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  • Country singer that had a troubled relationship with her boyfriend and her mother, and she was in serious state of denial; Oprah went after her with no mercy and no compassion, excusing her behavior in name of many abused women.

    I am the biggest fan of Oprah Winfrey but today with the troubled country singer she crossed the line of common human dignity for ratings. She has always been caring and classy with her guests, today she was one more of the other talk shows. I hope that she was having just a bad day. It was so unconfortable to watch her display of power and superiority. She odds Mindy an apology.
  • Oprah needs a reality check

    Like millions of other women, I used to watch Oprah every day. Her show was smart, entertaining, informative and, most importantly, heart-felt. Recently, however, I noticed that I wasn\'t enjoying her show as much. I felt like Oprah was getting a little too big for her britches. She interupts her \"experts\" that she books on the she knows better than they...if that\'s true, why did she book them in the first place. She also scolds people and gives them a holier than thou attitude. It must be nice for her to be so perfect.

    But, the last straw was her show regarding hurricane Katrina. I tuned in that day with hopes that Oprah would give me the real scoop as to what was happening down there. I was so tired of the liberal media bias and felt like I was getting a very one sided story. To my dismay, Oprah did the same thing. I\'m sure it\'s difficult for Oprah and other media figures to not react in an emotional way to such a tragedy but...isn\'t that their job? It\'s too bad that she didn\'t take advantage of her power and influence over so many to bring a more hopeful message instead of jumping on the \"Bush hates black people\" band wagon. I\'m sure her hysterics did a lot of good....(sarcasm).

    I\'m not a republican myself and I don\'t think George Bush hung the moon but I do love my country and do care how our country is being portrayed to our citizens and other countries. It appears that Oprah and other members of the media don\'t care about that. I\'m not saying they shouldn\'t point out wrong-doing but I wish they wouldn\'t make it so one sided. There\'s plenty of blame to go around. Real leaders don\'t stand up on their podium and whine about what went wrong, they stand up there and proclaim what they will do to make it right and they rally people together...not give them fuel to broaden the divide.
  • This show is so cliche and mainstream. What if Oprah wasn't there? It would fail. Oprah is the most over-rated show it the world. Read on.....

    There are a million shows just like Oprah. Why the hell is she so popular? Because she's black? Her show isn't even different then the others of its kind. It is so cliche and very mainstream. The stories aren't even interesting. I wish Oprah would just die because she is annoying. She doesn't do anything good. If someone took over her position the show would be less popular because Oprah isn't on it. Oprah isn't everything. The day this show fails and the day Oprah dies will be the happiest days in my life.
  • uhh! this show is horrible!

    My mom watches this show,I think it makes you WAY to sensitive!She tells you do this do that!!!!!uuhhhh.People keep a secret and go on this show and tell million of people!Example:a guy is gay.keeps it from his wife and lets people that he don't know,know his secret before his wife!!!Your wife/husband you should trust and tell them your secret EVER before you tell million of people on t.v. This show couldn't be worse.
  • God bless this country!

    Only in America can a person be worth a billion dollars and get that money by sitting on her ass and chatting for an hour with other overpaid and talentless people.
    I love this country!
    Toss her with Larry King and put them on some remote island somewhere and forget about them--the world would never know the difference!
  • No more Oprah for me....

    I used to be a fan of Oprah's until recently. First with her behavior with her "friend" Paula Deen then her ludicrous comment about Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin then her attempt to rabblerouse about race by making a story up about her trip and the handbag. Such a comment disrespects what Mr. Till went through. Shame on her, with a friend like her you don't need enemies and she is a racialist if not an out and out racist and is obviously more interested in the color of her skin than I am. I don't need that in my life. No more Oprah in my world from now on- she's thoroughly revealed herself and I want no part of that behavior.
  • The typical show for ignorant american dipshits.

    I'm tired of being told who to admire in this country, so i am going to flip off all of these "american role-models" that i have a knowing about. FUCK dr phill. FUCK lance armstrong. FUCK oprah winfrey. thank you.
  • perhaps the worst talk show ever

    a bunch of good talk shows have come and gone such as arsenio hall, phil donahue, ricky lake, etc. ironically the one that is still on is oprah, the worst talk show ever. i'm just not getting any good vibe from oprah, she's really annoying. i can't stand oprah, if i'm a network executive, this is the one show that i want to ax first. a lot of good shows out there get canceled all the time, and this sorry excuse for a show keeps on going. but i guess that's life, there are some things that you need to live with even if it's as bad as oprah.
  • phil donahue wannbe

    i have never liked oprah winfrey. i do not care how much good she has done for the world. it seems to me that when she does not get her way she makes a big deal out of it on ther tv show and all of a sudden it is a worlwide thing. she did not get recognized trying to get into a shop in france and all of a sudden all french people are bigots. she should just shut her mouth.
  • Oprah. America\\\\\\\'s Insecurity Queen

    I have NEVER believed for one minute that Oprah Winfrey is worth even one-tenth of one percent of the adulation and media hype that she garners. Not to mention the hundreds of $$$ millions that she earns each year. For Christ sakes she nothing more than a self-absorbed wanna be psycho analyst, royal opportunist and shallow person teeming with insecurities, namely paranoia. Based on her white wash A & E Biography that clocked in at an unprecdented 2-hours, Oprah owes her success largely to a single individual and that is the millionaire media mogul who created her ala Leonardo Di Vinci\\\\\\\'s masterpiece, \\\\\\\"Creation.\\\\\\\" Speaking of the A& E Biography piece, I found it quite disturbing and revealing that appearences by her fellow elementary, high school or college students to ONE person and I don\\\\\\\'t recall any of her teachers being interviewed. For a 2 hour portrait of one of America\\\\\\\'s most loved TV personalities you\\\\\\\'d think the piece would be chock full of childhood friends and former school mates. Right? Not so. And her woeful tale of suffering a teenage pregnancy/miscarriage and having been sexually abused as an adolescent was given extended treatment while her much, much later in life addiction to crack cocaine was conveniently missing. Hmmmmm! Anyway, her gender, race and superficial bubbly personality made her the perfect foil to unseat Donahue as America\\\\\\\'s # 1 daytime talk show host. Mind you now she was test marketed in other markets before she was given a national platform, top notch producers and subsequently promoted like the second coming of Eleanor Roosevelt! Her sympathy and sky rocketing neilsen rating stunts like the child abuse confession, weight loss problems not to mention horribly emotionally scarred guests is transparent when juxtaposed against her decision not to publish her long awaited autobiography and requirement that her employees sign a LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause! A LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause? Talk about insecure! What is it that Oprah is subjecting her employees to that she is so fearful of the her loving fans and critics from finding out. And another one of her screwball quarks is the prohibition of chewing gum anywhere on the premises of Harpo Productions. She says as a child she was repulsed by her grandmother\\\\\\\'s odd habit of sticking wads of already been chewed gum inside her overhead kitchen cabinets. Can you spell T-H-E-R-A-P-Y? And in recent response to the recurring rumors that she is a closet lesbian, Oprah all but admitted that Stedman Graham, her long awaiting fiancee, is less of a confidant and soul mate than her best friend, Gayle King. Ouch! I don\\\\\\\'t believe Oprah and King are lovers but for the sake of public perception don\\\\\\\'t undercut your barely visible fiancee\\\\\\\'s significance by telling the unkind truth on camera. Also, when Dr. Phil starting getting too popular and had the audacity to counter one of Oprah\\\\\\\'s psuedo shrink pronouncements she politely gave him his walking papers. Then there\\\\\\\'s the recent self-serving media hype about her alleged racist treatment by a store manager at Herme\\\\\\\'s, Paris, France\\\\\\\'s ritzy department store. Based on the news reports and Oprah\\\\\\\'s admission that she attempted to enter the store sans makeup and wearing large sunglasses and a hat I have to conclude that the store manager did NOT recognize her and properly barred her entrance during the V.I.P. only store hours. But rather than handle the matter quitely, Oprah played the ugly race card for all the attention and sympathy she could get! Can you spell D-R-A-M-A QUEEN? So, yes when ever I happen upon Oprah\\\\\\\'s show I change the channel fast, quick and in a hurry! \\\\\\\'Nuff said!
  • oprah; what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show.

    oprah what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show. how does this show make sense it is just an under appriciated house wife talking about problems that don't matter. like what type of eye goop works best. it doesn't matter! every once in a while she touches a good issue by then she totally ruins the the whole impact of the story. she should work on losing some weight then deal with these stories that mean nothing to anyone that matters in the world. her show is so bad. she should be taken off the air!(i would rate the show wrose but it wont let me)
  • One word to describe oprha Mancow

    I would rather peel the skin off my feet and then cut myself all over and dive head first into a pool of barbed wire and citrus juice, then listen to Sanja sing while Rosie O' Donnel and barawalters fight inn a mud pit in bikins after that I would be sitting a hospital bed living on a feeding tube tramatized from the fight deaf from Sanja and in pain because of the cuts and with the lst ounceof life in me sloly lean over and pull the plug which is keeping me alive than watch that peice of crap show starring oprah the mancow.
  • Oprah Winfrey is depressing on this show because she does not make the whole situation cheerful like the Montel Williams Show. Now Montel when he hears the terrible story of the guest he does something good about. Oprah justs makes everything worse.

    Now this show is boring and when a guest comes on Oprah's show the guest tells the whole story and then Oprah just makes the whole situation worse just by talking about it more and when it's time for a break she says this: "Well will find out next what happened after she shot him" now thats what I despise. I like the Montel Williams Show 20 Million times better than Oprah. because like I just said when the guest tells what happened Montel does something good to lighten up everyone's experience watching this show but Oprah is just terrible at what she does. So if I were you turn towards "The Montel Williams Show".
  • Blah

    Well Oprah has created thousands of bon bon feeding couch dwelling Peg Budys all across the land. I hate how Oprah always say that we men need to "do more", you dont know me #### I am a good man and I am told that I need to buy a crap load of flowers that will die in a week and waste 50 bucks. Pathetic show
  • Is she a good influence on people?

    If your like me your sick of one sided programs against the President and the troops, if that\'s your opinion fine, but don\'t go forcing your opinons on people because it suits you, let them think for themselves, even though the news is making that harder to do that too. She would be fine if she just told us about different cultures instead of making us feel like ours is bad, the problem is the way she does it and with all the power and influence she has she knows she could very well bias people to think like her. I don\'t even watch her show that often, but I watch little 5 minute bits before if the channel is already there, and I see enough to know what she is doing.
  • Oprah loves herself

    Oprah is the most conceited, self-centered egotistical prig on televison. I am embarassed to say I'm from chicago.
    Isn't it funny how Oprah has had every tragedy her guests have had and will invite them on her show only to talk about her own "imaginary" experience. It amuses me how many fans she has collected just by talking about herself. Why dont people see her for what she is?
    No one's pain or tragedy will ever be as worthy to speak of as Oprah's.
    Who can identify with Oprah? Usually to keep fans you never forget them and the fact that they put you where you are today and hopefully keep you there. Hopefully we can all share Oprah's demise.
  • I was one of Oprah's first fans and if I was not home to watch her show; then I taped and and watched it later. I have seen her go through all kinds of stages and I think she is trying to go back to what she started out with.

    I think Oprah is trying to go back to where she started from because of the success
    of Dr. Phil show. I think Oprah has lost her dreams (marriage, children, etc.,) and
    now her work and dogs have replaced her dreams, and do not fulfill her as a person.
    I think she strayed from her childhood faith, to a new age religion and is lost. Sadly
    I do not think she is in a position to help anyone anymore, nor a role model living
    with a guy and not married. I pray for Oprah. She has a good show on once in awhile; however, I don't watch it as often. Her morals are not really what I think are good
    for young women to copy, and I think Oprah wears a smile but inside she is very
  • I made a purchse of phenterthin based on it being endorsed by ms Winfry,

    Dont be trapped into buying phenterthin! THis is a scam charges are hidden in the fine print,cancellation is impossible as their website does not allow you to open up the link to start a cancellation request! The free trial sample actually costs $49.95,and they automatically reorder for you at $149.95!!! I'm going to file a written complaint with the postal inpectors as this is nothing but mail fraud purpetrated using the internet! My bank supplied a phone number for the company and it turns out to be the home phone of some crook in Utah!He directed me to a customer service number that just plays a recording to go to their website to cancel! When you open the website the link to start a cancellation ticket will not open.I for one will not allow my self to be ripped off by these people, I surprised and somewhat embarrassed that ms Winfey endorses such a deceptive company! If they miss used her endoesement please let me know ! I can be contacted the email, phone@321-728-2785 or mail 1819 poinsetta bl Melbourne Fl 32901 Thank you Mike Moloney
  • Self-absorbed talk show host. 22 years of Oprah is more than enough.

    If women cannot realize when they are being pandered to, then they deserve the likes of an Oprah Winfrey.

    She thinks she's the world's supreme authority on women, love, relationships, marriage, kids and family when she is none of the above. She has never been married, had kids nor raised a family. She could not even maintain a relationship with her Steadman.

    She lives in an Oprah bubble created by her enormous wealth of $2.3 BILLION. Her agenda is to make as money for herself and give away OTHER people's money, products or services to make herself look good.
  • You were weak footed on the Bush Adm failures. The IAEA said before we went into Iraq that there weren't WMDs. I read such facts prior to the invasion.

    I was disappointed in your show. Katrina was a cat#5 & 550 miles across on Sat and hit Mon. AM. It was going to be bad. Bush didn't meet with his agency heads until Wed. Poor leadership and slow repsonce on a hugh problem. He doesn't care. He is out of touch and so was his father in 1992 on the scanner ignorance. He ignored NAACP invitations five times before responding because "he didn't have a connection." Isn't he as president to have a connection to all of us. This man and his adm are out of touch, arrogant, phoney, and untruthful. They flat don\'t care!

    Ron Steinberg
  • It used to be a good show when I was growing up, but nowadays all she is showing are reruns and the topics on her show are getting more boring. My mom even has her magazines and says that she thinks that Nate is the worst interior designer.

    Why did I mention so-called gay interior designer Nate Berkus, you ask?

    If you look at O at Home (Summer 2006), you would see how Nate transforms this family's living and dining room and lets just say that it bothers my mom (and even me) that the two small chairs in the "After" picture he put there have no backing so it kinda makes you wonder how the kids (heck, even anyone) who sits on those chairs would be able to sit up without falling backwards.

    If there's one thing Nate Berkus' interior designs and Oprah's show have in common, it's that they both seem to be out of touch with the rest of the world. What's worse is that she always seems to rely on the anorexic psychologist Dr. Robin Smith to tell the guests like it is. One time, I swear that I saw her sitting on the same couch Oprah was on instead of sitting with the rest of the audience. It's like Dr. Robin was slowly but surely trying to take over the show. I wonder if Dr. Robin is going to have her own talk show called "The Dr. Robin Show", not that I would watch it--I mean Dr. Phil has his own show and he used to be on the Oprah show.

    Anyway, I'll stop my rant. Maybe the show has been on so long that it's running out of ideas. After a while, it's going to go off the air (whether anyone likes it or not) putting a new show in its place, because in reality nothing lasts forever.
  • Oprah is near one of the longest running series of it's time. I remember when I was little coming home from school and being stuck watching this instead of what I wanted to watch, lol.

    Oprah, you are WAY past your prime. You are a walking soap opera and have some people wondering more about your life than their own. Yet, to keep your audience, you give away free vehicles and other prizes? How about just having a good show or just retire with the rest of the burnt out Talk show hosts.
  • One of the most annoying shows.

    One of the most annoying shows on television. Altough I do love the guests they pick I think thats the only part of the show that I like. Its the only reason I watch this show (the little time I do). I feel Opera is just annoying (altough shes getting better).
  • If you are going to present yourself as a real journalist, you have to reresent the people by asking tougher questions tto authoritative personalities (Tom Cruise, we're looking in your direction) and not just the common people that have make mistakes in

    Alright, here's a prime example of why this show has virtually no journalistic integrity whatsoever:

    1,108. The Child Rape Epidemic: Oprah One-on-One with the Youngest Victims Apr 19, 2006
    1,107. Women Who Are Living a Lie Apr 18, 2006
    1,106. The World's Best Gowns Apr 17, 2006
    1,105. Inside the Lives of People Living on Minimum Wage Apr 14, 2006

    Worlds Best Gowns!!?!?? Unreal. Some days Oprah may as well be Tyra Banks trying to heal anorexia with a facial. It makes women seem petty or that just because a problem is stereotypically a "women's issue" it can be cured with a makeover or some new clothes.

    The other beef I have with the show besides the belittling factor (which is only about once a week) is the snowball interviewing. For once, ask a celebrity a real question. If you are going to present yourself as a real journalist, you have to reresent the people by asking tougher questions tto authoritative personalities (Tom Cruise, we're looking in your direction) and not just the common people that have make mistakes in thier private lives. This is what separates her show dynamic from a late night Conan or Leno type of show. But thier jobs are to be funny and entertaineng while her job is to be hard-hitting and emotionally thought provoking.
  • Even Michael Jordan retired....twice

    Oprah Winfrey has accomplished what many only dream about and none has equalled in the talk show world so far. There is a very good chance that we won't see another woman accomplish as much as this media mogul, but enough already! No matter how good we are, we need to know when to pack it in. I am tired of hearing about Oprah's philosphies. Why does she think it is necessary to film herself whenever she is giving away presents to poor children in Africa etc? Good deeds should be done from the heart and not filmed to show the world how good you are.

    And a Legends Ball? One note singing Ashanti is a legend? Please. Enough Oprah, you are out of stimulating topics, you are losing credibility and you are now getting to be pretty boring. Time to retire and live on a farm with your live-in boyfriend. (I hope she didn't have a show on morality).
  • Never worth watching!!1 sorry Oprah

    This show has been going down fast since it started appealing to only one type of audience. The show does have its moments when they do movie premieres and stuff, but overall a complete waste of time. This show is seriously overrated. No one I know even watches it anymore. The show writers, producers, et cetera need to appeal to all the audiences, not just a certain audience in particular. It is not even fun anymore. I think Oprah got rich bvecause the show was good in the past, for the people who started it, but now starts to appeal to only moneymakers. This show needs to go off the air.
  • Okay...not great... Can you say E X T O R T I O N !?!?!

    Basically, I like that she interviews people and really keeps us informed...but god she drives me crazy...

    E X T O R T I O N !!!

    This could be better if she didn't feed off the people she brings on and then tries to make it seem fine by making them feel better with some sort of prize or something...

    Don't watch it much anymore....kind of silly...I know what happens anyways...can be entertaining at times...

    I don't get how they chose her and how she is so much more exciting then some other people...she is nothing special, and neither is the show.
  • I just don't get it! This show has become so popular, it is as popular as baseball or something.

    My mom and my aunts and just about every woman I know can get hyped up about 1 little thing... Oprah. Oprah this, Oprah that! It is every woman's dream to go on her show especially when she gives away stuff. It is so amazing how she has given the whole audiences shoes, trips, even cars. Plus there goes the whole audience when Oprah has celebrites, guests with true stories. Is there anything better she can do? :)
  • When will it end!!


    This was before my time and the only reason I watched it is because the remote control was in my mother’s hand – at the time. (I have the CONTROL Now Lady! BO-Yah! Action/Adventure Forever!)

    So what happened? During the near two decades of my life Oprah has lost her edge – gotten fat on ratings and praise –

    Oprah is completely irrelevant now – She has no relevance today, sorry to say. I used to love her show but lately all your seeing it “How can I improve myself.” and of course “Oprah’s favorite things!!” (Wow what a treat!) Not to mention “My white husband is a doctor, we’re having problems – Oh-prah what to do!” How would Oprah know she’s not married; she has a kept man who watches her babies i.e. the 4 Dogs.

    Her show represents all that is wrong with the world – There are no more serious topics anymore – no reality, its as though every episode is about the rich/famous or otherwise noteworthy due to terminal illness and/or having published a book.

    I Wanna talk about ME! By me I mean the average Joe/Jody!

  • The perfect daytime talk show

    Everyone knows who Oprah is. I don’t even think the Amish community have missed her. Her show must be shown in like 90% of all countries. Thus; there’s no actual need for some kind of introduction.

    I know that I’m probably not part of the show’s target group, but that’s one thing that is so appealing with it. Almost everyone can find themselves stuck in front of it whither it’s a superstar there to promote something or if the topic of the day is some kind of disaster in Africa. Who wouldn’t want to be in the audience during one of the episodes? If you’re lucky you might end up with a car or something.

    Oprah herself seems like a very down to earth kind of gal. I like that she cares about others even though she’s rich, that’s pretty rare. People tend to get “blue” when they get money.

    One negative thing about this show though, is the amount of product placements and advertisement. It’s pretty annoying.
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