has some pretty odd methods for doing things but he is such a smart person. He knows quite a bit. another funny eppy was with Gale and Oprah going on that road trip across the USA or wutev. but she is such a nice person who loves helping people and helping situations liek African American situations. I really like watching this show when I can.
  • Oprahhhh!!! You're the best!... mas precisa melhorar!

    Oprah! Oi De Novo!

    Eu sei que você pode ser a mulher mais rica do mundo..., mas isso não lhe dá o direito de ser uma apresentadora!!! (LOL)... é brincadeira!!!.... como apresentadora você está ótima... porém como cantora... já não digo o mesmo...

    Oprah, eu te adimiro muito pois você foi uma garota pobre na juventude e mesmo sendo negra conseguiu superar todos os desafios da vida e chegar onde você está hoje!!! Parabéns!...

    Eu te adimiro tambem pelo carinho que você tem por pessoas pobres..., pois não nascendo em um berço de ouro você sabe como é dura a vida de uma pessoa que já foi como você. Continue sempre ajudando as pessoas da África e colaborando com a ONU! Mesmo assim ainda te darei 9 pois você ainda não superou minhas espectativas!!!...



    OBS.: Correção da Hora: 16:56 Horário de Brasília!
  • Opra, I watched the clips of your show May 8th, 2007, but I missed the show. It needs to be seen again.I retired from the court system after 32 yrs. I saw how women were abuse, beaten and scared. Scared to the point of asking the judge to release mate.

    Opra, I watched the clips of your show May 8th, 2007, but I missed the show. It needs to be seen again.I retired from the court system after 32 yrs. I saw how women were abuse, beaten and scared. Scared to the point of asking the judge to release mate.
  • it is ok

    this show it is intresting oprah winfrey is a verry pretty not too young but amazing woman she is great spictacular she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind and loving and carring and she just wants to help every body i think that it was great when she opend the school in south africa i mean you can give a person millions of dollars but still there is somthing missing education she didn't give them a million dollars but she did alot more than that she educated them she filled the gap those girls do deserve it.
    oprah is amzing i mean she is ****

    i love you so much

    i wish some day i wil have the honor to meet you mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa
  • one of the shows that you self esteem will be lifted up and you learn more and more and you become more caring person.

    Oprah's show is one of the most popular shows especially to women. an excellent example for hard work and looking for the best and never give up. presented over years variety of topics usually very educational and of learning experience to all ages and races. however, there is sometimes and more recently some opinionated influence that may hurt some people. as it seems she is talking to certian group of people or siding up to one. though i thought oprah is the one who taught me how to look at all people equal. finally, this might be merely a matter of opinion as i still admire her shows and feel that she has always some new thing to present.
  • Influential and a trend setter!

    I have been watching Oprah shows for many years and she is one of the best interviewers out there. She has a very warming style that makes people want to talk to her about almost anything in their lives and she is very influential.

    I think Oprah has covered most subjects out there and is always up to date with whats going on in the world. She has a knack with interviews and is not afraid to ask the questions that you want answers too- Oprah is not afraid to talk about the most delicate subjects such as suicide, mothers who kill their children,and racism amonst others and in my opinion thats what makes her a true expert!

    So long as she keeps going I'll definately keep watching!
  • Oprah Winfrey!

    I make it a point to watch the Oprah Winfrey Show every day. I have never seen a talk show quite like this one. In the course of one week, you will see and episode that makes you laugh so hard that your sides hurt, as well as an episode that makes you cry and run for the box of tissues. I look up to Oprah for all of the charity work that she does, and the good that has come out of this television show.
  • Like comfort food.

    I'll admit I am not a typical Oprah fan. I am a white 21 year old stright college student. But I love Oprah, I don't watch every day but turn to her from time to time all most like you turn to comfort food. I loved her recent road trip across the nation. She just has this way of calming me down. The way she mixes project pluging celebreties with hard hitting social and political issues sets her about from other talk shows like Ellen and Live With Regis and Kelly. While those shows are fun all be it mindless entertainment, the Oprah Show provides substance that is not otherwise found in talk shows today.
  • Blah

    Well Oprah has created thousands of bon bon feeding couch dwelling Peg Budys all across the land. I hate how Oprah always say that we men need to "do more", you dont know me #### I am a good man and I am told that I need to buy a crap load of flowers that will die in a week and waste 50 bucks. Pathetic show
  • Most interesting show I've seen!

    Oprah might be more impressive this time. My mother likes her shows too and her age is the same as my mother's. I hope this season will be more fantastic, excellent, clean, intelligent and more genuine. Her show is sometimes a drama, comedy and something that will inspire more people in the entire world. Her performance is great when it comes to communication with many people and remembering the past friends. During her 50th birthday, we missed some of her episodes and a chance of make up episodes will resume our support for her upcoming future spisodes and a long life for her career as a host.
  • Is she a good influence on people?

    If your like me your sick of one sided programs against the President and the troops, if that\'s your opinion fine, but don\'t go forcing your opinons on people because it suits you, let them think for themselves, even though the news is making that harder to do that too. She would be fine if she just told us about different cultures instead of making us feel like ours is bad, the problem is the way she does it and with all the power and influence she has she knows she could very well bias people to think like her. I don\'t even watch her show that often, but I watch little 5 minute bits before if the channel is already there, and I see enough to know what she is doing.
  • Oprah your my hero

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I\'m going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don\'t I\'ll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she\'s made mistakes but who hasn\'t. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You were weak footed on the Bush Adm failures. The IAEA said before we went into Iraq that there weren't WMDs. I read such facts prior to the invasion.

    I was disappointed in your show. Katrina was a cat#5 & 550 miles across on Sat and hit Mon. AM. It was going to be bad. Bush didn't meet with his agency heads until Wed. Poor leadership and slow repsonce on a hugh problem. He doesn't care. He is out of touch and so was his father in 1992 on the scanner ignorance. He ignored NAACP invitations five times before responding because "he didn't have a connection." Isn't he as president to have a connection to all of us. This man and his adm are out of touch, arrogant, phoney, and untruthful. They flat don\'t care!

    Ron Steinberg
  • Can be really great sometimes, but still very bad sometimes.

    Can be really great sometimes, but still very bad sometimes. Yup, it really is like that. It is very informative to see how many people have different problems. But some of those episodes with problems like that are definitely for Jerry Springer Show.

    Because, some of those things, like problems with marriage and stuff like that were showed in more than 3 episodes. It's like watching three episodes of three different shows, with same plot and story just different actors.

    But, I really like when famous celebrities are guests. Now, that's something interesting. To see how are they dealing currently, what is new etc.

    I'm not saying that it isn't good to show real-life problems but sometimes problems of same type are showed twice or more.
  • Even Michael Jordan retired....twice

    Oprah Winfrey has accomplished what many only dream about and none has equalled in the talk show world so far. There is a very good chance that we won't see another woman accomplish as much as this media mogul, but enough already! No matter how good we are, we need to know when to pack it in. I am tired of hearing about Oprah's philosphies. Why does she think it is necessary to film herself whenever she is giving away presents to poor children in Africa etc? Good deeds should be done from the heart and not filmed to show the world how good you are.

    And a Legends Ball? One note singing Ashanti is a legend? Please. Enough Oprah, you are out of stimulating topics, you are losing credibility and you are now getting to be pretty boring. Time to retire and live on a farm with your live-in boyfriend. (I hope she didn't have a show on morality).
  • If I watched talks shows daily, this would be the prada, the it talk show for me.

    She is an inspiration, a true idol for women and men alike. The show has become apart of our every day lives. She is not drop dead gorgeous or skinny. She doesn't appear in press pregnant every 9 months with a new husband that happens to be a druggie. She is a down to earth intelligent and very poised woman. Her influence is that of a president, a true leader. Her approach is graceful and testimonial. This reflects on the sucess of her show, and the dedication of her viewers. Cheers to Oprah!
  • i love this show oprah is the greatest. she shares her wealth with everyone no matter who it is. this show can be very informative also. we could all learn from oprah. she helps charaties and people with issues. she came a long way from where she started.


    She is the greatest. This is one of the best talk shows on TV at this time. She can also have some very emotional times on her show as well as comedy,actors, and specials that are great. Especially when she has a show whrere she gives away gifts to her audiance. Do you know of any other talk show host that has given away cars to their entire audience !!!!!!! I hope her show is on for a long long time. I would love to be on her show.

    Oprah is The Greatesr, We Can Learn from Her

  • For me Oprah's show is a newly discovered guilty pleasure that's interesting and moving.

    I'd heard about Oprah before, and even caught an episode or two during my trips to the States, but the show only started airing in Finland, where I live, in the beginning of this summer. I'll admit that I've gotten completely hooked - if I know I won't be home for an episode, I'm likely to tape it. Hey, what can I say, it's a guilty pleasure!

    The episodes vary in content, but I find myself interested no matter what the topic is. I'm especially a sucker for the episodes where people are helped, because yes, I'll admit it, they tug on my heart strings and I may or may not get a little sniffly when watching, too. [g]

    Anyway! I'm glad we finally get the show here. If nothing else, it gives great topics to talk about with family and friends.
  • Oprah Winfrey hosts her own talk show and discusses topics that range from celebrity diets to natural disasters. Educational and Entertaining, the Oprah Winfrey Show is intensely interesting and hard to keep your eyes off of!

    This show is superb! This is the one show I CANNOT miss. I love to see the new topics and interviews that she delivers everyday. Oprah Winfrey is able to get the top celebrities and the most hard hitting stories that no one else can do which makes her show that much more captivating and addicting. As powerful and elite in status as Winfrey is she still is able to appeal to all audiences with her witty, down to earth personality, while at the same time keeping an air of grace and dignity when she speaks. This show is a must watch!
  • Oprah Makes Me Hawt

    The Oprah Winfrey Show gets overlooked a lot but I find it fascinating. She gives new life to the people on the show. For example she took a poor old man gave him a script and he eventually turned out to be an unlicensed phychiatrist. He got his own show (which for good reasons was not on the top 20 list) called The Dr. Phil Show. He basically does the same thing as Oprah only without the book reviews. Oprah is the only hard copy original of daytime talk shows! GO OPRAH!
  • One of the most annoying shows.

    One of the most annoying shows on television. Altough I do love the guests they pick I think thats the only part of the show that I like. Its the only reason I watch this show (the little time I do). I feel Opera is just annoying (altough shes getting better).
  • When will it end!!


    This was before my time and the only reason I watched it is because the remote control was in my mother’s hand – at the time. (I have the CONTROL Now Lady! BO-Yah! Action/Adventure Forever!)

    So what happened? During the near two decades of my life Oprah has lost her edge – gotten fat on ratings and praise –

    Oprah is completely irrelevant now – She has no relevance today, sorry to say. I used to love her show but lately all your seeing it “How can I improve myself.” and of course “Oprah’s favorite things!!” (Wow what a treat!) Not to mention “My white husband is a doctor, we’re having problems – Oh-prah what to do!” How would Oprah know she’s not married; she has a kept man who watches her babies i.e. the 4 Dogs.

    Her show represents all that is wrong with the world – There are no more serious topics anymore – no reality, its as though every episode is about the rich/famous or otherwise noteworthy due to terminal illness and/or having published a book.

    I Wanna talk about ME! By me I mean the average Joe/Jody!

  • I think I learn more watching this show then a weeks worth of school. Opera makes topics that grab you in and open up you mind. I\'m sure you\'ll get hooked.

    There is so much you can learn from watching this show. This isn\'t just any other talk show, Opera touches real topics that make a difference. This show is for everyone, of all ages and backgrounds. I recommend you catch this show whenever you get the chance. It\'s a favorite of mine, and is something you shouldn\'t miss out on. There are touching moments, humerous discussions, and meaningful topics. Are you sick of pointless babble? This is a show for anyone. There is always something you will be able to relate to and remember. There are somethings you can\'t learn in school, and those are the things that apear on this show. Check it out.
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