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  • hi please help me go to college !!

    Hi my name is Megan Chavis and I was diagnosed with ovarisn cancer at 14! It cause a lot of chaos with my family! Both my parents lost their jobs and we lost everything! We are still trying really hard to get back on out feet but now I'm at a holt in my life. I can't go to college!! School has always been my #1 priority. I'm hoping you can help me. I would also really like to share my story about me gaving cancer at 14 I think its something woman should be highly aware of because its so silent! Please can you help!!
  • Please Oprah, help me

    Oprah, Hi, my name is Flavia, I'm 15 years old (will be 16 on March 29).

    I have a problem, I was diagnosed with OCD.

    I cut myself, but now I'm stopping thanks to Demi Lovato.

    You can help realize my dream of meeting Demi?

    Please? I am Brazilian.
  • Black Americana

    I heard you collected Black Americana stuff, I have some pieces,If you are interested.
  • A silent killer

    Dear Oprah,my name is Diego Moreno and I am greatly in-need for my sister health and well b being,she is a single woman with 4 kids presently she tried making up her life again n is presently living with a guy who does all in his power to support her morally,financially,and mentally especially in this time of need she has.Recently she has been diagnosed with stomach pain and was rushed to the ER just to get the alarming news she has pancreatic cancer, we were never aware of such illness in our family but such is life and sickness does not carry or have boundaries...presently Mom was here present to support her but she could not take the pain in seeing her baby getting deteriorated by this cancer so i decided to send her back home to Belize.. (mom is sick on her own) this note is to as for your help i have seen u in many ways helping others and thats why i ask god to bless u even more n more everyday. recently my sis got kicked out of her home due to the fact she could not afford her payment and we sheltered her at home for a couple months. Now her hubby got some money together to take responsibility on his own but still they are struggling i ask on her behalf to please help in any way u can i know i ask very bluntly but at this moment my tears shed .. cause if it was in my power n if i was financially capable i would make her last days happy please help... my number is 2403001989... May god bless u n your family every day that goes bye.... and thanks in advance for ur time into looking toward my plea
  • Oprah Still going strong

    Although I can't see oprah like I used to, because I'm at work, I manage to tape the show whatever interests me. Which happens to be more so than less. She has come along way. And believe me she earned it. She happens to be the most talented and intelligent wealthy african-American woman in the world. Also she's done some acting as well. Who could ever forget MISS SOPHIA from THE COLOR PURPLE. Hope Oprah stay on the top of the list. In my book Oprah's got it going on. Oprah, you're the best. Love her show. You go girl.
  • Awesome! This is a School of Life! She is the most influential woman of the real world. She is simple, spiritual, and wonderful human being. Oprah Show is educative and she always try to practice what Jesus teaching LOVE first. I love this woman!

    "Oprah and Friends" Teach Course in Miracles
    Congratulations!... and thank you Oprah!

    Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, will offer a year-long teaching A Course in Miracles. A lesson a day throughout the year will completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles Workbook. So, what's A Course in Miracles and what does it teach?
    Course in Miracles teach Jesus's teachings. Basically Love and Forgiveness and it's really amazing!!
    I use to have myself the wonderful opportunity to live in Wisconsin Dells (Endeavour Academy for Course in Miracles) to get lessons with master Teacher about Course in Miracles. I've been there for one year and it was really a great time to learn and practice. It was a really great time in my life.

    By the end of the year, Oprah & Friends listeners will have completed all of the lessons laid out in the Course in Miracles Workbook. Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset New Age worldview that includes the belief that God is everyone and everything. Teaching A Course in Miracles will be Oprah longtime friend and special XM Satellite Radio reporter Marianne Williamson who also happens to be one of today's premier New Age leaders. She and Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch co-founder the American Renaissance Alliance in 1997, that later became the Global Renaissance Alliance of New Age leaders, that changed its name again in 2005 to the Peace Alliance. This Peace Alliance seeks to usher in an era of global peace founded on the principles of Spirituality that they are now referring to as a civil rights movement for the soul. Thanks again Oprah. It's really a GREAT thing!
    Celia Bitencourth
  • The truth is in there

    I have Discovered that if you lay perfectly level on a mattress,with no pillow. Do this for 3 hours day/night. you can only do an hour then massage,because its painfull. But try and do 3 hours day/night. If you do that for seven weeks the crucifixion comes out in you. Electric shocks in your hands wrist and feet. Prevention of doing evil will occur. The Truth is revealed. Amazing aspect's occur. Gravity crushes us, as soon as we are born. Lying level, for prolonged amounts of time, reverses this effect. Also if you have kids. when you lay your baby on the side, you crush the ears. So you need to put a hole in the pillow so the ears do not get crushed.You will have a much happier baby. All comes from the ALMIGHTY FATHER,OUR LORD JESUS
  • I Watch your show everyday and love it.Oprah,even though I'm at home,I can see and feel myself there.Especially when you are giving out those gifts.The LORD knows how I holler every time.But I realize after the show,that I'm still setting in my living rm.

    I love your show.One day when I'm feeling better I will buy tickets and come on your show.Oprah,I love what you are doing with the children everywhere especially in africa.May GOD look down and continue blessing you from above. You are a gift to all.Your {grandmother love you},and you're sharing your love with others how beautiful is that to have raise a wonderful person like you.In the {BIBLE JER.31:15 Weeping For Her Children}.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all.Again absolutely fabulous and spectacular. These are my 100 words I classify this show. Love You Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!.
  • Oprah... You are the best! You're the very reason people want to live life to the fullest! You are an inspiration...

    I first watched Oprah with a half heart, thinking what is this show all about... she was interviewing some guy on national television with an audience watching.. The second time I watch Oprah, I began to like what I saw and the third time I watched Oprah, I was just hooked! Oprah's show is what life is all about. No one can say that she is biased or just does the show to earn a buck! Her life, love and spirit reflects in her presentation and quality of this show. What a human being! She is truely an inspiration to millions of people around the world! She is my mentor! I love Oprah and I hope her show lives on forever!!
  • Living legend Oprah Winfrey always delivers!:)

    Oprah Winfrey has survived over 20 years on TV, she has gone from being an underclass black woman and on to become one of the richest women in the world and she has the entire world population's respect and love. Whether she is giving out cars, reuniting families from all across the world, building schools for underprivileged children or donating millions of dollars to help build houses for the Katrina victims, she always have and always will have the entire world behind her. That is how great she is. Each show is fascinating and informative, and she always deal with relevant topics. I think that is a big part of why this show still is so popular. And because she is real.
    Unlike many other talkshows like "The Tyra Banks Show", which only focus on being as commercial as possible, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" always mangages to be touching, fun and full of life!

    It's not a talkshow, it's Oprah!
  • Oprah is inspiration. A wonderful women that is aging quite fast and I would hate to see her go. She is a help to people all around the world. I love her admiration for the new show Planet Earth. Saving lives and loving animals. That is really fabulous!!!

    She is a great person truly. I wish sometimes I could be her in a younger type formation some how. I am not an inspiration some times. She is non stop. Even I bet when she gets home she gets online and does a huge charity fund deduction from her bank account. I hope some day I am like that but I can only hope. I am really happy for her though and she deserves all the money she has. She is no Paris Hilton or Kelly Osbourne. She has worked for and congratulations Oprah Winfrey. Have a nice time.
  • Oprah Winfrey is a positive person.She grew up not having much.So she turn that negative into a positive.Oprah Winfrey loves to help people who are trying to help them self.She donate her time in wealth with people.Thats why she so well by peopl

    Oprah Winfrey is not a fake person.She is a kind hearted person.I have the up most respect for her.She cares about people.She never put people down because they don't have.Oprah got pregnant at an young age.Her son die.That was so sad.Now she don't have any kids alive.But she have a child in heaven.Oprah lost a lot of weight.If Oprah can do it so can all big people.The message Oprah is sending out to big people its know excuse to be big.Some people just sit at home in make being fat become an handicap so they can sit at home an
  • Influential and a trend setter!

    I have been watching Oprah shows for many years and she is one of the best interviewers out there. She has a very warming style that makes people want to talk to her about almost anything in their lives and she is very influential.

    I think Oprah has covered most subjects out there and is always up to date with whats going on in the world. She has a knack with interviews and is not afraid to ask the questions that you want answers too- Oprah is not afraid to talk about the most delicate subjects such as suicide, mothers who kill their children,and racism amonst others and in my opinion thats what makes her a true expert!

    So long as she keeps going I'll definately keep watching!
  • Most interesting show I've seen!

    Oprah might be more impressive this time. My mother likes her shows too and her age is the same as my mother's. I hope this season will be more fantastic, excellent, clean, intelligent and more genuine. Her show is sometimes a drama, comedy and something that will inspire more people in the entire world. Her performance is great when it comes to communication with many people and remembering the past friends. During her 50th birthday, we missed some of her episodes and a chance of make up episodes will resume our support for her upcoming future spisodes and a long life for her career as a host.
  • Oprah your my hero

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I\'m going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don\'t I\'ll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she\'s made mistakes but who hasn\'t. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i love this show oprah is the greatest. she shares her wealth with everyone no matter who it is. this show can be very informative also. we could all learn from oprah. she helps charaties and people with issues. she came a long way from where she started.


    She is the greatest. This is one of the best talk shows on TV at this time. She can also have some very emotional times on her show as well as comedy,actors, and specials that are great. Especially when she has a show whrere she gives away gifts to her audiance. Do you know of any other talk show host that has given away cars to their entire audience !!!!!!! I hope her show is on for a long long time. I would love to be on her show.

    Oprah is The Greatesr, We Can Learn from Her

  • I love oprah

    I think it is a very good show! Oprah is a sort of example for many people. Her subjects are really helping many people. It is nice one show if verry funny with nice interviews en discussions and at the other time a show can be very serious.. I think that is on of the biggest strenghts of this show!

    The subjects she use are usefull for everybody. Young but also older people. And not only woman! I watch the late show a lot, my boyfriend love it also and is watching the show also! So keep up the good work!

  • Truly popular and a standerd for all talk shows. Orpah is a true hit!!!

    Orpah does a great job reaching out to people, helping sick, helping mentally stressed, the needy, the blind. Go figure. Orpah is a smash hit soap opera/talk show that is very popular. Its been a delight seeing all the wonderful, helpful, and kind things she's done or said to people. Shes a role model and a hero. Its no wonder Oprah's a hit. I can't wait to see what she does next.
  • I love the show it really helps me out when i need answers thank you oprah for beening an angel.

    I would like to tell you that there ar some days I wish i can be as smart as you I have a hard life but i look at your show and see how you help so many people and it makes me happy you dont know me but i need help i know you are a busy woman and you have people all over the world thats trying to get your help but i just wanted to think you for the shows. I useto dream alot now i just watch tv all day. I wish you colud help me but I know you wont even get to read my email. I know you get a million of these a day. I love you and may god keep blessing you through all your life. thanks for listening
    my name is Taccara R Haskins
    2 e lewis rd
    hampton,va. 23666
  • I watch this show after school. I never get tired. I love her interviews. Even with celebrities and they people we don't know. She's very good.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show has been around for almost 20 years and is still cutting. This shws hit some very good question. Oprah asks very good questions. I also love how they shows helps many people. For example going to New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina hit. I also love when, Oprah gives free gifts to her audience. She is a very generous and giving person. The show also got made Dr. Phil popular. And now his show is good. I hope this show will continue for another 29 yeras because one day I will be in the audience when OPrah gives aways some more free cars!
  • Th oprah winfrey show? that's a great show!

    Th oprah winfrey show? that's a great show! Oprah invited many persons: celebrities, ordinary persons ans sometimes, pepole with difficuties or brave pepole... I tink Oprah is very honnest and comprensive with this pepole.
    she's very kind and her show is so interesting!
    When I change the channels and I go to the oprah's show,I stop on it!...

    please, write a comment..tanks!
  • Oprah has to be one of my favorite talk show. She handles herself very well and is just great.

    This talk show is just great very neat women one of a kind. The talk show is very clean and caring show. This show I give a big 10. Johnny Carson was one of late show I would watch. But since then I haven’t watch too much of talk show until now. Love to meet this lady one day in person. Just can’t say enough what a great person she is.
  • Great!

    Even with the "million little pieces" fiasco that Oprah has recently found herself in the middle of, she continues to maintain her grace, dignity and self worth. I respect Oprah for not only what she does with her show, money and image, but also for the basics...who she is as a person. She not only cares about her quests, but she cares about her viewers. Heres to oprah's first 20 and hopfully another 20 more!
  • oprah she is a true goddess

    i love oprah and her show she is the real thing. Oprah winfrey is a fantastic women she knows what she wants, she is strong headed.Oprah always gives i really liked the episode where she made dreams come true she surprised the whole audience and gave everyone a brand new car that was an amazing episode.And when the tsunami happen she was right there to help,she knows how to get information out of celebrities i must say i think ive watched every episode of oprah winfrey.Her big birthday bash was so beautiful she shared that with everyone it was a party you wil never forget.
  • Oprah is wonderful. She has great celebrity guests. She also help those that are in need. Oprah's show is informative and enertaining. She is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I am glad to see that she is still on the air all these years.

    Oprah has come a long way over the years. I remember as a child wathcing her on t.v. with my mother. She is an exceptional person who has definitely worked her way to the top. She uses her blessings to bless others. There will NEVER be another Oprah Winfrey. She is one in a million.
  • Inspired! Im 26, Native American Female, 5'3'', 106lbs., housebound, bi-polar/manic depressive, about to be homeless with 2 kids. Dropped out of college in Senior year., extensive therapy,tried every med, now looking at shock therapy.

    The Executives, Producers, Makeup artists, etc. are highly under appreciated. They are Oprah's runners!!! They put the majority of the stories and interviews together, although I do admit with Oprah's personality Im sure she has inspiration in many of the topics. She presents them with great commpassion and sincerity. She definately represents the American people in an exemplary fashion. Some of the hurdles the show has encountered were phenominal! The sex offenders was extremely important especialy the one that was only 70 miles from me. I live in North Dakota, very close to the one that was caught in Fargo, North Dakota. Hopefuly more will be caught. That was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen. You've changed live's. Statistic's of raped and molested children on drugs, promiscuity, or victimizing someone else; You just did so much for the world. I pray for you everyday.
    I just wanted to say thanks, my life is very complicated with all these doctors poking and proding at my brain and I know Im not who I once was and Ive lost everyone in my life because of my mental illnes but hey, Im alive, Im not living, but Im alive. Boy that sounds pathetic. Thanks for listening. Stephanie Nadeau, Larimore, North Dakota
  • Better Every Season. Oprah Delivers Every Time.

    Last Show Watched, Historic. I Reiterate Classic. Oprah Seems To Be Right On. Every Single Show She Gets It Right. She's Different, And A Breath Of Fresh Air. Her Reign, A Period In Time When The Monarch Rules Over An Area. In A Cat-e-go-ry That Lacks Cred-i-bil-ity, Oprah Is God.
  • Captured 2 child molestors already? Hmmm... An inspirational woman she is...

    Inspirational, caring, and intelligent. Oprah got game! And who said only women can watch this show? Oprah interviewed lots of people and helped them to dealt their problems and issues. That prison episode scared me a bit but they were brave enough to handle it. She could have been president of the U.S. but that's a bit too much...
  • Oprah is a show that helps so many people in everyday life. It deals with real life issues and some celebrity stories.

    Inspiring and very encouraging is what I would call 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. Even though Oprah mainly caters to women, she always has a heart felt word for the men too. This show is so real. Oprah does a wonderful job being the host of this brilliant show. This show is like a comfort zone that so many people(women) come to at the end of their day. Whether are at the live taping ofthe show, watching the show when it comes on their local channels, or Tivo-ing it, the show continues to entertain so many. It is a wonderful tool for everyday life.
  • Oprah is a powerful billionaire to be praised. She has influence, style, class and cares about making this a better world. Her show is a beacon of light in a world that needs her. "God's work must truly be our own."

    Oprah was going to get some criticism for backing Obama but many forget he is her Senator. Her show gets better each year. She is informative, entertaining and inspiring. Oprah is a woman any Presidential candidate would welcome to have on their team. All topics discussed on her show give people an opportunity to hear all sides of an issue. Oprah has mastered the art of the interview and rarely asks stupid questions. As many have said many times there are no stupid questions just stupid answers. Oprah's show is a great forum to see the Presidential candidates in a candid, real manner. We need Oprah especially now. America needs Oprah as much as Obama needs her.
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