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  • Inspirational and informative as Oprah explores all areas of life to open eyes and minds to the world around us.

    I've always got to check to see what's on. The only time I don't watch is when things aren't good for children to watch. Otherwise, Oprah is the voice of adult reasoning and stimulation in my stay-at-home Mom's life. I like that she explores all areas of life, from entertainment to health, to parenting, and world issues.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show is a talk show that over the years has had many guests. It doesn't only focus on the hollywood stars, the show also focuses on problems all around the world and ways that we as people can help to fix them.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is in its 17th season with no end in sight. Over the years Oprah has helped poeple all around the world with the many organizations she's started and helped. She has donated to charities and raised money for many organizations. She and her show have helped to show people what goes on in other parts of the world, and it allows then to see the many ways that they can help other people.
  • Time for something new.

    I used to like this show and tried to watch it every day. It's gotten old over time. I think the whole me generation self improvement routine has gotten old. Although some of the guests have inspiring stories, others are just boring. I think Oprah has run out of topics. We don't need to see guests who are spoiled brat Hollywood divas. We don't need to see any more of Oprah's favorite places to shop or eat - who cares! At this point it might be more interesting to see where some anonymous construction worker likes to eat or shop.
  • Oprah is a show that helps so many people in everyday life. It deals with real life issues and some celebrity stories.

    Inspiring and very encouraging is what I would call 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. Even though Oprah mainly caters to women, she always has a heart felt word for the men too. This show is so real. Oprah does a wonderful job being the host of this brilliant show. This show is like a comfort zone that so many people(women) come to at the end of their day. Whether are at the live taping ofthe show, watching the show when it comes on their local channels, or Tivo-ing it, the show continues to entertain so many. It is a wonderful tool for everyday life.
  • Oprah is so cool!

    Oprah is a really neat person. She helps a lot of people. Some of the stories that they show on here can be very touching. I love how Oprah gives away things to the whole audience. She's not like some rich people...she shares! Oprah is just a wonderful person and once being poor she loves to help others.
  • This show is so cliche and mainstream. What if Oprah wasn't there? It would fail. Oprah is the most over-rated show it the world. Read on.....

    There are a million shows just like Oprah. Why the hell is she so popular? Because she's black? Her show isn't even different then the others of its kind. It is so cliche and very mainstream. The stories aren't even interesting. I wish Oprah would just die because she is annoying. She doesn't do anything good. If someone took over her position the show would be less popular because Oprah isn't on it. Oprah isn't everything. The day this show fails and the day Oprah dies will be the happiest days in my life.
  • Never worth watching!!1 sorry Oprah

    This show has been going down fast since it started appealing to only one type of audience. The show does have its moments when they do movie premieres and stuff, but overall a complete waste of time. This show is seriously overrated. No one I know even watches it anymore. The show writers, producers, et cetera need to appeal to all the audiences, not just a certain audience in particular. It is not even fun anymore. I think Oprah got rich bvecause the show was good in the past, for the people who started it, but now starts to appeal to only moneymakers. This show needs to go off the air.
  • Oprah loves herself

    Oprah is the most conceited, self-centered egotistical prig on televison. I am embarassed to say I'm from chicago.
    Isn't it funny how Oprah has had every tragedy her guests have had and will invite them on her show only to talk about her own "imaginary" experience. It amuses me how many fans she has collected just by talking about herself. Why dont people see her for what she is?
    No one's pain or tragedy will ever be as worthy to speak of as Oprah's.
    Who can identify with Oprah? Usually to keep fans you never forget them and the fact that they put you where you are today and hopefully keep you there. Hopefully we can all share Oprah's demise.
  • If you can make it on Oprah – you can make it anywhere.

    If you can make it on Oprah – you can make it anywhere.

    These are words to live by when referencing the heavyweight talk show of the daytime circuit and the hostess of the same name.

    If this is a popularity contest, The Oprah Winfrey Show is the Prom Queen from high school that you wish you could be. Nothing compares and no matter the situation, Oprah and her show will always have a band of followers.

    On the air since 1986, The Oprah Winfrey Show has grown up right before our eyes. You might find it difficult to remember the Oprah days where the topics weren’t always about Finding A Better You, but instead dipped on Finding Out Who’s Been Cheating On You. Ah yes, it was rare – but it was done. Like so many others The Oprah Winfrey Show had to start with a little rubbish before it ended up with a spotless playground.

    But now, you can toss around the show’s name in just one word “Oprah” and immediately brains think “talk show extraordinaire”. It’s just something about The Oprah Winfrey Show that makes the public want to stand naked before a mirror and hug yourself for who you are and all of your humanly imperfections. Perhaps its the posh generous hostess that leaves you smiling and pledging to either – accept yourself for who you are, improve yourself, or tackle the seemingly easy tactic of making over a room, whatever the case its been working for well over a decade and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is a good hour of entertainment, soul searching and handy tips for those that are ‘interested’ in that type of make-it-better genre. Personally, I’ve tired from the ‘make everything peachy’ mode – so I’d like to see a little disturbance every now and again, and I know can’t find it watching Oprah.

    But if ever I find myself tiring of watching the talk shows where, Tammy needs to do a DNA test on six guys to find out who fathered her baby, or where Jim Bob thinks he might be his nephew’s daddy – I can always turn to Oprah and know that in Oprahland everything will be alright.
  • The power of Oprah!

    Say what you will, but Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential and admired women in this country. Who else but Oprah can turn a book into an overnight best seller with just a mention of the title or bring cattle prices plummeting with a mere mention of her fear of mad cow disease? Oprah has amassed a huge following in the 20+ years her show has been on the air. Certainly, some seasons have been better than others. Even Oprah got caught up in the "shock" talk show scene for a while, but she quickly slammed on the brakes and has been promoting "feel-good" tv for almost two decades since. Oprah still likes to interview the big celebs, but she also devotes an equal amount of time to episodes helping people feel better and improve upon their spirit, mind, and body. The world could certainly use more Oprahs.
  • I watch Oprah every now and then, but its still a good show.

    Im not one of those devoted fans of the show to the extent that I wont miss an episode or whatever, but I watch it every now and then depending on what shes focusing on. (I wish i could go to her fav things ep tho!!,lol) But this is the longest running talk show (i think, if not then second longest) and its still going strong with the most viewers for a show so i think it will go on for many more years.
  • I just don't get it! This show has become so popular, it is as popular as baseball or something.

    My mom and my aunts and just about every woman I know can get hyped up about 1 little thing... Oprah. Oprah this, Oprah that! It is every woman's dream to go on her show especially when she gives away stuff. It is so amazing how she has given the whole audiences shoes, trips, even cars. Plus there goes the whole audience when Oprah has celebrites, guests with true stories. Is there anything better she can do? :)
  • Very influential show

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is one of the most inspiring and influential show on TV. Women (and men) across the United States and in other parts of the world watch Oprah religiously and live by things she says on the show. The guests on the show all have inspirational or sad stories or celebrites who get asked questions by Oprah that everyone else was only thinking. The show connects to people though the stories and has the ability to connect to viewers in one way or another. Giving a car to everyone in the audience was a little over the top but Oprah has a knack for giving away a lot of expensive gifts. A great, influential show that will continue to be popular for years to come.
  • God bless this country!

    Only in America can a person be worth a billion dollars and get that money by sitting on her ass and chatting for an hour with other overpaid and talentless people.
    I love this country!
    Toss her with Larry King and put them on some remote island somewhere and forget about them--the world would never know the difference!
  • Classic daytime television.

    It's amazing that Oprah in her 50s has now become "sex kitten Oprha." The fake hair, the fab new designer duds and fab new body. She's had a total transformation over the last two years. I wonder what it feels like to be the first self-made African-American billionarie. Must feel good. And somehow she manages to stay real and down to earth, enough so that the viewers aren't alienated (think Katie Couric). She's also one of the best interviewers out there. She's on par with Barbara Walters, Larry King, Charlie Rose, and Diane Sawyer.
  • Here's a woman who knows what she's talking about. She has a little bit of everything in her shows from the tear jerking moments to the heart melting and laughter that lasts.

    Oprah may have been on the air for many years but I don't think she's lost one little bit of her style and luster for life and sharing with others.
    Oprah has on many occasion opened my eyes and made me think a little more about what's going on in the world around me.
    Who else can you watch to catch interviews with your fav stars, see real life stories and find out interesting facts about desinger things?
    Oprah's heart I think has got to be one of the largest around. She's a wonderful woman who can really send a message of what compassion is really meant to be like.
  • I think the world needs a lot of people like Oprah for it to become a better place. I can say that this show is the greatest thing on TV. Inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining to say the least are agreat combination of success.

    One has to experience the magic of Oprah in order to comment about her or her show. It is amagical show that can save one's life, help one to lead a better life and inspire people to do and be better.That is why the show has been so successful, Oprah interacts with the people on an extraordinary level.
  • Oprah needs a reality check

    Like millions of other women, I used to watch Oprah every day. Her show was smart, entertaining, informative and, most importantly, heart-felt. Recently, however, I noticed that I wasn\'t enjoying her show as much. I felt like Oprah was getting a little too big for her britches. She interupts her \"experts\" that she books on the she knows better than they...if that\'s true, why did she book them in the first place. She also scolds people and gives them a holier than thou attitude. It must be nice for her to be so perfect.

    But, the last straw was her show regarding hurricane Katrina. I tuned in that day with hopes that Oprah would give me the real scoop as to what was happening down there. I was so tired of the liberal media bias and felt like I was getting a very one sided story. To my dismay, Oprah did the same thing. I\'m sure it\'s difficult for Oprah and other media figures to not react in an emotional way to such a tragedy but...isn\'t that their job? It\'s too bad that she didn\'t take advantage of her power and influence over so many to bring a more hopeful message instead of jumping on the \"Bush hates black people\" band wagon. I\'m sure her hysterics did a lot of good....(sarcasm).

    I\'m not a republican myself and I don\'t think George Bush hung the moon but I do love my country and do care how our country is being portrayed to our citizens and other countries. It appears that Oprah and other members of the media don\'t care about that. I\'m not saying they shouldn\'t point out wrong-doing but I wish they wouldn\'t make it so one sided. There\'s plenty of blame to go around. Real leaders don\'t stand up on their podium and whine about what went wrong, they stand up there and proclaim what they will do to make it right and they rally people together...not give them fuel to broaden the divide.
  • Oprah host this show and deals with a variety of topics.

    I love Oprah. Plain and simple. I think that her show is great. She deals with a lot of topics that are important to me and most of them hit somewhere close to home. Oprah gives so much to people who really need her help. I think that her show is one of the best talk shows because she has fun on some days and on some she has serious topics. Although I could deal with a little less of the makeovers.
  • Captured 2 child molestors already? Hmmm... An inspirational woman she is...

    Inspirational, caring, and intelligent. Oprah got game! And who said only women can watch this show? Oprah interviewed lots of people and helped them to dealt their problems and issues. That prison episode scared me a bit but they were brave enough to handle it. She could have been president of the U.S. but that's a bit too much...
  • Country singer that had a troubled relationship with her boyfriend and her mother, and she was in serious state of denial; Oprah went after her with no mercy and no compassion, excusing her behavior in name of many abused women.

    I am the biggest fan of Oprah Winfrey but today with the troubled country singer she crossed the line of common human dignity for ratings. She has always been caring and classy with her guests, today she was one more of the other talk shows. I hope that she was having just a bad day. It was so unconfortable to watch her display of power and superiority. She odds Mindy an apology.
  • Oprah Winfrey has been on our tv\'s for 20 years now. What an inspriation to all!?! She has done so many good things in her lifetime and has helped others in ways no one could ever imagine. Oprah is truly a good person at heart and has love,hope, and camp

    Oprah Winfrey has answered so many questions, gotten all the juciest deatails and helped so many people along her 20 year (and counting) journey. She has touched so many peoples lives and is such an inspiration. Oprah grew up in the real world. She didnt always have money, she didnt always get her way and she dint always have what she wanted. Oprah has seen how the real world is...which alot of people in hollywood or beverly hills hasnt. And, she has choosen to take a career path that helps others and isnt just about the movie stars or the rich people living in our world today. She cares for everyone and has your average everyday person on her show. Oprah is a one of a kind human being. She is all about the people..all about the world...and al about helping. Oprah is definitely someone I look up to and will continue to look up to for the next 20 years.
  • Oprah is a joy to watch

    Oprah is always a joy to watch. Her shows are never sensationalised for the sake of ratings. The shows have genuinely interesting people (except for Tom YUK Cruise).
    I would love the opportunity to see one of her shows live. Perhaps she could come to Australia one day and do a couple of weeks of shows her.
    Long Live Oprah
  • Better Every Season. Oprah Delivers Every Time.

    Last Show Watched, Historic. I Reiterate Classic. Oprah Seems To Be Right On. Every Single Show She Gets It Right. She's Different, And A Breath Of Fresh Air. Her Reign, A Period In Time When The Monarch Rules Over An Area. In A Cat-e-go-ry That Lacks Cred-i-bil-ity, Oprah Is God.
  • Inspired! Im 26, Native American Female, 5'3'', 106lbs., housebound, bi-polar/manic depressive, about to be homeless with 2 kids. Dropped out of college in Senior year., extensive therapy,tried every med, now looking at shock therapy.

    The Executives, Producers, Makeup artists, etc. are highly under appreciated. They are Oprah's runners!!! They put the majority of the stories and interviews together, although I do admit with Oprah's personality Im sure she has inspiration in many of the topics. She presents them with great commpassion and sincerity. She definately represents the American people in an exemplary fashion. Some of the hurdles the show has encountered were phenominal! The sex offenders was extremely important especialy the one that was only 70 miles from me. I live in North Dakota, very close to the one that was caught in Fargo, North Dakota. Hopefuly more will be caught. That was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen. You've changed live's. Statistic's of raped and molested children on drugs, promiscuity, or victimizing someone else; You just did so much for the world. I pray for you everyday.
    I just wanted to say thanks, my life is very complicated with all these doctors poking and proding at my brain and I know Im not who I once was and Ive lost everyone in my life because of my mental illnes but hey, Im alive, Im not living, but Im alive. Boy that sounds pathetic. Thanks for listening. Stephanie Nadeau, Larimore, North Dakota
  • Great show.

    This is a great show. I like it. To bad there are so many other shows like this. That makes that she is a little unoriginal. But... still a great show. I'm a realy fan of her :) Besides, she really knows were shes talking about.

    I hope you guys agree.
  • Oprah is wonderful. She has great celebrity guests. She also help those that are in need. Oprah's show is informative and enertaining. She is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I am glad to see that she is still on the air all these years.

    Oprah has come a long way over the years. I remember as a child wathcing her on t.v. with my mother. She is an exceptional person who has definitely worked her way to the top. She uses her blessings to bless others. There will NEVER be another Oprah Winfrey. She is one in a million.
  • oprah she is a true goddess

    i love oprah and her show she is the real thing. Oprah winfrey is a fantastic women she knows what she wants, she is strong headed.Oprah always gives i really liked the episode where she made dreams come true she surprised the whole audience and gave everyone a brand new car that was an amazing episode.And when the tsunami happen she was right there to help,she knows how to get information out of celebrities i must say i think ive watched every episode of oprah winfrey.Her big birthday bash was so beautiful she shared that with everyone it was a party you wil never forget.
  • Not a fan, but I respect her as a person.

    Its no surprise that this woman is one of the most popular people in the US. She does so much for people in need - not only in her own country but also abroad.

    The major problem I have with this show is whem she has celebrities on it. I know she has a nicey nice image she as to keep up, but she could put a little more pressure on who shes interviewing. Instead of saying to Jennifer Anniston "I love your shoes girlfriend" you could talk about her struggling marriage!

    But when you think about what shes been through to get to where she is you have to respect that!
  • Oprah is near one of the longest running series of it's time. I remember when I was little coming home from school and being stuck watching this instead of what I wanted to watch, lol.

    Oprah, you are WAY past your prime. You are a walking soap opera and have some people wondering more about your life than their own. Yet, to keep your audience, you give away free vehicles and other prizes? How about just having a good show or just retire with the rest of the burnt out Talk show hosts.
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