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  • It used to be a good show when I was growing up, but nowadays all she is showing are reruns and the topics on her show are getting more boring. My mom even has her magazines and says that she thinks that Nate is the worst interior designer.

    Why did I mention so-called gay interior designer Nate Berkus, you ask?

    If you look at O at Home (Summer 2006), you would see how Nate transforms this family's living and dining room and lets just say that it bothers my mom (and even me) that the two small chairs in the "After" picture he put there have no backing so it kinda makes you wonder how the kids (heck, even anyone) who sits on those chairs would be able to sit up without falling backwards.

    If there's one thing Nate Berkus' interior designs and Oprah's show have in common, it's that they both seem to be out of touch with the rest of the world. What's worse is that she always seems to rely on the anorexic psychologist Dr. Robin Smith to tell the guests like it is. One time, I swear that I saw her sitting on the same couch Oprah was on instead of sitting with the rest of the audience. It's like Dr. Robin was slowly but surely trying to take over the show. I wonder if Dr. Robin is going to have her own talk show called "The Dr. Robin Show", not that I would watch it--I mean Dr. Phil has his own show and he used to be on the Oprah show.

    Anyway, I'll stop my rant. Maybe the show has been on so long that it's running out of ideas. After a while, it's going to go off the air (whether anyone likes it or not) putting a new show in its place, because in reality nothing lasts forever.
  • Touching and thought provoking.

    When most people think of Oprah's show, they usually judge the show before actually sitting down and watching an episode and consider it as girly, or cheesy. I don't watch it religiously, but in the few episodes I've seen, I think it's a positive reinforcement for men and woman alike. Everyone has a story to share, and it's worthwhile to hear them. I think that Ms. Winfrey is an amazing person, and she has dedicated her life to help other people, which to me is a huge insipation. Of course, I could never do her job; I would be in tears most of the time, and I have no idea how she can retain such a calm mannerism. As a male, most of what I've seen has really spoken to me. Especially last episode, but I guess it's no surprise I get labeled as sensitive. I even read "The Vagina Monolouges"!
  • Rudderless Ship ?

    I have watched the program regularly for the last 8 years and I have to admit that I have been impressed by the wide range of topics covered as well as the different personalities introduced on the show. Some were connected with our everyday life, others national issues and sometimes we were even put in touch with people and events who were virtually unknown to us and yet were so touching that one could feel connected with them in one way or another.

    However, with the success of the program, the host has also risen in stature, from an articulate speaker to an 'expert' on human causes to a demigod. The problem as I see it is that now avid fans on her program have virtually begun to believe in everything she says or does. Hero worship happens in many fields but blind faith in a person's opinions and actions could lead to overconfidence in the minds of the talk show organizers and untimately cause the demise of even the best of programs. I do not want this program to go the same route and therefore hope that instead of becoming a cause celebre, the host of the program returns to the basics of wholesome entertainment and critical information about everyday life. Good luck to Oprah and her team !
  • I love oprah

    I think it is a very good show! Oprah is a sort of example for many people. Her subjects are really helping many people. It is nice one show if verry funny with nice interviews en discussions and at the other time a show can be very serious.. I think that is on of the biggest strenghts of this show!

    The subjects she use are usefull for everybody. Young but also older people. And not only woman! I watch the late show a lot, my boyfriend love it also and is watching the show also! So keep up the good work!

  • Truly popular and a standerd for all talk shows. Orpah is a true hit!!!

    Orpah does a great job reaching out to people, helping sick, helping mentally stressed, the needy, the blind. Go figure. Orpah is a smash hit soap opera/talk show that is very popular. Its been a delight seeing all the wonderful, helpful, and kind things she's done or said to people. Shes a role model and a hero. Its no wonder Oprah's a hit. I can't wait to see what she does next.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show is a great day time talk show. The show sets the standards for all talk shows. Oprah Winfrey does a beautiful job reaching her viewers.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is a great day time talk show. The show sets the standards for all talk shows. Oprah Winfrey does a beautiful job reaching her viewers. I have watched The Oprah Winfrey for many years, and I think it has helped my mother and I bond. We have watched the Oprah Show together and with every episode I find my bond with my mother growing, Oprah really hits many subjects that need to be talked about between mothers and daughters. The show also goes where no other show has gone, leaving no subject off limits and tackiling some of the most controversial issues.
  • It as a while ago but once oprah was talking about how detroit needs to be changed.

    And then oprah didn't even leave a number we could call to help out. Her i am waiting for her to say something like call this number to donate to help detroit be better or something. but then the show just ends. the way they made detroit look i was ready to pull out some money and send it to a organizatoin but their was no number. I really appricaite oprah trying to help but it made me kind of mad that she didn't leave a number. But oh well its not the end of the world detroit just looks bad. what can you do?
  • I love the show it really helps me out when i need answers thank you oprah for beening an angel.

    I would like to tell you that there ar some days I wish i can be as smart as you I have a hard life but i look at your show and see how you help so many people and it makes me happy you dont know me but i need help i know you are a busy woman and you have people all over the world thats trying to get your help but i just wanted to think you for the shows. I useto dream alot now i just watch tv all day. I wish you colud help me but I know you wont even get to read my email. I know you get a million of these a day. I love you and may god keep blessing you through all your life. thanks for listening
    my name is Taccara R Haskins
    2 e lewis rd
    hampton,va. 23666
  • If you are going to present yourself as a real journalist, you have to reresent the people by asking tougher questions tto authoritative personalities (Tom Cruise, we're looking in your direction) and not just the common people that have make mistakes in

    Alright, here's a prime example of why this show has virtually no journalistic integrity whatsoever:

    1,108. The Child Rape Epidemic: Oprah One-on-One with the Youngest Victims Apr 19, 2006
    1,107. Women Who Are Living a Lie Apr 18, 2006
    1,106. The World's Best Gowns Apr 17, 2006
    1,105. Inside the Lives of People Living on Minimum Wage Apr 14, 2006

    Worlds Best Gowns!!?!?? Unreal. Some days Oprah may as well be Tyra Banks trying to heal anorexia with a facial. It makes women seem petty or that just because a problem is stereotypically a "women's issue" it can be cured with a makeover or some new clothes.

    The other beef I have with the show besides the belittling factor (which is only about once a week) is the snowball interviewing. For once, ask a celebrity a real question. If you are going to present yourself as a real journalist, you have to reresent the people by asking tougher questions tto authoritative personalities (Tom Cruise, we're looking in your direction) and not just the common people that have make mistakes in thier private lives. This is what separates her show dynamic from a late night Conan or Leno type of show. But thier jobs are to be funny and entertaineng while her job is to be hard-hitting and emotionally thought provoking.
  • I watch this show after school. I never get tired. I love her interviews. Even with celebrities and they people we don't know. She's very good.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show has been around for almost 20 years and is still cutting. This shws hit some very good question. Oprah asks very good questions. I also love how they shows helps many people. For example going to New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina hit. I also love when, Oprah gives free gifts to her audience. She is a very generous and giving person. The show also got made Dr. Phil popular. And now his show is good. I hope this show will continue for another 29 yeras because one day I will be in the audience when OPrah gives aways some more free cars!
  • I have to watch this everyday after school.

    oprah is an amazing woman to me. Plus she has really great stories, and people on her show. I am only 15 and I love this show. I don't care for the episodes about debt diet, dieting or that boring stuff. But those don't come on that often. Oprah is a billionaire and doesn't mind to fork up her money. She is so generous. Definetly the best talk show host I have ever seen. I recomend this show to everyone. They have many interesting topics. For all types of people. So if you want to watch a great talk show tune in to NBC.
  • Oprah has the skills and energy to become a successful talk show host. She work so hard and she is my role model and a successful philantrophist. She does a lot a charity work for her organization.

    I Love Oprah she is inspiring, compassionate and very powerful. I watch her show everyday, every year and every season since when I was a child. I want to congratulate her for a job well done her show has been on the air for 20 years. She is truly a legend. Well done Oprah. I love you.
  • Oprah is the shit!

    "Everybody loves Oprah!" Okay, maybe not, but everybody knows Oprah! That girl sure know how to make money. Simply the best, and first, daytime show ever.

    I watched the 20th season premiere and I thought I would laugh my head off when I heard about the time she wasn't allowed into a store in Paris.
    - "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we have closed for the day"
    - "But there are still people in the store?"
    - "Yes but we are about to close."
    And later the head of the store chain had to appologize on her show, so that everyone would go shop there again. "I'm sorry Oprah, but the girl didn't know who you were..." NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! I don't think she would have turned down Oprah if she knew who she was! HAHAHAHAHA! My god she must have felt terrible "Oh my god, I turned downed freaking OPRAH!"

    HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Oprah is the shit.
  • Oprah Winfrey - the queen of the world!

    I looove Oprah. She truly is the nicest soul ever. The has such a big impact on her viewers, and through that little box in your livingroom she can get the message through to anyone!
    She is also a great interviewer, she can make anyone say anything :D (like Tom Cruise jumping on the couch :s)...
    She does so many wonderful things for people who really need it aswell, like giving those things to those poor african children, and the cars - they were given to people who really need it! I really hope she wins the Nobel Peace price one day - she truly deserves it!
  • Th oprah winfrey show? that's a great show!

    Th oprah winfrey show? that's a great show! Oprah invited many persons: celebrities, ordinary persons ans sometimes, pepole with difficuties or brave pepole... I tink Oprah is very honnest and comprensive with this pepole.
    she's very kind and her show is so interesting!
    When I change the channels and I go to the oprah's show,I stop on it!...

    please, write a comment..tanks!
  • Yea, I'm 20 and I watch Oprah...SO?

    I used to watch Oprah with my grandmother when I was smaller and I still watch it at least twice a week. She has all sorts of topics, one that would interest everyone. She has brought a lot of issues to the forefront, defines show giveaways, and I think the length of running (20 yrs in 2006) shows the quality. I think she has it all together.
  • The perfect daytime talk show

    Everyone knows who Oprah is. I don’t even think the Amish community have missed her. Her show must be shown in like 90% of all countries. Thus; there’s no actual need for some kind of introduction.

    I know that I’m probably not part of the show’s target group, but that’s one thing that is so appealing with it. Almost everyone can find themselves stuck in front of it whither it’s a superstar there to promote something or if the topic of the day is some kind of disaster in Africa. Who wouldn’t want to be in the audience during one of the episodes? If you’re lucky you might end up with a car or something.

    Oprah herself seems like a very down to earth kind of gal. I like that she cares about others even though she’s rich, that’s pretty rare. People tend to get “blue” when they get money.

    One negative thing about this show though, is the amount of product placements and advertisement. It’s pretty annoying.
  • Okay...not great... Can you say E X T O R T I O N !?!?!

    Basically, I like that she interviews people and really keeps us informed...but god she drives me crazy...

    E X T O R T I O N !!!

    This could be better if she didn't feed off the people she brings on and then tries to make it seem fine by making them feel better with some sort of prize or something...

    Don't watch it much anymore....kind of silly...I know what happens anyways...can be entertaining at times...

    I don't get how they chose her and how she is so much more exciting then some other people...she is nothing special, and neither is the show.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show is a daily talk show, which interviews hot celebrities along with experts on specific fields and even ordinary people who are involved in extraordinary events.

    I love this show although sometimes I find the topic somewhat boring. I mostly like the makeover episodes and the episodes where she covers miracle stories!! But I have to say my favorite episode of the whole year is Oprah's Favorite Things!! It's always excited to see the audience's reactions and all the amazing things that she gives away. I basically like most of the topics that she discusses, but once in a while I will find a topic that I don't find especially interesting. Oprah is very giving and although she is very wealthy, she doesn't use it to her own advantage but uses it to help others instead. She is a very admirable person, and her show has been around forever because of it.
  • Absolutely awesome!

    It's Oprah! Need I say more. Thanks Mom for making me watch Oprah with you all those years. Now I'm Oprah fanatic. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Oprah has to be one of my favorite talk show. She handles herself very well and is just great.

    This talk show is just great very neat women one of a kind. The talk show is very clean and caring show. This show I give a big 10. Johnny Carson was one of late show I would watch. But since then I haven’t watch too much of talk show until now. Love to meet this lady one day in person. Just can’t say enough what a great person she is.
  • Great!

    Even with the "million little pieces" fiasco that Oprah has recently found herself in the middle of, she continues to maintain her grace, dignity and self worth. I respect Oprah for not only what she does with her show, money and image, but also for the basics...who she is as a person. She not only cares about her quests, but she cares about her viewers. Heres to oprah's first 20 and hopfully another 20 more!
  • Oprah is near one of the longest running series of it's time. I remember when I was little coming home from school and being stuck watching this instead of what I wanted to watch, lol.

    Oprah, you are WAY past your prime. You are a walking soap opera and have some people wondering more about your life than their own. Yet, to keep your audience, you give away free vehicles and other prizes? How about just having a good show or just retire with the rest of the burnt out Talk show hosts.
  • Not a fan, but I respect her as a person.

    Its no surprise that this woman is one of the most popular people in the US. She does so much for people in need - not only in her own country but also abroad.

    The major problem I have with this show is whem she has celebrities on it. I know she has a nicey nice image she as to keep up, but she could put a little more pressure on who shes interviewing. Instead of saying to Jennifer Anniston "I love your shoes girlfriend" you could talk about her struggling marriage!

    But when you think about what shes been through to get to where she is you have to respect that!
  • oprah she is a true goddess

    i love oprah and her show she is the real thing. Oprah winfrey is a fantastic women she knows what she wants, she is strong headed.Oprah always gives i really liked the episode where she made dreams come true she surprised the whole audience and gave everyone a brand new car that was an amazing episode.And when the tsunami happen she was right there to help,she knows how to get information out of celebrities i must say i think ive watched every episode of oprah winfrey.Her big birthday bash was so beautiful she shared that with everyone it was a party you wil never forget.
  • Oprah is wonderful. She has great celebrity guests. She also help those that are in need. Oprah's show is informative and enertaining. She is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I am glad to see that she is still on the air all these years.

    Oprah has come a long way over the years. I remember as a child wathcing her on t.v. with my mother. She is an exceptional person who has definitely worked her way to the top. She uses her blessings to bless others. There will NEVER be another Oprah Winfrey. She is one in a million.
  • Great show.

    This is a great show. I like it. To bad there are so many other shows like this. That makes that she is a little unoriginal. But... still a great show. I'm a realy fan of her :) Besides, she really knows were shes talking about.

    I hope you guys agree.
  • Inspired! Im 26, Native American Female, 5'3'', 106lbs., housebound, bi-polar/manic depressive, about to be homeless with 2 kids. Dropped out of college in Senior year., extensive therapy,tried every med, now looking at shock therapy.

    The Executives, Producers, Makeup artists, etc. are highly under appreciated. They are Oprah's runners!!! They put the majority of the stories and interviews together, although I do admit with Oprah's personality Im sure she has inspiration in many of the topics. She presents them with great commpassion and sincerity. She definately represents the American people in an exemplary fashion. Some of the hurdles the show has encountered were phenominal! The sex offenders was extremely important especialy the one that was only 70 miles from me. I live in North Dakota, very close to the one that was caught in Fargo, North Dakota. Hopefuly more will be caught. That was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen. You've changed live's. Statistic's of raped and molested children on drugs, promiscuity, or victimizing someone else; You just did so much for the world. I pray for you everyday.
    I just wanted to say thanks, my life is very complicated with all these doctors poking and proding at my brain and I know Im not who I once was and Ive lost everyone in my life because of my mental illnes but hey, Im alive, Im not living, but Im alive. Boy that sounds pathetic. Thanks for listening. Stephanie Nadeau, Larimore, North Dakota
  • Better Every Season. Oprah Delivers Every Time.

    Last Show Watched, Historic. I Reiterate Classic. Oprah Seems To Be Right On. Every Single Show She Gets It Right. She's Different, And A Breath Of Fresh Air. Her Reign, A Period In Time When The Monarch Rules Over An Area. In A Cat-e-go-ry That Lacks Cred-i-bil-ity, Oprah Is God.
  • Oprah is a joy to watch

    Oprah is always a joy to watch. Her shows are never sensationalised for the sake of ratings. The shows have genuinely interesting people (except for Tom YUK Cruise).
    I would love the opportunity to see one of her shows live. Perhaps she could come to Australia one day and do a couple of weeks of shows her.
    Long Live Oprah
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